András Göllner replies to Ferenc Almássy on Creatures from the Budapest hills


In May  2017, the Hungarian Free Press published a three part series  by one of our regular contributor’s Professor András B. Göllner. In his study, Dr. Göllner identified by name some of the hundreds of pro-Russian, alt-right bloggers who moved to Budapest, to provide fake-news copy for the big-data based cyber-operations engineered by Jared Kushner and Robert Mercer during the Trump campaign. One of the individuals named in this series was a Franco-Hungarian dual citizen, known for  pro-Russian far-right views, Francois (or Ferenc) Almassy.

In response to Professor Göllner’s article, M. Almassy sent the following message to us through Facebook:

“You shouldn’t lie and propagate false information. You are spreading fear for political purpose, this is not correct. I know it is difficult to avoid this when one wants to raise awareness of public for something which appears to be dangerous. But please, don’t write things you don’t know about, at least. I am not a “white nationalist”, I am a Christian and therefore I despise hate. I want a peaceful society and a fair world. You wrote about me without knowing me, this is not right.”

The following is Dr. Göllner’s response to M. Almassy’s objections.

Since I do not spend all of my time nursing the hurt feelings of fake-news manufacturing bigots, I do not feel that I owe an apology for taking my time in responding to M. Almassy. For readers of this paper and for the Franco-Hungarian, who specializes in attacking democracy and the dignity of his fellow human beings from the safety of Budapest, I have the following response.

Contrary to his assertion, I did not make M. Almassy into a fake-news manufacturing extremist or a bigot. The responsibility for that transformation is entirely of his own doing. He is, of course, aided and abetted in his anti-democratic pursuits by some of the closest friends of the Hungarian PM, such as István Lovas, or Zsolt Bayer. (The latter is a notorious anti-Semitic, anti-Roma, pro-Russian hate monger, who Orbán provided with one of Hungary’s highest state honours last year.)

The facts I presented about Almassy are verifiable. Almassy, by his own admission, moved his anti-democratic operations from France to Hungary, in order to benefit from the protective umbrella of the autocratic and pro-Russian Orbán regime. The Orbán government has also given carte blanche to the Russian secret service, to use Budapest as its Western European hub. This gives added security to the Franco-Hungarian extremist, and to many others who are staying in Budapest on a similar mission.

 In a published interview with István Lovas, Almássy fully admits the above. (See Lovas’ interview with Almassy in Magyar Hírlap  or please listen to the interview with Almássy in the Bocskai Rádió.

Almassy claims he is a peace loving Christian. If so, could he tell us why he participated in a Russian financed military training program, that eventually saw him fight in the Ukraine as a mercenary, to prolong the terror imposed upon that country by Russia? (For details, please read the investigative report by respected conservative reporter László Seres.)

Ferenc Almássy

Almássy protest are hollow. Please follow his relationship with the neo-Nazi Pax Hungarica Movement, and other extremist groups in Hungary on VKontakte’s website. These are his words, not mine: „Here in Hungary we can say things that would have Marine Le Pen [the head of France’s far-right National Front party] crying in fear… Here we can say, democracy is full of shit.” But perhaps the harshest indictment of M. Almassy, and of the Hungarian government’s harboring of these extremists is by Anton Shekhovtsov. (See:  „French Eurasianists join (pro-) Russian extremists in Eastern Ukraine 27 August, 2014.” . The following is taken from this report:

Guillaume “Lenormand” CuvelierNikola Perovic and Mickael Takahashi, as well as Hungarian right-wing extremist Ferenc Almássy, first came to Moscow in the second half of June 2014, where they met Russian citizen Mikhail Polynkov. The latter is engaged in assisting international extremists to get to Eastern Ukraine… So what are these Frenchmen doing in Eastern Ukraine? All four are extreme right activists who are influenced, especially Cuvelier and Lenta, by the ideas of the European New Right. The four Frenchmen have founded a group called “Unité Continentale” (Continental Unity). They believe that NATO is “a terrorist military alliance that uses French army to serve the interests of banks”. The EU, in their view, denies France’s national sovereignty, while France itself is “a slave of the American Empire that dictates the country’s foreign policy and directly interferes in the domestic policy”. The solution of the alleged problem, according to the Unité Continentale, is Neo-Eurasianism, an ideology elaborated by Russian fascist Aleksandr Dugin, (who is Putin’s strategic political advisor.). “Continentalism” advocates the destruction of the EU, Atlanticism and the decadent West under Russia’s leadership.” 

Mr. Almássy, we’d love to hear from you more often, so we can help clear up the uncertainties surrounding your shady conduct as an activist on behalf of Alexander Dugin, and Vladimir Putin. Mr. Trump, are you listening to us, or to Sebastion Gorka, who is another good friend of the Orbán regime – a regime that has rolled out the welcome mat to anti-democratic, anti-American extremists?

András Göllner


  1. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    I do not know, never heard of them. Do not care what they may think or hope.

    At least, what you allege, proves that wherever they may say or believe, they are free to do so.
    Just like your right that guarantees you, and all, as well those that may have opposing views to advocate your leftist goals.

    Sure do not want either side to gain popularity to be able to grab any political power. Simply, because we have seen quite unfortunately that both , your ideas and their (in case they may be extreme as you allege) , has and aims to limit all basic rights of all people that are able to enslave by the forceful power of those ideologies.

    So, just why not be fair to all others? Let every one live as they please, without attempting to advocate or force those selfish ideologies on others.

    Has not the world had enough disputes and bloodlettings already? Why not work to live in peace with all humankind ?

  2. Avatar György Lázár says:

    No doubt that Putin’s influence is significant and mostly unchartered in Hungary. János Széky in his excellent book (Bárányvakság) and in numerous Hungarian language articles argues that the root of this influence goes back to socialist times…

    At least in North-America we have rules and some transparency in international lobbying. Hungary seems to be a paradise for fringe groups and individuals. They operate in an opaque environment, no checks and balances… For me the main question is: Who finances these individuals?

  3. Very good point Gyorgy. Let’s see if A.B. Gollner has any answer to that ?!

  4. @endeguz79

    Troll ! I’m aware of your short term memory loss. and since I feel in a generous mood today, I will guide you to the most recent study on this, published by the Atlantic Council, on May 17, 2017. There are of course many similar findings, but I’ll let you dig those out yourself. Remember to whistle while you work 🙂

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