Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi exploits Zsa Zsa’s memory for political purposes

Prince Frédéric von Anhalt, Zsa Zsa’s ninth husband, is upset that he didn’t get to throw a 100th birthday party for his wife; Gábor died two months shy of the birthday. Her husband allegedly wanted to have a bash to sell photos to tabloids and make some cash.

Anhalt is 27 years younger than Gábor and admitted that Zsa zsa had been totally unaware of what was going on around her; she didn’t even know that part of her leg had been amputated. Born as Robert Hans Lichtenberg, a son of a policeman, at age 36 he was adopted by Princess Marie-Auguste of Anhalt, the daughter-in-law of German Emperor Wilhelm II. He changed his name to Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt, officially became a German nobility and sold 68 knighthoods for $50,000 apiece. He also married (and divorced) six wives prior to meeting Zsa Zsa – “I had a feeling they wanted me to marry them because of the title, so they could become princesses.”

Prince Frédéric von Anhalt, Zsa Zsa’s ninth husband with his late wife's ashes.

Prince Frédéric von Anhalt, Zsa Zsa’s ninth husband with his late wife’s ashes.

After Zsa Zsa’s death Anhalt published a list of celebrities who would be attending her funeral but Gábor’s former publicist, Edward Lozzi declared that the list—which included names like the now-late Debbie Reynolds—was a fraud. At the end Zsa Zsa, who was born Jewish but practiced the Catholic faith, had a quiet funeral mass at the Church of the Good Shepherd in Beverly Hills, California. The church was almost empty, Hollywood stars boycotted the event and to my surprise Tamás Széles, Hungary’s Consul General in Los Angeles was present.

Tamás Széles Hungary’s Consul General in Los Angeles (far left) at Zsa Zsa’s funeral mass.

Tamás Széles Hungary’s Consul General in Los Angeles (far left) at Zsa Zsa’s funeral mass.

John Gizzi wrote a surprising article about Zsa Zsa claiming that she was “an opponent of Communist tyranny” and he also added that, “Zsa Zsa was always speaking at events for the Hungarian community in Los Angeles and was even made an honorary Hungarian freedom fighter, the late Los Angeles Mayor Sam Yorty proudly told me in 1979.” (Read Gizzi’s article here.)

I asked Mr. Gizzi for proof of Zsa Zsa’s anti-Communist fervor since she visited Communist Hungary in 1968 and never expressed her dismay of the ruling Kádár-regime which oppressed the 1956 Revolution. She also avoided the Hungarian community in California; there is no trace that she ever attended on March 15 or October 23 commemorations at the Hungarian House in LA.

And finally, Hungary’s Ambassador to Washington Réka Szemerkényi sent out a tweet: “Zsa Zsa was a vocal supporter of anti-Communist freedom fighters who were brutally put down by Russian tanks in 1956.”

Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi

Ambassador Réka Szemerkényi

Please, leave Zsa Zsa alone. Don’t try to make her an anti-Communist crusader after her death! Hungarian diplomacy has reached a new low with Ambassador Szemerkényi joining the fray to exploit the dead star. Zsa Zsa is not here to say: “Dahling, that is absolutely not true.”

György Lázár

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