Orbán regime condemned — European Parliament accepts the Sargentini Report

By a margin of 448 to 197, and with 48 members abstaining, the European Parliament accepted the Sargentini Report on the demise of democracy, systemic corruption and the attack on fundamental European values in Hungary by the ruling Orbán regime. With this, the issue of what to do with the rogue member state moves to the European Council, where representatives of the national governments of the European Union must determine if European values are, indeed, in danger in Hungary. What we know from Wednesday’s vote is that much of the European People’s Party, of which Fidesz is a member, has decided that it is no longer tenable to remain silent when faced with the abuses of Viktor Orbán. Manfred Weber, the leader of the conservative faction declared on Wednesday, in a tweet: “Today I will vote in favour of triggering #Article7. I have always been in favour of building bridges and I want to continue to do so but yesterday I didn’t see any readiness from the Hungarian PM to make a move towards his EU partners and address our concerns.”

Viktor Orbán in the European Parliament.

European Christian Democrats, conservatives of all stripes, liberals, social democrats and green party politicians from across 28 member states of the European Union have all reached the same conclusion: democracy is under sustained and systemic attack in Hungary by the ruling party and the country is gripped by systemic corruption. This is undoubtedly an important step in the history of the European Union and its relationship with renegade Hungary. Today’s decision begs the question: if two thirds of MEPs, representing all political stripes across Europe, have determined that European Union values are indeed under coordinated attack in Hungary and that corruption is rampant, how long can the EU continue bankrolling the regime that sustains this assault, now formally recognized and denounced for its malevolence?

The process that will unfold against the Hungarian regime will prove to be a lengthy one. Now that the Sargentini Report has been accepted, the foreign ministers of member states will begin discussions and investigations on the situation in Hungary. According to Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union, at the end of this process, Hungary’s voting rights in the Council of Europe may be suspended. It is, however, almost inconceivable that this would happen, as it requires unanimity among the national governments of member states.

While Hungary may not in the end be stripped of its voting rights, this decision is significant for a number of reasons. First, the systematic demolition of parliamentary democracy, the almost complete erosion of the free press in Hungary and the inherently corrupt nature of Fidesz, in effect a criminal organization at the helm of an EU member state, will now be an on-going narrative within the European Union. Second, the European People’s Party has finally decided to part ways with Fidesz and with Viktor Orbán. For now Fidesz remains a member. But it this really tenable for either party, namely the EPP or Hungary’s ruling regime? Over these past few days, Mr. Orbán argued that he was working to ensure an EPP victory in the 2019 EP elections and that Fidesz belonged firmly in this camp. Today we see that nearly all of Mr. Orbán’s allies voted against him. What’s more, for further emphasis and embarrassment: a long standing ovation, along with loud cheers in the European Parliament, followed the condemnation of the Hungarian regime.

The Hungarian government and its propagandists will continue to argue that this decision was brought by “communists.” This was precisely Zsolt Bayer’s line of argument in Magyar Idők this morning, in a piece published right before the vote. Absurd as this is given how the vote panned out, it will likely be how the regime’s media tries to explain an embarrassing situation to its supporters. And there is no doubt: this should be embarrassing for every Hungarian citizen. Hungary is the first country in the European Union to be singled out for systemic rule of law violations and rampant corruption by the European Parliament. Hungary is infected by a virus that threatens the entire EU and at long last, Europe realizes that it stands exposed.


  1. Bravo European Parliament, Bravo Ms. Sargentini ! The decision was long, long overdue. It’s now the people of Hungary’s turn to wake up and smell the roses. Europe has spoken, but it lacks the capacity to back up its words with resolute action. If Hungarians want to rejoin the human race, they must take their hands into their own hands rather than delegate power, time and time again, to fraud artists who use nationalistic slogans as an instrument for their personal enrichment.

  2. Most people here would not think so, but I am very much pro-EU. Not the liberal-globalist dominated one, which in my view is destroying it, but one which should return to some basic common-sense and ditch the puritanical ideological dictatorship that has been taking it down the wrong path for decades. In 2010 Europe as a continent was the biggest economy, thanks to the inheritance of 500 years of global dominance, not by any means thanks to more recent liberal ideas, as too many people foolishly believe. Last year it came in 3’rd, and it is falling further behind Asia and North America, with every year that passes. It goes without saying that the European continent can only be relevant in the world if the EU remains. Sad to see that too many liberals do not see that insisting on ideological conformity will tear the EU apart. The EU is necessary for the well-being of Europeans, but it does not have to be a liberal-globalist EU. In fact, if the well-being of Europeans is to be preserved, the failing liberal ideology needs to be ditched. But somehow I doubt that most liberals care much for the well-being of Europeans. It is their misguided global mission of ideological conquest that they tend to focus on.

