Daniel Berg’s letter to the American ambassador in Budapest, David B. Cornstein

Dear Mr. Ambassador,

My name is Daniel Berg, and I am a Board Member of Momentum Movement, a new Hungarian centrist party. Today I am writing to you not only in this capacity, but also as a concerned dual citizen of the United States and Hungary. As a staunch believer in the transatlantic alliance and Hungarian-American cooperation, I felt it is my duty to draw your attention to a few worrying developments that have taken place in Hungary in the last few years.

Daniel Berg

First and foremost, allow me to congratulate you on your appointment and confirmation. I was very happy to hear that this important position was finally filled, and personally proud to learn that our nation would be represented in Hungary by a fellow New Yorker and Hungarian-American.

The friendship between the United States and Hungary is a long one, as evidenced by the warm welcome received by the exiled Hungarian revolutionary and statesman Lajos Kossuth when he visited the States in the mid-19th century. Kossuth had the distinction of being the first foreign politician to address Congress after the Marquis de Lafayette, and his bust still graces the corridors of the Capitol today, a testament to the continuing endurance of Hungarian-American friendship.

While this friendship between the two countries is long and fruitful, and one that I hope will continue, I believe it is one of the fundamental duties of friends to speak out when the other party’s actions are misguided and may endanger the friendship. There are three particular areas I’d like to highlight where the Hungarian government’s current policies threaten not only the relationship between the countries, but also American and Hungarian interests alike.

First, there is the continued pressure being placed on Central European University, a reputable American and Hungarian institution of higher learning. As an alumnus of CEU, I can attest to the high quality of education provided by the university and to the valuable service it renders to Hungarian and international students alike. In my class alone, there were three other American students who greatly benefitted from CEU serving as a bridge between the Central European and American academic world. Yet the so-called “Lex CEU”, the higher education law passed by the Hungarian government, has kept the university in uncertainty for more than a year now.

CEU has taken every step to comply by the requirements set by the law, and all that remains is for the Hungarian authorities to sign the bilateral agreement with their counterparts in the State of New York. Until this agreement is completed, CEU will remain in limbo, which jeopardizes its functioning and future. Indeed, it may even be forced to move its operations to Vienna, which I believe would be a terrible blow to its students, staff and faculty, as well as to academic life in Hungary and Hungarian-American relations.

I therefore respectfully request that the United States and its diplomatic representatives in Hungary defend this acclaimed American and Hungarian institution and call on the government to sign the agreement. On a personal note, I am confident that you will take all steps that are necessary based on your public comments and on your first official visit, which was to CEU. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for this encouraging symbolic gesture, which meant a lot to the CEU community.

Second, I would like to draw your attention to the increasing influence of the Kremlin in Hungarian politics. President Putin has made several visits to Hungary in the last two years, and Russian financial interests are deeply involved in the country, from the construction of the Paks II nuclear power plant to the lucrative gas deals negotiated between the countries. Additionally, Hungary has been repeatedly named the Visegrad country most exposed to subversive Russian political influence, and there is much discomfort about the government’s Russia policy among NATO allies.

This is reflected by the attention given to Hungary in the Senate Foreign Relation Committee report from January entitled “Putin’s Asymmetric Assault On Democracy in Russia and Europe: Implications For U.S. National Security”, which states: “given Orbán’s positive orientation towards Moscow, his government has taken no discernable steps to stop or even discourage Russian malign influence, and appears to applaud [Russian propaganda] because it aligns with the themes that Orbán promotes. Instead of defending Hungary against Russian malign interference, Orbán appears to have welcomed it”.

As an influential ally and friend, the United States is the best placed to bring Hungary back into the fold of the transatlantic alliance, and to highlight the dangers posed by the government’s “Eastern Opening” and further overtures to Moscow.

Third and finally, the issue of Hungary’s position on Ukraine is a closely related matter. This week the Hungarian government indicated that Prime Minister Orbán would block any decision on Ukraine at the NATO summit, which will be taking place in Brussels next week. No specific reason was given publically for this decision, but ostensibly it relates to Article 7 of the Ukrainian Law on Education, which could potentially harm ethnic minorities.

The protection of Hungarian minorities in Ukraine and providing them with the means to preserve their cultural heritage is an important issue. Nevertheless, it is highly unusual for a bilateral dispute on education policy to be discussed at the NATO level, and to have such a significant impact on joint security policy and collective defense.

