Maybe next time Orbán will send a few refugees to Őcsény to see what happens

They rape, they infect, they break laws, they take away our jobs and they occupy. No, this time we are not quoting the government’s propaganda. Instead, we are quoting directly the residents of Őcsény; those residents who were unified in their rage by the fact that a local guesthouse owner planned to house, for a couple of days, refugees–women and children. Yes, the brutal words of the residents of Őcsény closely resemble those of the government. Yet even the very suggestion that the government’s incitement is what fired up the people angers János Lázár, Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office. Mr. Lázár hypocritically deflects blame and he expresses concern about what happened to Christian love in Őcsény. All the while, his superior–Viktor Orbán–continues to ignite passions with the same momentum. He believes that the fury of the people of Őcsény is very understandable, because Hungarians have been lied to so many times on the issue of refugees that they no longer believe that it is actually only children who are arriving.

Residents of Őcsény attending a celebration in traditional attire. Photo:

Let’s not have any illusions. Mr. Orbán and his partners are not improvising. They are testing the effectiveness of their communication. They are smacking their lips, because everything is going according to plan. Anything and everything is possible, with the right amount of lies and public money. Let’s just see the end result. In a small village in Tolna county, even non-existent refugees spark such passion, that people screamed from the top of their lungs at a townhall meeting and they spoke about refugee men attacking the village’s women as if this was a fact. The mayor resigned and they slashed the tires of the guesthouse owner’s car. What would have happened if refugees really had arrived? All the while, Mr. Orbán inflames tensions further, he distorts reality, whilst expressing concern about the fact that the residents of Őcsény are being lied to–the very residents who have been incited by his own government’s lies. Who knows, maybe as a next step–just as a trial–they will send a few refugees to Őcsény…

The only question that remains is this: If someone uses a knife again, but this time it lands in something other than the tires of a car, will the prime minister still approve?

András Boda 

(Translated from Hungarian by Christopher Adam. The Hungarian version appeared in Népszava.)


  1. Just the kind of community you want to raise your kids in – inclusive, socially aware, open to the world, tolerant of diversity. (sic) This is what Mr. Orbán’s “harmony-ideology” produces. Hungary under Orbán is doing all the right things to achieve global contempt for its behavior as a self absorbed, inward looking little island that specializes in building fences to keep out the world, and in fomenting disrespect for the dignity of our fellow human beings.

  2. There is a certain sociopath quality to the behaviour of the current Hungarian government and to the prime minister in particular. There is no ethical or moral line in the sand that this government will not cross. So yes, it is conceivable that they would throw a few refugees into this pack of Hungarian wolves for propaganda purposes and political gain.

  3. Painfully similar to the behavior and attitude of Orban’s buddy in the White House. They are equally disgraceful.

  4. Avatar No commie for sure says:

    Just today openness was rewarded in Marsaille and Edmonton. Bravo Orban.

  5. Canada had two terrorist attacks in Edmonton on Saturday. France had 1 terrorist attack. People do not trust illegal migrants. If a country can prevent even one terrorist attack, keeping Hungary for Hungarians is worth is. It is good manners for visitors to ask before they visit. That did not happened. NGOs are just not trustworthy.

  6. Women have been known to commit terrorists attacks also.

  7. Putting these issues aside, we should keep in mind that we are talking about the settlement of foreign colonists among populations that make up dozens of distinct native cultures in Europe. We should keep in mind in this regard what happened to the countless distinct native cultures of North America when Europe’s bulging population overflowed, with those facing persecution, starvation, or just looking for opportunities deciding to show up. Back then, they referred to the colonization of the native lands as “progress”. You guys, when advocating for the settlement of migrants from ME-Africa in Europe, where there is already a demographically shrinking native population, setting the stage for population replacement and the eventual mass-extinction of dozens of distinct native cultures, are “progressives”. I guess not much has changed after all!

    And please stop with all this “refugee” propaganda. Not a single migrant that arrived in Europe is a “refugee”, because they all passed through at least one other safe country before reaching Europe. Not to mention the fact that they all paid people smugglers amounts of money that the average American cannot come up with on short notice. So how desperate can they possibly be? The real refugees are the ones stuck in Turkey, Lebanon or other places in the region, with no money to pay for the human smugglers. Talk about dishonesty! Not to mention the perverse nature of it all. For every migrant housed and cared for in Europe, as reward for them being young, healthy, males with money they spent on illegal human trafficking services, the Europeans could care for ten migrants in the region with the same resources that need to be allocated for one of these fake refugees. All of you who advocate for this, clearly do not have actual humanitarian goals in mind. Another, more sinister ideological goal is what drives you.

