Hungarians in Slovakia outraged by Orbán’s comments on alleged Soros plot

Slovakia is in political turmoil after the murder of investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée, Martina Kusnirova. Mr. Kuciak was investigating corruption within the government of Prime Minister Robert Fico and connections between those in power to the Calabrian Mafia. Remarkably, the seven suspects arrested in connection to the murder were all released without charges. Mr. Fico’s Hungarian coalition partner, the Most-Híd party, successfully pressured the Minister of Interior, Robert Kalinak, to resign, as mass anti-government protests continue to grip Slovakia. How does Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán see those protesting his Slovak ally? He insinuated that they were George Soros lackeys and that the worldwide Soros conspiracy was plotting to take down the Slovak government, because it opposed immigration.

Mr. Orbán’s total lack of compassion for the families and friends of the murdered couple and his attack against tens of thousands of Slovak citizens, some of Hungarian ethnicity, who are demanding answers has enraged many Hungarians in Slovakia. Kálmán Petőcz, a former diplomat for Slovakia of Hungarian ethnicity, however, wrote the most articulate rebuttal to the Hungarian prime minister’s callous remarks. His open letter appeared in Slovakia’s Hungarian-language Új Szó daily.

“What you said on Friday is not only a delinquent commentary, but also a deliberate attempt to drag a neighbouring country into Hungary’s election campaign…You have insulted every decent citizen of Slovakia,” wrote Mr. Petőcz in his letter to the Hungarian prime minister. He then added: “You know very well that George Soros or other ‘western imperialists’ have nothing to do with the fact that in Slovakia, people are enraged and are protesting.”

Mr. Petőcz then struck at the heart of the Orbán regime:

“Perhaps in Hungary it is possible to win another election with anti-Soros and anti-migrant rhetoric. But in Slovakia, at the moment, this is certainly not possible. Most people do not fall for this…”

Kálmán Petőcz

Mr. Petőcz argues in his letter that under the Fico government, the criminal underworld has infiltrated the state. The mafia is present in every Slovak institution and has become so emboldened that their people murdered, in cold blood, two innocent young Slovaks. “Do you have not a single reassuring word, with which you could express your sympathy to the relatives of the two murdered young Slovaks? Even in this difficult moment are you able to do nothing except rant about Soros and the migrants? This is unfortunate, because with this you have insulted 120,000 peaceful protesters. In order to see clearly, they don’t need Soros and they don’t need you. After all, they live in this country and experience on their own skin the arrogance of those in power,” wrote Me. Petőcz.

Meanwhile, the fate of Mr. Fico and his government is in the hands of the party that mostly represents the interests of Slovakia’s Hungarian minority, Most-Híd. Some in the party are calling for them to pull out of the coalition with Mr. Fico, which would result in fresh elections. Others in Most-Híd are demanding that Mr. Fico resign.

It appears entirely possible that Slovakia will soon face early elections.


  1. First of all, it is deeply tragic what happened to Jan Kuciak and his fiancée, Martina Kusnirova. My sincere condolences to their family and friends. May those who did this or orchestrated it, be captured and get what they deserve!

    But, let’s take a good objective look at Mr Petőcz. When you take a good look at his CV and adult life, Mr Petőcz was most of his working life a liberal Human right activist, lecturer specialized in Human rights and strong supporter of the “European project/integration” (EU)

    (External Lecturer at the Nitra University of the Course on Introduction to the Theory and Policies of Multiculturalism; Helsinki Committee for Human Rights; Vice-Chairman representing human rights NGOs and academia in the permanent governmental forum on human rights; National Board of the Human Rights Olympics).

    We know what “Human rights” mean in the liberal left mind.

    For more information read his CV on Linked In.

    So he is pretty biased concerning “right-wing/nationalist parties” who want to keep their countries (nation-states) free from third world immigrants/multiculturalism/multi-ethnicism and who are against deeper integration and eventually the creation of a liberal left European federal state.