  3. Finally! One step towards humanism in Hungary…

  4. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Hurray, all Orbán and Fidesz haters can rejoice.

    The well-oiled (or rather well-bribed) voting machine in the EU worked perfectly as expected. No surprise here. The problem is that nothing has been achieved and the result will be even more hardened anti EU sentiment and more unwavering anti-immigration politics in Hungary. I believe that the OSF just shot itself in its own foot.

    And as a side effect nothing can hold back the Orbán government to make all “charges” come alive since they are already declared as reality even if they are not. So childish ….

  5. @ Joe

    The problem with your argument – if I may use a handy illustration – is the same, as the one that advocates throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

    Why dismiss the universal teachings of Jesus, because of the practices of pedophile priests in Chicago ? People who call themselves “liberal politicians” are oftentimes the ones, who trample on the values of liberalism (respect for human rights, freedom of speech, discursive democracy, justice, the rule of law, sustainable economic development). Yes, Hungarian, Russian, and many European politicians are doing an abysmal job protecting values we all cherish. What the EU is suffering from is not Liberalism, but inept liberal politicians, who insist on shooting themselves in the foot.

    Joe ! Don’t fight Jesus, fight his “Judas Priest”, Viktor Orbán, the guy who first took to the language of Communism to climb up the ladder, then turned to liberalism when that became the fashion, and now has opted for another language, the language of hate, scapegoating, fear-mongering, “illiberalism” to execute his affinity fraud and abscond with billions of EU taxpayers’ money.

    Get with it Joe.

    • “Viktor Orbán, the guy who first took to the language of Communism to climb up the ladder, then turned to liberalism when that became the fashion, and now has opted for another language, the language of hate, scapegoating, fear-mongering, “illiberalism”..”

      I cannot say that I held to the same ideological views throughout my life either. Not out of opportunism, because I personally never had anything to gain, but simply because I saw the flaws in my own beliefs. I don’t think there is anything wrong with people changing views. I doubt you will be capable of ever doing that, and you probably have a hard time understanding people who evolve in this regard. I am sure Orban’s views are guided by some degree of opportunism, after all he is a politician. But we should not discount the probability of ideological evolution to some degree either.

      Also, “language of hate” can be relative, depending on vantage point. As far as I am concerned, those who advocate for the colonization of Europe, which is home to countless distinct cultures, replacing them with multikulti, are advocating hate against those people and cultures.

  6. A great day for the people of Hungary!

    This vote was not a matter of conforming to an ideology as some suggest. The “yes” vote came from MEPS across the poltical spectrum. It was a vote regarding the rule of law and upholding shared and agreed upon European vales. Hungary made a commitment to those laws and values when it joined the EU. As an EU member it can work to change those laws and values, but it can not just ignore them.

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

      Really? A great day for the people of Hungary? Or it is a great day of the Orbán hater liberals? Not the same.

    • Great day for Orban haters, ie. for antifascists, democrats and simply decent, fair minded people. I am proud to declare that I hate Orban and his system VERY MUCH.
      And good day for more than 5 million Hungarians who didn’t vote for the Orban mafia regime despite the brainwashing, intimidation and vote buying (we don’t know the exact figure due to the obvious vote counting fraud, the complaints against which were never investigated).
      Good day for ALL Hungarians:
      – who are not stuffing their pockets in the grand corruption orgy here,
      – who need decent healthcare and want to live a bit longer,
      – who don’t want their children to receive ever worse education cum dumb brainwashing or
      – just want their children to stay home.
      Forget those who want to wear 12 million Ft. watches and 1.5 million Ft. handbags, they are not Rahel Orban, nor family not even cronies.
      – who
      Good day for ALL

  7. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    András B. Göllner on September 12, 2018 at 12:49 pm

    I am specifically happy for András.
    He must have a great day as he can declare that “they must take their hands into their own hands” in order for the “a kígyók kígyózhassanak”.

    Never too late to learn from Fleto 🙂

  8. @ Morrison

    Morrison, what would you want Orbán hating liberals to do when your liberal hating Orbán gets a drubbing from his own play mates? Cry ? Can you not even stay within the bounds of your own logic ? Must you insist on demonstrating what a dumb ass you are ?

