The return of the Ugly American

Former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau once quipped, in a good natured way, that living next to the US is like sleeping next to an elephant. After hearing this Sunday’s extraordinarily virulent and unfair attacks on his son, by Donald Trump and his White House lap-dogs, Peter Navarro and Larry Kudlow, Canadians are bracing themselves: the elephant has gone rogue, the lap-dogs have become Dobermans, frothing at the mouth.

The emergence of an unpredictable and unprincipled political leadership to the south of the 49th parallel, a bunch of liars and bullies, who are more interested in lending a helping hand to corrupt autocrats and neo-fascist wannabees, like Putin, Viktor Orbán, Erdogan, than to their friends, is a sobering turning point for democrats not only in Canada but the world over.

Most Canadians are not surprised at hearing yet another Trumpian tirade. They had a front row seat up to now onto the circus where emotional language overwhelms rational discourse and common sense, where women are treated like meat in a supermarket. While Canadians have been spared the fire so far, they have seen its destructive path. This is the first time, however, that this destructive fire down South has turned towards the North, directly threatening the way of life, and the values of a gentle and cooperative people living at peace with the world and with their own admirable diversity. America’s best, most trusted neighbor, a country that sacrificed the lives of tens of thousands of its citizens to save the values that are the sacred trust of the North Atlantic Community, are in the cross-hairs of a sharp-shooter hell bent on implementing a game plan that places corporate greed ahead of the planet’s needs, short term profits ahead of civil-rights and human dignity. The affinity fraud represented by Donald Trump has reached Canada’s front door.

Let this be the last warning to conservative and liberal democrats, to those on the Left, the Right and the Center of the democratic political spectrum: Donald Trump’s assault on Canada, his collusion with Russia, China, and the corrupt authoritarian wave sweeping across the world, is the single biggest threat to global peace and security since the Age of the Dictatorships in the early 20th century. The divorce of Capitalism and Democracy in the Age of Artificial Intelligence, the neo-fascist renaissance promoted by alt-right advocates like Steve Bannon, Breitbart or Fox News, and the wave of politically controlled networks of communication sweeping the planet, are challenges that only a fool should ignore.

Let there be no mistake: statements by the Potus, and his attack dogs, which promise „a special place in hell” for Canada’s legally elected PM, because he dares to stand up for his country’s dignity, for justice and fair trade, is a threat to democrats the world over. Today, the American President and his Ugly Americans, pose the greatest single threat to the survival of justice, the rule of law and sustainable economic development in the world. It’s time democrats of all political leanings, let them know where to get off.

András Göllner


  1. The US is the bad guy, now that we have somebody in our corner…that’s not on the take, like the last ones that let extraordinary tariffs be placed on our products.

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  3. Wow! The censorship on this site is proof of who the real fascists are. If you have to defend ideas through censorship, that by itself is proof of the fallacy of those ideas, because obviously can’t stand a challenge.

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

      I’ve already warned you before that further self-serving references in your comments to, and false parallels with the Indigenous populations of North America and their contact with Europeans will not be permitted.

      • “false parallels”??? I did not draw any parallels between the history of Indigenous populations of North America and anything else. Not to mention that “false” is extremely subjective a measure. Simply pointed out that the formation of Canada’s multicultural society that author sings odes to, could not have been possible without first destroying the existing distinct native cultures already in place, therefore perhaps should be taking it easy with those odes to Canadian society. I think it is a perfectly valid point, albeit not a convenient one perhaps. At this point, you are looking for any excuse possible to justify your censorship. In reality, you are driven to censor by a desire to protect your ideological views against inconvenient challenges. In the process you discredit yourself.

      • Avatar Reality Check says:

        Thank you! He has posted that nonsense multiple times without you removing it, so he can hardly claim to not have his opinion on the matter aired on this site.

        • You posted plenty of nonsense repeatedly as well. How many times were you censored?

          If you do not understand the irony of censoring people for not agreeing with their views, on a site which claims to be about democracy in Hungary, then you truly are a “genius”

  4. @ Peter

    You poor, ignorant little troll. Don’t you know that the natives inhabiting the new world, everywhere, were conquered by the European powers, in the name of Christianity and Western civilization and not by Justin Trudeau or his father ?

    Why don’t you go back to times when the Huns plundered all over Europe, raping and murdering the local population, or to the repeated and murderous invasions of Western Europe by the Magyar horsemen before they were put in their place by King Otto I the Great in 955 at the battle Lechfeld ?

