Remembering the last day of the deportation of rural Hungary’s Jews — Mr. Orbán, was Horthy really an exceptional statesman?

July 9, 1944

Seventy-three years ago on this day the transport of Jews of Pécs, Bonyhád and vicinity arrived to Auschwitz and many were immediately murdered.

On July 9, 1944 11,140 Hungarian Jewish men, women and children were loaded onto transport wagons and sent to their death.

From Monor two trains with 3,065 and 3,079 Jews.

From Békásmegyer-Budakalász two trains with 3,072 and 1,924 Jews.

These were to be final transports of Jews from Hungary’s countryside.

A July 20 transport took 1,230 Jews to Auschwitz from Rákoscsaba (then not yet part of Budapest). There were some additional deportations in the vicinity of Budapest.

On July 6 Horthy ordered an end to the transports since it was obvious that the war was lost and also due to international pressure, in part due to George Mantello’s publicizing the Auschwitz Report. This triggered unprecedented large demonstrations and Sunday masses in Switzerland about the atrocities and a major spontaneous Swiss Press campaign, despite censorship rules, with about 400 glaring headlines protesting against the barbarism. It was no longer possible for free world leaders to ignore Europe’s twentieth century dark age.

Between May 14 and July 20, 1944 Horthy, the exceptional statesman, sent 423,271 Hungarian Jews to the concentration camps. (For a detailed breakdown of deportations from rural Hungary by locality in English, click here.)

May the memory of the martyrs be blessed. – Never again!


  1. Avatar Curious George says:

    Disgusting history! I was just in Mad, Hungary, a ghost town without its Jewish citizens.
    Let’s also not forget that when the cattle trains arrived to Auschwitz, the children, babies and the trains sacred Jews were locked and kept for an additional 3 days waiting in the heat – the Huns were more than happy to give them to the Germans.
    Today, the Hungarians offered 60 bucks for a killed father and 90 for a murdered mother -shame on the Horthy protectors- never again!

  2. Avatar Karl Pfeifer says:

    Thank you dear Eszter. I am sharing your article on my facebook page.
    Karl Pfeifer

  3. Avatar Peter I. Hidas says:

    The final transport to Auschwitz was in August from the Recsk internment camp.

  4. Avatar Prof Asher J Matathias says:

    The unenviable record of Anti-Americanism-Semitism-Zionism compiled by Hungary continues; indeed, it is met and superseded by contemporary Greece, the worst exemplar of this racism in Europe (67%) of the population carrying this disease. How about pressing the Greek government to recant its sole European opposition to the creation of Israel in a UNO vote, seventy years ago?

  5. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    The facts are undeniable. But some of the words, that is the way it is described is incorrect.

    The basic is that socialism, being “national” or “international”, but the goal was, and is : world domination by any and all means. The end always justified any means.

    Horthy did suspend the deportations only after the July 4 allied bombing of residential parts of Budapest.
    That was a “warning” from the west.
    So he likely could have had power to do that at any time. What we do not know is, IF Hitler had stepped in, as they did on October 15, 1944, by the Operation Panzerfaust, that was carried out by the SS, under the leadership of Eichman, Massenmeyer and Skorzeny.

    Under Horthy’s Regency, at least from 1920 to 1940 the Jewish population of Hungary faired very well.
    Also, we can say that Horthy did not get rich on the public dough. He was a country gentleman of the XIX . century.

    First, we can say with certainty that Horthy did NOT start W.W.II. nor did he initiate the Holocaust.

    He just did NOT oppose, nor attempted to prevent it in any meaningful way.
    His greatest sin was is to involve Hungary in it, by allying with Germany. But again, to alter that in 1940 it was likely impossible.

    For Hungary to have avoided both the war and the Holocaust, it would have been the only sencable , reasonable and possible way, is by declaring Neutrality way back in 1920, and right at the Paris Peace conference.

    I know, most Hungarians even today are vehemently opposed to neutrality.
    The people of tiny Switzerland were committed to it, and it worked for them very well for about 400 years.
    While neutrality today, could save Hungary from the horrors of the next, and all future wars.
    The entire human history is the evidence, that humans just can NOT live in peace with their fellow humans. Violence is the biological instinct of all predatory species.

    Today,Germany is the economic power house of Europe. Just as in the past, and of any industrialized powers’ number one interest is the “markets”, flow of raw materials, as it has been the main cause of Germany being the initiator of two (2) world wars in Europe in the XX century.
    Today, also the need of fresh new low cost labor is also a vital need of Germany. That is why Germany (in the name of EU) again aims to extend toward the East. Just like in the past.

    Do not kid yourself, the world today is a much more violent place than it was in the 1930’s and 40’s.
    He that refuse to learn from the mistakes of the past, will just going to repeat it in the future.
    Hungarians have done that for over a thousand years.

  6. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Let me just add this to my previous comment, as I know that some smart ass will come back and claim that WWI was not initiated by Germany ,but Habsburg Austria-Hungary.

    Yes, I remember that. But it was NOT Austria-Hungary’s interest to go to war just for the killings.
    It was the economic interest of Germany.
    First, Germany has been cut off from her African colonies and also run out of Afghanistan, by the British,Fremch colonial interests. Germany was denied markets and the flow of raw materials.
    The most basic needs for industry to survive.
    And it was the Germany military-industrial interest that did supply Austria-Hungary with war materials in WWI.

  7. Avatar Philip hackett says:

    The problem that existed back then is the same as it is today.Humanity and our inability to solve problems without violence and repression. These problems exist in Gasa and West Bank and unless we change as humans, there will always be another train.

  8. Bendeguz

    What’s up? Pretty reasonable comment, except that the world today is a less violent place than ever (see Better angels of our nature).

  9. Phillip H

    Why go around the world for examples and talk about humanity – we analyse/compare European countries during the WW2 period.
    Hungary doesnt look good in this comparison. And now neither.

  10. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:


    Who claimed in his comment;
    “…the world today is a less violent place than ever…”

    Just what planet do you live on ?
    Tune in and get some news casts from Planet Earth !!!

  11. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    The last Hungarian in power under Horthy, Lazar Geza gave orders to police to disobey orders even with force , if necessary to deport more peoples.

    Have no record of ever come to that.
    In case some one has, please let us know .

  12. Avatar Curious George says:

    You and others will never EVER compare the burning alive, skinning alive, smashing babies to the wall – comparing it to whom??? No other nation was selected and cooperated by ALL of europe the way the Jews were!
    Stop your crap about Gasa.! They never had it so good! Nose picking, lazy, squatters – no other Arab countries even want those ladies-how does Hackett have the decency to even mention it?

  13. Avatar Steve Colman says:

    Good on you Ester!

  14. Avatar Susan Winter says:

    Eszter mindig olvaslak. Persze legtobbszor egyezem veled. Most is.

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