We cannot be silent or inactive

This weekend we celebrate the birth of John the Baptist. John was a prophet, sent to proclaim God’s word to Israel, to remind them of their vocation as God’s People and to announce the coming of the Messiah.

Like John the Baptist and all the prophets who came before and after him, we too are called to a prophetic ministry in our time and place. The prophet’s role is to be a sign of God’s presence in our world and to be the voice for God speaking words of healing, peace, reconciliation and the call to conversion.

As we listen to the news, read the papers, watch the broadcasts, we begin to recognize that, as disciples of Jesus, called to a prophetic witness, we cannot be silent or inactive. We must begin to give voice to the need to end injustice, discrimination,racism, bigotry and all the other forms of hate that are so prevalent in our world today. As we watch reports about children (even nursing infants) being separated from their parents, can we, in good conscience, remain silent? We can easily calm our consciences by reminding ourselves that those unfortunate directives are being carried out in another country. But, do we take the time to question whether similar things are happening in our own nation? Do we speak out to our own government, asking that they use diplomatic means to give voice to the injustice being done? Do we challenge our own immigration laws and practices that are often unjust and inflict undue

When we hear of the killings of gay men, do we speak out against homophobia and hatred, or simply tell ourselves that “I wouldn’t do that” and “let the justice system handle those cases”? Do we take the time to deeply examine our own attitudes and actions and ask whether in some way we contribute to the ongoing discrimination against various groups of people in our society?

What about the incidents of racism involving police or security services? What about the poverty and homelessness that we see all around us? What about the continued trafficking in women and children. What about the child soldiers and those children forced to work long hours in factories so we can by obscenely inexpensive good?

There are so many ills in our world and our society. How are we called as individuals and as a parish community to be a prophetic voice today, calling for change and transformation in our world?

Where does transformation in our world start? In our own hearts and with a lot of prayer and openness to guidance by the Holy Spirit.

Richard Beaudette, OMI


Fr. Richard Beaudette is Pastor of St. Joseph’s Parish in Ottawa, Canada, and a member of the Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate.

Richard Beaudette, OMI


  1. This article appeared on the KMH as well.

    A posted my remark, really wonder IF Mr.Adam will let that pass, as well as this one in English.

    The article sounds good, until the reader considers the reality, that all evil, that is mass murders, wars, destructions has been caused in human history for the very purpose of doing the ultimate good for humanity.
    (Have not named any of those, that has committed any of those evil, as a deed of great intents to mankind).

    While evil in this world seems just about natural, almost biological, yet it is NOT.

    Evil is committed by mankind endlessly, at such a scale that it appears almost natural, biological.

    Yet, it is just the opposite.
    Evil is learned, acquired, adopted for some purpose, selfish interest, or even just going along with it.

    Every time I have expressed that observation here and on the KMH, the responses were often very hostile and hateful from several commenters.

    Just what would you think why ?

  2. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Dear Pastor Richard Beaudette,

    “As we listen to the news, read the papers, watch the broadcasts, we begin to recognize that, as disciples of Jesus, called to a prophetic witness, we cannot be silent or inactive. ”

    My humble suggestion is to stop listen to fake news, read propaganda papers and watch CNN, and your life will be better and you will find your peace in God.

    What you and all of us are subjected to is a relentless propaganda war against our brain, soul and intelligence in order to seed the devil’s spirit into our hearts.

    As you stated so eloquently “The prophet’s role is to be a sign of God’s presence in our world and to be the voice for God speaking words of healing, peace, reconciliation and the call to conversion”. Unfortunately there are countless self-proclaimed “prophets” who spread lies as being the truth and falsify events to serve Devil himself.

    Just take the picture of the crying girl “being separated from her mother” and investigate the background of it and you will see the light.

    You decry over “When we hear of the killings of gay men, do we speak out against homophobia and hatred” but you are either afraid or unwilling to name the culprits. The news about two gay men being beaten up a few days ago by 6-8 young people (and you see I am not identifying them either as it would be moderated out of this blog for the accusation of being …phobic), didn’t make the media here, but you can read about not having gay ministers in the Orbán Government.

    God bless you for being so passionate but may He enlighten you to see the World as it is rather than as you wish it was.

  3. I, for one, do certainly say AMEN to Richard Morrison’s first three sentences.

    The “prophets” of the Bible were individuals who delivered each and every time a very specific massage from the Creator, even many who objected or avoided of doing so.
    Even Moses at first did try to avoid the assignment.
    But just as Moses described it, when the massage come true, it is an evidence that the massanger or the prophet was real.
    When the massage did not come true, the prophet was fake.
    The Scripture also stated that there were NO more prophets sent.
    So, every one of them since that time must have been fake prophets.
    We sure have plenty of fake prophets of doom today in the world.
    But the Creator’s set condition was based on obedience of Him, by the Commandments.

