Hungarian fencing team blames poor performance on “migrants” and “colored people” in Germany

Gábor Boczkó, the leader of the Hungarian Fencing Association and also an Olympic silver medalist, recently told viewers on Hungarian TV M1 that the “security situation” was despicable in Leipzig, Germany, where the his team participated in the World Fencing Championship. (Read in Hungarian here.)

According to Boczkó, it was hard to focus to the competition because there were disturbances in front of their hotel “probably caused by migrants” and they also saw a migrant waving a machete. The team was especially horrified by the actions of “colored people.” They witnessed an incident when “a colored man was trying to snatch a 2-3 month old baby from a white lady.”

Gábor Boczkó blames poor performance on “migrants” and “colored people.”

A local German paper, Leipziger Volkszeit investigated Boczkó’s claims but was unable to verify any of them. Nobody heard or witnessed anything around the Seaside Park Hotel where the Hungarian team stayed with other national teams. (Click here to read the German newspaper article.)

It is no big secret that the country’s leaders want to make Hungary White and Christian and strongly discourage diversity and multiculturalism. It is the only country in the EU where anti-Muslim feelings, religious hatred, anti-Semitism and homophobia are promoted and intolerance is the official policy. Pro-government media outlets invent and broadcast stories (only in Hungarian) about Muslim migrants and African refugees making life unbearable for “whites” in Germany and France. In this instance Hungarians could hear a first-hand report from a trusted sport star about the “horrible migrant situation” in Germany.

It seems that pro-Orbán loyalists (even sport stars) are encouraged to attack German Chancellor Merkel’s migration policies and spread false stories at home. Sport supposed to be about friendship and understanding – not in Hungary.

By the way, speaking of “colored people”. Hungary’s team performed poorly in Leipzig where France won the gold medal in épée team competition. Here is a photo of the winning French team…

The gold medal winner French épée team.

György Lázár

N.B.: I just finished writing this piece when I noticed that the Hungarian Spectrum also covered Boczkó’s statements from a different perspective.  Click here to read an excellent analysis from Éva S. Balogh.


  1. Article not worth reading. Lazar, can you not do better than using any excuse to say derogatory statement about Hungary. Do not visit Hungary, you are not wanted there. Any Soros supporter should stay away and visit countries that agree with his short sighted views.

  2. I don’t support Orban and Fidesz, but I still find this article completely wrong. I have never heard the words white or colored or anything similar in any political statement from anybody in Hungary. Orban speaks about illegal migrants, protecting christian values, not letting people without documents in the country and so on.

  3. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear S.Rovid,

    Hungarian politicians frequently talk about the danger of migrants from Africa, Mr. Viktor Orbán specifically mentioned that his country is threatened by millions of migrants from „Central Africa.”

  4. > It is the only country in the EU where anti-Muslim feelings, religious hatred, anti-Semitism and homophobia are promoted and intolerance is the official policy.

    ekhem, guys – not the only. You forgot Poland.

  5. Wow. This Marxist apologist is even more blatantly fake news than very fake news cnn. I’m not even Hungarian and I can see through the very, Very, VERY fake news of this Soros sycophant. Please stay in California and away from the real America and Hungary.

  6. Avatar Curious George says:

    Not promoting a book, just finished “a crime in the family” in the spring of 1945 ( yeah war was over Huns!) the Hungarian “countess” Margit Batthyany had 180 Jewish munka szolgalatos -that’s slave laborers for you -shot and killed as “dessert” after a house party! The Hungarian are the leading mutants of any people in their hatred of anything else but themselves – look st the face of this Gabor Boczko you can see the animal primitive arrogance.

  7. Dear Gy. Lázár

    In that article Orban only states a fact. That millions of people in central africa would like to migrate to Europe. He wasnt talking about black people in general. He was talking about the population of a geografical area that happens to be in Africa.
    I will assure you that he has research documents, statistics to support this statement.
    Italians can tell you about flimsy rafts packed with unfurtunate african peoples trying desperately to reach their shores. Youtube is full with these videos.
    Or thousands of africans trying to climb the border fences of some spanish territories in africa. There are many videos showing this too.
    I also assure you that you will never catch Orban making a racist statement. He has a team of about 1000 persons directly working for him at the office of the Prime Minister. He also contracts research companies who directly work for him. Every statement he makes is researched and analysed beforehand for correctness.
    Unfurtunatelly it is true that continuos governament anti migrant propaganda increases the negative feeling of the hungarian population against the migrants.
    I stood by the migrants in the past but lately I started to struggle with my increasing anti migrants feelings. I think its a natural human reaction to be fearfull when hundreds of thousands of undocumented , strange young people appear at your border, demanding entry.

