Hungarian politician says that Muslim migrants pushed white Christians out from Vienna

Hungary holds general elections on April 8 and it seems that xenophobia is now part of the election campaign. János Lázár (no relation to the writer of this article) is the Chief of Staff for Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orbán and one of the most powerful politicians in the country. Lázár recently visited Vienna, Austria, and published a Facebook video on the “migrant situation” there.

“Vienna has become a worse place because of the refugees,” he says in the video. He is walking in one of the “migrant neighborhoods” and declares that “It is evident that the streets are dirtier, the area is poorer and there’s lots more crime.” He goes on to say that Hungarian cities would also deteriorate should opposition parties win national elections in April and “let in the migrants.”

“The white Christian Austrians have moved out already from this part of the city, and the immigrants have taken control,” states the Hungarian politician.

Here is the entire video for your viewing pleasure with English subtitles.

Lázár’s video reminds me that fifty years ago Communist Soviet Union made similar propaganda videos about the decadent West. Here is one from 1966 about the Beatles. You may find similarities… I did.

György Lázár


  1. Did the author compare photos of the sectors in the last twenty years? Is the statement true?

    “The video reminds me that fifty years ago Communist Soviet Union made similar propaganda videos about the decadent West. Here is one from 1966 about the Beatles. You may find similarities… I did.”

    Unless you personally verified the statement, your comment is premature.

  2. If people refuse to admit there is a problem, there can be no solution.

  3. Why is it that those who don’t visit or live in Vienna call it propaganda?

  4. Avatar Bonaventure says:

    Lazar is a cynical Fidesz hack. He knows that fear mongering resonates with his voters and he needs to distract people from the real social problems in Hungary, including the collapse of public health care and a crisis in public education. If these two themes dominate the campaign, then Fidesz is in serious trouble.

    Hungarians care more about the fact that if they end up in a Hungarian hospital they will likely contract a nasty infection and that the orderly brings their dinner in the palm of his hand, rather than on a plate, or that patients have to bring utensils and toilet paper from home, than about some video about a district in Vienna.

  5. Is it “xenophobia” to tell the truth?

    The statement that white communities in Europe as well as North America are being driven out from some neighborhoods or even towns by non-European migrant inflows is a demonstrable fact! The fact that such neighborhoods in Europe are becoming slums, with dirtier streets, more crime and so on is also a demonstrable fact. In Germany, a recent study showed that most of the increase in certain crimes, such as violent assaults & rapes can be attributed to the migrant inflow. And no, it is not necessary for an increase in such crimes to lead to an outflow of European communities. In Richmond Canada for instance, where Chinese recently became the majority population, it is simply a matter of getting to feel like you do not belong. People will stick to their community, speak their own language, form a parallel society, to the exclusion of everyone else, so people simply move away, rather than feel excluded.

    Personally, I think it is time for Canadians and others in the Western World to ask themselves where their own children & grandchildren will belong when most towns & neighborhoods will become home to this or that ethnic, racial or religious community, which will form a majority, leaving everyone else living there to feel isolated and most likely discriminated. From my understanding, in Canada Caucasians are set to become a minority within 15-20 years. I just hope that Hungarians will not have to worry about their own children & grandchildren asking this question some decades from now in their own country. But clearly, there is a strong push to try to drag Hungary into this ethno-cultural suicide nightmare as well. Typical suicide cult mentality shown by the ones belonging to the ideology that managed to take over much of the Western World. Can’t have anyone not swallow the pill. What if it will inspire others not to either?

  6. 21000 Hungarian live in Vienna, a lot of them in Favoriten, it is a Part of Vienna. I have seen very dirty places in Budapest. And, Hungary is an migrant Country. This is true, but it is not the problem. The problem is, to be stupid.

  7. Avatar Reality Check says: went into the the neighborhood and found the “scary” guy in the turban. Speaks perfect German. Other facts, the neighborhood is mostly immigrants from an earlier era. Only 10 percent Muslim. No schools that are only immigrants. District is the one favored by Hungarian immigrants. Not really dirty. The video is a disgusting piece of bigoted nonsense meant to distract from Fidesz’s failures in healthcare, education, and corruption.

    Lazar should be ashamed of himself for creating and posting this bigoted piece of propaganda.

    Some more analyses here:

    A s far as immigrants, I have no fear for my children and grandchildren. They have been taught to get along and not fear others. They have met the other and made friends with them.

    • “A s far as immigrants, I have no fear for my children and grandchildren. They have been taught to get along and not fear others. They have met the other and made friends with them.”

