March of Science in San Francisco

Tens of thousands hit Market Street in San Francisco on Saturday to march for science. My wife and I attended the lively event which was part of a nationwide call to celebrate Earth Day 2017.

Clever, sometimes funny posters criticized Donald Trump and raised alarms over his budget plan which would cut federal funds from research. The Department of Health and Human Services and the National Institutes of Health would lose billions of dollars and critical technical research would also suffer in Silicon Valley.

Trump is not popular in California, which is the largest state of the Union. He is especially unpopular in the San Francisco area where 85% of the city’s eligible voters preferred Hillary Clinton; Trump got 10% of the votes.

György Lázár

See HFP contributor György Lázár’s photos below…

Maggie, György Lázár’s wife.


  1. The US spends the taxpayers money on ‘some’ scientific research, some are basically just esoteric, not directly connected to directly benefiting humanity. Bur rather to benefit mega corporations. BUT where the US fails miserably is in the training of professionals in the field of science and technology. China trains about 4 time more scientists. US concentrates on training lawyers. No wonder China is making head-ways in advancing their economy.

  2. Avatar György Lázár says:

    “China trains about 4 time more scientists…” China’s population is about four times of US… )))

  3. Since it’s being a week long commemoration of the “Day of Remembrance”. I have not noticed any mention of it on either on the HFP nor on the KMH, beside the March for Science and all the political tug of wars, while I thought that at least some one might remember it.
    Have I just missed it, or, it just missed me?
    Hope it would not be forgotten?!

  4. Gyorgy Lazar;
    BUT they do not train 4 times more lawyers. Or whatever the exact population ration is.
    And they also have much fewer people in the penal system even per the population ratio.
    The point is not the exact ration, but that they are planing ahead for the long haul. Not the west.

  5. To this day no one has paid any attention of the week long commemoration of the victims of the Nizi genecide. The so called Yom ha Shoa.

    May be nodoy can remember, or just do not give a shit.
    That is the easiest way to keep repeating the past.

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