Netanyahu, Hungary’s favorite playwright

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Prime Minister, has told his diplomats to charm influential decision makers everywhere, and use every opportunity to convince the world that his image is distorted in the Western media. At home Mr. Orbán is winning far-right voters with revved up racist, anti-Muslin and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Overseas he is advertising a moderate image, as a politician who has „zero tolerance” for racism. The „doubletalk” is not working in the EU and North America, but more recently Mr. Orbán found a sympathetic friend and visitor to Budapest, the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

To cement their close personal friendship, Katalin Bogyay, Hungary’s UN envoy in New York, is promoting Netanyahu’s play in Hungarian theater circles. Netanyahu, the playwright?

The Israeli prime minister has a brother, Iddo Netanyahu. He is a medical doctor, a radiologist and an amateur playwright. If your last name is Netanyahu, your play probably will be staged somewhere in New York, Off Broadway. Iddo’s play A Happy End is set in 1930 Berlin and the New York Times published a devastating review, writing: “In place of realism, Mr. Netanyahu offers melodrama.”

Ms. Bogyay sees it differently and has convinced Iddo that Hungarians cannot wait to see his masterpiece. She organized a meeting with him to discuss the Hungarian translation and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has assured Iddo that the Orbán regime can easily arrange to make his play a smash hit in Budapest.

In February 2017 Ms. Bogyay (second left) Hungary’s UN envoy in New York met Iddo Netanyahu (middle with glasses) to discuss the Hungarian translation of his play.

Iddo’s friendship with Ms. Bogyay is surprising. Not too long ago Ms. Bogyay was a UNESCO official and presided over the General Conference where Palestine was admitted as a member while Israel vehemently protested. Click here to see Ms. Bogyay’s amazing performance as champion of the Palestinian cause. The Obama administration also opposed the membership because piecemeal steps would jeopardize the efforts for a comprehensive peace solution in the Middle East.

Ms. Bogyay is also involved in the promotion of another play by Iddo, entitled Yoni’s last Battle, about the third Netanyahu brother. Yoni Netanyahu died tragically in the 1976 Entebbe rescue mission. It is worth noting that Mr. Pál Schmitt, Hungary’s ex-President, is also indirectly involved in the project. His daughter’s American husband, David Goulding, filmed a documentary about Yoni, starring Bibi Netanyahu! (Click here to read more.)

Nepotism? The Netanyahu family is ruthlessly minimizing the role of every other Israeli officer in the Uganda operation. Only Yoni’s heroism is promoted as they try to make him Israel’s National Hero. The Orbán regime is more than willing to help to create the Netanyahu myth.

Mr. Orbán-system has been called a „mafia state” and Netanyahu’s own former defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon, thinks that Bibi is corrupt to the core. He told CNN he believes his ex-boss will be indicted on corruption charges. But at this moment, it is a prefect friendship; Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Orbán have found each other.

György Lázár


  1. Hungary, and the Visegrad four (4) are Israel’s closest supporters. Hungary is the #1 reliable ally of Israel. More Jewish people live in Hungary than in any other European country. If they jump the EU, I would not be surprised if they form a Confederation. The US is only a fiscal and arm supplier of Israel, but set to give away half of Israel to her enemy. That is what the “two state policy” is. One Israel, one country, but a democracy for all her citizens !

    • B79

      How do u know that “more Jewish people live in H….”?

      And V4 confederation …please… don’t drink and write.

  2. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @ Christopher,
    I have six (6) comments on different articles being held up for “Your comment is awaiting moderation” but I have a strong feeling that I am on a hold pattern for being on a secret blacklist. Prove me wrong by releasing them for public consumption.

    I sent you several E-mails in the subject, please have the courtesy to reply. Thank you in advance.

    • Avatar Hungarian Free Press says:


      Pretty simple explanation: you can’t start calling people parasites in your comments and latent antisemitism is not tolerated here.

