Viktor Orbán “in a state of shock” after Trump’s withdrawal from Paris agreement

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán told Kossuth Rádió Friday morning that he was “in a state of shock,” after he heard that President Donald Trump will withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement on climate change. Mr. Orbán then noted that on the Hungarian right, and in Hungarian society, the science of climate change is not called into question. “In Hungary, there is a consensus that climate change is real, that it is dangerous and since it is a global phenomenon, it requires global action to combat it. This view stands in opposition to the president’s decision,” remarked Mr. Orbán, in his customary Friday morning interview on state radio. He then added that more thought and reflection is needed to determine the consequences of Mr. Trump’s decision.

Viktor Orbán in Kossuth Rádió’s studio on Friday morning.

Gergely Gulyás, the deputy leader of Fidesz in parliament, remarked that Hungary’s ruling party believes that Mr. Trump’s decision is “unfortunate” and that it “does not serve the future,” adding that as the second largest producer of carbon emissions, the American exit from the climate change agreement would be a “major wound” to these international efforts.

Erzsébet Schmuck of the Politics Can Be Different green party (Lehet Más a Politika – LMP) announced that her party will ask both President János Áder and Prime Minister Orbán to convince and work together with international partners on pressuring Washington to change course. Ms. Schmuck added that Mr. Trump was sending the worst possible message to the international community.

Csaba Molnár of the Democratic Coalition (DK) noted that the American president was “committing an indefensible crime against the world” by withdrawing from the Paris agreement. Europe must now become a model, especially when faced with the U.S., on fighting climate change.

Viktor Szigetvári of the Együtt party also spoke out: “Climate change is a scientific fact. To question this, out of political considerations, is both anachronistic and a denial of reality…We trust that in the end rational thinking will prevail and that the United States will reconsider its decision.”

This seems to be the first time in years that almost the entire Hungarian political spectrum is in broad agreement on an issue.


  1. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    The Paris Accord is a not-bindig resolution.
    The US Senate has NOT ratified it any way.
    So it is a “nesze semmi fogd meg jol”.

    The argument about “climate change” is another BS.
    The fact is that the Earth’s climate has always been changing, and will always be changing as long as the Earth has Oceans and atmosphere.

    The problem is human problem, far too many humans inhibit this earth today. Constant daily human activity that harms and seriously threaten the Earth’s ecosystem, that is the balance of nature. That is the very root course of all problems humanity faces.
    Seven and half billion humans, every one produces 1 kg of CO2 every single day just by living. Plus all the industrial source of pollution.

    Burning coal and oil is safe, as long as do NOT pump all CO2 up to the clouds. Carbon precipitates in water. H2O+CO2=H2CO3, a mild acid, hydro-carbonic-acid, that is how we have acid rain.
    Lot better way to protect mother-earth than selling “carbon-trad’ for profits.

    Beside the accord does NOT affect China, India, etc. the major polluters of our atmosphere before 2030.
    All this was only a political ploy.
    Relax and do not harm nature !!!

  2. Avatar Durban Poison says:

    I’m actually shocked at this story. I thought Orban was smarter than that. The Paris Climate Accord does nothing to fix or stop climate change. Instead of sending billions upon billions to a globalist slush fund, we will use that money to rebuild America. American green energy companies, unshackled by regulations&excessive taxes, can create & invent new, better, more effective green energy technology, which in turn will help the environment more than Obama’s scam “deal” ever would. On top of that America can sell its new tech overseas, further helping our economy. Orban has enough problems with George Soros. He should worry about that&avoid poking America & Trump with a pointed stick.

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