Can Marla Maples get Orbán invited to the White House?

To be a Hungarian diplomat in the United States is not an easy task. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, who is called by his subordinates “The Boss” referring to his Sicilian methods, told them in no uncertain terms to do everything to get him an official invitation to the White House.

Hungary’s “Viktator” is upset because he was ignored by the Obama administration. After a brief courtesy phone call with President-elect Trump, Mr. Orbán announced that he had gotten an invitation to Washington. “I told him that I have not been there for a long time as I was regarded as a ‘black sheep’,” Orbán was quoted as saying. Trump laughed and said so was he.

Orbán’s bluff did not work, apparently Trump has no plans to see him. Then Orbán dispatched ex-Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi to find US politicians to support his visit. She did not succeed either.

Now it is the turn of 61-year-old UN Ambassador, Ms. Katalin Bogyay. She practices “cultural diplomacy,” which is basically influence peddling while listening to classical music. Bogyay targets and befriends people around Trump, like one of his ex-wives, Marla Maples. Marla has no Hungarian ancestry yet she attends Hungarian National Day and other UN events. She tweeted: “Last evening at the UN with the lovely Katalin Bogyay Ambassador of Hungary to the United Nations discussing the importance of having interfaith dialogue while being entertained by the sweet smiling musical artists for the Hungarian National Day celebration.” Cute!

Marla Maples with Katalin Bogyai

Marla Maples and Katalin Bogyai take a selfie.

The two became “friends” and Bogyay makes sure that she regularly posts photos with her new influential (?) connection. Tiffany, Marla’s daughter with Trump, even visited Budapest last year.

Will Bogyay’s friendship and “cultural diplomacy” yield an Orbán invitation to the White House? I don’t think so, but you never know. One thing is for sure, Bogyay’s maneuver shows that Hungarian diplomacy is desperate and willing to try anything to please “The Boss.”

Don’t you just love politics?

György Lázár


  1. Marla Maples ???

    Mr. Lazar, are you losing it ?

  2. Avatar Bonaventure says:

    This is quite speculative…I also don’t think Maples carries any weight at the White House, unless you have evidence to suggest otherwise.

  3. Oh come on, get real folks, get real !
    Marla is one of Donald’s ex. That’s all.

    And just why the hell Orban would want to be visiting the White House ? He is a NO player !

  4. If one wants to find out what it would take to get invited to the White House, just look at Romania, where the bill now stands at $8 billion in military hardware purchase commitments, after their President went to visit. This, while much of the country is suffering a severe infrastructure deficit, with twice Hungary’s territory & population, but less than half the freeway length. Orban should stay home on this one!

  5. Maples got 1 million only – she was a little useless tart – but President Trump did what a decent man would under those circumstances – looks like her daughter wants more public views – as useless as Bogyai is and will be – overpaid clerks..
    Ink pushers…,

  6. Bah!
    What has MM to do with Hun? The invitations, the photo ops, the gypsy music, the posts … the embassy is trying hard, no speculation here. But it’s extremely speculative to count on this connection. It will be another diplomatic flop one of the many by the Metternich von Felcsut.

  7. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @ György Lázár
    Well, well, from transportation expert to political guru!
    That’s a huge leap. Congratulation Gyurika!
    Now if you already ventured onto this field perhaps it is time to learn what the duties of an ambassador’s are. One of them is “cultural diplomacy”. Surprised Gyurika?
    Stay with your expertise of crying over the cost of transportation in Budapest. That is your real field and of course Orbán bashing.

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