Rep. Marsha Blackburn’s pro-Iranian Hungarian friends

Republican Congresswoman from Tennessee Marsha Blackburn is pleased with President Trump’s executive order to bar Syrian refugees and block citizens of seven countries, among them Iran, from entering the US.

Rep. Blackburn considers Iran an enemy of the United States and two years ago she expressed strong concerns over Barack Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. She wrote that the Iranians were untrustworthy: “Iranians were chanting ‘Down with America’ and ‘Death to Israel’ as they celebrated Al-Quds day. How can we possibly trust them to act in good faith?” (Read Blackburn’s press release here.)

Ms. Blackburn is close to the Trump family, especially to the President’s daughter, Ivanka, and was a member of the President-elect’s transition team. Hungary’s Ambassador to Washington, Réka Szemerkényi, saw the opportunity and befriended Ms. Blackburn in order to charm the influential congresswoman to lobby for a highly coveted White House invitation for Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. Authoritarian Orbán was persona non grata at the Obama White House and is upset that he has never received an official invitation to Washington.

(from left to right) Mr. Kristóf Altusz, Hungarian State Secretary, Ambassador Szemerkényi, Rep. Blackburn and her husband.

Will Ms. Szemerkényi’s lobbying efforts work? I doubt it.

Prime Minister Orbán is not only a casual friend of Iran but also supports nuclear cooperation with them. A couple of months ago Péter Szijjártó, Hungary’s foreign minister, after talks with Ali Akbar Salehi, head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran announced that the two countries would “continue and expand” the training of Iranian nuclear experts as well as establish research and scientific cooperation in the use of nuclear energy. (More about Hungary-Iran cooperation here.)

Viktor Orbán, Hungarian Prime Minister with Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani.

Last year Mr. László Kövér, Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly, spent almost a week in Teheran trying to convince Iran’s leaders that “Hungary could become an important entry-point into Europe for Iran.” It worth to mention that Mr. Kövér is banned from entering Israel for his support of WWII fascists. (Read here about Mr. Kövér’s ban from Israel.)

László Kövér with Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani.

It would be a major coup from Ambassador Szemerkényi if she could convince anti-Iranian Blackburn to help pro-Iranian Orbán to receive an invitation to the Trump White House. The Hungarian Ambassador has already distributed her photos with Blackburn as proof that the Orbán government has access to President Donald Trump’s inner circles.

György Lázár


  1. We’re living in interesting times.

    The survival of the Orbán autocracy does not depend on Mrs Szemerkényi’s American friends, but on the ability of people in Hungary to get off the pot, and wipe their own behinds. We’re quite far from that point.

    Obviously Réka is looking for her own browny points, and photo ops. with the Great Toiletrainer. She is a photogenic busy body, and has a great house in Washington, where she can play to her heart’s content.

    The people of Hungary will stand up when they are shown the way, and have gotten sick of sitting in their own waste. It’s as simple as that. Donald Trump can’t stop them from doing that – he has far more intersting matters to deal with.

  2. Trump, Netanyahu, Orban, Khamenei, Putin, Hitler, alter egos…
    Just different names, heights, clothes, mother tongues, religions…
    Silly reasons not to be pals… IMHO. 😉

  3. Bogdan is István Lovas – Orbán’s neo-fascist ho hum. Please put him in HFP’s basket of deplorables. That’s where he belongs, along with HIS other alter egos, like Liladiadal, Donbas, et al. I’m not sure what purpose is being served by allowing him to deposit his excrement in this space on a regular basis.

  4. Avatar Rreality Check says:

    “The Hungarian Ambassador has already distributed her photos with Blackburn as proof that the Orbán government has access to President Donald Trump’s inner circles.”

    And if Trump were to get a hold of the picture of OV with Iran’s President, Hassan Rouhani? Hmmm? Could Gorka convince Trump to look the other way? Awkward.

  5. Bogdan! In other words: Boss! Or would you rather live under monarchs? As in England, Spain, Africa?

  6. Nothing of importance will come out of this diplomatic fishing.
    Just as nothing came from the “eastward opening” or from any of the Orban mishmashing. (Nothing beneficial for the Hungarians, that is).

    This episode just shows how amateuris, inept or plain dumb are the ideas of these counter selected characters. I don’t even want to mention morals and humanitarian values as far as they are concerned.

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