Fidesz far-right to celebrate Trump inauguration in downtown Budapest

Far-right media personalities associated with Fidesz, including a founding member of the governing party, Zsolt Bayer, have plans to celebrate President-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Friday night in Budapest’s Szabadság tér, or Freedom Square in English. The outdoor public event will be held in the area between the Ronald Reagan statue and the Soviet monument–the latter was once much-maligned on the Hungarian right, before it discovered its affinity for Russian President Vladimir Putin. The event is organized by the so-called Flame of 1956 Foundation (‘56Lángja Alapítvány), and the event itself is exuberantly entitled: “The Inauguration Party for a Better World Order.”

Speakers include not only the viruently racist columnist Zsolt Bayer, but also András Bencsik, the editor-in-chief of the far-right Demokrata weekly magazine. László Bogár and László Gy. Tóth, both media personalities known for floating conspiracy theories about how a liberal international conspiracy, funded by big money, aims to destroy nations and “national values,” will make an appearance. It was Mr. Bogár who in 2015 claimed that the United States was deliberately using the refugee and migrant crisis as a “weapon” aimed at weakening Europe. Mr. Bognár is a staunch advocate of European cooperation with Russia and China, in order to keep the United States at bay.

According to the inauguration party’s organizers, Mr. Trump is a type of saviour who arrived in the 11th hour, to redeem the world:

“We have waited for decades for a miracle that would save our world from running head-first into destruction. We can only hope that this miracle is now being born.”

While the Flame of 1956 Foundation is the primary organizer of the event, there is an American connection. Ákos Szilágyi, the producer of the Hungarian television broadcast in New York, is listed as the event’s contact on Facebook.

“We are glad to witness that the global media was unable to brainwash people. Core human values finally seem to replace the artificially fabricated fake ones. A transformation may begin in the United States, and it may cleanse the air for the entire world and for our home, Europe as well. We are gathering on January 20th to welcome this potential turning point in history,” reads the invitation.

The event promises to be a veritable who’s who of the Fidesz far-right.

Inauguration party in Budapest


  1. Perfect example of illiberal personal disorder. Other question is what will say Mr. Putin to this?…This public party is the sign of political demency of FIDESZ and its circles. And not forget! This is the Mr. Bayer who was yelling in his political talkshow “Melymagyar”(Deep Hungarian) that: “Cheesburger-fans get out from Hungary!”. And see the reaction of Hungarian Government! Not support officialy Mr. Bayer, but let to happen the things and they claim: we are a free country!

  2. The organization of a celebration of Trump’s electoral victory by Hungary’s notorious Jew hater, Zsolt Bayer, is similar to the celebrations organized by Klu Klux Klan leadres and white supremacists in America. It tells more about Trump and his appeal, than what we already know about Hungary’s neo fascists, like István Lovas, László Bogár, András Bencsik, Gy László Tóth, who are all close pals of the affinity fraud artist, aka Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán. Neo nazis of the world unite ?

  3. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Fidesz is a far-right? Oh hahahaha this leftist politics is getting so absurd, everyone is a far-right so is the centrist. Anyone who refuse to follow leftist ideology is a far-right.
    I can tell what this political ideology is being propagated by HFP, that’s the Communist ideology. Enough said.

  4. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Szilágyi was involved with David Irving’s New York gig in a Hungarian Church about 10 years ago… I’m quite surprised that he is the organizer… Irving is a “celebrity” since the movie came out about the Lipstadt trial (Denial)

  5. Something extremely dark looms in the natural affinity between Hungary’s Orban and America’s Orban. A sinister harbinger, for the world, of what’s to come. Mondo Balordo.

  6. Did Hungary apologise for her role in the extermination of Jews (aka Shoa), I don’t know?

  7. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Hungary doesn’t need to apologise for the Jew killings, because Auchzwitz, Dauchau and other extermination camp was in Germany or Poland. Nyilas movement was a Nazi German-backed criminal force who done the killings, and Germany as well. Hungary has done nothing but the opposite, Horthy tried to save the Jews.
    Another thing is most of the Hungarian army and manpower was at the Russian front fighting the Soviets more than Hungary itself. By the time Jewish deportation happened in Budapest, over 90% of the Hungarian military was destroyed at the Russian Front and Horthy wasnt in power by then.

    • So, while the Hungarian army was fighting with the Nazies on the East, the Hungarian parliament passed the laws, the governments acted upon them, the police (Csendörség) arrested the Jewish citizens and the Hungarian Railways shipped them for extermination. All with zeal and speed that overloaded the Eichman part of the system. But Hungarians didn’t kill them, not all of them, not even most of them, just a small part, on the forced labor and forced marches.

