Fidesz co-founder calls on Hungary to exit EU, attacks “non-European” Pope Francis

Zsolt Bayer, the prominent publicist, the co-founder of the ruling Fidesz party and close confidant of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, announced that Hungary must exit the European Union. He went further, calling the EU “a scalding pigsty.”

Mr. Bayer was speaking to the local television station of the northeastern town of Miskolc, where he said:

“If the EU continues along its current path, then we have to leave the Union, leave this whole scalding pigsty. We need to get the hell out. We have to close our borders and let the rest of them rot.”

Mr. Bayer, a staunch supporter of a regime that absurdly calls itself “Christian,” also had some choice words for Pope Francis, noting, in reference to the Pontiff’s staunch support of the marginalised, the oppressed and refugees, and the Catholic’s leaders calls for a united, federal Europe that:

“I increasingly believe that Pope Francis did not become pope by accident. I am increasingly convinced that it is no accident that a non-European man became the pope. And all this right now, when of all times, we would need a European man. Ever since there has been the papacy, we have never had a pope from outside of Europe. Right now, when would really need a European pope, lo and behold: a pope was brought in from Argentina with a migrant background, who has absolutely no connection to Europe. Maybe many will see this as a conspiracy theory, but I am convinced that there are not accidents.”

Zsolt Bayer speaking to Miskolc TV

It was the Democratic Coalition that drew attention to this video and they focused on Mr. Bayer’s call to have Hungary leave the European Union.

“The mask has once again fallen from Fidesz,” remarked DK, reminding Hungarians that as co-founder, Mr. Bayer is the owner of the fifth membership card in Fidesz. “Bayer has undoubtedly discussed this remark with his boss, Viktor Orbán. As such, he informed the Hungarian public of Fidesz’s official viewpoint,” added DK.

I would only correct DK’s statement insofar as noting that what Mr. Bayer is doing is simply continuing the doublespeak that is a hallmark of Fidesz. When speaking with the downtrodden of the industrial town of Miskolc, one must peddle absurd conspiracy theories of a non-European pope who is in the service of some nefarious forces seeking world domination. (Guess who, or which demographic group Mr. Bayer is alluding to.) But when welcoming thousands of guests to Budapest for the FINA World Championship, one must quickly remove 6 billion forints worth of anti-Semitic propaganda from every single metro station and bus stop in the capital, and show instead the smiling, shiny faces of Hungary’s civil servants, diplomats and politicians, who have the stomach for this level of cynicism.

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