Article I of the NATO Charter obliges members to “settle any international dispute in which they may be involved by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security and justice are not endangered”, in accordance with the principles outlined in the Charter of the United Nations. Continued instability in Ukraine resulting from a lack of action is a threat to European security as well as American interests in the region. That is why I welcomed the recent statement from the White House that it does not recognize Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

It is my sincere hope the United States will clearly express to the Hungarian government that it cannot hold Ukraine as a political hostage because of a dispute over education policy and also that Hungary must abide by all of its obligations as a member of NATO.

During my morning commute to work, I pass the statue of President Reagan on Szabadság Tér every day. More and more, I am reminded of his famous quote: “freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction…it must be fought for [and] protected.” This sentiment seems especially apt during the troubled and uncertain times that we live in, when democracy is increasingly under threat by hostile authoritarian powers.

Yet it is my sincere hope that the United States will continue to be that shining city upon a hill, which stands to fight and protect the values that it was established to uphold, and which are enshrined in our Constitution. That is why I am glad that the US is again represented at the ambassadorial level in Hungary in your person.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and I wish you the utmost success in your coming years of service, a pleasant stay in Hungary for you and your family, as well as a very happy Fourth of July!

Sincerely yours,

Daniel Berg

Board Member, Momentum Movement
Hungarian-American citizen


  1. 1) CEU does not prepare valuable members of society, able to make practical contributions. Doctors, Engineers, Nurses? No! It churns out brainwashed, ideologically indoctrinated agitators. The institution has no practical value to society in my view.

    2) In the era of Germany spearheading the Nord Stream 2 project while Hungary is opposed, this whole Orban-Putin narrative is absurd to say the least! Hungary’s position on Russia is pragmatic and is in Hungary’s interests. Condemning this position goes against Hungary’s economic interests therefore a stab in the back.

    3) On Ukraine, if this letter is a reflection of Momentum’s position, it is a stab in the back against the Hungarian nation. Hungary should use all means at its disposal to pressure Ukraine into abandoning its hostile, bigoted, hateful position towards the ethnic Hungarian minority in Ukraine.

    They stab the Hungarian nation in the back over and over again, and then the progressive-globalists complain that the Hungarian voters are turning their backs on them and blame Orban and accuse him of being authoritarian for legitimately winning elections.

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

      Peter, anyone involved with academia or research in Hungary, independent of political views, is well aware of the contribution of CEU. Hungarian academics, researchers and students from state-funded Hungarian institutions frequently use and rely on the superior resources offered by CEU–resources that the Hungarian state is either not able or willing to fund.

      • Oh well, not too many academics down here on the Fidesz troll farm. But I do know that no CEU graduate will ever be an architect, a doctor, a geologist, an engineer, a medical researcher or even a nurse. Talked with a Transylvanian friend of mine who follows Romanian media on a regular basis and he noted that the anti-Hungarian propaganda carried out on Romania’s most popular news site is in fact being spearheaded by a number of Romanians who happen to be CEU graduates. Interesting part is that they are not paid by the news site, so question arises in whose employment they are carrying out their acts of instigation campaign against ethnic Hungarians and their basic rights?

        I did not suggest by any means that it is an institution of low quality, in regards to what it does. I question the value that such an institution has for society overall, given that it does not churn out useful graduates which could contribute something meaningful to society, but rather instigators like the Romanians I mentioned, or as we can see in the case of Momentum member who wrote a letter to US Ambassador, suggesting that Hungary should be pressured into letting Ukraine carry on with its fascist behavior against ethnic Hungarians, by cynically claiming that Ukraine is the victim in all this. Do you believe that such people bring something useful to society?

        • Avatar Don Kichote says:

          What is „anti-Hungarian propaganda“? Peter you are the best in that. Maybe they’re telling the truth, that’s what you do not understand.

          • Romanian chauvinists telling the “truth” when arguing against basic minority rights? Perhaps that is to your liking, which I find understandable.

          • Avatar Don Kichote says:

            Hungarian chauvinists telling the “truth” when arguing against basic human rights? Perhaps that is to your liking, which I find understandable.

        • Avatar Don Kichote says:

          “Do you believe that such people bring something useful to society?” Yes, not like you. You hate left, homeless, poor, well-educated and others whom you simply give a title to hate them. Oh, I know you’re not a native, and craps those who are not native. Do you understand your crap?

