Canada’s ambassador to Hungary issues statement on endangered academic freedom

Isabelle Poupart, Canada’s ambassador to Hungary, issued what was perhaps the most unequivocal statement yet from the Government of Canada on the Orbán regime’s attacks against academic freedom and its on-going attempt to shut down Central European University. The Budapest regime’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó, summoned Ambassador Poupart, asserting that the Canadian diplomat made “false accusations” and adding that the new law on higher education is not only meant to impact “George Soros’s school.” Again, as we have seen so many times before, regime officials are not willing to call CEU by its name. We are sharing Ambassador Poupart’s statement below.

Isabelle Poupart

Canada is seriously concerned by amendments that stand to endanger academic freedom in Hungary and the operations of the Central European University [CEU]. While we welcome the commitment of Hungarian leaders on Saturday to engage about amendments to the education law, we urge them to quickly move from words to meaningful action.

In Hungary and abroad we have witnessed strong and sustained mobilization in support of academic freedom and the CEU. In Canada, academics and educational institutions such as the University of Alberta, University of Quebec in Montréal, University of Toronto, Western University, and the Canadian Association of University Teachers, have expressed their concern for the future of the CEU. As a long-time friend and ally of Hungary, Canada encourages a constructive dialogue that could pave the way for a timely and effective resolution of this issue.

The CEU is an institution of great international repute and includes a number of Canadian students and faculty in its academic community, comprising people from 130 nations. Canada strongly supports the essential role that universities, NGOs and a free press play in fostering open, prosperous, inclusive and democratic societies.


  1. Avatar Don Hermiston says:

    Since Canadian interests are basically Globalist interests, Canada should mind its own business.

  2. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    That’s right Don, that is just what globalism mean.

    It started with “Today Germany tomorrow the world”. Than the “World proletariat unite”.

    Today the capital of the world is united. That way it is much easier and also more profitable to rule the entire world.

  3. That’s right Don. Keep progressive thought out of Hungary. Keep the status quo where Orban and his pals pocket all the people’s tax money for themselves while shutting down free press and free thought. Let all the smart people continue to leave the country as pretty much anywhere else in Europe offers better opportunity.

  4. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    To me Hungary seems like a parallel with Porto Rico. Hundreds of thousands live the country. The economy is in trouble. Nothing but problems and debt.
    They have the legal right to vote to ; (a) remain as a “protectorate”. (b) become an independent state, (c) or to leave the US.
    Instead they just cry, hope and ask for hand outs.

  5. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    Response to BENCE remark;

    Just what do you regard as “progressive thought”?

    And how in this world can any one keep a “thought” out of a country, any country, in the age of todays communications ?

    And how can a PM “pocket all the peoples tax money” and “shut down the press and free thought”?

    Yes, the peole leave the country in large number because its economy and society is backward.
    Just as I stated above, in my comparison to Puerto Rico.
    Do NOT you see any need for improvement ,the way Hungary has failed to do any ,at least in the last 1/4 century ? Why do you object to that ?
    You just want to go back what it was in the past, because you liked that . Hm?!
    How about the rest of the people ?

  6. @Bence.. your remarks are well composed and has some irony attached to them. Where I see the problem is that the whole political agenda has been hijacked by a few powerful money hungry scam bags and they want to rape the population of the planet by forcing their misguided will on the governments and other organized institutions to act united against anybody who has other ideas.

    I agree with the principal of freedom of the press and academics and NGOs but the reality is that there is no such a freedom at all anywhere anymore. Orban might be a highly visible “devil” but he is forced into acting against the Soros run empire before they destroy Hungary.

    I asked Gölner Andris a question about a week ago without any reply. Just a couple of day ago I found the answer and I share it with you.
    My question was why Jewis people in the liberal „movement” want to import their sworn enemies into Europe? The answer is in Mr. Soros’s war time past. He was a traitor of the Jewish fate, and he is proud of it. Nothing is important for him but harvesting money. For profit he is willing to destroy the life of millions of people, bring down governments by any means, bankrupt countries, and sell weapons to ISIS.

    While I am not an Orban fan, in the fight against this unprincipled, fateless (not equal to atheist) morally dysfunctional well-oiled machine (CEU is one of the wheels of it) that is out to destroy everything that I was brought up to cherish and enjoy, yes I am 100% on his side.

    If you look at the misery the hundreds of Soros financed NGOs brought upon the people around the World you cannot come to any conclusion other than they have to be stopped.

  7. Avatar Bendeguz79 says:

    I really doubt that Mr.Soros is selling weapons , or would consider providing weapons to ISIS. But that is not doubt also a big business. However, doubt you have any evidence to that.
    But no doubt he is part of that very wealthy international group that has a worldwide agenda, that has only material goal for their own interest, not the masses of humanity.

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