    You are such a pathetic little troll, picking up scraps from the dustbins of history for your autocratic little pocket dictator, Viktor Orbán. Canadians have no time or respect for losers like you, Archduke Ferdinand (sic) !!! You should count yourself lucky that the editor of the HFP allows you to make a fool of yourself on these pages on a daily basis. 🙂

    • Dear enlightened professor, you missed my point. Who destroyed the natives is irrelevant. The relevant point is that in the absence of the removal of those distinct cultures that already inhabited the land, the space needed to build your multikulti, would have not existed, because the space would still belong to those peoples and their culture.

      As for who is making a fool of themselves? First of all the censorship is foolish, making you all look like fools.

      Second of all, your article is foolish, for it focuses on Trump the individual (boogey man) not Trump the phenomenon. Have you ever met and discussed with a “deplorable”? I have, plenty of times! To give you an example, a self-employed tile business owner, who complained that he is being out-competed by companies who hire illegal migrants, who only get paid $6-7/hour to do the work. He had to under-bid on projects to get any contracts and had to work 12-14 hour days, 6 days per week in order to stay afloat. Do you think he should have voted for “open borders Hillary”? The elites (Bushes, Clintons, Obamas and the elite circles they represented) failed that guy through their policies, and many others like him. If the likes of him dared to try to complain, they were called “nazi”, “racist”, by the likes of you. Now the deplorables have spoken, and they honestly seem content to have given you and the establishment the one finger salute. Tried to explain to you before, it is all about the failed institutions and policies. You fail to see the failure because you are the professor. I find academics to be the most out of touch people in our society, yet they are assigned to teach. Irony!

      • Avatar Don Kichote says:

        „Who destroyed the natives is irrelevant. The relevant point is that in the absence of the removal of those distinct cultures that already inhabited the land, the space needed to build your multikulti, would have not existed, because the space would still belong to those peoples and their culture.“

        Have you ever heard of the Hungarian takeover? Have you ever heard of the migration of the peoples before that? Surely you have heard of it, but your brain did not understand it. And one more thing, you’re an example of unintelligent Hungarians who have migrated somewhere, so to speak, a living proof against your own writing. Your stupidity did not affect us.

        • Sure I have heard of it, which is why I know that historically speaking this story never ends well for the incumbent population. But I don’t expect a highly intelligent human being like yourself (all globalist-progressives are intellectually superior to the rest of us) to understand that “this time is different” tends to be a losing bet.

          • Avatar Don Kichote says:

            Is different, what is different the Time.

            “… like yourself (all globalist-progressives are intellectually superior to the rest of us) …” that is stupid.

            Because then Orbán would be one globalist-progressives intellectually superior to the rest of Hungarians. If you understand that. You said, that you do not have the permission to live where you live.

          • “Is different, what is different the Time.”

            I just hope for the sake of others that whatever you do in life has nothing to do with investing other people’s money. Although the likes of you are already set to do a great deal of damage (terminal damage) to Western society.

          • Avatar Don Kichote says:

            That’s your answer to the question? Do you know what Holy Chair is.

          • Avatar Don Kichote says:

            If you can only hope, it’s no wonder, if your comments are so stupid.

  5. @ Peter

    “I find academics to be the most out of touch people in our society, yet they are assigned to teach. Irony!”

    Troll ! I no longer have time for you. I’m ironing.

  6. Avatar Marianne Perkin says:

    Poor Andras B Gollner, What does the middle initial stand for? He has no idea what he is talking about. Or dos he just have a crush on pretty-pouting boy J Trudeau? – but be careful, his eyebrows could fall off at any time. Conceit and vanity!

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

      Would you care to offer a fact-based, informed opinion or do you prefer trashy, ad hominem attacks on someone’s appearance?

  7. Avatar Robert Morrison says:


    I am not sure whether it is a good news for you or you feel some sadness but from now on you can be assured that I am not Lovas Pisti.

    Your nemesis has died yesterday in Budapest.

  8. Give CREDIT to President Trump for making the meeting with the dangerous man from Asia! No President before him achieved that! And we are safe in the USA from the killing “peace loving, sharia refugees” which your pouting boy takes in! Trump doesn’t kiss up to Merkel!

  9. @ Robert Morrison

    Please extend my condolences to your alter ego. Alas, his passing has reached our offices earlier. I reserved a small role for him in one of my upcoming books. I’m afraid I can not offer you and the other trolls who come here, similar consideration. You are better off on the tennis court with your racket, even if your grip is a bit underhanded.

  10. @ Marianne Perkin

    “Poor Andras B Gollner, What does the middle initial stand for?”

    It stands for Baby.

    So long Marianne. I have an appointment with the spirit of Leonard Cohen on the Island of Hydra. I’m pressed for time. You know how it is with ironing…

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