Fidesz co-founder threatens violence against CEU protesters

Fidesz party co-founder and prominent columnist Zsolt Bayer has threatened to use violence against the tens of thousands of students, youth and other Hungarians who have been demonstrating against the Orbán regime’s new legislation, aimed at closing down Central European University. A mass protest is scheduled for Wednesday, in Heroes’ Square, and in advance of this, Mr. Bayer published the following on his blog:

“We can confirm that in very short order, we too will take to the streets, so as to defend all that is important and holy to us. And we will be angry. So for a little while still, you can rage on the streets, you can try to intrude into Parliament, the ministries, Fidesz party headquarters, the President’s offices, you can go up against the police or attack journalist–for the time being. But then you will experience what it means to be persecuted and threatened. As I said: we are very angry. Do you understand?”

Zsolt Bayer and Viktor Orbán.

Mr. Bayer’s words, which have not been condemned by anyone in the ruling party, come after news, published on website, that Hungarian police entered the apartment of a couple who demonstrated on Monday night. As Maria Koosh, a Georgian alumnus of CEU living in Budapest recounted, she and her friend, a Hungarian man called Gergely, had just arrived home at around 1 am, when she decided to take a shower. When she came out of the bathroom, there were 7 police officers in her living room, who peppered the couple with questions and made unpleasant remarks. It was only after several minutes had passed that Ms. Koosh, dressed only in a towel, was allowed to put on some clothes. Her friend, Gergely, was taken away by police and he remains in custody, well over 12 hours later. Ms. Koosh does not even know where her friend was taken.

It appears that Gergely is connected to prominent Hungarian opposition activist Márton Gulyás, who was arrested Monday night and may be held in custody for up to 72 hours. He is reportedly charged with having attempted to throw orange paint onto the Presidential offices, the Sándor Palace, in the Castle District.

Supporters are planning a protest in front of the Prosecutor’s Office.


Monday night’s spontaneous protest, which we reported on, ended at the public radio’s headquarters, after 1 am, when a young woman climbed the building’s entrance and placed a large EU flag above the door. Riot police blocked the crowd, by that time under 1,000, from entering the building.

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