Charlottesville — A Hungarian government politician blames the liberals

Szilárd Németh, a prominent parliamentarian affiliated with Hungary’s ruling Fidesz party, knows who is to blame for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia during a rally by neo-Nazis and members of the Ku Klux Klan. In keeping with the politics of the Hungarian regime, Mr. Németh points the finger at “liberal fascists,” who bear full responsibility for the fatal events in this Virginia college town.

He wrote on Facebook:

“Liberal fascism leads to this. It is to the detriment of the quiet, peaceful and normal majority when the possessed people of the far left, the ultra-liberal and the far right cooperate or at times battle with each other.”

Mr. Németh then went on to commend President Donald Trump’s initial statements, in which he relativized the overt racial hatred of the of neo-Nazis, who no longer even bothered to hide their identity out of any sense of shame. They spewed racial hatred on the streets of this town and confidently identified with this, not worrying about professional or personal repercussions. “Once again, the president’s understanding of the situation is remarkably precise and one can only agree with his position,” gushed Mr. Németh.

Szilárd Németh

Of course, after two days, Mr. Trump was pressured into unequivocally condemning the neo-Nazis. Most in the Republican party would not have found it so difficult to condemn neo-Nazism as the American president and his Hungarian supporters seem to have. In Hungary, condemning Nazism and racism will often turn you into an anti-Hungarian traitor, but not in the U.S., where there are still a handful of elderly veterans who fought in Europe during World War II. For instance, Republican Orrin Hatch from Utah had this to say:

“We should call evil by its name. My brother didn’t give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home…”

He then added about the mainly young men who marched in Charlottesville with tiki torches that are more commonly and more innocuously used in the backyards of American households during summer barbecues:

“Their tiki torches may be fueled by citronella but their ideas are fueled by hate, & have no place in civil society.”

It’s unfortunate to note that in contrast to the Republican party, where one will still find dissenting voices on any number of issues (including health care, immigration or an issue such as this), Fidesz is comprised only of “yes men” who nod and vote as demanded of them by the Prime Minister’s office. They are fully servile, always unthinking and at most express any misgivings in private. What should give some solace to those who worry about the state of liberal democracy in the U.S. is that dissenting voices in the party currently in power are still heard and there are still many with a sense of civic courage. And what should concern those who have long spoken out about Hungary’s descent into authoritarian rule is that there are still so many in the West who are sufficiently blind and ill informed to see in Hungary’s current government a partner in dialogue.


  1. He is right! While there is no shortage of extreme right condemnation in the media or authorities in the Western World, the extreme left has had a free pass since WW2. Just look at BLM chanting hatred against police officers. It actually led to hate attacks against them, who condemned BLM?

    As for this statues issue, it is left-wing extremism gone mainstream. Would anyone conclude that France should remove Napoleon statues? After all, he was no saint! Of course, we will see that happen, as soon as Muslims become the majority population in France, which might happen sooner than the globalist fanatics would like to admit, but for now no one would dare to suggest it. Not just yet!

  2. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    Fidesz is comprised only of “yes men” who nod and vote as demanded of them by the Prime Minister’s office.
    To the contrary in Canada the Liberal MPs are free to vote NAY aganst the wish of the PM, aren’t they? Ooop… No, they are not. So Canada’governing body “are fully servile, always unthinking and at most express any misgivings in private” or not even that.
    Chris you must feel home in both countries for the same “authoritarian rule”.
    Oooops, no in Canada your party is ruling and ruining the country so you must be happier there.

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:


      Actually, I have written many critical articles about Canada’s Liberal government in my Hungarian language website–in fact, the majority of my articles have been critical. So skip the ad hominem.

      As for yes men in the Liberal caucus–your comparison is simply absurd…firstly, because Canada’s first past the post system inherently leads to dissent and less monolithic parties than when you have members chosen on party lists, but not accountable to local constituents and specific, sometimes competing local interests.

  3. The “Antifas” movement started way back in Germany in the 1920s, the Communist supported movement first opposed Adolf Schikleburger as started his rebel rousing speeches in beer halls.
    Before WWII they were active in the USA as well.
    After the war they attempted again, until Senator McCarthy put an end to it.
    But they remained active none the less, but seldom made much noise. The Black Panters, The Stokey Carmichael gang, etc. made some news.

    Under Obama’s rule, they re-surfaced, like the “Occupy Wall Street, and mostly the “Black Lives Matter”.

    Several southern states in US, have in their state flags the so called “Stars and Bars”. Under Obama succeeded to have some to remove their state flag .
    That started a step further, to remove the memorials of the Civil War. Many were removed in the south.
    Last week at Charlottesville an equestrian statue of General Lee was removed, after several others in other places.
    The local population felt it is like the former Soviet rule was in Hungary that altered the countries history.
    During a public meeting a speaker was forceibly removed by a group of leftist young peoples.
    One young 21 years old drove his car into the fist-fighting crowed, killing one young girl.
    I have seen it on the PBS news cast. The “red fist’ and the “solidaritas” flags were waved by the attacking group.
    Trump publicly condemned the violence.
    But the left media was not satisfied, and actually made him to name only white nationalist groups in his condemnation of violence.
    He did not dare to name the leftist “Antifa” groups who actually started the violence in Charlottesville.
    Both side plans further activities.

