Rep. Steve King endorses Orbán’s struggle against “mixing cultures”

In a series of tweets Republican Congressman Steve King declared his desire to import Prime Minister Orbán’s ideas to the United States. “Diversity is not our strength,” King tweeted. “Assimilation has become a dirty word to the multiculturalist Left. Assimilation, not diversity, is our American strength.” Mr. King linked an article published by the Voice of Europe that quoted Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán saying that all cultures should not be mixed because it’s “against common sense.”

Mr. King’s tweet endorses Mr. Orbán’s struggle against “mixing cultures”

The 68-year-old Iowa Republican is vocal about limiting US immigration and openly supports far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders, a friend of Mr. Orbán. Mr. King has also supported Mr. Orbán’s anti-Soros campaign and called George Soros a “Marxist billionaire.”

You may ask so why does a Congressman from Iowa follow Hungary’s Prime Minister?

The answer to the puzzle is ex-Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi. Ms. Szemerkényi befriended Mr. King and recruited him to the Hungarian-American Caucus. Although King has no Hungarian ancestry and few Hungarian-American constituents, he is still willing to support the Congressional Caucus. Mr. King is also a regular visitor at the Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC and met with Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó in the past.

Mr. King spoke at the Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC

Christopher Mathias of the Huffington Post compares King to White Nationalists and states that King’s views seem to be close to the KKK’s. (Read here.) King has received support from one-time KKK Grand Wizard, David Duke, who served 15 months in US federal prison for tax and mail fraud. In 2006 Duke toured Hungary promoting his book entitled Jewish Supremacism. (Read more about Mr. Duke’s Hungarian tour here.) In March Mr. Duke enthusiastically expressed his admiration for Mr. King and tweeted in all capital letters: “GOD BLESS STEVE KING!”

Ms. Szemerkényi, Mr. King (in the middle) and Mr. Szijjártó at the opening of the new Hungarian Embassy in Washington DC.

With supporters like Mr. King, Prime Minister Orbán will have a hard time positioning himself as a credible politician in the US. He is perceived more and more as a far-right populist who is drifting further away from mainstream conservative philosophies.

György Lázár


  1. Mr. King has the right to his opinions. Mr. King may be tired of the fact, that unlike in the past, immigrants to the US were e.g. American with Italian back grounds,unlike now when migrants ……..nationals living in the US. This reflects the true loyalty of the incoming migrants. This explains the number of people who went to Syria and fought for ISIS.

    The generation of immigrants of the first half of the 20th century is gone. That generation, allowed for the victories in World Wars, when not only the members of the armed forces but also the home front was a union of proud Americans.

    I have been doing surveys, asking about the advantages of multiculturalism, the answer is usually the variety of foods, not very impressive.

    The other most important point is Hungary has a democratically elected government. Only the Hungarian people have the right to change the status quo. Until such time, when the electorate initiates a change, Hungary’s sovereignty must be respected.

  2. Forcing anything on anybody by anyone against their own free will, is a brutal dictatorship, no matter what one may label it !!!

    That is a true fact. You would not like it yourself. Would you?
    That’s why you’re going to delete it. Hm?

  3. One thing that seems to escape society’s attention is how intolerant the current liberal-globalist left is towards anyone having a different point of view, always jumping to vilify like people have not been vilified, since we labeled people witches. Ironically& cynically, this is done in the name of “tolerance”. Yes, some people do not share in your grand vision of turning the world’s population into a multikulti gulyas, which you want to boil until it all turns into a sludge, with no recognizable individual ingredients left. Some people, groups & countries reject this rabid obsession with homogenizing the planet’s population, in favor of a vision of a planet inhabited by thousands of different cultures, with a different history, traditions, language, religion, and a diverse physiognomy. Some of us happen to think that it is worth preserving our own identity. The extreme left fanatics, which unfortunately were allowed to take over most of the elite positions of control in the Western world, including in politics, academia, media and so on, think that this is “nazi”, “fascist”, “hateful”, while they view their own ideology of wiping out countless distinct human cultures in the name of some globalist ideological utopia, as some sort of enlightenment. Talk about being misguided! BTW, given that this ideological sickness has only penetrated and succeeded in installing this ideological dictatorship in the Western World, your zealous pursuit of destroying the cultures that make up the Western World will ironically also lead to the demise of your ideology.