    Ballplayer ! You’re losing your grip. I’d go back to using that old picture you first came out with on these pages – the one in which you wore a diaper, and was flying sideways through cyber-space. 🙂

    • ” what a dumb ass you are”

      Are suggesting that he’s a szamár, or an seg ; either works in this case, but if its the latter, then this being an English language site it should be arse. 🙂

  9. I suppose that all can say that Orban learned his first lesson in politicing and lawyering.
    As he was just like Obama, never tried a single case in court before a jury of the defendant’s pears.

    The simple lesson is; ‘those that smile in your face will stab you in the back’.
    More like ‘never turn your back on your friends’.

  10. @ Miklós Banfi

    Well said. 🙂 Looks like your ball got stuck in Morrison’s strings. He needs a new racket. 🙂 I suggested he change his diapers, but he insists on holding onto that as well. 🙂

  11. Notice how the resident Fidesz troll on this site is having a lot of butt hurt today. Sweetie, the gig’s up! If the European cash dries up, it won’t be “Orbán hater liberals” that turn on the Orbanite cronies in vicious ways, but probably today’s ass kissers who will quickly become backstabbers. Read up on Ceausescu.

  12. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    The EPP is conservative and, as such, most of its members would be no great fans of immigration or indeed other “Soros” projects (eg gender equality, drug liberalisation etc etc). It could be argued that the majority are true “christian” democrats….yet:

    EPP: 124 voted against the Orban; 28 abstained

    The 57 pro-Orban votes included 12 Fidesz MEPs and 4 ethnic Hungarian MEPs from neighboring countries.

    So, “well done Viktor”, as I said yesterday in relation to Weber, that was some achievement to alienate so many of your natural allies.

    • Yes, EPP is a conservative red herring. The same Merkel who takes credit for open borders and “refugees welcome” is also part of the EPP family, or at least her party is. Junker and his migrant quotas solution to the migrant crisis is part of the EPP. The EPP just branded itself as being part of the liberal-globalist movement. I think this will cost them dearly next year. Perhaps more than it will hurt Orban when the dust all settles.

      • Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

        I agree Joe; Orban with his present worldview no longer belongs in the EPP. It is clear a majority of him no longer want him. So, as Bannon recently stated, it makes sense for him to assume leadership of the Far-Right within the EU. Unofficially for most of the ultra-nationalist, anti-foreigner Right he is already their de facto supremo. Might as well make it official

        • In an ideological war between the far-left, communists, globalists and self-loathing ethno-cultural suicide cult followers and the “far-right” I agree, Orban should side with the right. Although, by your definition, the Dalai Lama is “far right” as well. After all, he is not for multikulti in Tibet either.

    • Stranded
      It’s the same old rage – everything is someone else’s fault, everyone is wrong, the world is wrong, but us.
      (btw how come God made this whole world wrongly, only for the “deep” Huns to suffer in it?)

      • Here is where you are wrong: Your liberal-globalist ideology is mostly a Western World phenomenon, not a global one. I know that you all think that it should be a global one, but what you don’t realize is that the rest of the world is watching as you are turning Western Europe into a new Maghreb, and they are taking note of the effects. Do you think that the news of 1,200 women molested or raped by gangs of roaming migrants in Germany in a single night did not reach Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other parts of the world? It is something without precedent in peace time Europe or any other country or region during a time of peace. I am very confident that your ideological cult will manage to destroy the Western World, but I also do believe your movement will end once you kill the host. So no, your ideology is not the world and it will never be the world. And Orban is not fighting the world, only a Western ideological cult, which has a firm grip on every institution of power, control and persuasion (through brainwashing or coercion) in our society.

      • Fidesznik Joe
        There’s no migration to Hu, ie. the rate is about 1 applicant/day now. Let DACH, Benelux, Scandinavia, Italy and Greece to ponder the migration problem.
        In Hu we have different great problems : the stifling dumb fascism and the ruinous corruption of Orbàn’s mafia state.

  13. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    András B. Göllner on September 12, 2018 at 3:54 pm

    You misunderstood me. I did not expect anything else and not surprised at all. As a matter of fact I would have been terrified if you and your followers broke down in tears.

    “Must you insist on demonstrating what a dumb ass you are ?”
    Must you insist on demonstrating what an uncultured creature you can be when someone is not up to scratch with your leftist agenda?

