More than 370,000 Hungarians would leave Hungary to become migrants

According to a study released by the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH), 370,000 Hungarians are likely to leave Hungary within the next couple of years, in search of work and a new life abroad. “A significant proportion of youth and middle aged Hungarians desire to leave the country and have already started planning their emigration,” writes the conservative Magyar Nemzet daily, based on a study created by Irén Gödri and her colleagues at KSH. Hungary stands to lose 4% of its total population to out-migration within the next two to three years, which is in addition to a half million Hungarians who have already migrated in the last seven to ten years.

The KSH study is alarming on a number of fronts. For instance:

  • Only one fifth of Hungarians between the ages of 18 and 40 have ruled out emigrating from Hungary;
  • 35% of those contemplating migration are serious about it and have already begun making arrangements, while an additional 19% have already made a final decision to leave;
  • 52% of the 370,000 Hungarians likely to emigrate have already applied for jobs abroad;
  • 11% of all Hungarians between the ages of 18 and 40 are highly likely to emigrate, according to KSH estimates;
  • 53% of all Hungarian secondary school and college or university students are seriously considering emigration from Hungary.

Departures / Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport

According to KSH, most respondent of the representative survey involving 1,500 Hungarians cite unhappiness with their career prospects and professional development in Hungary, while 41% of Hungarian who believe that the country’s situation has significantly deteriorated in the past three years expressed a strong desire to emigrate.

Most troubling, however, is the fact that one third of all Hungarian university graduates, 34% of all skilled labourers and 55% of those Hungarians who speak a foreign language have plans to migrate. Considering the acute labour shortage in many sectors of the economy in Hungary (from IT to hospitality and skilled labour), this latest study spells trouble for the Hungarian economy.


  1. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    This spells trouble not just for the Hungarian economy, but for the entire country.
    Beside the MSH issued the figures that also show the decreasing birth-rate and increasing death rate.

    That is why I have posted before that the way it goes in another 250 years the land may become just an open space.
    Let’s say where Hungary used to be ?
    That’s the future of Hungary, even if it might take a little longer.

  2. I am not surprised but the majority of them will be if they make the move. I believe that the Internet has a lot to do with the sentiment that “a fü zöldebb a másik oldalon” and many of the respondents have the false idea that they will be living a much better life a day after crossing the border. While I cannot deny that there is a chance for the “cream” but the path is full of road blocks and the return is bitter. They should think before make decisions on feeling.

  3. These figures explain better than any narrative, the total failure of Viktor Orbán’s “Illiberal paradise” to inspire a sense of well being and a sense of confidence in the future. Obviously those over 65 or under 18 don’t have much choice. That leaves about 5 million Hungarians – 10% of these have left, and another 4% are planning to follow. If anyone thinks this is the picture of paradise, I wonder what hell is like.

  4. Interesting! A previous article stated that the number of Hungarian youth studying a foreign language has dropped. That does not say I want to emigrate. I wonder what the truth is.

  5. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Robert; Everybody is the master of his/her own life.
    If they see a chance they feel they have to take that chance.
    Success in life is NEVER guaranteed, they all willing to take that one chance to live better.
    Just how the hell could you blame them ?!

  6. Robert, I totally agree.
    It is hard to begin a new life elsewhere.
    This fact confirms how hopeless life has become in Hungary. Any other place can only be better.
    Of course, here I also agree, it is almost only the intenet where people can find information, instead of government propaganda lies.
    After all, still being member of the EU, the Hungarians are really lucky sort of migrants in being free to move to prospering democratic countries.

  7. Hungary was the merriest barrack under Kàdàr/the circumstances. Now, in the free world, it is the saddest under the Orbán fascists and thieves.


  8. What you all are refuse to consider as of what Hungary has to make it a desirable place for all to have a good life.
    Hungary is politically NOT an independent country, part of EU and an ally of NATO. That’s right there is an expense and a drag.
    The country has little to rely upon for any economic hopes.
    Has some navigable river, some airable land, and only the population’s ability and ambition.
    Nothing else.
    I know, they hope yo find all those diamaond mines, gold mines, silver mines, and oil wells, but all that is just BS.
    They want to live good, but no way to finance it.
    Beside, everybody wants everything free, that is somebody else to pay for it all.
    That’s another silly dream.
    I am NO economic expert, but it is neutrality, independence and organic agriculture. Give the population total, uncontrolled freedom, so they can achieve it. I am sure they will, if given a chance.
    Make the people do it, work for it and there is no other chance.
    BS talk will achieve absolutely nothing !
    Sweat, blood and tears ! The only way !

  9. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    I wouldn’t mind the Hungarian version in the KMH, if it is not there yet.
    If anybody thinks this is just another anti-Hungarian or Soros propaganda, is just pififul. While visiting Hungary for 3 month this year, almost every second person was on the opinion, that it is over there. The last should turn off the lights so Orbán and co. would go blind…

  10. Interesting, I’m a UK citizen living in the UK, and we are blighted by Islamic immigration. It can only get worse here. I see Hungary and Poland as countries that are defending their people and culture. I only wish we had such strong leadership. I expect migration from Western Europe to Hungary/Poland will only increase in years to come.

  11. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Daryl E. has pointed out something that could play a larger role in the future.
    So far only small number of retirees that are moving to Hungary, as life is less expensive.
    But that likely will not be replacing the younger generation moving to the west for opportunities.

  12. Avatar Kramer György says:

    contacts in countries where to emigrate is planned, help to build bridges. here on the example of Switzerland:
    Ungarnhaus-Stiftung / Magyarhaz-Alapitvány
    Roswiesenstrasse 187, 8051 Zürich
    Fax / Tel.: +41 43 443 10 38

  13. Really, this is what you want to emigrate to? Today in the UK
    I wish we had a viktor orban. We don’t even have anyone similar to vote for. This isn’t the first event, it won’t be the last, and we have a Muslim London mayor, who recognises terrorism as “part of daily life”. You really don’t understand what you have.

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