Violence in Budapest on sixtieth anniversary of 1956 as historian assaulted

Historian Krisztián Ungváry was physically assaulted and bloodied by supporters of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in front of Parliament, as the nation remembered the sixtieth anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Mr. Ungváry’s sin was that he, along with hundreds of Hungarians, blew whistles out of protest during Mr. Orbán’s speech. The prominent historian of twentieth century Hungary was punched in the face, but continued to protest the country’s antidemocratic ruler and government, even as blood trickled down from his forehead and eyes. Mr. Ungváry was one of several people physically attacked during Mr. Orbán’s speech.

This is the face of Hungary on October 23rd, 2016.

Historian Krisztián Ungváry was beat up by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's supporters on Sunday.

Historian Krisztián Ungváry was beat up by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s supporters on Sunday.

After the attack, Mr. Ungváry took to Facebook to thank all those who tried their best to protect him during the assault at Mr. Orbán’s rally.

“Nobody will ever frighten me by beating me up. I am open to debate and to admitting my errors. Those who know me are aware of this. What happened today is an example of the black and white way of thinking. Others in the square were hurt much worse than me. I feel for them. I would be surprised if a single pro-government demonstrator happened to be among those who were hurt, but if there are some, then I also have empathy for them”–wrote Mr. Ungváry.

The assault against one of Hungary’s most prominent’s historians was not an isolated example of violence during the Orbán government’s commemorations of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution, as photos of assaults published by the news site attest to the fact. The situation got out of control as Mr. Orbán was giving his speech–the prime minister’s words could not be heard at all in most of Kossuth Square due to the yelling, the opposition’s whistling and the fighting that broke out in some quarters. The website noted that the ruling party’s primarily elderly supporters were the most verbally aggressive against those who protested the antidemocratic regime.

In Mr. Orbán speech, the prime minister tried to make light of the hundreds of demonstrators who were blowing whistles as he spoke, quipping that “communism returns sometimes to whistle.” He then declared that the “sovietization” of Brussels and the European Union must be stopped.

For his part, a bloodied Mr. Ungváry referred back to his family’s experiences under communism. “I won’t leave just because someone hits me. One hundred and fifty people died in this square, my grandfather sat in prison for six years, my mother and father were also arrested. What happened to me is nothing compared to this,” said the historian.


  1. Very big crowd it seems Orban is popular.
    “Nobody will ever frighten me by beating me up. I am open to debate and to admitting my errors.”

    Then he should stick to the debate. It’s not very wise to go in a pro Orban crowd to protest. Physical injury is predictable. It’s not a typical Hungarian or Orban thing.

    The opposition in Hungary is very weak, unorganized and are taking unnecessary risk meanwhile, all their work is ineffective.

    Returning prizes, resigning, boycotting elections, referendums, and other democratic values are completely useless, if not just have an opposite effect and provides another help for the Orban government.

    And it’s all specifically harmful in historical times when Europe is on the verge of perishing and being destroyed and Orban’s governing achieves the best thing, saving Hungary from the moral and physical genocide that is striking Europe, the invasion.

    That man had himself beaten for nothing. It’s like this site, we have aggressive hostile stalkers of opposition who are the first to attack other posters, or even the sources of the news they are posting, attacking the pro-Orban or even the neutral commenters and they make everything worse, aggression and hostility is spreading and doesn’t solve anything.
    Doesn’t make anything better.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:


      How’s the report going, Richard?

      Did you see David Icke’s ‘who made the moon’ video?

      Must be the lizards, dont you think?

      We are all still waiting for your ezrathamian report.

      Did the lizards apprise you of their secret earth rendezvous? It’s inside the (hollow) earth with access at the south Pole (usual password). Well knock me down with a feather – I thought mother earth was pretty damn solid!

      Please do hurry eh?

  2. I recall vividly how Mr Orbán’s goons disrupted just about every public speech by left-liberal politicians during the decade leading up to his so called “ballot box revolution”. They not only whistled, but threw bricks and stones at those who dared to advocate a different vision than him. He finally got back some of his own medicine, for silencing his opponents, and destroying civilized political discourse in Hungary.

    It is heartening to see, that more and more Hungarians have taken the courage to speak out, to protest, to say no to this authoritarian bully, even at the risk of their own safety. Krisztián Ungváry’s brave action is to be applauded. Widespread, organized and peaceful civil disobedience of this corrupt oligarchy has never been more urgently in need than today.

  3. Mr. Ungváry’s sin was that he, along with hundreds of Hungarians, blew whistles out of protest during Mr. Orbán’s speech.