    I expected more intelligence from you but even I can give too much credit sometimes that may not due. So sad 🙂

  14. @ Morrison

    “I would have been terrified if you and your followers broke down in tears.”

    Bobikám, my little pigeon ! You are one of my followers, so why are you so sad ? Do put up that picture, where you are flying sideways in a diaper. Give us a laugh. You’d be far more fetching than with that ridiculous tennis racket in your hands that you claim is a cheese cutter. While you’re at it show us some balls. Maybe you have none ? No wonder you can’t score.

    Bobbi ! Don’t be a loser. The next time you come to the Center Court, come fully equipped.

  15. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Lanark on September 12, 2018 at 4:25 pm

    I will take it under advisement Mr. Language Professor. You should try to use the language knowledge you think you possess to express some ideas too, which seems to steer clear of you, so you pick on a word that can be spelled two ways. Of course you are the believer of the “my way or the hi way” idea. 🙂

  16. The title of the article is incorrect.
    Nothing or nobody is condemned to anything.

    The EP by the described majority approved the allegations, the charges against Hungary.
    The EB will vote on the “condemnation” or penalty.
    That’s all.

  17. The EU open societies, where liberalism, with it’s beautiful philosophy about the meaning of humanity and society have voted and with their vote condemned the various forms of dictatorships and mafia states, exemplified by Orbán’s Hungary. The warning is now out in the open and I feel ashamed and embarrassed about my Hungarian origin. This cheap, corrupt gangster Orbán must go. Period !

  18. “Bravo European Parlament “.

    Orban likely will laugh his head off on that.

    The EP punishes the nation of Hungary by suspending their voting right in the EP.
    For acts of corruption and mistreatment of refugees, etc. ???

    Can you call that democracy ???
    That is really fascism and absolute B.S..

    In democracies the guilty is arrested and charged, if found guilty ,get convicted and punished.
    But not in Europe . Hm ?

    Any one remembers South Korean president Park ?
    She was simply arrested by police, charged ,tried ,convicted and sent to prison for 24 years on one charge and an additional 8 years on another charge.

    That is how democracy suppose to work !!!!

    What goes there is B.S. and fascism.
    Punishing the country that is innocent, and not the guilty.

    • Bende
      The Korean authorities did their job, no such chance in a Hu today.
      The Orban regime is all BS, fascism and corruption, but the EU can’t do much more than close the money spigot on which the whole regime feeds. Yes, ordinary people will suffer, but not much more than because of the monumental embezzlement and waste up to now though.
      Hungary received relatively more than twice the Marshall Plan aid and all it can show for it is deterioration. Now this is national tragedy in slow progress, thanks to the same gang.

    • Bende
      And hopefully other, personal sanctions may follow:

      After all not only the Magnitsky Act, but the older corrupt practices legislation enables investigation and prosecution for corruption cases like the MS Hungary Ltd. one now. If there’s political will, Orban and dozens of his mafia could have been investigated, indicted and jailed, starting with the F16/Grippen case.

  19. Hello, the article is nicely written in English but as to its content and facts, it is most misleading. First of all this so called vote may mean nothing in the current theatre of European politics. The outcome is that some official investigation will follow into those handful of matters that are mentioned in the Sargentini reports. Then there may be a vote but that needs to be unanimous to pass which most likely will not happen. The second is that these numbers are actually not as bad and “condemning” as you say it since the 448 yes, 197 no, and 48 abstain, barely provides the 2/3 majority. So it is not everyone who voted thought that the allegations were justified. Third noone was condemned here, they just voted to look officially more into the issues this privately financed, privately written report stated. That’s all.

    • Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

      I sometimes wish I was a true disciple in OrbanLand… whatever happens never a defeat for The Leader, believing in someone who knows 100% The Truth. Never a doubt that The Leader will lead us to the Promised Land where pensions are guaranteed, a fully operational and functional health system and educational system is a guiding light for the rest of the world.

      Truth and logic arrive via Origo.hu and Magyar Idok.
      Life would be so much simplier and *nice*.

      • @Phil S. Stine this is what the article stated “European Christian Democrats, conservatives of all stripes, liberals, social democrats and green party politicians from across 28 member states of the European Union have all reached the same conclusion:”

        To that I replied, that it barely had its 2/3 majority and it would have even failed to pass if the EP had kept its voting rules and included the 48 abstaining one in the count.

