Some 100,000 Hungarians demand new, fair elections in Budapest protest

An estimated 100,000 Hungarians–mostly young adults–filled Kossuth Square and spilled over into Alkotmány utca on Saturday to issue two overarching demands. First, they are demanding new elections–based on a fully free and fair electoral system. Second, they scolded the opposition for their inability to field a single candidate against Fidesz in every electoral district and demanded full cooperation against the regime across the entire opposition, from left to right. Prominent opposition politicians–both current and part–were spotted in the crowd, including Gábor Vona, Ferenc Gyurcsány, former Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai, Péter Juhász and many others.

“We are the majority,” roared the crowed repeatedly on many occasions. In Budapest, left-wing opposition parties won 12 out of 18 electoral districts on 8 April, even without full coordination of candidates. Although some  protesters arrived from small-town Hungary, never has the political divide between the capital and the countryside been deeper. But beyond the demand for new elections, this protest has another very important, though implicit purpose. In 2019, Hungary will hold municipal elections. As things stand, the left-centre and liberal opposition will likely win in Budapest and may also capture the position of Lord Mayor (főpolgármester) from Fidesz. This is a leadership position of national significance. Observers believe Fidesz will use its two-thirds majority to amend the constitution and strip Hungarians of the right to choose the Lord Mayor through direct elections, as well as reconfigure the districts that form the Budapest municipality in a manner that favours Fidesz. This mass protest in Budapest today is an implicit message to Viktor Orbán: do so at your own peril.

An estimated 100,000, mostly young Hungarian protest in Kossuth Square, spilling over into Alkotmány utca. Photo: Index.

Balázs Gulyás, one of the main organizers, affirmed that forcing new elections in Hungary was the goal. Mr. Gulyás, age 31, was the organizer of the successful protest against the Fidesz internet tax in 2014. The Orbán government withdrew its plans to introduce a tax of 150 forints (approximately C$0.75) on every gigabyte of data used by Hungarian internet users after protesters took to the streets of Budapest in the tens of thousands on 26 October 2014  and on 28 October 2014. As the movement grew, they promised to hold an even larger rally in November. On 31 October 2014, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced that the proposed internet tax would not be implemented.

Mr. Gulyás is following a similar strategy to force Mr. Orbán’s hand again. After drawing a crowd of around 100,000, he announced another protest for next Saturday. Viktor Gyetvai, leader of Hungary’s Independent Student Parliament, also addressed the crowd. “We say ‘no’ to oppression. This is the start of our protest so that we might regain hope, so that we are not forced to leave the country and so that a spiteful minority might never again win two-thirds,” remarked Mr. Gyetvai.  He demanded that the opposition sit down and begin negotiations to ensure that from now on, they will field a single candidate against Fidesz everywhere.

Blogger Gergely Homonnay also spoke and made three demands: new election laws, the removal of Chief Prosecutor Péter Polt from office and the cleansing of the Hungarian media of Fidesz. In Hungarian, the term for this is “Fidesztelenítés.”

Some of the regime’s most vocal spokespersons have labelled Saturday’s protest as a “counterrevolution.” For instance the Civil Union Public Benefit Foundation, an arm of Fidesz, warned: “using the Bolshevik-communist counterrevolutionary traditions is a dangerous script…the losers of the parliamentary elections are organizing demonstrations to disturb the well-earned peace of the Hungarian people and are going against our democracy and our state.”

There is probably hardly a Hungarian of any political persuasion who does not raise an eyebrow when pro-regime forces use terms like “counterrevolution” and speak about attacks against the state. This was the language used against the 1956 Hungarian Revolution until 1989.

One of the most interesting observations came from an HVG journalist and it pertained to reactions from some Budapest police officers during the protest. I have had many encounters with Budapest police over the years during opposition demonstrations in Budapest. For the most part, I have to say that they behaved calmly, professionally and respectfully. Usually, they stand quietly on guard, with a poker face and don’t engage protesters that project their anger on them verbally. This time, however, several police officers seemed to sympathize with the demonstrators. In one case, a protester handed a police officer a dandelion and a sticker produced by the Two Tailed Dog Party. The officer allowed for journalists to take his photograph so long as they did not show his face or badge number and even after, the officer happily milled around with a sticker from an opposition party and a flower from a protester in his hand.

The main question after this protest is: Will Viktor Orbán and his regime stop escalating political tension to a breaking point and will he offer some type of olive branch? If he believes that this protest has legs, history shows that he may.