  8. Dear courious george

    How do you know what all hungarians in general think or hate ?? You read it in a book about a countessa?
    Oh my god!!!

    Stupid idiot.

  9. Avatar Curious George says:

    Rovid, this is the NEWEST of more killings collaborated by Hungarians – I know your history better than you. These 180 add to the 500,000 or more murdered in a matter of 2 months!!!! Next time you enjoy a coffee by the Danube – don’t look down too much – bodies of children with chains on them still there-

  10. Yes, the authorities were unable to find any evidence. They also saw no evidence when 1,200 women were raped or molested in a single night in a number of towns. Remember what the initial reports said? “mostly calm & uneventful”. Those guys have no credibility left!

  11. Based on the author’s idealization of the French team, I’d have to say he is a devout folower of Kalergi’s racist ideology, which proclaimed the superiority of mixed-race populations over distinct native populations. No wonder then that author supports the mass-colonization of Europe. He must believe he is working towards the “betterment” of Europe and Europeans by wiping out the native cultures of the continent. A similar ideology drove the colonization of North America hundreds of years ago, which led to destruction or extinction of countless native cultures. The slogan then was “progress”, while author is clearly being “progressive”.

    I also find it ironic that it is this “progressive” crowd, which also claims to champion gay rights and women’s rights, which insists on having Europe colonized with masses of people hailing from the most homophobic and misogynistic countries on earth. I guess native European women will soon have to learn to become more “modest” and give up on such ideas as equality, while the subject of the gay debate will eventually move from whether there should be gay marriage and child adoption rights, to something more along the lines of stonning versus hanging, or perhaps just throw them off the roof? BTW homophobic attacks in Netherlands increased 400% between 2009-2015.

  12. Avatar Pityi Palkó says:

    Curious George
    on August 1, 2017 at 4:17 pm

    Here is a more complete picture of what is in “A crime in the family” story !

    “A memoir of brutality, heroism and personal discovery from Europe’s dark heart, revealing one of the most extraordinary untold stories of the Second World War. In the spring of 1945, at Rechnitz on the Austrian-Hungarian border, not far from the front lines of the advancing Red Army, Countess Margit Batthyany gave a party in her mansion. The war was almost over, and the German aristocrats and SS officers dancing and drinking knew it was lost. Late that night, they walked down to the village, where 180 enslaved Jewish labourers waited. They made them strip naked and shot them all, before returning to the bright lights of the party. It remained a secret for decades, until Sacha Batthyany, who remembered his great-aunt Margit only vaguely from his childhood as a stern, distant woman, began to ask questions about it. A Crime in the Family is Sacha Batthyany’s memoir of confronting these questions, and of the answers he found. It is one of the last untold stories of Europe’s nightmare century, spanning not just the massacre at Rechnitz, the inhumanity of Auschwitz, the chaos of wartime Budapest and the brutalities of Soviet occupation and Stalin’s gulags, but also the silent crimes of complicity and cover-up, and the damaged generations they leave behind. Told partly through the surviving journals of others from the author’s family and the vanished world of Rechnitz, A Crime in the Family is a moving and revelatory memoir. It uncovers barbarity and tragedy but also a measure of peace and reconciliation. Ultimately, Batthyany discovers that although his inheritance might be that of monsters, he does not bear it alone.”


    The acts ! not the words !!

  14. The absurdity of the matter is that there are no migrants, no refugees in Hun, none (but a couple of hundreds perhaps).
    While I oppose mass migration, I also oppose the vociferous hate mongering by the fascist cleptocrats of the H regime.

    To link the performance of the H fencing team with the immigration
    policy of Germany is really a sick absurdity, unfortunately not the only one in the Orban regime.

  15. Avatar György Lázár says:

    We asked the Hungarian Fencing Federation for feedback to our article. Only Mr. Pál Polgár, the previous leader of the Federation, mailed us a brief note from Nepal where he is living. He didn’t wish to comment Mr. Boczkó’s statements.

    Here is the text of Mr. Polgár’s note:

    Tisztelt Lázár György Úr!

    Nyugdíjba vonultam!

    Jelenleg Nepálban dolgozom, nehéz sorsú emberekkel foglalkozom. Csak ritkán kerülök internet lehetőséghez.

    A felvetett kérdésére válaszolva: nincs elég és pontos információm a történtekről, hogy véleményt alkothassak.

    Európában kialakult helyzetről határozott véleményem van, de kérdése, kérése nem erre irányult.


    Polgár Pál

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