NY Hungarian Consul General Ferenc Kumin is not a proud CEU alumnus anymore

The Hungarian Consulate in New York City does a fabulous job of informing the public about every event, visit or meeting conducted by their diplomats in the Big Apple. The Consulate’s homepage, personal internet pages, tweets and Facebook pages report every little happening.

On March 16th, sixty alumni and friends attended the Central European University (CEU) Alumni Reception at the Consulate building in Manhattan. The reception featured CEU’s Canadian President and Rector Michael Ignatieff. He talked about his strategic plan to renew academics while achieving financial sustainability. He took audience questions and comments regarding everything from business education to community engagement.

CEU’s Canadian President and Rector Michael Ignatieff spoke at the Hungarian Consulate in NYC.

Consul General of Hungary and Budapest CEU alumnus (!) Ferenc Kumin also talked. He was the host of the evening and immensely proud to support University President and Rector Michael Ignatieff.

Consul General Mr. Ferenc Kumin hosted the CEU event – now he does not stand by his Alma Mater.

Several photos were also taken and the CEU Alumni Newsletter reported in detail about one of the liveliest meetings the Consulate ever hosted. I expected that the Consulate would also post photos and report about this successful evening. Not at all!

CEU alumni enjoyed the event.

Meanwhile, in Budapest, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán launched a ferocious attack on the CEU claiming that the “Soros University” was nothing but a bunch of “cheaters.” His government is preparing the legal framework for the possible closure of the institution.

Mr. Kumin and his Consulate in New York suddenly wanted to forget the CEU event they had organized just days before. It seems that he is not a proud CEU alumni anymore. The Consulate removed every reference, photo or text which would indicate that the CEU evening with Rector Ignatieff ever took place!

During Stalin’s dictatorship it was common that photos were altered and faces of non-desirable (or executed) politicians were removed. Under Hungary’s Viktatorship subservient diplomats are willing to make an entire event disappear if that is what’s expected from them.

I wonder, what Mr. Kumin’s CEU classmates think of all this?

György Lázár

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