  2. Avatar Pityi Palkó says:

    Géza on March 12, 2018 at 4:21 pm

    ‘We know what “Human rights” mean in the liberal left mind.’

    Liberals espouse a wide array of views depending on their understanding of these principles, but generally they support ideas and programs such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, free markets, civil rights, democratic societies, secular governments, and international cooperation.
    Liberalism is a political philosophy based on belief in progress, the essential goodness of the human race, and the autonomy of the individual and standing for the protection of political and civil liberties.
    Opposite to liberalism is fascism which simply means extreme collectivism where the individual is worthless and all that matters is the group consisting of weak character, cowardly and dishonest people – in most cases the whole nation. It is very much unlike a modern liberal democracy where the basic political unit is the educated, brave, fearless, thinking individual ! Mr. Petőcz is entirely biased on the side of such individuals !

    Géza ! I hope this explanation will help you out of your hysterical, frenzied ways of thinking.

    • How about native rights? You know, the right of native cultures to preserve themselves, collectively? Did it ever occur to you that in the pursuit of individual freedoms, if taken too far you become the fascist? Denying the rights of local, distinct ethno-cultural entities to reject demographic colonization for instance, is quite fascist, hateful, and bigoted in my view! Ethno-cultural rights are collective rights. The Dalai Lama advocates for those collective rights for his people. Is he a “fascist”? You and your movement are obsessively trying to trample on anything that resembles collective rights lately, which is leading to social polarization and the rise of the extremes. Perhaps humans are not meant to exist only as solitary individuals. Perhaps the moderate approach of balancing individual and collective rights would have been a better approach. Your ideological movement lost sight of that, which is why you are now the extremists!

      • The Nazis told the same shit as you. And for the Nazis the native was only white+Christian. Its Hungary today. They haven´t have the right for that, but the told they have.

        • Yes, me and the Dalai Lama. Both of us “Nazis” to the core!

          • That’s not what I said.

          • Yes it is! “The Nazis told the same shit as you. ” There was not much I said here that the Dalai Lama himself does not also say or seems to agree with. He is 100% for collective rights for his people. The right to preserve their ethno-cultural homogeneity in the region they inhabit, among other things. Now you understand why they all shave their heads in their monasteries? All “Nazis”, the whole lot of them!

          • Yes and the Dalai Lama tells everybody be aware from the Muslims they destroy our culture.

          • No! He feels that way about the Chinese colonists however.


          • Yes and the Dalai Lama tells all left-wing are enemies. Yes and the Dalai Lama tells the poorest have no right to sleep were they want. Yes and the Dalai Lama tells all migrants are terrorist. Yes and the Dalai Lama tells if you work for me than you have to be silent or you loos your job. Yes and the Dalai Lama tells see there the black of my whites are something like Hungarians but not real. If the Dalai Lama tells all that shitt than he is a Nazi, but he don´t tell that, that tell only Hungarians.

          • No, the Dalai Lama does not say most of those things. But for one thing, we were not talking about any of those things in this discussion. We were strictly talking about the right of distinct local communities to say no to mass-colonization.

            Second, Hungarians do not say many of those things either. For instance, Hungarians do not say that all Muslims are terrorists. But in the past three years, over 300 people in Europe were killed in terrorist attacks, and over 1,300 wounded, and not a single one of those casualties occurred in the former communist countries where there is currently no significant migrant background Muslim community. You have to be very cynical to deny that there is definite correlation. All we are saying is that there is one, and I don’t think there is anything wrong with stating this fact. As there is between increased sexual violence and an increase in this mostly misogynistic population size. There is an increase in homophobic attacks, because of an increase in this mostly homophobic population. There is an increase in anti-Semitic attacks, because this colonist population also happens to be very anti-Semite. All these trends are being observed in Western Europe, not in the East. I can tell you this much, If I were a gay Jew wanting to go for a stroll with my partner, holding hands and perhaps wearing some Jewish symbols, I would prefer to do so in Budapest rather than in Malmo, Sweden, or Amsterdam. I actually had a conversation with a man from Netherlands who said exactly this, given what is happening in his country.