      You see? innocent as an angel, as Angel Gabriel according to the monument.

  8. … and some leftliberals will demonstrate in Budapest at the same time, against Trump. So what?

  9. @Kalasz Musztafa

    Hmm, interesting. Thanks. I know that Hungarians loved their Jews as opposed to the abject French, Romanians, Slovaks, Baltic people, Croatians, Greeks, Ukrainians, etc. that cooperated fully with the murderous Germans, Hitler’s willing executioners, to exterminate that wonderful nation of scientists, pianists and comedians.

    (Don’t call me a bigot, it is justified in this case).

  10. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Observer, your living in a dream world. First of all Hungary needed to play the political game to survive as a nation. Germans have always been a big bully over Hungary for most of the Hungarian history because the Germans always consider Hungary as German zone of influence. The so-called anti semitic laws was the foreign pressure coming from Hitler. Hungary was already overruned by Jewish refugees coming from all over Europe to escape Nazism and Hungary was the safe zone for the Jews. The so-called anti Semitics attack you leftist propagating was actually an anti communist attack to crack down on all communist perpetrators whom majority overwhelmingly were leftist Jews, Hungarians wasn’t into Marxist ideology then and they are still against it today. Another thing, you are stupid enough to mention Eichman, I will also mention Rudolf Kastner a vice President of the Zionist league who responsible for the transportation of Jews. Along with Eichman, Kastner was also tried in Palestine. According to Eichman testimony most of the deportation and killing orders was in collaboration with Kastner. Kastner was assassinated in Palestine for very good reason because he was a war criminal. Hungary refused to deport Jews or even to kill them. When Horthy was overthrown by those scum Germans, that’s when everything went out of control.

  11. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Bogdan, any country in Europe that was invaded and occupied by Hitler, didn’t have much choice. Either they cooperate or they end up being the same as the Jews or gypsies. There was a secret in Hitler’s mind what neither you nor any Jew know. After when Hitler done the Jew and Gypsy killing, Hungarians was the next target for Hitler to exterminate, he considered Hungarians as Asian subhamans whose land should be taken for lebensraum.

  12. @Kalasz Musztafa

    Thanks for your answer. I would like also to know what is the opinion of Hungarian patriots like you on the issue of whether the Hungarian Jewish Community needs to apologise for the crimes committed by the Hungarian Jewish Bolsheviks, you know, Bela Kun, Tibor Szamuely, Lenin Boys, Rakosi, etc, etc. to the Hungarian nation.

  13. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Bogdan, this is a very complicated issue. In my opinion if the Jews are to keep bitching and talking in an obsessive compulsive disorder way to the point that everyone is to be blamed for the Holocaust, then we are to ask the Jews to apologise for their mischief they’ve done on Hungarians. Rape, torture, terror….the list is endless.
    Im totally up to the top of head of hearing that only Jews are the innocents in this world and no one else. Rubbish.

  14. Here we go again with the brazen lies and whitewashing. There were and obviously still are many fascists in Hungary. Actually, they are in government, again.
    No wonder the country is in economic, social and cultural decline, again.
    The Hungarian minorities are quickly assimilating (fewer want to call themselves Hungarian) and even the population of Hungary is declining (more want to escape the Hungarian realities).

  15. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Observer, go take your pill, you’ll be OK. Stop talking crap about Hungarians you bigot.
    Whitewashing my arse, Communist have done and still doing their whitewashing.
    Well I can tell you something you bigot leftist Jew, you and all of your friends will gonna pay every blood of a Turk that was wasted in Hungary and other Turk nation. Remember we are not Palestinians or Russians, we are Hungarian Turks ready to kick your communist arse.
    Hayra Turan!

  16. KM or Richard or whoever,
    You can change the aliases, but the simpleton, the wannabe, the little fascist always shows.
    Try harder, learn from the smarter trolls. And improve your English.

    BTW You have a point re whitewashing, many of the Orban’s fascists are former communists. There isn’t much difference anyway.

  17. Avatar Kalasz Musztafa says:

    Observer, whatever.
    I’m not fascist, so dont you even dare to label me one.
    All those “made in China” Marxist JEWelery should be sent back to Communist China, because we not happy with the JEWel product imported to Hungary/Magyaristan.
    And one more thing you crying hysterical Observer Jew, your labeling of people a fascist, a terrorist, a Nazi is based on your own lunacy.

  18. Could we have a section set aside in the comment section of the HFP entitled: “Lovas István trolls” ? Comments from Bogdan, Kalasz, Liladiadal, Donbas, etc should all be packed off into that mailbox, separated from others, so we can easily bypass their lunacy and allow them to cross- fertilize each other at their leisure ?

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