Rep. Dennis Ross – Orbán’s friend in Congress is retiring from political life

Viktor Orbán has lost one of his staunchest supporters in the US.

In an unexpected announcement 58-year-old Rep. Dennis Ross (R-Fla.) has indicated that he is leaving Congress and won’t seek re-election in November. He is not alone. Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has also decided not to run and so far, 59 House Republicans are retiring. Democrats have the best chance in years to take back the House.

Mr. Ross frequently reminded his audience that his ancestors were immigrants from Hungary. He doesn’t speak the language, only his immigrant grandparents did. Mr. Ross has visited Budapest several times and was an active co-chair of the Congressional Hungarian Caucus. Also, he maintained close ties with the Hungarian leadership.

Viktor Orbán and Rep. Dennis Ross

The Congressman had some health issues in 2016 and mailed out a lighthearted message “upon informing some of my family and friends of my scheduled surgery, many were surprised that as a lawyer and politician I even had a heart.” Mr. Ross “needed a new valve and a little re-piping.”

Now Ross says that he wants to spend more time with his family. He is tired of the grind of travel to Washington, pressure to raise money, and the bitter partisanship. “I’m looking forward to getting back to practicing law,” he said, and perhaps teach political science.

Congressman Ross with his family in Budapest at the House of Terror Museum in 2015.

Current Orbánist lobbyist ex-Congressman Connie Mack, a friend of Rep. Ross, is also from Florida. I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Ross would return to politics at a later time as a well-paid lobbyist for the Orbán government in Washington D.C.

György Lázár


  1. @ György Lázár

    “I wouldn’t be surprised if Mr. Ross would return to politics at a later time as a well-paid lobbyist for the Orbán government in Washington D.C.”

    That is a given. Unfortunately, very little is written about Hungary’s lobby activities in Canada, the US and Western Europe. Mainstream US and Canadian media couldn’t care less about what Hungary does or does not do because mainstream Americans do not even know where Hungary is on the map. Mainstream America is far more interested in Stormy Daniel’s cleavage than in Viktor Orbán’s political behavior.

    If more people would be aware that Hungary is in fact Russia’s “Trojan Horse” within the Western alliance, the “back-channel” for Russia to the US, and to alt-right white supremacist movements in Europe, and vice-versa, perhaps more attention would be paid to the matter, but even that is questionable.

    It is to deflect public attention from such focus, that Viktor Orbán is spending millions on Republican opinion leaders, such as Connie Mack, Mr. Ross, the late Arthur Finkelstein, George E. Birnbaum, J.D. Gordon, Jo Anne Barnhard, and various umbrella organizations such as the American-Hungarian Coalition, the Magyar Foundation, The Hungarian Lobby, The Friends of Hungary, The Diaspora Council, and the various “academic” associations on “Hungarian Studies” that all benefit from Hungarian government grants in return for keeping a tight lip on Orbán’s rule of law violations, and on Orbán’s efforts to mask the affinity fraud being perpetrated by his government in Hungary and around the world.

    Focusing on the above, is the task of investigative journalism, well trained academics, and PhD students. There should be more rather than less coverage of these matters. Those who embark on such pursuits of course should be well prepared – they will become the target of a concerted effort at character assassination. of attacks on their reputation and integrity. Thanks for Mr. Lázár’s short take, and his unwillingness to be intimidated.

    • “If more people would be aware that Hungary is in fact Russia’s “Trojan Horse”…”

      Does repeating the same lie over and over make it true? If this were true then why is Hungary opposed to the Nord Stream 2 project? Who is for it? Why Germany of course! The new leaders of the “free world” since Trump was elected. Nord Stream 2 is currently Russia’s most important strategic objective and Hungary is opposed. And Hungary has been providing natural gas to the Ukro-Nazis, even though their behavior towards ethnic Hungarians is despicable to say the least. Regaining influence over Ukraine is also an important objective for Russia, and here once more Hungary has done more than many other countries in the West to suport Ukraine, until recently of course, which is justified given their behaviour.

      When reality does not fit the propaganda, you got?

  2. @ Peter

    “Does repeating the same lie over and over make it true?”


    Is the treatment of facts and the truth as lies, makes the lies factual, and a nameless troll like you credible ?


    Listen to me now and hear me later ! You’re a pathetic little troll and your hero, V O , belongs on a bottle rather than in Parliament.

  3. At least Peter provided concrete examples. Calling Peter a ‘Troll’ does nothing to advance your point, András. Here’s another thought – why doesn’t the Orban opposition drop its perceived advocacy of mass third-world migration and align itself with something its constituency seems to want? It could then turn its attention to focusing on corruption. As long as the public views mass migration to the EU as an existential threat, the opposition will be hard pressed to gain any traction whatsoever.

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