Netanyahu, Hungary’s favorite playwright

Viktor Orbán, Hungary’s Prime Minister, has told his diplomats to charm influential decision makers everywhere, and use every opportunity to convince the world that his image is distorted in the Western media. At home Mr. Orbán is winning far-right voters with revved up racist, anti-Muslin and anti-Semitic rhetoric. Overseas he is advertising a moderate image, as a politician who has „zero tolerance” for racism. The „doubletalk” is not working in the EU and North America, but more recently Mr. Orbán found a sympathetic friend and visitor to Budapest, the prime minister of Israel, Benjamin “Bibi” Netanyahu.

To cement their close personal friendship, Katalin Bogyay, Hungary’s UN envoy in New York, is promoting Netanyahu’s play in Hungarian theater circles. Netanyahu, the playwright?

The Israeli prime minister has a brother, Iddo Netanyahu. He is a medical doctor, a radiologist and an amateur playwright. If your last name is Netanyahu, your play probably will be staged somewhere in New York, Off Broadway. Iddo’s play A Happy End is set in 1930 Berlin and the New York Times published a devastating review, writing: “In place of realism, Mr. Netanyahu offers melodrama.”

Ms. Bogyay sees it differently and has convinced Iddo that Hungarians cannot wait to see his masterpiece. She organized a meeting with him to discuss the Hungarian translation and I wouldn’t be surprised if she has assured Iddo that the Orbán regime can easily arrange to make his play a smash hit in Budapest.

In February 2017 Ms. Bogyay (second left) Hungary’s UN envoy in New York met Iddo Netanyahu (middle with glasses) to discuss the Hungarian translation of his play.

Iddo’s friendship with Ms. Bogyay is surprising. Not too long ago Ms. Bogyay was a UNESCO official and presided over the General Conference where Palestine was admitted as a member while Israel vehemently protested. Click here to see Ms. Bogyay’s amazing performance as champion of the Palestinian cause. The Obama administration also opposed the membership because piecemeal steps would jeopardize the efforts for a comprehensive peace solution in the Middle East.

Ms. Bogyay is also involved in the promotion of another play by Iddo, entitled Yoni’s last Battle, about the third Netanyahu brother. Yoni Netanyahu died tragically in the 1976 Entebbe rescue mission. It is worth noting that Mr. Pál Schmitt, Hungary’s ex-President, is also indirectly involved in the project. His daughter’s American husband, David Goulding, filmed a documentary about Yoni, starring Bibi Netanyahu! (Click here to read more.)

Nepotism? The Netanyahu family is ruthlessly minimizing the role of every other Israeli officer in the Uganda operation. Only Yoni’s heroism is promoted as they try to make him Israel’s National Hero. The Orbán regime is more than willing to help to create the Netanyahu myth.

Mr. Orbán-system has been called a „mafia state” and Netanyahu’s own former defense minister, Moshe Ya’alon, thinks that Bibi is corrupt to the core. He told CNN he believes his ex-boss will be indicted on corruption charges. But at this moment, it is a prefect friendship; Mr. Netanyahu and Mr. Orbán have found each other.

György Lázár

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