  1. Democrats, they’re all sore losers no matter where they are.

    • Leave your slogans and propaganda at the door sir!

    • I would agree with you 100% if you can prove that the elections were free and fair. The international panel called the elections “free but not fair”. The official turnout was higher at 6:30 p.m. than it was at 7:00 p.m.!
      And what about this interview with an IT specialist who worked at the elections (presumably for the National Election Office):
      My transcription:
      Károly, experienced IT expert who worked at the elections (referred to as “IT”): – with a few colleagues we were calling some parties and media about a huge level of cheating from 6 p.m. on election day, but they didn’t take much notice…

      Bolgár György, interviewer (“BG”): – what did you see in relation to cheating?

      IT: – I can’t go into it 100%, they didn’t run the [other] program just in the meantime [on election day] – it had been planned for months in advance. (…) I heard earlier callers saying the 2/3 wouldn’t have been assured, but, Mr. Bolgár, they wouldn’t even have got half [the seats], the final result would have been 47-48%…

      BG: How could you know this at 6 pm?

      IT: We only know it now because over 900,000 votes have gone into the bin maybe, into the bin or transferred (“átixelve”), or nut put into the ballot boxes…

      BG: Let’s say 2%…

      IT: It’s difficult to talk without digging my own grave…

      BG: The opposition didn’t manage to send voting monitors to 1/3 of polling stations and they therefore had the theoretical opportunity of cheating in these areas, but they were present in the remaining 2/3, major cities and so on, and accepted the results. But Fidesz won in those areas too…

      IT: Why do you think we can only access [the final results] on Saturday at the earliest? (…), because they’re synchronizing everything back with added votes, meaning they’re trying to synchronize everything with the ballot papers. They could be changing ballot papers right now, are the opposition representatives or the media there now?

      BG: No, nobody, can they change the minutes and the ballot papers?

      IT: Don’t forget, you can use PhotoShop as well…

      BG: There wouldn’t be just 1 or 2 people involved in that case?

      IT: Mr. Bolgár, there are a few thousand working on this…

      BG: and nobody says anything – that’s total dictatorship…

      IT: Maybe one day they will if they need something [not clear to me] (…) for the time being they’re being paid and have been working on this for months. The trouble is, okay, we started all this on Sunday evening, saying watch out for and pay attention to this and so on, but they’ve already been changed now, including my vote, it can’t be proven who I voted for, they’re synchronizing them BACK, not FORWARDS, adapting them to the results…

      BG. So this violent intervention can’t be proven now from an IT perspective? Everything could be deleted?

      IT: Not deleted – transcribed…

      BG: Deleting one piece of data and replacing it with another?

      IT: Don’t think about the possible 2/3, no, they wouldn’t have got a majority [“half”]. In 2nd place would have been Jobbik, with a lot more votes. It would have come to 47-48% if it had been done correctly…

      BG: So 47-48% of parliamentary mandates would have gone to Fidesz?

      IT: Yes, yes.

      BG: The rest spread between the opposition with Jobbik obviously getting the most and so you’re saying maybe even the opposition could have formed a government if they were capable of that?

      IT: That’s right and sadly now despite the fact that a few of us who know about this and are crying and laughing about the whole thing, now it’s too late, they should have started that evening, but nobody listened to us.

      BG: If let’s say the opposition had got together that evening and said our IT experts believe some kind of massive…

      IT: They didn’t have any IT experts and I was amazed, some of us have been saying for months, don’t worry about campaigners, get some IT experts, the possibility of cheating lies in the transfer/handover process [“átvitel”]. Back synchronization…

      BG: So they’re adapting the votes to the result, I see that…

      IT: that’s right…

      BG: If they’d had experts, what could they have done at the elections?

      IT: What we did [laughs]. They could have signalled right away (…) we realized what was going on, but just didn’t believe it at first, that they would do this, to sink so low…

      BG: So you saw some data on your computers, which you thought proved that some cheating intervention had taken place. Could you have saved those data at that time?

      IT: And if we had? Yeah…

      BG: We could have taken it further on this basis, no?