        • Avatar Reality Check says:

          “an architect, a doctor, a geologist, an engineer, a medical researcher or even a nurse.”

          Well since CEU does not have a medical or a nursing school, why would you expect them to produce nurses and doctors?

          However, they do produce people who work as engineers (applied mathematics program) and people who work in medical research (epidimeology for instance). They also have people who work in fields allied with geology as part of their enivironmental sciences program. You do want Hungrians to have clean air and water? Don’t you Peter?

          One thing CEU will never have is someone who lacks critical thinking skills – someone like you.

          • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

            “One thing CEU will never have is someone who lacks critical thinking skills – someone like you.”

            I am afraid that you are mistaken here. Peter just criticized CEU therefore he has critical thinking skill even if you do not like his criticism.

          • If you would have some clues in regards to the world you live in, you would realize just how absurd your claims are. Most of the subjects they teach are most of the subjects that lead to a great deal of under-employment everywhere I have been in much of the Western World. Applied mathematics will not take the place of an engineering degree. And most people I know who have a degree in Math or even PhD, feel lucky if they land a job teaching, otherwise they mostly struggle. Some of them will make a career out of it outside academia, but it is the exception rather than the norm. You really are clueless in regards to the world you live in.

    • Avatar Pityi Palkó says:

      Peter, you malicious, narrow-minded bigot !

      Please note !

      The CEU Department of Mathematics and its Applications offers one of the most recent international Master’s programs in Applied Mathematics within the Bologna framework. The programs aim to satisfy the growing demand for well-trained applied mathematicians. Graduates will hold positions in industry, corporations, banks, research institutes, governmental and EU institutions, and a variety of research or academic fields. The department’s doctoral program covers major branches in both mathematics and its applications, and aims to prepare students for a productive academic career.

      • Yes Pityi Palko, The Momentum-CEU graduate makes out the Ukrainians as the victims of Hungarian resistance to their fascist behaviour towards the ethnic Hungarian minority, but I am the “bigot”. You just made my point!

    • Avatar Reality Check says:

      Peter rarely has a clue what he’s talking about. It is true that he has no practical value to society.


      • No, it is once more you who needs a “Reality Check”. Yes, some of them rose to high positions, which I never denied but in politics, NGO’s and a few of them in finance. And it would be interesting to investigate who their sponsors and helping hands might have been along the way. None of them produced a breakthrough in medical research, or became a distinguished surgeon. not one of them is capable of designing a bridge, developing more efficient clean energy or even finding a new oil field so we can have plenty of existing energy. It is all politics, NGO’s committed, not so much to helping the disabled, or teen substance abuse or something that does make an actual direct difference, but rather NGO’s involved in pushing an ideological agenda and agitating when needed. The alumni profiles you linked to in fact supports my point!

        • Avatar Don Kichote says:

          “The alumni profiles you linked to in fact supports my point!”

          I think not, because your point is hating and submitting. Have you ever built a bridge before … then you call yourself a useless member of your society.

        • Avatar Reality Check says:

          Not that there is anything wrong with working as part of an NGO, many of which work with drug addiction, getting women out of prostitution, helping the homeless, etc.

          But know nothing Pete just maks stuff up. In fact only about 25% of CEU alums end up working in the professions Peter disparages.

          Most work in business, the next largest group in research/education.

          Peter just ends up looking stupid as usual.


          • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

            Read my reflection on this comment below.

          • “NGO, many of which work with drug addiction, getting women out of prostitution, helping the homeless, etc.”

            If that was where most NGO’s would operate, I would not mind them, and NGO would not be becoming an increasingly dirty word in society. It is when they get involved in steering society or politics in a country in a certain ideological position that I think it is unethical and undemocratic, because it becomes an avenue for money to influence politics more than it already does. And when they start undermining governments, it is too much!

  2. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Just blew it, as he partakes in the political interest of any alien nation, he surrendered his US citizenship. Any one doing that willfully just to try his political luck with with a foreign power, I sure would not rate that as smart. Not much loyalty,as he just proved it.

    God bless America, my home, sweet home !!!