    Also mr. Lazar, if you truly believed in democracy, you would be glad that there are people around with a different opinion or ideological inclination from yours, on any subject. Do you really think that one can have real democracy and a well-functioning society for the long term by imposing ideological totalitarianism, leading to conversations being a one-way street? I personally do not, because I think that is no different from what we had behind the iron curtain, even though the methods of silencing people were somewhat different. Or do you really believe that any ideology on this planet has a monopoly on good ideas for the time, situation & place?

  4. I’m affraid Rep.King has no idea what is Hungary today, how do the subservient reps rubber stamp nundreds of bills, doesn’t know about the elimination of all checks and balances, the monumental and institutionalized corruption of the regime, etc, etc.
    And he surely doesn’t know that there isn’t a single migrant in Hungary to delete the non existent “culture” of the regime.

  5. Ms.Burka;
    Hungary may wish to have soverengty ,but how and why?
    They gave that up when willingly joined an economic block in the hope to far better materially, than before.
    They are now subject to the majority rule of those economically superior members.
    They could have some benefit out of it, but seems that have never realized what they got into.
    They could have the option. like Britain to back out, but do not have the guts, nor the possibility that they might do better on their own.
    That’s a real , being between the rock and a hard place.
    But they have no one but their greed to blame.

  6. Everyone has the right to express their opinion in a democracy – Mr. Lázár, or this portal is cognizant and respectful of that right. The critics of Lazar’s post are banging on open doors. What they should address, instead, is the American congressman’s support of a regime, that is the object of global condemnation for rule of law violations, civil rights abuses, abuse of EU subsidies and rampant corruption. Please look at the EU Parliament’s vote of condemnation in May 17, 2017, and the most recent hearings of its LIBE Committee. Freedom House, The American Enterprise Institute are not Left wing, or Liberal organizations. They have all condemned the Orbán regime’s rule of law violations and civil rights abuses. As for Ms Szemerkényi, the former Hungarian Ambassador, who is an avid King fan – she played an instrumental role on bringing Carter Page, and J.D. Gordon to Hungary, she was a key transmission belt between the Trump campaign’s Foreign Policy and National security Group and Putin’s Hungarian surrogates. That story is still to be told and will no doubt receive some attention by the Special Prosecutor, Mr. Mueller, as it should.

    The fact is, that Mr. Orbán is Vladimir Putin’s Trojan Horse within the North Atlantic community. He is a surrogate for the Russian dictator, who tried to subvert not only the American electoral process, but that of many of the European states’. It is thanks to Putin, that hundreds of thousands of Syrians had to flee their homeland, and thereby overwhelm the already hopelessly strained refugee settlement system. The embrace of Mr. Orbán by an American Congressman is like inviting a thief into your home, and telling him to take whatever he wants. Mr. Lázár should be applauded for shedding some light on this self-destructive behavior.

    • Wow! Mr. Gollner, are you trying to out-do yourself in fitting in a new record volume of lies & distortions in a single message? I will point out just a few:

      Thanks to Putin, Syria refugees: By the time Russia intervened in Syria in 2015, the migrant crisis was well on its way, with about 10 million Syrians displaced, either across borders or internally. And that is thanks not to Putin, but to the Obama-Clinton regime change policies, in this case teaming up with Saudis, Qatar & Turkey. Since Russia’s intervention, people have actually been returning to their homes recently and Germany is starting to ask whether they can start deporting at least those Syrians who committed crimes back to their homeland.

      And Hungary the object of global condemnation? Seriously! Some western globalist fanatics throwing a tantrum hardly amounts to “global condemnation”. It may seem like at at times, given that the Western world is largely in the grips of this globalist ideological cult, with governments, academia, MSM mostly adhering to it, whether to a moderate or extreme degree, but no, there is no global condemnation of Hungary.

      Aside from that Mr. Lazar’s article does not deal with any of the off-topic issues you brought up, but rather the issue of culture-mixing, multikulti and his belief that distinct native European cultures should embrace their replacement with a homogeneous global stew, within which they will make up an ever-shrinking proportion. I certainly respect his right to voice this opinion, as I am sure you, Mr. Lazar as well as HFP can bare to respect my right to voice my opposition & counter-arguments. Unfortunately, for a while there it seemed HFP was not willing to respect this democratic right of mine!