      IT: But now they’re not the same data, you see, if anyone now – courts or experts or anyone – were to look at the present data, it’s no longer identical sadly, maybe we could have saved something, but technically around 99% of your listeners wouldn’t understand, I just want people to know that sadly this was what happened (…) if the parties and media had taken action at the right time, if they had listened to people who are loyal to everyone, I’m not on the right or on the left, I just hate cheating and lying…

      BG: Especially if the country’s destiny is at stake…

      IT: Yes, the country’s destiny, mine, that of my colleagues, I don’t have enemies on the right or left [have friends on both sides], I’m simply really annoyed about the cheating and when the experts brought it to light, nobody could have cared less and they just said “later . it can’t really be like that”, so okay, if that’s what they think…

      BG: You’ve really made us think, thanks very much and goodbye…

      IT: Bye

  2. Budapest is a city.. Not a country. 100,000 is not a majority . Instead of crying like children, why didn’t they put up their own candidate? I traveled with my partner to Erd. And I was sitting there for a few hours and I didn’t see one person aged in their 20s casting a vote. They were all at the nearby shopping center having fun… Since I have been in Hungary All I have heard is the west stirring the pot. Go live in Australia and see how immigration has failed massively. Paying $32. For a pack of 20 cigarettes and $7 for a beer. Seriously you don’t see the forest for the trees, don’t disrespect you.. But you need to grow up. And see how wonderful your country is. And preservation of it is the most important. When there are cranes in the sky and people hate their leader, He’s doing his job properly. Instead of a billionaire who lives in the USA and cares NOTHING for the country.

  3. “Mongyonle” is not enough, and a left-right coalition will only produce that and the next similar corrupt regime based on the same corrupt system with different faces. Make policies good enough to overcome the present terrorising propaganda. Look at decent, democratic redistribution a la Corbyn and Sanders – the only way to have mass support to stop the rising undemocracies everywhere.

  4. Democrats in Hungary have always been good at organizing demonstrations. What they are unable to do, by virtue of their archaic political culture, is to govern their country in a manner that generates justice, rule of law and sustainable economic development for ordinary citizens.

    Yes, there are other reasons why flowers for Hitler are in fashion these days – and one of them is the abysmal failure of the ruling liberal establishment in Europe to generate solutions to the challenges faced by advanced capitalism by the info-tech revolution. . We are re-living the last days of the Weimar Republic. Ordinary citizens are suffering the consequences, reacting to whoever can provide them with the most reassuring emotional fix to this paralysis of the mind. The EU and the USA are not fence sitters but enablers of criminals like Orbán, Putin, Trump, et al.

    What responsible Hungarian young leaders should do is not to gather yet again in their favorite campsite in downtown Budapest, but to head out into the countryside, set up shop and organize the political revolution at ground zero, in the villages and small towns of Hungary. The neo-fascist hijacking of Hungary’s democracy began in the countryside, in the small villages, where the opposition is as absent as a snowball at the bottom of hell.

    Without connecting to and engaging in a dialogue with THE PEOPLE at ground zero, no change is possible. Through the manipulative use of information and cyber-warfare, and by simply eliminating opposition voices in the mass media, democratic discourse has no chance of survival.

    The trolls like Edward and Brett, are just machine generated bots to discredit the voices of reason. They’re a dime a dozen, small change for the folks at Cambridge Analytica’s Hungarian branch-plant. Providing a platform for them is as smart as sending flowers for Hitler.

    It’s time for people committed to the service of justice, the rule of law and sustainable economic development, to wake up and smell the roses 🙂

  5. I spoke as a person not a bot.. Have you ever lived in a western society, its a shame that you would put me on that level in a fair discussion. Im not brain washed just perceptive if you ever get the chance to live and seen what i have. Your simplistic views would be a lot different. I am Australian i have seen my country ruined and traditions erased. So please if you are an educated person dont put me in the same category as a mass murderer. Your views are as narrow minded as your belief of a world that existed decades ago. Go out my freind and see the world not just a narrow strip of existence as you know it. And by the way champion i see a lot of you Hungarians smoke and drink. If you were paying the prices i have just for cigarettes and see educated people picking up butts off the ground and smoking them because smokes are so expensive . Come and talk to me then . Or is that how you like to live.

    • Brett, first you need to get the whole story on Hungarian politics before you make your judgements. Yes, westerners will see nothing but beauty, good prices and young people enjoying life, but that is far from the daily lives of Hungarians. You want to see people eating garbage and picking up butts, go just a little further than the pretty places your partner takes you. Visit a public hospital, or a school. Talk to the countless nurses who bring food and toilet paper for the patients and bring their own rubber gloves, because the hospital doesn’t provide any. Also ask them about their second or even third job because nurses can’t make enough to support their families. Thousands of children went without text books in 2016 because Orban wanted to “change” the curriculum and the kids had to make copies somehow of the textbooks so they could pass. Just because he wanted to reward a loyalist with the contract and funnel millions out of the taxpayers purse. I really suggest you also talk to the pensioners who worked for 40 years at jobs that in the west would give them great security but in Hungary pays them 90000 forint a month through their pension. All because Orban decided that getting the IMF off his trail was more important so he liquidated all private pensions to pay the IMF off and kick them out of the country. Here in Canada, I pay $12 for a package of cigarettes and there’s people who pick butts here too.