  3. Avatar Klebelsberg Kultúrkör says:

    It is absolutely not well defined what the author understands under ‘CEU’ ?
    Does he mean ‘Középeurópai Egyetem’ or he means the New York based ‘CEU’ which is not having any educational activities required by the law ?
    Is it a P.P. BOX ?
    Btw. ‘CEU’ is among of a dozen universities which are obligated to fulfill some educational regulations and most of them did it .
    Ukraine ??? There exists a native hungarian minority (for 1000 years , still the beginning of the 20th century their territory belonged to Hungary !) and the fascistoid,racist ukrainian government recently prohibited the education in native language.
    Do you mean that it is a democratic way of governing ? Is it a democratic government ?
    Should this dictatorial, fascistoid, racist Ukraine belong to NATO ?

    • Avatar Don Kichote says:

      Yes, who calls himself “Klebelsberg Kultúrkör” must of course answer extremely stupid, that is state order. By the way, did you know that there Putin, Orbán’s “friend” holding the strings in his hand … by the way, not only there in Ukraine.

  4. Mr.Berg , if you see only the President Reagan statue on the Szabadság Tér , there must be some problem with your eye sight.

  5. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    This article is a clear mirror of the history of gutless people in Hungarian politics. Over hundreds of years this Nation produced losers who sought the help of foreigners to fight their internal battles against other Hungarians.

    This dual citizen clown should stick to his organization and push their issues within, or return to the USA and seed his ideas there, but stay away from weakening the ties between two nations for his selfish reason to gain brownie points in his ill-fated movement.

    This writer does not represent the views of anybody but his closed minded own and should not be published in this blog with such a high exposure thus giving credibility to this stupidity. At least as I see it.

  6. Avatar Sandor Kerekes says:

    Peter, as usual, you are demonstrating malice surpassed by ignorance. If the CEU is so useless, then how was it able to get accreditation in both countries?

    • Accreditation in the US, where it does not even have activities? Oh how! As for accreditation in Hungary, as I pointed out, I am not questioning the quality of what it does. I am simply pointing out that it does not produce graduates with real applied use in society, unlike most other universities. It produces ideological agitators, and some of them will rise into important positions, but still agitators. It is a way to ideologically infiltrate and export the progressive-globalist agenda to the former Communist East and other parts of the developing world.

      • Avatar Reality Check says:

        It mostly produces people who work in business or education. Are you really going to claim that people who run business and work in education are not doing something real and useful?

        You are incapable of critical thinking. Instead of gathering evidence and presenting your case. You make a case without facts. Had you done any real background research, you would have found out that you are misinformed about what most CEU graduates end up doing.

  7. Mr. Berg is a polite young liberal minded member of one of the Hungarian political parties that is utterly ineffective in its approach to stopping the spread of the affinity fraud that seeks to rob ordinary citizens of their right to follow the path of justice, the rule of law and sustainable economic development. His polite, grammatically correct effort to stop Donald Trump from following the path of Orbán’s affinity fraud, by tugging at the heartstrings of a man (the new US ambassador) who is a close friend of both Donald Trump as well as the late Arthur J. Finkelstein, the architect of Orbán’s rise to power, is destined to be about as successful as Momentum’s effort to gain a seat in Hungary’s parliament in April, 2018.

    The trolls, who are so liberally treated on these pages can rest easy. The proven inability of the liberal establishment to manage change in an increasingly complex, interdependent, technological environment, and the propensity of Homo Sapiens to pay more attention to fictional rather than factual narratives (Peter and the Bendy-goose are stirling illustrations) will combine to ensure what Karl Polányi has predicted more than 80 years ago. The Capitalism of Adam Smith, based on free-information flows in a competitive market place, will be hijacked by corrupt, and greedy oligarchs, who will stuff their own pockets with false promises to a gullible, and purposefully misled population. Remember. Mussolini made the trains run on time in Italy. For many, that is all that matters. Just imagine what he could have done, if he had the bomb? Had the Donald been in power in the US then, he no doubt would have praised Il Duce, or the Führer, as “smart cookies”, good negotiators, who love their people very much.

  8. Avatar Daniel Berg says:

    Wow, lots of bad vibes here in the comment section. Perhaps I should clarify a few points.

    1) CEU and Közép Európai Egyetem are two legal entities of the same university. One is accredited in the US, one in Hungary. It remains the best ranked university in Hungary and has a number of notable alumni and faculty, both Hungarian and international.

    2) Being involved in national politics as a dual citizen does not mean one renounces their citizenship and is perfectly legal.

    3) The Ukrainian education law in question is indeed problematic, but it’s a bilateral dispute and should not be taken to the NATO level. Collective security is more important than education policy, and the Hungarian government’s actions clearly play into the hands of the Kremlin.