    • Peter

      Talk about dishonesty, I give it to you – you are the European, if not the world, champions there, no contest.

      But I would like to see one single post or comment by a fidesznik without a lie, misrepresentation (csusztatàs) or plain dumb nonsense. Just for the hack of it, please.

      • Please dear Observer, be my guest and point out what specifically you find dishonest in regards to what I wrote. Please, be specific!

      • I usually don’t debate flat earthers, simplistic propagandists or cretins, but I will oblige you here.
        – Comparing the European colonization of North America to the migration to Europe is NONSENSE, as none of the conditions are anywhere near.
        – According to the conventions signed by Hungary, the EU and UN determine which countries are “safe”, not Orban, not you, hence YOUR CLAIM is VOID.
        Re the refugees “all paid people smugglers amounts of money”. Firstly, the amounts of 1-3k per person are way below what the average US citizen can put together in crisis, see US medical costs cases, and you should know it – a LIE.
        Second, it doesn’t follow that if one has some money he may not become a refugee, e.g. the wealthy Jews fleeing the Nazis and you know this – a LIE.
        Where did you get comparative figures like costs of one “fake” (a LIE) refugee in Europe equals the care of 10 at location? Not to mention the differences re location and conditions. MISREPRESENTATION at best.
        The statement that “Another, more sinister ideological goal is what drives you” is another slanderous NONSENSE or a LIE if you refer to a particular person or organization, e.g. Soros advocates strengthening of the borders, better control of the flow, a limit of 300k per year, etc. (In my case I have been opposing mass migration for 30 years, but you wouldn’t know this).

        • Lots of bull there Observer. Let me point out just one: The average American cannot in fact come up with $1-3 k in cash on short notice.

          OK, I will point out another, which is more circumstantial, so I predict you will make the most of it, but there are in fact many key similarities between European colonization of North America and the current situation in Europe. For one thing, the European population was demographically expanding at a rapid pace during the period. Same as the ME-Africa region today is facing a doubling rate about every 35 years given current birth rates. That is from about 1.5 billion to about 3 billion by about 2050. Europe’s native population is shrinking, just like the Native American population was at the time. The Native Americans were being decimated by an actual disease, while Europe’s population is being decimated by a cultural disease, but the end result can only be the same. So there you have it! The two most important demographic ingredients that make it the same are in place!

  8. A picture is worth many words – note the crispy folk garb and polished boots in the front row. The brutal behavior of the village people is clearly an organized action, a part of the malicious hate mongering of the regime. I challenge anyone to show a similar pic from any ordinary meeting on any issue anywhere in Hun.

    And the little fascists should ask themselves, what if their Brit, German, Austrian counterparts would start slashing the tyres and threatening the lives of those hundreds of thousands of Hun economic migrants, speaking this atrocious language, actually taking their jobs and using their welfare, not to speak of sending vast amounts of money/profits out of these countries.
    Well, when Orban takes Hu out of the EU we’ll see how does this pan out.

  9. Avatar Curious George says:

    Love what “Observer” observed about the crisp starched clean skirts ( not much good, clean, decent) under them, and love what Peter wrote too- these army and work AWOL islamists are not refugees – they want to change the face of Europe the way it is to their ways – sword by sword –

  10. And talking about killing cultures, here’s how the Hungarian one is emaciated and strangled by the Orban gang of thieves:

    “Every year the World Economic Forum compiles a global ranking of the quality of public education. Ten years ago, Hungary ranked 37th of 138 countries, but last year it slipped to 96th position. Higher education has followed a similar path, sliding from 65th position in the ranking in 2006 to 114th in 2016.

    According to Népszava, other statistics are not favorable either. The aim of the EU is for 40% of those aged 30-34 to have a higher education or equivalent qualification by 2020. This rate in Hungary was 34.3% in 2015, and 32.8% in 2016, while the EU average is currently 39%. The number of dropouts is also increasing, while it is falling in the EU.”

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