Fidesz politician physically assaults journalist at anti-Soros hate-fest

During one of many party forums in Budapest, where National Economy Minister Mihály Varga and National Defence Minister István Simicskó were tasked with explaining the dangers of “the Soros network,” under a screen that read “let’s stand up for Hungary” and an unflattering photo of George Soros, a journalist was assaulted by a local Fidesz politician.

Júlia Halász of the liberal website was reporting on the anti-Soros forum–one of 130 such forums organized by Fidesz across the country as part of the “Stop Brussels” national consultation. The forum in question was in Budapest’s 11th District, at Saint Imre (Saint Emeric) Secondary School.

“I sat down in the room and began producing footage, at which point three young men told me to leave, as I cannot record the event without registration. Despite asking them who they were, the young men would not respond. Instead municipal councillor Attila Ludányi promised to introduce me to the organizer, László Szabó,” wrote Ms. Halász. László Szabó is the Fidesz deputy chief of staff in the district.

“Szabó told me that I could not record the event, but that I could stay and listen. As such, I went back in the room and sat down in the second row. I no longer recorded the event with my camera, but because numerous people were taking photos with their cell phones around me, I used my mobile to take 3-4 photos too,” Ms. Halász explained.

Then, she received a phone call and went out into the corridor to take the call.

“László Szabó followed me out into the hallway and he closed the door to the room, after which he stopped behind me in a threatening manner. When I finished my call, he informed me that I could not return to the room. I explained to him that I had left inside my tripod and other equipment. At this point he attacked me, tore from my hands my cell phone and aggressively demanded that I leave the building. He accused me of having produced a video recording with my camera. This was not true, so I asked that we immediately clear this up in the presence of the police. After he refused to return my phone and began physically pushing me around, I started yelling for help,” recounted Ms. Halász.

Tellingly of the state of affairs in Hungary, nobody came to the young woman’s aid, but instead several Fidesz supporters began attacking her as well.

“Szabó grabbed me by the arm and dragged my down the stairs. He then continued to threaten me outside the building,” she added.

At this point, several Fidesz supporters and representatives joined Mr. Szabó, who forcibly deleted the photos from the journalist’s phones. When Ms. Halász told Mr. Szabó that the police were on their way, he deleted the photos and returned into the building.

National Economy Minister Mihály Varga, traditionally one of the more moderate people in the regime, tried to save face by suggesting that his people would return to Ms. Halász her equipment and that he would make himself available to her for an exclusive interview.

When the police arrived, nobody at the Fidesz event was willing to identify the man who had attacked Ms. Halász–and the Fidesz politician had meanwhile fled using a back door.

When contacted the Ministry of Defence to comment on the incident, the Ministry issued a statement saying that it was not involved in the organization of the event and offered no comment.

This is Hungary in 2017–a country at the heart of the European Union, bankrolled by the EU, where governing party politicians physically attack journalists with impunity. And when police come to investigate, it turns out that nobody saw anything at all.


  1. Ms Halasz, if not invited, do not crash the party. If you do, obey their regulations.

    • Yes, rough them up a bit, just a couple of ribs, no knees or wrists broken.
      They should learn those journalists, liberals, Soros underlings, to obey us …well .. our rules, whatever they are at that instance.

      As Bayer and Orban said – they should be glad that the upright Christians don’t hang them from the lamp posts.

  2. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Ms.Halasz needed not to go alone. Have some of her assocoaites with her. Someone likely had recorded the event on a cell phone. Obtain it and file charges.
    Or even a civil suit.
    If it was “private” event, she had NO right to be present without invitation.

    Otherwise, do not provoke any incidents. Or you may have to face any consequence one has triggered. That is how human nature works.

    Too bed it turned out this way.
    Next time she will know what to do and how to behave. Individuals, nor parties have no bearing on such happenings.

  3. Martagurke,
    are You invited here ?

  4. Avatar Lewis John Bogdan says:

    444 is not even close to “liberal”. Actually, to be honest, so far I thought it’s rather a “fascist” website! They are anti-Romani gipsy in every way, I can honestly tell you that! As for the speculator Jewish Soros, who was selling properties of his own people under false identity during WW2-,has nearly bankrupted the Bank of England, is responsible for the Ukrainian-Russian tension and has caused tension in several South American countries, as well as in the Eastern Block-, I would suggest people to stop getting behind him, unless the people wish nothing more than the complete and utter destruction of Europe along with its cultural heritage, borders and languages! Is that what you stand for?!

  5. Typical ‘Make a perpetrator out of the victim.’ tactic by the haters and trolls here.

    Not the one who rapes or is violent is guilty, but the one who is abused.

    Bendekotz and Matagurke,
    You are just nasty little a…..

  6. Seems like she had many chances to leave before the alleged assault

  7. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Has any witness came forward with recording of this incident ?

  8. l know you are frustrated .Yes you would like to generate a Maydan square here in Budapest too. Nothing less would satisfy your supergreat democracyeagerness .The whole world already begins to understand your evil and dangerous plots.

  9. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Come on Observer, harming anybody is not subject of jokes ! Get real man , get real !

  10. Why is Fidesz afraid of journalists?

  11. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    John Bogdan;
    Have you forgotten, once it was “Germany today,tomorrow the World”, than “World Proletariats Unite”.
    But now the world-wide capital interest is united.
    The ultimate method to rule the entire world, under the cover name of “Globalism”.
    All the Cesars, Pharaoes, Feudal kings and emperors are put to shame by a handful of bankers of today.

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