Fidesz candidate in Budapest warns of looming Muslim takeover

Barna Pál Zsigmond, the Fidesz candidate in the Budapest suburb of Újpest, fears that a Muslim takeover of Hungarian cities is on the horizon and asserted that the only way to stop it is to vote for Hungary’s ruling far-right party on 8th April. Speaking in a brief campaign video filmed in front of a church, and accompanied by somber background music, Mr. Zsigmond explains:

“What is at stake in this election is whether we can remain who we were and who we still are, or if we Hungarians will allow foreign forces to change our cities and our lives. I do not want mosques to replace our churches in Újpest. I want to continue to buy pork at the Újpest market and I want to make sure that my youngest boy comes home safely from school. This is what I will represent in parliament. I ask for your support on 8th April.”

Barna Pál Zsigmond

Also this weekend, Zoltán Balog–Minister of Human Resources–issued a warning to Hungary’s large Roma minority. Speaking to Hungarian reporters affiliated with state television during a visit to Heidelberg, Germany, Mr. Balog warned that government funds earmarked to help integrate the Roma may have to be spent on immigrants instead, if migrants are allowed into to Central and Eastern Europe. Mr. Balog was in the German city to visit an exhibit on Roma freedom fighters of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution organized by Romani Rose, leader of the Central Council of German Sinti and Roma.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán also used the weekend to speak about what he believed were the existential risks associated with being more accepting of migrants and immigrants. “Hungary’s future faces a direct danger: they want to turn us into a country of immigrants. Brussels’ plans are becoming clearer. According to their most recent proposal, we would have to accept at least ten thousand migrants. The Soros Empire wants to turn all of Europe into a continent of immigrants and it attacks everyone that stands in its way. And this includes not only Hungary, but the Czech Republic and Slovakia too,” claimed Prime Minister Orbán. In fact, Hungary’s pro-Fidesz media has gone further, publishing insinuations that the Soros Empire was trying to topple the government of Robert Fico in Slovakia.

It seems as though the ruling party is not interested in communicating about much else during this campaign, other than stoking fears of migrants. This despite the fact that Hungarian voters are more concerned about the state of public health care and education.

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