      Then how come the white people moved out of Richmond in Canada, as I pointed out? The average white Canadian must really “fear” interacting with migrants, which would explain their collective decision in past few decades to massively import non-European communities. Or perhaps they increasingly feel excluded in such increasingly homogeneous, ethnic enclaves, just as I pointed out? It is not about “fear”, “hate” or all other straw men the left tends to build. It is simply about this never ever turning out well for the incumbent population historically speaking, even if the migrants are nice and civilized. Obviously, much worse in case that migrant communities tend to be hostile.

      How will your children get along in such an environment, when they will be linguistically excluded, and most likely increasingly discriminated against by tight communities? I met some Canadians from the Vancouver area who told me their children were subjected to Chinese teachers increasingly communicating in Chinese in class, with increasingly mostly Chinese students. Same tends to happen in workforce, with entire companies or departments within companies dominated by this or that ethnic group. So how would your children “get along”? How will they get hired in a job they desire, if the boss or management tend to mostly hire their own ethnic or religious kin? That is the future you should fear for your children & grandchildren. Not that I believe you are capable of moving past your ideological indoctrination and register this reality which is increasingly obvious, yet you cannot accept, because you were indoctrinated into believing that doing so would make you a “racist”.

      • Ah, I see. You tell us we have to be racist because of the danger not to be racist. Peter, that sounds not very intelligent.

        • Ah, I see! You tell us that the native Americans who rejected European colonists must have been “racists”. After all, they went as far as killing them to keep them away.

          • But they don´t rejected European colonists, Peter. The Colonist came and flooded the Land. Like the Hungarians before. But the Hungarians was no Hungarians.

            Yes I would say the Europeans was racist and the natives too. But imagine if they weren´t racist. Than the America had had Millions more natives today. That is what I think, and I didn´t wrote that and that what you told.

      • Avatar Reality Check says:

        Insane in the membrane.

  8. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    @ Peter

    “Is it “xenophobia” to tell the truth?”

    Don’t be a silly troll Peter. Xenophobia is not about telling the truth, but about spreading fear and hatred against other people and races. That’s what the disgusting and corrupt János Lázár did. It’s this kind of scare mongering, and hate-speech, fomented by Viktor Orbán’s heroes during the decades between the two world wars, that raised the level of hatred against the Jews in Hungary, resulting in the deportation and massacre of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children, whose only “crime” was their Jewishness.

    You are not only a sick but a disgusting troll Peter, Your mother should be ashamed of you.

    • So, by your definition all the native Americans who resisted European colonists who wanted to settle among them were “xenophobic”?

  9. Avatar Andras B. Gollner says:

    @ Peter

    No, I don’t mean that you silly troll !!! What I mean is, that based on your words, and according to the greater Oxford English Dictionary, YOU are xenophobic, along with your friend and hero, János Lázár, and his boss, Viktor Orbán. Follow the gist of my drift my tiny little protozoan? Here is some French for you to chew on: Comparaison, pas raison. Are you afraid of French too ? How about pigeon English ? Is this all Greek to you ?

    • OK! Fair enough! But 1+1=2, and Crazyhorse & his followers rejected the settlement of non-natives on his ancestral land, gun in hand. Then he is xenophobic as well, right? And how about the Dalai Lama, is he not a “xenophobe”? He believes in the right of distinct local cultures having a right to reject colonization. The entire Japanese nation thinks this way. Japan with a population 12 x that of Hungary’s has taken in fewer migrants than Hungary did in the past few years. Because 1+1=2, you and your ideological kin should be going around calling all cultures and people around the world who reject ethno-cultural suicide, or genocide through mass-colonization “xenophobes”. Yet, it seems that you only reserve such condemnation for those of European descent. Are you a racist perhaps?

  10. Why are there so many Nazis in Europe again? Can we change that white supremacist attitude before we wind up in another World War? I would hate to see Europe destroyed by its own attempts to stay the way it always was. Opening your hearts and learning to blend society is what made America great in the early 20th century.

    • “Opening your hearts and learning to blend society is what made America great in the early 20th century.”

      Yes, a wonderful multikulti it is! But you forget that it was built on the land of distinct native cultures. Sort of like the bacon & egg breakfast story (the chicken (colonists) was involved, but the pig (natives) was committed. Well, in Europe the whites are the natives now. If you do not understand why we reject this twisted agenda stemming from your twisted ideology, I think you have some problems with your moral compass.

  11. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @ Andras B. Gollner
    You never give up your old habit of labelling others who do not share your views, do you?
    If anybody on this site is a troll that is YOU in a very ugly impolite way.
    As a learnt scholar you should know (and I am sure you do know) that fascism was a LEFTist movement and it is still the same: silence opposition, government over people, elitist to rule the masses, and LABEL everybody to destroy their reputation and shove their opinion aside as racists, homophobe, etc., In reality you and your kind are fascist to the level that would make Mussolini looks like a free speech advocate.

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