George Soros’s savior Elza Brandeisz, member of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church

Elza Brandeisz is a deeply religious Hungarian woman. She is a member of The Evangelical-Lutheran Church of Hungary. On November 12, 1995, the Holocaust organization Yad Vashem in Jerusalem recognized Ms. Brandeisz, as Righteous Among the Nations, a person who risked her life to hide Jews during World War II.

Among others, she hid George Soros.

Elza Brandeisz was a dancer and later a teacher in a private dance school in Budapest owned by Mrs. Béla Lajtai, a Jewish woman. During the aryanization of the Jewish businesses the dance school was re-registered under Brandeisz’s name so that the business would not be confiscated as Jewish property. Both Lajtai and Brandeisz continued to teach. In 1944 the school had to be closed when Jews were forced to leave their homes and to relocate to the Ghetto or specially designated yellow-star houses.

Elza Brandeisz poster 1941 – she was a popular dance performer.

Brandeisz helped Lajtai with food to survive and also helped another Jewish friend Judit Baló who was a student in the school. Through Baló, Brandeisz met Erzsébet (Bözsi) Soros, who happened to be little George Soros’s mother.

Mrs. Soros was lucky, she had Christian papers and was able to hide at the Brandeisz family’s house at Balatonalmádi, on Lake Balaton. 14-year-old George Soros also spent time there, the Brandeisz family was able to hide him. Soros later wrote: “Brandeisz came from a believing Christian family, and it was her religious faith that motivated her to save Jews.”

Soros stayed in touch with Brandeisz for many years, she received letters and financial support from him which she donated to the Lutheran Church.

Elza Brandeisz with a letter from George Soros on her 100th birthday

Elza Brandeisz is 109 years old and lives in the city of Sopron, Hungary.

György Lázár


  1. She had not only religious faith, but had human morals.
    She did not save Jews, she helped to save human beings.
    I feel , a person like her ,she’d have done it for any one, even to save any miserable hateful criminal.

    God bless her with long life and good health.

  2. So touching to see these humanistic and also heroic acts, praised be these real good people.
    What a contrast with today’s farisees who drape themselves in religion with all the wrong motives.

  3. Right OBSERVER.

    These kind of people are my heroes.

    Today, the world is full of fakes and phonies. Not too many in the religious circles any more, mostly the ego-maniacs , in the cloaks of liberalism, that are only the reel “bicyclists”.

  4. Real Hungarian humanitarian. I bet she would be the first taking down that antiSoros hate propaganda.

  5. Avatar Curious George says:

    She was more than well paid for her services – while my own father could not find any gentile to hide his 4 years old beautiful daughter Erika.
    What did he grow up into? Thanks to her preaching….

  6. Avatar Sheilah Silverstein says:

    What a woman. I agree with another writer who said that because of her deep & profound love of human beings, as a human being she had no choice but to help her fellow man/woman. God Bless her & may she live an even longer life.

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