  6. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    I think I am in a minority of one on this site in that I actually attended the demonstration last night.

    On the positive, it was a young, very young audience (as opposed to Orban’s infrequent public appearances and the Bekemenet crew, which is more like an OAP kirandulas than a political march). The messages were largely positive and lacking completely in aggression (again in contrast to Orban, his mate Bayer and the rest of the Fidesz mob). The cops had a good time, joking when people reported “crimes” to them- “we have heard of a money launderer out Debrecen way, suspected of nicking billions…..”.

    But really? Friends, I hate to say it but the war has been lost. Orban is too firmly entrenched, the illiberal state is here until….until what? Close to 50% of those who could be bothered to vote, voted for it….regardless of the corruption, the inefficiency, the broken health system etc etc. Another 20%, more or less voted for the Official Opposition which is a Far Right party. Where does that leave democracy in Hungary? On the next Wizz Air flight to London, Berlin, Paris whereever, where the brightest and best (and, by logical extension, those least likely to fall for the Orban B) are heading?

    Yes, I can see Mr Gollner’s point about the opposition “reaching out” to the countryside but it is now completely Fidesz so even if the will existed to carry out the task, the chances of success are minimal.

    I would be very interested to hear the author of this blog’s opinion about the next 5 years of Hungary. I am very, very pessimistic.

  7. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    StrandedinSopron on April 15, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    “Where does that leave democracy in Hungary?”
    Well, I guess you need to take a crash course on the subject before you realize that democracy is well and healthy in Hungary . Not the liberal democracy but the classic or true democracy.

    • These are the official figures from the National Election Office website:

      The number of people who voted on April 8, as published in the official publications.

      “Szavazáson megjelentek száma” = 5365511
      “Választópolgárok száma” = 7875505
      7875000 = domestic “választók névjegyzékében”

      Five versions published during the night referring to the same time
      (7 PM, April 8, 2018)
      “Szavazáson megjelentek száma” = 4918565
      “Választópolgárok száma” = 7875505
      7176000 = “választók névjegyzékében” including domestic, embassy and mail-in voters.
      “Szavazáson megjelentek száma” = 5011380
      “Szavazáson megjelentek száma” = 5264211
      “Választópolgárok száma” = 7875505
      7921000 = “választók névjegyzékében” including domestic, embassy and mail-in voters.
      “Szavazáson megjelentek száma” = 5283056
      “Választópolgárok száma” = 7875505
      7979000 = “választók névjegyzékében” including domestic, embassy and mail-in voters.
      “Szavazáson megjelentek száma” = 5283097
      “Választópolgárok száma” = 7875505
      7980000 = “választók névjegyzékében” including domestic, embassy and mail-in voters.

      #6 (current version)
      “Szavazáson megjelentek száma” = 5570797
      “Választópolgárok száma” = 7933724
      8310000 = “választók névjegyzékében” including domestic, embassy and mail-in voters.”

    • Robert M
      It’s a quasi-fascist state in Hun, with some fig leaves as per the post WW2 fashion (ie. nobody boasts of being a dictator).
      Against you Wiki ref check out the hundreds of Hun Spectrum posts with thousands of links to articles and stats.

  8. Liz… Thank you for your intelegent words. And i dont disagree with you. As you understand i am not aware of all of Hungary’s economic and social problems. I mentioned to my partner just yesterday that, It upsets me that a lot of the people who i see living on the street are elderly. I was recently at martfu with her family, where the topic was about the thouseands of people walking into Europe without a passport. Im not sure if you are aware but we had 50000 illeagals turn up in boats. And what type of impact it had or has on us . And the impact has been far from good. I have seen photo’s of the same here in Europe and a lot of it is the same.. people wearing jeans sunglasses and from all places india Pakistan. And its not right i showed my passport when i arrived , as you did in Canada. A lot of these people throw their passports into the ocean. My judgment is that Hungarians should protect their borders and be selective about who comes into it. There is a war going on as you know. The only reason why i like Orban is because he has the balls to say and do something about it when the rest of the the world wont. With the other issues you have mentioned i am sure i will see as time goes on. I am very upset that Australia is slowly becoming a third word country. We cant even put fruit into a can anymore. The reason why i love Hungary is that it reminds me of Australia 20 years ago. And besides the language diffrent we are exactly the same especially with our humour. I wont reply again.. So Liz you take care of yourself…

