George Soros elected Honorary Fellow of the British Academy

On Friday, July 21 the British Academy announced sixty six of the “world’s leading minds” as new Fellows of the Academy.

George Soros, Chairman, Soros Fund Management; Founder and Chairman, Open Society Foundations is a new Honorary Fellow. The announcement noted that Fellows of the British Academy represent the very best of humanities and they contribute to research of social sciences in the UK and globally.

The Academy’s announcement is in sharp contrast with the Hungarian government’s recent anti-Soros campaign. Thousands of billboards and posters appeared in Hungary depicting a smiling Soros, a critic of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán with the caption “Don’t let Soros have the last laugh.” Some billboards have been defaced with graffiti, “stinking Jew”. The Orbán government is also attacking Soros founded Central European University in Budapest.

The bizarre Hungarian campaign puzzled many Americans, Democrats and Republicans alike. While Republican US President Donald Trump has sharp political disagreements with Soros, he never launched personal attacks against him. In fact, Trump’s daughter, Ivanka and her husband, Presidential Advisor Jared Kushner maintain friendly relations with George Soros and do business together.

The British Academy was created „for the Promotion of Historical, Philosophical and Philological Studies” and received its Royal Charter from King Edward VII in 1902.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar Sandor Kerekes says:

    As expected, he will have the last lough after all and he will have it at Orban’s expense. I would love to see Orban’s face as he receives the news.

  2. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    It seems that the Brits are were forgetful people. Their newly elected Fellow brought down their beloved currency to cause major economical distress to their fellow citizens. That really “represent the very best of humanities”. Bravo British Academy. On the other hand I wonder how much they were paid for such an “honorable” selection.

  3. Avatar Curious George says:

    My thoughts exactly! He destroyed their banking system –

  4. Avatar Pityi Palkó says:

    Gratulálok Soros György úr a British Academy kitüntetésért !

    Robert Morrison
    on July 25, 2017 at 10:27 pm

    A pénzpiac az emberi történelem legkitűnőbb önszabályozó mechanizmusa, amelybe nemcsak, hogy nem kell, de nem is szabad beavatkozni. A piac eredendően magával hoz rengeteg bizonytalanságot. Jó kereskedők és befektetők ezen a tudaton boldogulnak és állandóan keresik azokat a lehetőségeket, ahol a profit alkalma előnyösen felsorakoznak a javukra.
    Mindenkinek megvannak a véleményei – ha befektették a pénzüket vagy sem. Sokan vannak, akik csak a véleményüket szeretik megosztani a világgal. Nincs ezzel semmi baj, csak mindenki legyen óvatos, kire hallgat.
    Az igazsághoz közel áll az a tény, hogy a piacok imádják a bizonytalanságot – a habozó, szétágazó vélemények, nézetek, megteremt egy dinamikus piaci területet ahol, a bátrak tekintélyes összegeket tudnak keresni.

  5. Well Bob Morris, start realizing thzt in today’s world it is money that rules !
    No longer the royals, the nobles sand the clergy, but money. Money is power, it’s money that rules today.
    But the maggots will have the last laugh,after all.

  6. Destroyed, my ass, dear Curious George! As far as I can see, the British banking system is alive and kicking. What Brexit will do to it is a different matter altogether. And, dear Robert Morrison, the cause of the collapse of the pound sterling in 1992 was bad British monetary policy. George Soros, and other investors, only saw it coming, and hedged his bets against it. It was a clever financial move, and Soros won some one billion dollars. That is neither illegal nor immoral. It is called money market.

  7. First of all, Soros is NOT a venture capitalist. He does NOT invest in the market, so he does not provide capital to make some invention or idea to work out and produce anything for the economy.
    He is a money trader, and only trade on the “future market”. Betting on the rise or fall of the currencies of the world. It is just like the real horse race.
    Every dollar gained by one, is the same loss by another. There is NO divident ! Gain all, or lose all.
    The real horse race !
    Few good bets and one is a billionair. That’s George.
    Oh, it’s perfectly legal. Have no doubt about it.

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