Jobbik divided — Radicals challenge party moderates

The Hungarian opposition’s implosion continues. On Tuesday, László Toroczkai, the leading radical in Jobbik, announced that he was launching a new platform within Jobbik called “Mi Magunk” (or “We Ourselves,” a clear nod to Northern Ireland’s Sinn Fein), in order to give radicals within the party a voice. There was speculation that people like Mr. Toroczkai, Előd Novák and his wife Dóra Dúró would leave the party, out of unhappiness over the decision by newly elected chair Tamás Sneider to follow in the footsteps of his predecessor, Gábor Vona, and build a “socially-sensitive” moderate party, to the left of Fidesz. Some of the more moderate Jobbik politicians would have been quite happy to see the back of Mr. Toroczkai and his group. One politician speaking to Index anonymously said: “We would be happy if Laci would go to hell…”

Mr. Toroczkai, mayor of Ásotthalom, has joined forces with seven other Jobbik mayors to launch his “We Ourselves” radical platform. This is half of all Jobbik mayors in Hungary. Recently, he criticized the Jobbik leadership, because he believes that they portray Fidesz as “Satan,” whilst willingly cooperating with centre-left opposition parties. Mr. Toroczkai calls on Jobbik to reject the politics of moderation of the last two or three years and return to its far rights roots. We Ourselves will officially launch on 23 June, in the town of Ásotthalom, and this public event will be a test to see just how much support he has within the party base.

László Toroczkai in front of Jobbik party offices on Bécsi út, in Budapest. Photo: MTI.

Meanwhile Jobbik’s leadership struck back, questioning the legitimacy of such a platform. The party’s by-laws don’t mention platforms at all, but as such, they do not ban them either. The Hungarian Socialist Party (MSZP) was known to have several platforms, but it is believed that today few of them are still active.

Péter Jakab, Jobbik’s spokesperson, noted that it was in the interests of Fidesz to encourage a split within Jobbik and to then devour the remains of the party–similarly to what happened to the Smallholders, the Hungarian Democratic Forum and arguably even the Christian Democratic People’s Party.

“I am not claiming that László Toroczkai is Fidesz’s agent, but it is certain that Fidesz is trying to use him,” said Mr. Jakab.

A great deal will depend on what happens on 23 June in Ásotthalom. This could be an opportunity for Mr. Toroczkai to display power and strength, particularly if it appears that much of the party base is behind him. In the next few weeks and months we will see if the radicals manage to take back their party and ensure that Jobbik changes course, reverting to its extremist past.


  1. Mr. Toroczkai, the mayor of Ásotthalom is an out and out Nazi, a hero worshiper of Hitler. There is chapter and verse in his weekly paper Magyar Jelen, that provides empirically verifiable evidence of this. In Germany, Canada, France, and most member states of the EU he would face legal action for his hate speech, in Hungary he is celebrated. Like Szálasi in 1944, he may just one day become Hungary’s Führer, after Mr. Orbán has retired with his billions to some safe haven.

    • Yes! Everyone you disagree with is a new “Hitler”. Not sure about Toroczkai and his “verse”, but I do know that the left has been milking Hitler’s legacy of evil ever since the end of WW2, to its full extent. At this point, even if Mr. Toroczkai is the ideological spawn of Hitler or Szalasi or whoever, people have become so tired of the Hitler comparisons and the Nazi labels that increasingly they just tune out and assume it is yet another leftist, liberal-progressive tantrum against someone they disagree with, in hope of bullying them into silence.

  2. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Left or right, they are both nuts !

  3. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    According to Business Insider the right-wingers of the party simply made a demand that the party return to its original ultra-right policies. Hungary is like a disease in Europe again. Just causing troubles, while cannot manage its own basic problems. But, just what’s new about that ?

  4. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Can you quote the “empirically verifiable evidence” ? By the way, all speech is free speech, even hate speech , until it becomes libel. Than you can sue for damages. You should know that !

  5. Thanks Mr. Hungarian Free Press,

    I checked the scope of their law, you listed.
    Under that very law, you violate my right, as well that very law every time you (” korlarozza a velemeny nyilvanitas szabadsagat” ) ‘limit my free expression’) when you refuse to post my comment !
    And I do not need to be gypsy or homosexual .

    You are lucky it is not a Canadian law !

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

      Guess what, Bendeguz. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. End of story.

      • In fact Hungarian free press seems to be neither Hungarian nor free. Just typical dishonest press.

      • Here you are wrong! A public forum is a venue for free speech. Turning it into a “privilege” means you are in effect against free speech. How “democratic”!

