The Viktatorship strikes at dawn – the removal of the György (Georg) Lukács statue

It was still dark last Tuesday morning at Szent István Park, Budapest, when the trucks arrived. At dawn as the first light appeared workers dismantled the György (Georg) Lukács statue. They were quiet, fast and efficient and it seemed that they had lots of experience. In a short time the statue of the renowned Marxist philosopher was gone.

There is dog-park nearby and when early risers from the surrounding apartment buildings came down to walk their dogs, they were astounded. Thirty two years after its inauguration the Lukács statue had disappeared.

There is a discussion in these days in the media about Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s system; is it authoritarian or a full blown dictatorship? You decide. I call it Viktatorship.

You can read more about the saga of the statue by clicking here – Hungary is removing statue of philosopher György (Georg) Lukács – He was Marxist and Jewish

György Lázár

The Lukács statue before removal….

Workers removed the statue at dawn.

Lukács after

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