    • Brett
      “50 000 illeagals turn up in boats..”
      You don’t know this – the Irregular Maritime Arrivals in Oz, incl. Nauru, count less than 2k for H2 /2017.
      Surely more “turned up”, but were “pushed back” according to the Aus policies.
      The crucial difference is that while hundreds of thousands strive to go to Aus (accepting 190k/year), nobody wants to settle in Hun, i.e. there is NO MIGRANT PROBLEM HERE, read my lips.
      Finally, if you think that it’s worth having a moumentally corrupt quasi-dictatorship in order to figth a non existent problem you may just try to stay in Hun a bit longer, try an application to start with and tell us how did you go.

      And polish you English, mate.

  9. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    The Untouchable

    Two of my comments have disappeared, both dealing with Mr. Gölner’s postings. They were simply out moderated. Very interesting and extremely suspicious. Freedom of expression a la Hugarian Free Press. Way to go Hungarian not-so-Free Press.

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

      You are welcome to find yourself an English news site on Hungary that is more to your political liking. Purely ad hominem comments against our authors or others adds nothing to the discourse and are not welcome.

      • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

        I respectfully disagree. Exposing the label throwing nature of a commenter whether an author or just a reader shall not be labelled “ad hominem comment” rather viewed as a criticism of the nature of the dissected article or comment.

        Mr. Gölner keep using many PC labels in every posting, needless to say to the detriment of the current government and its leader, without underpinning any of them with facts.

        Also he is using the term ‘fascist’ and ‘fascism’ incorrectly when he attaches such labels to the right political spectrum as it has been a leftist invention, it is currently and it will very likely be their practice.
        Best example is the post graduate institutions in the USA where the conservative views are suppressed and I just found the same here.

        I just made an attempt to set the records strait with not much support from the Hungarian Free Press. Up to now I believed that this site respects free speech and expression and for that I am surprised by the above comment to say the least. I trust that you will reconsider your stand on the issue and let my comments appear.

        • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:

          Like many in the opposition or involved in Hungarian civil liberties movements, András Göllner has demonstrated in his articles and in his comments that he engages in critical self-reflection–including of liberal politicians and politics. If you are not capable of doing the same–of being critical of the government and political persuasion to which you gravitate–then you are in the wrong place.

          • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

            Well, this is the most difficult discussion what I have to engage into as you have the moderator button and I have only a remote keyboard. I try to dance on the rope without falling off without a safety net. So for you to understand what is important for me and what is not please read on.

            First of all I kept Prof Gölner under pressure for not his views rather his unfounded labelling of others s.a. troll, fascist, etc., rather than debating issues.

            Second point is that I am a classical and real liberal who bought into the Liberté, égalité, fraternité idea 50 years ago under the “Kádár éra” and never changed my conviction.

            Third, whilst I am not an Orbán fan, and have many issues with his governing method, his stand against the forced immigration is so overwhelmingly in line with the Liberté, égalité, fraternité that overshadows every wrongdoing he and his cronies did so far.

            Should the EU and all external forces give up this nation raping attitude, I will be just as a harsh critic of his regime as many others on this page but I will always use facts rather than labels.

            Last but not least, I was dreading the moment when I find HFP on the level of the Hungarian Spectrum that is ruled by a no tolerance ultra-leftist fascist dictator. I hope you will never sink to that level.

          • ” András Göllner has demonstrated in his articles and in his comments…..”

            Out of curiosity, when you typed that, were you able to do so with a straight face?

            In his articles, he makes plenty of charges he cannot factually back up. You censored me for lesser things! In his comments he mostly debates through personal attacks and nothing more.

            But, given that he mostly caters to your own views….

    • Robert M
      What a cheek (pofátlanság) for a fascist to clamor for freedom of expression after the suppression of the latter by the regime you are fanning for.
      But then the whole gang is like this, e.g. stepping out of the manor and Aude A8 special to tell les miserables that those who have nothing are worth nothing.