    4) I didn’t advocate that the ambassador should interfere in domestic Hungarian politics. I simply suggested that he keep these three issues in mind, as they could potentially damage the relationship between Hungary and the US, as well as American and Hungarian security interests.

    5) Momentum is deeply committed to the transatlantic alliance, and that is why we see these issues, which could lead to conflict within NATO and between the US and Hungary, as problematic.

    Hope that helps clear things up a bit 😉

    • No, it does not help at all! It helps clarify the nature of your views and personality, which makes those of us who view all Hungarians as belonging to one nation (the Hungarian family), think not very highly of you. Take a closer look at point #3 in your letter in regards to Ukraine. Now let me help you better understand the ethics of your position by replacing some of the actors:

      Ethnic Hungarian Minority = Rape victim.
      Ukro-Nazis = Rapist.
      Education law = Assault on victim carried out by Ukro-Nazis.
      Hungary = Father of victim.
      Nato+EU membership of Hungary = A nice 2×4 that father of victim happens to be carrying.
      Daniel Berg = Brother of father, therefore niece’s uncle.

      Now imagine victim is enjoying neighborhood park, rapists happen to be there, and they decide to attack her. Father of victim also happens to be in the park and he is carrying a 2×4. Just as he is about to go to work on the rapists with the 2×4 in hand, Father’s brother (you) shouts out that it is unfair for father to use 2×4 on rapists, trying to justify it by pointing out that the 2×4 belongs to the whole neighborhood. At most, father should put the 2×4 down and go try and talk to rapists nicely in the hope that they will spare his daughter. Now, how do you think father and the rest of the family will view you and your behavior? Some may be even ready to declare that you do not belong to the family at all, while you delusionally seem to think that the family should elect you to be their leader.

      Does this help a bit in clearing up our objections to your behavior? It might also help you better understand your failure to appeal to the Hungarian electorate.

    • Also, in regards to behaviour, given that Ukraine’s government is behaving a lot like Serbs & Milosevic did towards other smaller ethnic groups, I’d say Ukraine’s behavior is in fact the greatest security threat in the region, not Hungary standing up to that behavior. So, no your excuse for throwing the ethnic Hungarian minority there under the bus does not hold up.

    • Just now it was announced that Ethnic Hungarian soccer players in Ukraine who participated at a tournament in London for regions, are to be persecuted in Ukraine for daring to do so. Tibet also took part, yet communist China is not persecuting them, which says a lot about Ukraine and its values.


      Do you believe this country is acting in a way that is enhancing regional security or is it acting more like Milosevic did, risking regional conflict? Do you believe these people belong at a NATO summit? Perhaps you should have sent a letter to the ambassador questioning NATO’s values and behavior in this regard instead? Or perhaps this is what you and Momentum are really about? I honestly don’t believe that you give a hoot about those people and their oppression at the hands of Ukro-Nazis in power in Ukraine.

  9. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    It is undeniable that CEU does not offer education in scientific subject, which would be mostly the interest of the Hungarian nation.

    However, 2/3 of its students are from other countries.
    Checking the basic info of CEU on the web, I am rather concerned of the CEU’s educational cost.
    Tution is no less than 1,300-1,500 Euro , plus enrollment fees of 250 Euro per student.

    Just mow many students in Hungary or in the nearby area can afford that for a degree that very doubtfully would help any one to land a job?

    Few of the commenters here , from the KMH do very much demonstrate the very same personnel and intellectual level in their comments.

  10. @ Daniel Berg

    The bad vibes here in the comment sections are par for the course, Mr. Berg. They are best used for tuning your pitchfork on the way to the stables.

    My apologies in case my comments may have offended. That was not my intention. Writing reasoned arguments in a calm manner has its virtues. It’s unfortunate that we happen to be living in an age when the manufacturers of alternative facts have gained the upper hand in Washington and Budapest. You must have heard of their favorite phrase: “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun”.

    Best of luck with Mr. Cornstein, the ex-pats in Budapest and all the politicos who are lining up for the next corn-roast on the embassy’s grounds. I hear that the golf courses in Hungary are doing a fabulous business under Orbán, and Andy Vajna’s casinos are always full. Why not just invite the Donald to come to Hungary to shoot a couple of rounds? He’s got the balls.

