Hungarian politician says that Muslim migrants pushed white Christians out from Vienna

Hungary holds general elections on April 8 and it seems that xenophobia is now part of the election campaign. János Lázár (no relation to the writer of this article) is the Chief of Staff for Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and one of the most powerful politicians in the country. Lázár recently visited Vienna, Austria, and published a Facebook video on the “migrant situation” there.

“Vienna has become a worse place because of the refugees,” he says in the video. He is walking in one of the “migrant neighborhoods” and declares that “It is evident that the streets are dirtier, the area is poorer and there’s lots more crime.” He goes on to say that Hungarian cities would also deteriorate should opposition parties win national elections in April and “let in the migrants.”

“The white Christian Austrians have moved out already from this part of the city, and the immigrants have taken control,” states the Hungarian politician.

Here is the entire video for your viewing pleasure with English subtitles.

Lázár’s video reminds me that fifty years ago Communist Soviet Union made similar propaganda videos about the decadent West. Here is one from 1966 about the Beatles. You may find similarities… I did.

György Lázár

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