    • Robert M

      If I remember correctly the slant of your earlier comments, not posting them won’t be a loss here.

      • Avatar Robert Morrison says:

        @ Observer …
        I am afraid that you do not remember correctly,
        your opinion shall not be a driving force here or any other sites.

        Please be aware of your place in the society. As I never expressed any suggestion whether your comments should be published you should also stay away from the same.

  3. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @ Hungarian Free Press

    Thank you for your response. I have some issues with it thou.

    I don’t remember using the word “parasite”, although I believe that some of the leading loud-mouth proponents of forced distribution of the sworn enemies of the Jewish fate and race are non-productive leaches of our society.

    The other expression “latent anti-Semitism” is a direct insult on me as my whole family has been killed in Nazi camps except my father who survived only for he was in forced labor (munkaszolgálat) camp in Ukraine. I demand am immediate retraction of this.

    Respectfully ask you to limit your censorship to real justified cases unless you are ready to bring this blog in line with HungarianSpectrum which is employing full blown fascist/communist dictatorship and total control over the thought expressed there. I used to believe that this site was an open and democratic platform for free expression which I already congratulated Christopher earlier, but it seems that it is changing.

    Just make sure you are not talking on both sides of your mouth; blasting the Orban regime for controlling the media whilst you are doing the same here.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my thoughts and I hope this will not be suppressed. Also I hope you will release all other comments I posted.

  4. These theater stage for political recognition antics are typical Orbán style – petty horse trader, very provincial.

  5. Do not they teach any longer the very first and basic rule at journalism classes, that partiality is a NO, NO and NO .

    Oh, I must have forgotten…..

  6. Avatar Curious George says:

    More Jews live in Hungary than anywhere else in Europe? Dead wrong! We have Antwerp, looks like Bucharest next -anyway, the Jews of Hungary should leave it just as we did in 1960 – no future there for anyone except “parasz nep” this Gyri Lazar sounds jealous to me: what’s his problem with Bibi or to bring up his brother Yoni? What exactly are YOU known for?

  7. God please spare us from the nerds and the trolls that are dedicated to turning this discussion forum into cesspool and a lunatic asylum. I’d much rather look at empty space than at the comments of Curious George, Bendeguz, Robert, and the other morons who come here to display the contents of their underwear as their way of stifling intelligent discourse. Please keep Morrison in the embargo tank Mr. Adam, and throw him some company – Bendeguz and Curious George, Nimh and the other aliases that come here to pollute the air. Let then stew in their own juices.

  8. Avatar Robert Morrison says:

    @ András B. Göllner on July 20, 2017 at 4:55 pm

    Dear Friend, I am extremely disappointed by the attitude and the words you displayed in this comment, not to mention your ant-democratic suggestion. I attribute it to perhaps you having a bad day rather than a thoughtfulness of your brilliant mind. It is an absolute non-Göllner style and I tend to think that someone else put this in to discredit you.

    Please retract it as it flies into the face of everything you published in the name of democracy and open flow of ideas. Whilst you may believe that the only comments important that you publish and the ones agree with them, there are some people who would disagree with such.

    Whilst it would show some elevated humanism if you could I do not expect an apology from you.

    @ Mr. Adam, please ignore the suggestion of Mr. Göllner unless you want to line up this blog with the „my way or the hiway” governed HS under the strict censorship of Eva B.

  9. Avatar Pityi Palkó says:

    András B. Göllner – Please note and remember this before you unleash your spiteful, arrogant and distasteful abuse on other people’s point of view:
    “Without debate, without criticism, no Administration and no country can succeed–and no republic can survive. That is why the Athenian lawmaker Solon decreed it a crime for any citizen to shrink from controversy. And that is why our press was protected by the First Amendment– the only business in America specifically protected by the Constitution- -not primarily to amuse and entertain, not to emphasize the trivial and the sentimental, not to simply “give the public what it wants”–but to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion” (Source: John F. Kennedy Presidential Library).

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