  11. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    András B. Göllner on July 6, 2018 at 2:12 pm

    “The trolls, who are so liberally treated on these pages can rest easy.”
    I would agree with you on this if I did not sense your disapproval of such treatment. I think that if you (and of course your fellow liberals) demand the freedom of the press and freedom of speech for your side it is imperative to provide the same to the other side too. Chris is doing a fine balancing act which I guess is not easy for him, especially when the “your-kinds” are breathing down his neck.

  12. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    András B. Göllner on July 7, 2018 at 6:46 pm

    “My apologies in case my comments may have offended.”
    You are wrong for reinforcing the snow flake attitude of the liberals by apologizing for telling the truth that is the “political parties that is utterly ineffective” clearly apply to the “gittegylet” this man belongs to. They have no political platforms other than the Orbánophobia and for that they have zero chance to become a formidable force in the political life of Hungary. He is a cry-baby and you should treat him as such.

    “That was not my intention.”
    But it should have been. Yes. “Writing reasoned arguments in a calm manner has its virtues.” And if he cannot coop with your intellectually manipulated opinion how would he deal with my vitriol?

    “the manufacturers of alternative facts have gained the upper hand in Washington and Budapest”
    As you know it very well there is no absolute truth, as Einstein would say everything is relative, and someone who wants to be a political somebody should be able to navigate and deal with everything life throws at, which is not the case of this wimpy help-seeker. As long as the opposition has them Orbán has nothing to worry about.

    “When I hear the word culture, I reach for my gun”.
    So do I and we are obviously on opposing sides of the barricade but neither of us ever cry for help from Junker or whomever, rather we just keep fire at each other for a long time now. And that perhaps makes each of us a better fighter. This “nyúlszivű” scriber will never be anything but a number on the “also ran” list.

    “Why not just invite the Donald to come to Hungary to shoot a couple of rounds? He’s got the balls.”
    You got that right :)

  13. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @ Mr. Berg,

    There are some very remarkable contributions here to the original content and you reflected to such on July 6, 2018 at 4:10 pm with apprehension stating that “Wow, lots of bad vibes here in the comment section. Perhaps I should clarify a few points. “

    I tried to comment on the part that follows but the editor of the blog deleted it twice; thus leaving me with no choice but encouraging you to ask the editor to let it appear hereunder.

    I wish to communicate to you and the editor my dissatisfaction for both your treacherous behavior and for the blogs anti free speech censorship.

    This is what you liberals are. Double standard people demanding rights for yourself that you deny from others while hiding behind censorship that you so vehemently accuse the Orbán government with. And this is why you will NEVER be elected into governing position in Hungary because the people will not tolerate such vicar of Bray politicians.

    • Avatar Don Kichote says:

      Being Liberal does not mean having to publish every muck. Chauvinists have a problem with that.

      • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

        Thank you for the enlightening info.

      • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

        Don Kichote on July 10, 2018 at 9:56 am

        Thank you for the enlightening information. I always appreciated people having strong opinion about something that they have no information about at all. Let me welcome to that club as a new full fledged member.

        • „I always appreciated people having strong opinion about something that they have no information about at all.“ Then there is no information in your comments. muh

  14. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Reality Check on July 10, 2018 at 12:46 pm

    “Not that there is anything wrong with working as part of an NGO, many of which work with drug addiction, getting women out of prostitution, helping the homeless, etc.”
    It is so nice and rosy. I wish that all NGO-s did something useful like you listed. And that is the main fault of your comment. It is a LIE. Nobody objects to such NGO activities rather the few but well financed (from abroad) and powerful (because of the backing of many powerful foreign entities) that are working against the government’s and the citizens’ wish to keep Hungary a migrant free country.

    From the President and Rector (Michael Ignatieff the disgraced ex Canadian Liberal Party Fuhrer)
    “CEU’s mission to defend free and open societies is more urgent than ever.”

    “We’re a university with a difference and the difference is our open society mission.”

    If this is not enough for you to understand that a non-liberal society has no need and place for an institution that proclaimed main purpose of spreading the most destructive ideology of the 21st century regardless whether they create nuclear physicists or NGO bosses, than you are the one having no idea about the subject.

  15. @ Morrison

    Calm down. Get a grip on yourself. It is not yet the time for the second coming. Your curved balls are of little interest to either conservatives or liberals. As for listing me among the liberals – come again ? Why not try your hand at home economics or gardening ? Or making lamp shades. ? Make yourself useful, instead of making a fool of yourself.

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