Hungarian fencing team blames poor performance on “migrants” and “colored people” in Germany

Gábor Boczkó, the leader of the Hungarian Fencing Association and also an Olympic silver medalist, recently told viewers on Hungarian TV M1 that the “security situation” was despicable in Leipzig, Germany, where the his team participated in the World Fencing Championship. (Read in Hungarian here.)

According to Boczkó, it was hard to focus to the competition because there were disturbances in front of their hotel “probably caused by migrants” and they also saw a migrant waving a machete. The team was especially horrified by the actions of “colored people.” They witnessed an incident when “a colored man was trying to snatch a 2-3 month old baby from a white lady.”

Gábor Boczkó blames poor performance on “migrants” and “colored people.”

A local German paper, Leipziger Volkszeit investigated Boczkó’s claims but was unable to verify any of them. Nobody heard or witnessed anything around the Seaside Park Hotel where the Hungarian team stayed with other national teams. (Click here to read the German newspaper article.)

It is no big secret that the country’s leaders want to make Hungary White and Christian and strongly discourage diversity and multiculturalism. It is the only country in the EU where anti-Muslim feelings, religious hatred, anti-Semitism and homophobia are promoted and intolerance is the official policy. Pro-government media outlets invent and broadcast stories (only in Hungarian) about Muslim migrants and African refugees making life unbearable for “whites” in Germany and France. In this instance Hungarians could hear a first-hand report from a trusted sport star about the “horrible migrant situation” in Germany.

It seems that pro-Orbán loyalists (even sport stars) are encouraged to attack German Chancellor Merkel’s migration policies and spread false stories at home. Sport supposed to be about friendship and understanding – not in Hungary.

By the way, speaking of “colored people”. Hungary’s team performed poorly in Leipzig where France won the gold medal in épée team competition. Here is a photo of the winning French team…

The gold medal winner French épée team.

György Lázár

N.B.: I just finished writing this piece when I noticed that the Hungarian Spectrum also covered Boczkó’s statements from a different perspective.  Click here to read an excellent analysis from Éva S. Balogh.

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