  7. @ Peter Troll

    Huffing and puffing won’t cut mustard. Facts speak louder than trolls.

    Russia’s military support of Assad produced the massive bleeding, and the destruction of Syria. Hungary is run by a surrogate of Putin, and by a corrupt oligarchy, that is being propped up by billions of EU subsidies. Your grandstanding here on a regular basis may earn you some “brownie” points on the troll-farm, but won’t get you out of the looney-bin.

    • 1) The fact that you seem to believe that someone would actually get paid to have a conversation with you on a relatively obscure site speaks about some very deep delusions you harbor.

      2) If I were indeed working on some troll farm, I’d consider that to be more honest work than you did as a professor. Whatever they may do on those supposed troll farms, cannot possibly lead to countless young people having their lives ruined by the false promise of a better future through a mostly useless university degree. From everyone I talked to, that degree only comes in handy 9/10 times, if one also has the right connections to get their foot through the door, which most kids who have to take out a student loan to pay for it do not have. Your salary and then pension comes courtesy of countless young people taking out tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans that then they have to pay back by working at Tim Horton’s. So, no there is nothing that someone on a troll farm would or could do that would be more harmful than that, therefore your assumption of this being an insult comparatively speaking is greatly misplaced.

  8. @ Peter Troll

    I know ostriches like you like to stick your heads in the sand, but perhaps you will be a bit enlightened if you extricate your head from the sand, and familiarize yourself with the EU Commission’s own declaration on Hungary.

    EU Commission takes Orbáns Hungary to Court Dec 2017

    Since I’m in a generous mood, here are a couple of other fact based studies that were produced by right of center organizations that you cannot dismiss as having a Left Wing bias. The American Enterprise Institute, and Freedom House: Here is how they desccibe your “paradise”

    Consider yourself lucky that you’re not in one of my classes. Your ignorant rants would get you nothing but a failing grade in any institution of higher learning troll. My private tutorial with you is over as of now. 🙂

    • You cited Freedomhouse. The same one that ranks Germany’s media as free. The same Germany where it took 5 days for its national media to start reporting on the rape & molestation of 1,200 women in a single night on the streets of Germany. The same Germany where media employees admitted that they felt they had to tow the government’s pro-migrant line. The same Germany where they now bully social media into erasing anti-migrant material with huge fines. Yes, you are right, a lot of credibility there.

      You are also citing western left/right mainstream divides? Seriously? As a Canadian can you say with a straight face that Canada’s main right-leaning party is any less pro-migrant, pro-multikulti than the Liberals? Did the number of migrants arriving into Canada not increase while they were in power? The left/right mainstream in the West, including most institutions are mostly multikulti-globalist in ideological orientation, with a broad core of shared interests and ideological beliefs. So please, try not to serve me up such a smelly red herring. Freedomhouse may not be a Marxist-Leninist organization, but it still serves some broader core mainstream Western elite agendas.

    • And yes Mr. Gollner, I have no doubt that a difference of opinion in one of your classes in that distinguished institution of higher brainwashing would result in a failing grade for any of your students. I am sure that you would never tolerate an ideological challenge.

      I also want to leave you with a quote from one of the victims of this swindle, most likely not yours, because this guy actually learned something that does have some practical applications.

      “Being unemployed while having a degree is kind of a kick in the face,” McCrave said. “If anything, it’s a setback. You have all this debt and this degree, and everyone has one, but it doesn’t get you further in life sometimes.”

      Paying tens of thousands of dollars to be thoroughly brainwashed? Now that is some racket! At least some other departments actually teach some stuff that has some practical applications, but you?

  9. @ Peter Troll

    “Your salary and then pension comes courtesy of countless young people taking out tens of thousands of dollars worth of student loans”

    My, my, aren’t we getting personal now, down at the farm. I repaid my student loans, boy wonder, but you still have to account for your ignorance. From what I can tell by your performance here, that debt will remain with you forever. You happy chattin’ with me ? Would you like me to send you a chicken nugget from Colonel Sanders ? Bit of Paprika on the side ?

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