Hungary’s Pentecostal Faith Church overtly endorses Viktor Orbán

The Faith Church (Hit Gyülekezete), a Budapest-based Pentecostal mega-church, which is said to have a congregation of over 30,000, endorsed Prime Minister Viktor Orbán this past Sunday. Specifically, the congregation’s leader, Sándor Németh, warned his followers during the Sunday service that a vote for the opposition on 8 April is a vote for allowing into Hungary 10,000 Muslims a year. Taking his rhetoric up a notch, Mr. Németh suggested that a victory by the opposition parties and the subsequent arrival of scores of Muslims could lead to the demise of Christianity in Hungary.

Mr. Németh introduced party politics into his Sunday service while reading messages that had arrived to him–some of the senders  were upset by his community’s close friendship with the Orbán government. Many of our readers will know, that prior to 2010, the Hit Gyülekezete was widely seen as being associated with liberal politicians and parties in Hungary, particularly the now defunct Alliance of Free Democrats (SZDSZ). In the early nineties, Faith Church members actively campaigned for SZDSZ politicians, collecting nomination forms for the party ahead of elections. The weekly political magazine Hetek and ATV are both generally liberal media ventures affiliated with the Hit Gyülekezete.

It was the website that reported on the overt endorsement of Fidesz by Mr. Németh at this past Sunday’s service. One critic expressed his displeasure with the fact that a large number of Faith Church members marched with the most hardline Fidesz supporters during the so-called Peace March (Békemenet) on 15 March. “What are you doing amongst the lowest of the fellow travellers of the national thief-dictator? You will suffer defeat alongside them and you too will have to flee the country when this happens…” Mr. Németh responded by pointing out that one must not vote for a party that will force people to flee the country after the election–though he did not specify which party or mainstream politician was actually advocating for this. (No party has ever said such a thing.) Moreover, Mr. Németh made no mention of Viktor Orbán’s threat against the opposition on 15 March.

Mr. Németh told his congregation that he “perused” the other candidates for prime minister and ultimately found that Mr. Orbán was the only one qualified for the job. According to his assessment, Ferenc Gyurcsány was already given a chance, Gergely Karácsony is still “untested” and inexperienced, while Gábor Vona is like “Odysseus lost at sea…”

Sándor Németh

The Faith Church leader is also not especially concerned by reports of systemic corruption in Fidesz, suggesting instead that these problems are “fixable.” In contrast, he is much more concerned about the possibility that gay marriage and the acceptance of refugees might both become the law of the land–and if this were to happen, there is no going back. Mr. Németh told his followers that the opposition parties would surely “capitulate” to Brussels on the issue of refugees and migrants.

Repeating Prime Minister Orbán’s main campaign message, Mr. Németh noted that the fate of Hungary was at stake.

The Amerikai Népszava is edited by László Bartus, who knows perhaps more about Mr. Németh and his church than any other journalist. Mr. Bartus argues that Mr. Németh has managed to become close to every political party when they were in power. He also warned that Mr. Németh appears to be suggesting that Hungary may, in the future, become the next Great Britain and could leave the European Union. This, of course, is highly unlikely any time soon, as a large majority of Hungarians are supportive of continued EU membership, including supporters of both Fidesz and Jobbik.


  1. I feel strongly that is all B.S.and a scare tactic !

    Hungary has been an atheist country for quite a while now.
    That is a silly approach to oppose or support immigration to Hungary.
    The first should be to determine if Hungary needs immigrants?
    And second, if that would be needed, that can they afford to take care of them? That could be a hell of a long time before those immigrants pick up the language and can be self-supporting productive members of the society.
    I’d think the answer to both , are NO.

  2. Christopher, if you pay our Catholic Priest 10.000 Ft. he will consecrate what ever you want, also Horthy which he did. In Siofok they have Priest, they send Roma away by giving the poor people to eat. Thou Hit Gyülekezete looks very holy. Is thruth a Problem?

  3. Avatar StrandedinSopron says:

    I am not going to make a judgement on Mr Nemeth’s own personal faith, only God knows what is truly inside a man’s heart. And I do know from a very dear friend that he has helped numerous people in their time of torment.

    There are two points however that I think contradict the teaching of Christ in the New Testament. First (from that same friend), I know that in a sermon in 2015, he stated that Muslims are first terrorists and secondly human beings. Secondly, the pursuit of mammon (which I suspect is what is guiding his present pro-regime stance). His church is not just a church but a TV station, magazine publisher and generally v profitable business. My friend left his church after a lot of internal mental anguish and I can see exactly where that came from.

  4. Interesting performance on state TV (M1) by the Hungarian Two-Tailed Dogs Party:
    (kot kodács = ingyen sör, using binary system?)

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