        By the way have you heard of the new Soviet Union? It is indeed the EP where most vote by party line and not according to some sane thoughts.

    • You and Bendy need to look up the definition of “Condemned” before you comment about Dr. Adam’s word choice. You might spare yourself some embarrasment.

      Condemn: “Express complete disapproval of, typically in public; censure.”

      This is the most common usage.

      This is certainly what happened.

  20. i “these numbers are actually not as bad and “condemning” as you say it since the 448 yes, 197 no, and 48 abstain, barely provides the 2/3 majority”

    jézus Mária mate, barely a 2/3 majority? Where I come from that would be considered a massive landslide

  21. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    I agree Joe; Orban with his present worldview no longer belongs in the EPP. It is clear a majority of him no longer want him. So, as Bannon recently stated, it makes sense for him to assume leadership of the Far-Right within the EU. Unofficially for most of the ultra-nationalist, anti-foreigner Right he is already their de facto supremo. Might as well make it official

  22. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    Should read:
    ” It is clear a majority of the EPP no longer want him.”

  23. Wow. Just wow.
    Ițve already seen from other articles that this so-called “hungarianfreepress” is the most blatant propaganda site, but this article is almost a parody.

    First, it criticizes the lack of freedom of the press, while there are several newspapers which don’t do anything else than attack Orbán from the front page to the last page. (in a dictatorship they would be banned and their editors arrested).

    At the same time even the slightest attempt at neutrality is lacking from the article, exemplified by calling the government a “regime”.

    Instead of just reporting on the situation, as a supposedly independent and free press article should do, it contains almost nothing besides strong opinions. And, of course, it only presents one side of the debate, completely “forgetting” things like this whole “report” was a private endeavor written by someone without any official investigation, without any committee being officially formed to do so. They didn’t even do any official investigation, it is all based on hearsay and excerpts from left-leaning Hungarian media.

    And, what is most funny, at this exact time in neighboring Romania corruption is orders of magnitude larger, the prime minister openly issues death threats against minorities (once even saying in live television that he would hang them), and when members of the government got sentenced to prison for corruption, they just changed the laws by emergency decree to remove exactly those paragraphs which would have sentenced them, thereby officially legalizing corruption. And when the Romanian people who had enough go out to protest, the police beats them up, brutally beating even the peaceful ones and bystanders. But the governing party in Romania calls themselves “social-democrats”, so everything is OK in the view of the leftist governments of the EU.
    Meanwhile in Hungary, anti-government protesters, even those who assault and provoke the police, are handled peacefully. Yet Hungary is a dictatorship?

    Liberalism changed a lot during the last few decades. Back then it was about listening to everyone’s opinion. Now it’s about subjugating any opinion even slightly different from theirs. Back then it was about democracy. Now it is about removing the voting rights from those they dislike.

    • Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

      Allowed you, an opposing voice, to comment didn’t it?

      Would Orban’s state tax-funded media allow the same privilege to those of us who don’t agree with his worldview?

      Difference between Hungarian Free Press and Orban’s Zombie Media is that not one of my hard-earned forints goes to the latter whereas the regime’s propaganda’s rags only exist because of taxpayer’s funds.

      • A comment on a website is one thing. Would hungarianfreepress.com publish articles which are not far-left propaganda?

        Just by reading the titles of the first 20 articles on this site, it seams clear what it is. The sole information one can get on this site is to learn on which side they are.

        It’s sad how media (on both sides of the political spectrum) turned into tribal signaling. No information about what actually happens, just statements about who is good and who is evil. Black and white, perfect good versus perfect evil, just like in fairy tales.

        At least the Fidesz-leaning media, whilst itself not free from biases, reported what actually happened. And I can confirm it’s true, because I watched the whole process and listened to the speeches on live television. On the other hand, the left-leaning media tries the best to only show the supposed end result, and then bombard us with opinions. No information about the process itself, no information about what the defendants said. No information about how the report was completed and with what methods, and no information about its contents besides vague generalizations. No information or citation at all from the answers given to the report.

        • Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

          “At least the Fidesz-leaning media, whilst itself not free from biases, reported what actually happened. ”

          I presume you understand Hungarian. Watching M1, TV2; reading Origo.hu, Magyar Idok etc can you honestly tell me that they interviewed those standing up to Orban both here and in the wider Europe, giving them the opportunity you have had here to give their views? Really?

