Sweden’s far-right Jewish lawmaker Kent Ekeroth moves to Hungary

Viktor Orbán’s policies have made Budapest a magnet for Europe’s far-right politicians. France’s Marine Le Pen recently declared, “I respect Orbán because he had the strength to face the EU that threatened and blackmailed him.” David Duke, an American neo-Nazi thundered: “Viva Hungary! Viva Orbán!” Duke appreciates Orbán’s resistance “to Soros & international Zionist efforts to destroy Europe!” Anti-globalist Steve Bannon, President Trump’s fired advisor and self-described proud “racist,” said of Orbán on his recent European tour, “He is a real patriot and a real hero.”

Kent Ekeroth is a Swedish MP with Jewish ancestry who was elected to the Riksdag (Swedish Parliament) as part of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats Party. After he was recently removed from their list for the 2018 general election, he told newspaper Svenska Dagbladet that Sweden should learn from the policies of Hungary, where he is planning to emigrate later this year.

“To start with they have no immigration,” said Ekeroth. “That’s the most important thing. And they value their own culture highly and the grounds on which European civilization rests.” He will move once his term as a Riksdag MP ends this summer.

Ekeroth is 36 years old and has a twin brother, Ted, who already purchased an apartment in Budapest. In 2012 Ekeroth and two other MPs of his party armed themselves with iron bars after fighting a drunken man. His comrade and friend, former Sweden Democrat Erik Almqvist, who was also involved in this “iron pipe incident” is already living in Budapest.

The Ekeroth twins. Kent is on the right.

Ekeroth’s mother, Janina Kazarina arrived to Sweden as a Jewish refugee. She was born in Kazakhstan in the Soviet Union, in 1947. Later she moved to Poland. After the 1968 expulsion of Jews she was accepted by Sweden as a refugee. In 2008 she received a 10-month prison sentence for tax evasion.

As it turns out, Ekeroth’s move to Hungary has another reason. He will no longer have access to government-paid personal security once his term ends and he fears for his life in Sweden. He has said “I’m going to be there (in Budapest) at least a while, until the situation has calmed down a bit in Sweden.”

György Lázár


  1. This is great, this KE:
    – His mother (with her sister and mother) starting from Kazakhstan through Poland, where nobody had threatened them physically, let alone their lives, instead of going to Israel went to Sweden for the good life.
    – The son, “a quiet, shy kid” who was heavily bullied by his class and “perhaps the entire school”, now lives out his complexes (can’t help thinking of VO) by being radical, and hating everyone all under the banner of being more Swedish than the Swedes.
    – Finally, is Orban’s Hun becoming to the fascists, what Paraguay was to the Nazis after WW2?
    Bright future here, if more hundreds of thousands of the best and the brightest leave.

  2. Putting the family smear job aside, which is what this article amounts to, the fact that they are Jewish and moving to Hungary may be a smart move for them. After all, it is not in Hungary that Jewish sites are being fire-bombed and mobs are chanting “death to the Jews”, it is in Sweden that it is happening. I think this article pretty much sums up the situation of Sweden’s Jews, given the current policies in place, and no it is not a propaganda piece from Breitbart:


    Jews in Sweden are indeed talking of leaving Sweden due to the situation caused by the extreme left that became mainstream, so the fact that this gentleman joined the SD party should come as no surprise. The fact that moving to Hungary seems like a good idea should come as no surprise either. I expect there will be many more who will do the same from all over Western Europe in coming years & decades.

  3. I bet they are moving simply because in Sweden they have to give 3/4 of their earnings to the State Treasury as taxes. But the news is that people are leaving California in hoards. The state is broke, the liberal spending spree destroyed the economy with sky high taxes. Southern California is today like any slums in Mexico. On top of all that, a caravan of illegal immigrants are on the way to the US. Mexico unable and unwilling to stop them. Trump announced he will sent the military to stop them at the border.

    Obama ‘s 790,000 DACA illegal minors are not going to be allowed to remain in US.

    But why nobody wants to go to the peoples’ paradise island, known as Cuba or even Venezuela ?

    • Nobody wants to go to … Cuba, Venezuela or even Hungary ?

      And what a “clever” Trump decision about not allowing the DACA people to remain after they grew up in the US!
      Yes, populism inevitably grows silly or cruel or both. Twit Trump.

  4. Observer;

    It’s not what one illegal allien want, but they are in the US illigally.
    The US Constitution is very clear. Only Congress can make the laws governing immigration !!!
    As everything else. Period !

    Obama violated the US Constitution by personally permitting these children enter the US contrarily the law. He has set a delayed action in their case, to be determined. It was delayed, now the time is up to execute the law.
    This is NOT a candy store situation !

    • A bit more complicated – there Executive Orders, you know, like those Trump banned certain itizens from entering with, and then there are criteria and discretion within the frames of the law …
      And there’s morals too, look it up. You may then consider how cruel is to expel people who grew up in the US to places they have never been before, although I doubt many fideszniks will understand.

  5. It is exceedingly wonderful that Hungary has become a refuge center for those excluded and rejected by the elitist politically correct globalist centers of power. Hungary is destined to become the base from which liberation of Europe will be launched – liberation from the anti-philosophy of liberalism with its putrescent baggage of political correctness, anti-European and anti-caucasian values, liberation from Islam in all its forms including the followers of that necrotic social disorder, and liberation into a restoration and preservation of the that created the greatest philosophical, artistic, culinary, musical and scientific achievements the world has ever known – and continues to envy and laud.


    Populism is the choice of the masses, the people, that’s why it’s called democracy !
    The population decides ! Not a couple of illegal kids who have no legal right to be here to begging with.

    Would I have the legal right to force Hungary, or whatever may be your home country, to do what I want, not what the country’s law may be ? Hm ???

    Ever thought of reason ?or common sense?

    • All wrong:
      Look up “populism”.
      Yes, Hungary can be compelled (rather than “forced”) to carry out its obligations under the various treaties it has signed. I know, this is not what the “gypsy horse trader” does, he just takes the money and reneges on the deal, it’s called fraud.

  7. Just read on Yahoo news,as picked up from “World Tribune”, “Judicial Watch”,”Canada Free Press”, that the Obama State Department spent millions of the taxpayers money to finance Open Society movements in Romania and Albania.

    • Firstly a WARNING : Don’t read such BS sites like JW, etc, because you can develop mushy brains, if don’t have it already,
      Secondly try to comprehend the mysteries of supporting the development of democratic institutions abroad, eg through USAID. Open Soc is doing the same with private money, got it?
      I know you fascists don’t like dem institutions, but most people do.

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