Orbán backstabbed Kaczynski

Polak, Węgier, dwa bratanki, i do szabli, i do szklanki – Poles, Hungarians, two brothers, they fight together, they drink wine together. (Polish proverb)

There were few relationships between right-wing political parties closer than the alliance of the ruling Polish PiS and Hungarian Fidesz. Party bosses Orbán and Jaroslaw Kaczynski have pledged to wage a “cultural counter-revolution” and reform a post-Brexit EU. They have profusely praised each other. “I love talking to chairman Kaczynski because politicians are short-sighted in Europe. But we are not,” said Orbán.

Orbán and Kaczynski in happier days.

At the Krynica conference, in southern Poland Orbán said “There is a saying in Hungary that if you trust somebody, we say ‘you can steal horses together’.” A smiling Kaczynski responded: “There are a few stables, and one particularly large one called the EU, where we can steal horses with Hungarians.”

This cozy friendship has come to a dramatic end.

Poland wanted to block the election of Donald Tusk’s second term as European Council president. Tusk, a former Polish Prime Minister, is a bitter domestic political enemy of PiS. At the end, in a formal vote, 27 of the EU’s 28 governments supported Tusk, including Hungary!

Polish Prime Minister, Beata Szydło was angry. She claimed that Poland would retaliate by blocking the EU summit communique and accused stronger nations that they conspire among themselves at the expense of weaker ones like Poland. Szydlo attacked French President Hollande who suggested stopping EU funds to Poland since the country was “not behaving properly”. “Poland would not accept a multi-speed Europe.” – thundered the Polish politician.

Viktor Orbán and Polish Prime Minister Beata Szydło in Brussels.

There were desperate last minute negotiations between Poland and Hungary. The Poles had hoped that Orbán would join them in opposing Tusk’s presidency and that the two counties would show a common front as they discussed that many times before. At the last minute, the Hungarian Prime Minister turned around and betrayed his Polish friends. Orbán supported Tusk reelection!

In Warsaw Kaczynski did not mince words, he was upset. His close friend and Visegrad 4 ally betrayed him in a critical moment.

Now Poland is isolated in the EU and Orbán has lost his right-wing Polish friend.

György Lázár

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