          If anything the Orbanist media was even more hysterical than usual, my head was spinning with each new conspiracy theory.

          To an extent it doesn’t matter. I know what to expect from paid journalistic mercenaries who have sold their souls and independence (I will admit a few, a very few are true believers). But….it is me with my taxes which is paying for this propaganda.

        • „At least the Fidesz-leaning media, whilst itself not free from biases, reported what actually happened.“ like lastclassy toprongyosok vádaskodtak they reported what actually happened? Thats high class stupidity.

    • “(in a dictatorship they would be banned and their editors arrested)” so when “their editors [are not] arrested” there is no dictatorship. Muahaha

      „while there are several newspapers which don’t do anything else than attack Orbán“

      several newspaper = 1 Népszava
      TV channel = 1 RTL
      weekly newspaper = 2 hvg and Magyar Narancs

      They all have big financial problems. No one has to be arrested today, let them starve to death.

    • You are a either misinformed or a liar. Just one example of your falsehoods: The report was not a private endevour.

      It was part of an investigatiopn by the Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs of the EP.

      At the link you will find a link to the report and the history of the “official investigation”.

      2nd example ” But the governing party in Romania calls themselves “social-democrats”, so everything is OK in the view of the leftist governments of the EU.”

      The same committee is planning investigations of Romania and several other EU countries that may be in breach of EU laws and values. And Romania has recieved criticism from the left for the actions you describe.

      I could go on and pick apart your other falsehoods, but I think I ‘ve made my point about the veracity of your comment. It’s you who are presenting mere opinions that lack factual backing.

  24. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Phil S. Stine on September 13, 2018 at 4:28 am

    “then this being an English language site it should be arse”

    Allow me to enlighten you about two important facts:
    1./ András alone is quite capable to express his thoughts in both languages as he is a highly educated intellectual; therefore he doesn’t really need your help,
    2./ In spite of your expectation he does not really like “suck up” people; therefore your tongue job doesn’t earn you brownie points with him. He just fools you with positive reactions.

    And while at it let me assure you that your intervention in our “tongue in cheek” skirmishing will change nothing as we both are here to amuse each other and of course provide entertainment for people like yourself. 🙂

    • Phil’s reaction came from this sentence to you.
      “? Must you insist on demonstrating what a dumb ass you are ?”

      “… as we both are here to amuse each other and of course provide entertainment for people like yourself.” Entertainment? No.

  25. @StrandedinSopron Orbán is fallable as most of us and the same way as you are but he is an excellent politician and many voted for him for that. His main political opposition has mostly communist background or values, and cannot understand that that system has failed, and that is not coming around for a while again except in the sweet dreams of those liberals who lost touch with reality.

    Instead of writing posts like this would you consider get out of your stranded situation in Sopron and get to know the world?

    • Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

      I am not sure which of my posts you are referring to. If it is the one about the EPP, then are you arguing that Orban belongs in that grouping which voted almost by 2/3 against him?

      Their (the mainstream EPP Christian Democrats and Fidesz) views diverge so much that Orban should now be looking for like-minded individuals much further down the right of the political spectrum.

      “…would you consider get out of your stranded situation in Sopron and get to know the world?”
      That is “the world” as preached by Mr Orban and repeated unquestioningly by his disciples such as yourself???! I already get full exposure to that in Sopron 🙂

  26. Robert Morrison on September 13, 2018 at 2:48 am and Robert Morrison
    on September 13, 2018 at 6:09 pm.

    I did not say that I am an Hungarian – I said that I am embarrassed about my Hungarian origin because of this EU vote. Got it, you little trickster ?
    Also, I did not realise that you are trying to own this site as an amusement park for your cheap entertainment. The only problem with it of course is that your “tongue in cheek” comments have no entertainment flavour in them. This is because your tongue is not in your cheek but firmly fixed in Orbán’s bum. Hope you got it, you conceited little twerp ?

  27. @ PVal

    “They (the EU parliament) didn’t even do any official investigation, it is all based on hearsay and excerpts from left-leaning Hungarian media… this so-called “hungarianfreepress” is the most blatant propaganda site”

    Pee Val! I love the sound of the letter you chose as your first name initial. Do you have a brother by any chance who works in Orbán’s propaganda shop called PNis?

    While you think that one over, you may wish to wonder why I don’t take someone seriously who comes here under a false name, to dismiss two thirds of the EU parliament, never mind dozens of the world’s most reputable research institutes – including the Hungarian Academy of Sciences – that have concluded that Orbán has diverted Hungary from the path of justice, the rule of law and sustainable economic development.