    Is anybody preaching that today ?

  4. If I may add a few words to my previous comment about Morrison’s views.

    The young rabbi’s advise was ; “you are in the wold, but be NO part of this world”.
    It’s hard to resist of not being cought up in this world’s evils, but the Hassid do keep that even today. So do the Amish and few other small groups.
    They live a very strange, yet separate life .
    They are often ridiculed for it, yet they stand fast.

  5. Just how could any one celebrate the birth-date of any one, as in this case the birth of John the Baptist, since there is NO idea when he might have been born.

    The biblical statemenet is that he was born six (6) months before his cousin Joshua ben Josef,the rabbi.

    But he young rabbi could have not been born on December 25 !
    The Bible account states that the shepards were out in the fields with their animals.
    December is a cold and rainy time there, snow is not uncommon.
    Likely the populace had not been ordered to travel to their birth-place in that cold either.
    Most likely after the gatherings of the products of the fields.
    May be Sept.-October.

    Constantine was a Mitra worshiper, he established his state-religion upon his own faith, that is Mitraism.
    Mitra was believed to be born on Dec.25 th. in a cave out of the bed-rock , without any human origin.
    Mitra was worshiped on the first day of the week, not the last day, the Sabath.
    Constantine severely punished the Jews for not giving up the Sabath for the first day of the week.

    Also the Bible statement gives that the rabbi was born in a stable.

    Yet, today they go to Bethlehem,and under the church of Nativity in a small cave they worship a hole in the bedrock, decorated with silver, believing that is where the rabbi was born.

    All pagan practice, assumed on pagan believes.

    Have any doubt ?
    Go and read the records of the Scriptures and find out for yourself !

  6. Avatar Pityi Palkó says:

    ‘As we watch reports about children (even nursing infants) being separated from their parents, can we, in good conscience, remain silent?’

    The answer to this question is a clear-cut, unmistakable NO !

    However, immediately answering this, and before launching into the many other ills in our world, we must find an answer as to how this situation arose in the first place. What drove parents to play this dangerous game using their children ?

    Dear Pastor Richard Beaudette – I understand that the Catholic Church has a very strong presence in Central America and perhaps you and your organisation would be best qualified to comment on this situation.

  7. Thanks Robert Morrison for giving that web-address where Time Magazine “made correction”, but has not apologized for intentionally lying.

    That goes on without end.
    The press, the media, the celebrities. And not just the dishonesty but the hateful violence with it.
    Some treathened Trump’s 4 year old grand daughter, as well his 12 tear old son.
    White House press secretary was kicked out of “Red Han” restaurant, and Homeland Secretary was hassled and kicked out of a Washington DC Mexican restaurant.
    It is getting more hateful and violent by every day.

    But Trump’s popularity is rising.
    He is pritty much took control of the GOP.
    Independents and even Democrats turning against the Muller investigation.
    It’s in its second year, yet not even the slightest idea of how Russia could have fixed the ellection against Hilary.
    All the informations getting disclosed proves the Obama’s Juctice Department and the FBI were bussy to advance Hilary and defeet Trump’s chances.
    Election is coming on November 6.
    The Democrats do all they can immagine to advance their chances.
    Like the blind man said, ‘we will have to see it’.

  8. Go and do NOT be silent or inactive.

    Go change the world !
    Go, heal the sick, feed the hungry, prevent crimes ,violence and wars.

    Make people to start to 0bey and live by all those Commandments, not just by one’s own selfish interest.

    That is what Moses and the young rabbi advocated.
    Go,show your good deeds, not just talk about it !

  9. Pityi Palko;

    The “caravans” were all deliberately and purposefully organized to overwhelm the US authorities.
    So was the so called DACA.
    Just as in Europe the invasion by the Asian Muslims.
    In the US today the government spends no less than $4 million a day jut to house all the invaders.
    That is clear profit for the named businisses that invested in it.
    Yes, all those privately owned detention facilities are private properties. That is why now attempt to use military bases.
    The human-smugglers profit as well handsomely.
    All the peoples were transported across Mexico for profits.
    Obama’s 790,000 DACA children were privatlly sold by their parents to have a chance to live and study in the USA.
    Only the US taxpayers are ripped off by all this., while human beings used for profits and political goals.

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