      • I never experienced or saw any evidence of comments being deleted on Hungarian forums, just because some readers posted messages disagreeing with article or other people on the forum. The excuses I received on this site for being censored were outright ridiculous, and if same standards were to be applied across the board, I’d say the majority of articles and forum comments would have to be deleted.

        I cannot comment on fairness of Mr. Morrison being censored, since I did not get to read his comments, but I can say that in my own experience this site employs a very cynical and hypocritical method of protecting arguments of those adhering to one ideological side from being challenged, respectfully logically & factually. And then you all claim to stand for “freedom & democracy”.

        Not to mention that when such methods are employed it leads to an echo-chamber effect, where arguments no matter how ridiculous, distorted, nonfactual, become acceptable and part of group think. In other words, distortions build on themselves and you lose touch with reality. It is fact part of the reason that this site has become so sensitive to having your rhetoric challenged and it resorts to censorship. Its a vicious circle!

        • Avatar Reality Check says:

          You are a bigot. No surprise your bigoted comments get deleted.

          • Once upon a time simply labeling those who do not adhere to PC dictatorship standards as being “bigots”, “racists” and so on and so on used to work, shutting them up, causing them to just disappear in fear. It was an effective enforcement mechanism. Much like labeling those who got out of line in the dark ages “witches”. Problem is you all pushed it too far, labeling anyone who disagrees with you as such, with no justification, thus diluting and discrediting the very people who still try to push these labels, even when justified on occasion. Eventually people got tired & sick of it, while the likes of you lost credibility. But by all means don’t get a “reality check”. Just keep telling yourself that this still flies!

  10. Thank you Mr. Morrison and Peter, for showing so much attention to me. I owe you both an apology for not being able to reciprocate. Its just a question of mind over matter. 🙂

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

      András B. Göllner on April 17, 2018 at 4:18 pm

      Since my real comment to you has been censored again, I can only say “you are most welcome” to the unfree press.

  11. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Peter on April 17, 2018 at 2:32 pm

    “I cannot comment on fairness of Mr. Morrison being censored, since I did not get to read his comments,”
    My sin was to list the PC slogans and labels continuously being thrown at me, you and some of the other commenters by Mr. Gölner rather than debating issues and showcasing facts underpinned by identifiable proves. As you read it is clearly prohibited on this site to do such when authors are involved. After all this is the temple of free expression and freedom of speech just not for you and me, if you didn’t know it yet.

    “And then you all claim to stand for “freedom & democracy”. Yes they do but they are demanding their rights without providing the same to you. It is called liberal democracy. a.k.a communist democracy, or simply fascism.

  12. Boys, boys boys… It’s sad to see you cry so vehemently on these pages.

    There are prerequisites to getting into my classes and to debating me, my dear little trolls. One of these is basic intelligence, the other is preparedness. I’m afraid you are lacking in both.

    Why not take a course first in gender studies, to figure out your sex ? A Rose by any other name? Peter, Robert. Listen to me now and hear me later ! If you really are men, then please, for heaven’s sake, get a grip on yourselves.

    • Like I said before, aside from medicine, pharmacy, engineering, IT, finance (selective), the courses offered by the institutes of higher “education” are mostly a way to separate gullible young people of money they inherited, or money they borrowed, in exchange for mostly leftist-liberal indoctrination. The few who will get to do something with politics, history, medical research (80% of PhDs under-employed or unemployed) and so on and so on are the ones who come from well-connected families. The rest will end up working jobs that one does not need a university degree for and they will spend the next few decades trying to get their lives in order, while burdened by those monthly student loan payments. Its a con job! So please get real, I would never ever consider one of your courses, which by itself makes me smarter than most of your students.

      Aside from that; “If you really are men”. Did I ever mention that I am one? Maybe I just really like the story of Peter Rabbit, so I chose the name Peter.

    • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

      András B. Göllner on April 18, 2018 at 11:41 pm

      As I previously mentioned the protecting shield removes my comments aimed at your remarks; therefore you can feel very good by reading the positive comments only while criticism disappear from this page.

      Enjoy the warm feeling of being right even when you are dead wrong 🙂 Cheers

  13. More conspiracy theories….

    And…. “If you disagree with me, you’re Hitler”


    The Left threw this election.

    It was their loss.
    Now they try to delegitimize the vote.
    Instead of trying to propose an alternative.

  14. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @Chris please stop your unequal moderating practice.

    When you allow someone to label me fascist than you should allow my reply too. Just as a measure of equality. After all this platform is founded on the liberal ideology, which is Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. So in the name of liberalism please stop deleting my comments.

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