            So who is the “Nazi”? Is it not you who advocates for these demographic changes, that not only negatively affects odds of preservation of some distinct local ethno-cultural identities, but also spreads such trends? Are you not the one who is filled with hate?

          • First, which Right are you talking about, which §.

            Second, all this come from Orbán himself.

          • You show me where Orban said that “all migrants are terrorists.”

          • You explain me which Right are you talking about.

          • So no quote showing Orban said “all migrants are terrorists”? OK then! You lied! Lied, smeared and in fact vilified not only Orban, but Hungarians. “that tell only Hungarians”

          • It was you that told, Muslims destroy culture because they are criminals, several times. You don´t remember that. And you are a Hungarian. And you didn´t answer one Question because you can´t. Thou the liar we have.

            And obviously you know nothing from that what Orbán said.

          • Wrong Don Kichote. It is not me who is saying it, it is the facts that are saying it. Netherlands attacks on gays up 400% since 2009.


            It is also the 1,200 women raped or molested in a single night on German streets, as well as countless other incidents that amount to a significant increase in sexual attacks all over Western Europe. It is the over 300 dead, and over 1,300 wounded in terrorist attacks in the past three years. It is Jewish communities all over Europe that are saying out loud that they no longer feel safe, yet they are ignored.


            It is the Roterham grooming scandal where 1,500 young girls were brutally victimized and society did nothing, because? Well, it is because of people like you, who will viciously attack anyone who would dare to say there is a problem, thus imposing a culture of silence in regards to certain crimes!


            The list of victims of your grand ideological experiment which I listed here are not only the victims of these colonists, but also your victims. In fact, I blame the likes of you for it, more than I blame the colonists. They cannot help the fact that they come from an incompatible culture, but it is the likes of you who have facilitated it. The victims are real, and they are the victims of your ideological experiment. And ultimately the Western World will be the victim of it, because as we know all things come to an end, and the end of the Western World as we know it, will happen because of this sick ideology of self-loathing which took root and then became dominant in Western society and is now seeking for ways to commit suicide.

            And BTW: Still no Orban quote right? Don’t have the quote, why are you so shameless to still comment?

          • Yes I know how a Nazi work, was it not a Jewish who burn down the Reichstag. It is simple and it works only for Simpel. I know what politic is and the differences to culture. So If Orbán say a illegal Migrant, which is in Reality an legal asylum-seeker, bring the Terrorism (like you), than he says clearly Migrants brings Terrorism. Do you know kossuth Radio 180 perz, Orbán pray it every Friday.

            What is that right that Hungary have to reject Humans, do you have a Text or a Paragraph. Which right do they have, does it come from a King or from Parliament.

  3. Avatar Chuck Kovacs says:

    There can be no debate as to Moslem ideology and reaching an understanding with the West. Not as long as one refuses to accept Mohamed’s sacred writings including all commas intact. Doing so, would be the same as stating that the Bible is not the word of God in Western Christian philosophy. Over the last 100 years, thankfully, western thought has expanded to think outside the box. Both headsets are dug in and set by cultural identities. Taking in refugees and blending them into the fabric of normalcy is a fools gamble without changing paradigms of those arriving. That means, giving up century’s old belief systems that it’s your duty to kill those who do not believe Mohammad’s writings. For proof I offer the failure of American political involvement from Iran to modern day. It cost billions, and gave their citizens a negative return on investment, mainly as a result of well-meaning but ignorant politicians. The blending of nations with economic cross pollination within Europe has been a miracle. The Brits may yet regret Brexit. Hungary is at a cross road to determine how to weather the sea of change culturally, economically and demographically. At such juncture, the vision isn’t always 20/20 at the time of activation. We tend to forget that the early bird gets the worm.. is a super story, – only from the bird’s perspective. If you’re the worm, the story will be quite different. Let’s hope that the voters in Hungary participate in their solemn duty to reflect on the options available and vote their visions.

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