    P ! I suggest you direct your stream of consciousness towards Morrison, Bendy goose, Joe, and the other trolls who write to us under the initials BS.

    • Wow, what initials people have (and what other words can begin with that letter in a completely different language) is a deciding factor whether their statements are true or not. Stellar logic! When you can’t counter the arguments, you resort to personal attacks. If I found some dirty English words which begin with one of your initials, would it mean your arguments are demolished?

      (As if you provided your passport to some official when registering to this site to prove you are really who you claim to be. And as if that mattered.)

      Also it’s clear that the EU parliament voted based not on the content of the report, but on which side they are. I’ve seen debates in the EU parliament on live television on similar occasions where some (Dutch representatives, if I remember correctly) were throwing vague accusations at Hungary about the constitutional reforms, and when the Hungarians asked whether they even read it and if so, then please tell exactly which paragraphs bother them, they couldn’t answer it. At all. And on one occasion a French politician attacked Hungary about some new banking laws, and he was answered that the French made the same laws not long ago. He sat down in shame. It’s not a secret, it also was broadcasted live, but somehow almost all the media in Western Europe only cited the first part of the debate, only the accusation, but not the answer. And they dare to pose about free press.

      They don’t vote based on what the law or proposition means. They vote based on what side they are coming from. It’s that simple.

      But you don’t have to believe me. Just go and watch or read the entire uncensored debate and listen to both sides. Because you obviously don’t.

    Yes, simply because the South Koreans have accepted and adopted democracy and value it, practice it and preserve it.

    Will it ever arrive in Brussel and Stassburgh ???

    The 66 page report is detailing all the investigations and recommendations.

    Observer posted it on “Will Fidesz be expelled…”

    Read it !!!

  29. Bendy goose and PVal

    Dummies that ignore empirically verifiable evidence and insist on basing their theses on hearsay will not receive a passing grade or serious consideration from me down here, no matter how many “wow” appears in your texts. Both of you belong in the alley, with that other stray cat Morrison-. At least, he’s got a racket.

  30. PVel;
    Hit the nail on the head on every item, accept one.

    There could NOT be any discussion nor debate on “Constitutional changes”, as neither the EU,nor Hungary has any.

    Hungary’s so called “Alaptorveny” is nothing but a long fairy-tail book of propaganda collections.

    The EU likely never will have one.
    As every time they attempted to present one before the people like in France and than in Holland, nobody could understand it.

    Much worse, even those that composed it could not
    understandibly explain it to the public .
    So it was not just rejected, and they gave up on it.

    So, now everything they base on various unellected commitees, that are responsible to no-one,nor answerable to any one.

    But than what the hell they base their so called laws upon ,that may provide any authority or foundation ?

    The most un-democratic ‘salt-office on the Globe.

    Advocated, protected only by those that enjoy direct personnal benefit from it, not the population at large.

  31. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Don Kichote on September 14, 2018 at 7:00 am

    „You are not worthy to be called Hungarian.“ Because he is intelligent?
    Compared to you absolutely. I am afraid you did not understand my comment and hopeless to explain it to you. So sad 🙁

  32. @ Don Kichote

    The reason why Morrison and the other alley cats come here, is to limit the possibility of evidence based debate, by flooding “the agora” with the fraudulent claims of the Hungarian autocracy. The technical term for this strategy is “neutrollizing” – which means, in layman’s terms, flooding the arena with garbage, forcing people to skate elsewhere. Their favorite cry, when confronted with their antisocial behavior is, that we are trying to limit free speech. They are, in fact, intellectual polluters, who specialize in wrecking the public arena, in order to hinder people from testing the validity of competing political claims in a community about who should get what, when and how.

  33. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    András B. Göllner on September 16, 2018 at 2:50 pm
    Don Kichote on September 18, 2018 at 11:29 am

    Gentlemen, it did n ot sink in yet that your attempted insults fall flat?
    Get used to it, that I do not give a flying ….. about your assaults.

  34. @ Morrison

    “I do not give a flying …… ” ?

    Flying what ? Flying lesson ? Flying saucer ? Flying fish ? Finish your sentences, ball player. Show some class. Please don’t insult our intelligence with your dangling participles.

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

      Andris, I leave it up to everybody to fill it in because if I finished it Chris would out moderate the word. It starts with an f… 🙂

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