Armenian community protests Lajos Kósa’s visit in Los Angeles

Lajos Kósa, the Orbán government’s Minister in charge of the Modern Cities Program, gave a speech on the evening of October 22 at the United Hungarian House in Los Angeles and the local Armenian community was called to demonstrate in front of the building. The protesters labelled the Orbán government as “morally bankrupt,” adding that it “brings shame to all of Europe and the civilized world.”

Armenian community protest in California, in front of the United Hungarian House (Los Angeles, CA)

The Armenian community is upset because documents indicate that Hungary’s government, as part of a dirty deal, “sold” Azeri axe murderer for $7 million. Ramil Safarov, an Azeri military officer was convicted of killing an Armenian army lieutenant in Hungary with an axe. He was then transferred to Baku where he was welcomed as a hero. Safarov was not only pardoned, but promoted to the rank of major in Azerbaijan’s military immediately after his “transfer.” The government of Viktor Orbán claimed in 2012 that it had been misled and expressed “disappointment.” (More about the Azeri murderer here.)

Minister Kósa was invited by the Hungarian House of Los Angeles where Mr. Miklós Pereházy is the president. (Read more about Kósa’s invitation here.)

Mr. Pereházy, Mr. Kósa and Consul General Széles Tamás at MacArthur Park, Los Angeles.

György Lázár

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