  4. 1. The people responsible for this fiasco are the members of the municipal government.
    2. If you give permits to protests, protect the protesters
    3. If there is an opposition group, make sure that they are placed in a different area.
    4. Each adult is responsible for their action, bad behavior cannot be blamed on anyone else.
    I cannot believe the incompetence of the municipal government. It put the lives of their law enforcement on the line. Mayor and council should resign immediately.
    There is enough room in the US for all its citizens to protest what ever they want to but put opposing groups into different sites to keep citizens safe.

    • Martab…

      For once you are formally right.
      But what are you implying ?

      A Trumpish – if the police hadn’t separated the demos, just follow the jihadists and crush some bones with your car?

  5. Reading the 4 trolls above, who regularly come here to speak on behalf of a regime that decorates Nazis, is very educational. What has taken place in Charlottesville is what has taken place in Hungary for years, and under the front window of the Hungarian President. In Hungary, white supremacists are already in power – that is why hundreds of their Western brothers and sisters congregate there (Please read “Creatures in the Budapest Hills” on these pages). Mr. Németh, who is a prominent member of the Hungarian government is one of their champions. The trolls here eat out of his hands. Németh is the ugly face of Hungarian fascism. Please remember his name, his face and his trolls.

  6. Avatar Gizella Czene says:

    Here’s an informative read re the Confederate statues and flag. As for the four trolls, #YesYoureRacist.

  7. Wrong Gizella. You are an extremist, unable to accept any different opinions from your extreme left-fascist, fanatical movement, which is based on extreme self-loathing. Then there are the racists, white supremacists and so on, who are the opposite side of the coin that you are on. And then there are those of us who are moderates, who reject this hysteria, and we are increasingly realizing that for the past decades we were only worried about one side of the coin, allowing the likes of you to develop into a Taliban-like ideological fundamentalist movement, complete with an urge to destroy historical monuments and so on, just because it does not fit your ideology. Because we failed to oppose it, and on occasions that we tried, we backed down quickly, because of your bullying tactics, such as what you just did here, we allowed you to become mainstream, and very dangerous. And no, it will not end with the confederate statues. You will go after everything that is European, because like I said, your ideology is rooted in a cult of self-loathing. Not long ago the likes of you removed a painting of Shakespeare and replaced it with one of some black woman.

    So, like I said, you are after everything that is European! You are the extremists we need to worry about!

  8. First, the left under Obama succeeded removing the state flags from capitals that contained the ‘stars and bars”.
    Now started to remove war memorials.
    That is what triggered the mass-demonstration in Charlottesville.
    Not just 60 memorials have alreadu been removed but 300 more to be removed.
    Just read in the news that even in Hollywood’s Forever Cemetery a monument from grave of civil war soldier have been removed quietely in the middle of the night.
    The cemetery manager was worried of wandalisms.
    What will be next?

    Will it spread to Hungary?
    Are they going to start scrapping all the Kossuth statutes ?

    • Wow, FHP the trolls are crawling out on mass, but with the standard idiotic panels. The masters must be worried.

      FHP, pls be more precise – this monstrous oaf NÈMETH is VICE PRESIDENT of Fidesz!! Yes, he is a very representative image of the Orban regime, its culture, style and level.

      I wonder how any civilized person with some self respect can support this mafia with leaders like this dumb brute.

    • Bendeguz

      You are behind the times again – it has been going on for years in Hun – the Orban regime has removed dozens of monuments and erected hundreds of news ones to Horthy and many deplorable figures of that period, including straight fascists and two war criminals.
      Birds of a feather …

  9. “I am a Nazi”. You said it, he, he, he!

    “You are a Nazi”. No, that is not true. That is a calumny, I will sue you.
    “Prove it”. Yes, I will prove it, I have Black and Jewish friends, I will prove it, you will see.

    “He is a Nazi”. Why? “He is against the refugees.” Ah, the fascist!

    “They are Nazis”. “They are vampires”. Vampires?! Ha. Nazis is OK but let’s not overdo it. We’ll give the Nazis reasons to mock us.

    “We are Nazis”. “We are the real Nazis”. Are you crazy? What happened to you? You talk like the Nazis!

    “Everybody is a Nazi, everybody is a Nazi”. “Lalalalala, lalalalala”.

  10. @ Bogdan

    Didn’t you want to scribble that on the bathroom wall inside your brain ? While I too recoil when the comment section begins to look like the back of a toilet door in a boys locker room, unlike many, I also find these troll comments educational. They reveal the intellectual level, the moral bankruptcy of the morons who are possessed by the belief of white supremacy, racial intolerance and authoritarian nationalism. For those who are curious, one of the trolls, who shows up here under various disguised names is one of the Hungarian PM’s favorite alt-right journalists. We got his number from the horse’s mouth.

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