    • It’s enforced ideology, they refuse comments that expose their weakness. Just now they refused my comment about someone thrown in jail for saying the wrong thing in Germany. The left censors, because they have no arguments.

  6. Avatar David Robert Evans says:

    I think that it is time for the left-liberal opposition in Hungary to have a long and hard think about whether the odd rapprochement with Jobbik (entered into only by some, out of realpolitik, as it were) for the 2018 election was a good idea or not. I suspect it was counterproductive in the extreme, helping the Fidesz propaganda machine to point to its opponents as collaborating, unprincipled, spineless extremists of the two sides of the ‘centre’ that Fidesz claims for itself. It is, I think, time to let Jobbik return to where it came from and hope that some of its centrist, protest-vote support can go back to more deserving parties.

  7. I have never accepted any of those strange allegation that Hungary would have been a nation of protecting individual freedoms.
    But, accordance to my own recallection, people had freedoms even under the Horthy regime that are today forbidden.
    Even the gypsy kids could go to schools freely without any discrimination. Not like today.

    Remember, how you and your kind attacked me for condemning the present discriminatory system against gypsies in Hungarian public schools?!

    So, just who are the bigots and fascist. Hm???

  8. @ Peter

    “Yes! Everyone you disagree with is a new “Hitler”.

    Peter, don’t overrate yourself. You are very far from being a “new Hitler”. Your just a plain, ordinary, troll. A rather boring, and ignorant one at that.

    • Yes, I am absolutely impressed with how well and promptly the globalists have been adapting to the diminishing returns on “nazi” and “Hitler” labeling. When that fails, as it increasingly does, “troll”, “Russian” and so on and so on have now become the second line of defense. Personally, I think this has a much shorter shelf-life and is already showing signs of being partially ineffective. Can hardly wait to see what will come next, because this is increasingly comical!

      In the end, it is all about the failing ideas, policies and institutions. You should know because you are part of one such institution, as I pointed out many times already. BTW, the true cost of the racket you are a part of is best seen in the US, where student loan debts now amount to about $1.5 Trillion. That is about $13,000 on average for each and every household in the US. This, while the return on that investment for the gullible fools is less than impressive.

      So, for almost half of graduates, it was nothing more than a very expensive swindle. Under-employed and in deep student loan debt? Nice way to start off in life! Have to say, “Fidesz troll farm” does not look anywhere near as bad!

  9. @ Bendy goose

    “Left or right, they are both nuts !”

    Pray tell what kind of nuts ? Walnuts, peanuts, cashews, almonds, hazelnuts, nice big Brazil nuts ? The level of ignorance you bring to these pages goose is about as sophisticated as that exhibited by Trump when he pontificated about good and bad apples on both sides of the divide in Charlottsville.

  10. @ David Robert Evans

    “I think, time to let Jobbik return to where it came from and hope that some of its centrist, protest-vote support can go back to more deserving parties.”

    Right now, none of the opposition parties in Hungary’s parliament are deserving of support. Every single one of them has failed to qualify, by its refusal to create and manage an institutionalized, nationwide network of riding offices, that is attuned to and resonates with the needs and desires of local constituents. This is the bread and butter of party based representative democracy, as distinct from the top-down wheeling and dealing frustrated democrats want from Orbán’s opponents. This is the road from the frying pan to the fire.

    The democratic opposition in Hungary, and its supporters in the west got it ass backwards, if I may be allowed a non-academic phrase. They expect the dozens of little mini-parties, without any riding level representation, to unite, to overthrow Fidesz. What an insane idea. When will the concept of representative democracy ever reach Hungary ? When will Hungarians opposed to autocratic governance learn the basic lessons of representative democracy and start to apply them in practice ?

  11. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Andras B.Gollner;

    Would I be allowed by your boy to call you as you name me, Gollner-gooz ?

    To answer your question; Nuts just like you !

    Your “Antifa”students were at Charlottsville with clubs that not just started all the violence, but they alone were the violent party.

    The opposition were all with guns, yet not one round fired.
    So who were the lawbreaking criminals ?

    At least try to be honest sometime, if you could ?!
    It really would not hurt.

    P.S. But just where is all the “empirically provable evidence”?
    Even from a year ago, from the hills of Buda, under a Budapest bridge?

    Or admit, it was all lies !!!

  12. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Chris Adams wrote and posted this morning on the KMH, a very realistic and sober article on the current standing of all the political opposition in Hungary.

    Recommend it for your reading !

  13. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Andras B.
    I took your recomendation and followed up on Toroczkay and his Magyar Jelen.

    It sure confermed my previous opinion, can state with assured confidence.

    So, I owe you one for having lead me to be totally confident about my earlier statement.

    “Left or right, all just nuts”

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