    Not just during his speech – but also during the Anthem and President Duda’s speech in the most boorish way they seem to be comfortable with. And despite all this, this “historian” aka pro-liberal propagandist and dogmatist, got less than what he deserved, which does not even begin to compare with how Gyurcsány’s henchmen terrorized the demonstrators, shooting, maiming and arresting scores of people 10 years ago. You, dirty Commies, always like to accuse your opponents what you do.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      Dirty commies? I thought Orban and his politburo where all steeped in communism, Liladiadel?

      Dirty? Do you mean they were ‘dirty’ as in, well you know – dirty stag do’s (parties?) in Budapest where they go, – you know – for rumpy pumpy (nudge nudge wink, wink!)

      Or dirty – as in only having a bath once a week when they fired up one of those beautiful boilers inscribed ‘nen, nem, soha!’?

      Or both?

      Áder, Kövér and Orban and his politburo look reasonably clean these days.


      • Avatar Charlie London says:

        I think you must have meant ‘Dirty Liars’?

        I know Zoltan Kovács and János Lazer come under that category?

  4. Charlie London on October 24, 2016 at 8:48 am

    thanks for your reply, I expected you (and your usual restless idiotic baloney) for it gives me an opportunity to post more messages about other important parts of this piece. I have altogether three more and I expect three more replies from you. It would be very impolite to post so many messages without replying to the challenges. I know you don’t want, your little heart ticking too fast and your blood pressure is in the clouds but you WILL even if you don’t want. You are 100% under my control.

    One is, the first at this time the “sovietization of Brussels and the European Union”. Wrong. They cannot be compared. The Soviets were less harmful and did not want to destroy Hungary and the Hungarian populace. Hungary otherwise was never a communist country it was only a communist ideology. Brussels is much more dangerous and destructive. True we got money but they also made Hungary dependent and inoperable without the EU money and let’s not forget how much the EU costs to us, how much we pay and how much the EU earns on us.

    Now, as the well planned destruction of the EU through the migrant invasion is in an advanced state, let alone the corrupt gangster EU politicians, the bankrupt Deutsche Bank and all their corrupt financial and banking scams I would say the EU with its faked illusionary democracy, with its intensively forming police state is more threatening and dangerous for Hungary than the former Soviet Union.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      Awww Richard! (“place!!!”)

      Forget this long-winded rubbish – no one reads it
      – I certainly don’t.

      People are waiting in high excitement for your lizard report on your recent visit to ezrathamia.

      Don’t disappoint! Did they really invent the Beatles? And did they make the moon?

      We all know you have the answers – did you go with David Icke?

      Goodness all that shape-shifting!

      I believe you may have discussed who might have actually destroyed the twin towers; murdered JFK; and who really constructed that clever effects studio where all those moon shots were made. I really did believe that man landed on the moon!

      Such a fool -me!- not to realise! I fell for it hook line and sinker.

      Just one question? How did Rothschild and Soros organise all of this and why?

      Please report soon, Richard? The lizards need you to spread their message – and I don’t want to threaten you, but I’ve heard that if David Icke tells the lizards to terminally shape-shift something or someone, they end up as Lángos.

      You’ve been warned.


  5. History repeats itself.

  6. Charlie London on October 24, 2016 at 1:12 pm

    thanks as I expected. Now, “SIT” and read an learn.

    My second point is. It’s about Orban. I never liked that guy and I certainly admit that many of the accusations about his looting Hungary is true, but I highly appreciate his efforts sparing Hungary not only from the destructive migrant crisis but also from the dictatorial and devastating EU policy and I appreciate his fair and brave stand in both issues. It’s really admirable and deserves support.

    Why am I saying this? Because I read something in this piece, the very same thing I said many times on this site, let me quote from Historian Krisztián Ungváry “What happened today is an example of the black and white way of thinking.” I said the very same thing many times “don’t watch the world through a black and white TV we have color TVs.”

    I certainly mark Orban’s brave and good actions not only the bad ones. It was easy for him to shake his fists and give a speech in the Budapest City Park shouting after the Soviet troops already leaving Hungary that “we request the Soviet troops must leave” and today all the Hungarians who worry for the future of the country and for their lives expect him to do the same with the EU, but it’s not that easy with the EU. Therefore, I think even those who hate him, should support him with that. It’s about the future of Hungary and Europe. It’s not easy for him and it’s a very dangerous game to contradict the globalist high power elite and pick a fight with them.

    Orban is tired he became many years older in this game, he needs support at least in this issue. I read many discussion boards in many languages, EU commenters and not only from the EU they praised him and he is very popular.

    Please play fair and as Krisztián Ungváry said please don’t think black and white. He does bad and good things, too. I think at this time his good actions are more important.

  7. Richard,
    Pls desist and take your medication.
    When your condition improves I can organize you a job in Russia.

  8. Observer in October 24, 2016 at 9:05 pm

    thanks pillionaire, how is your pharmacy business? Charlie failed me but with your help I can post my third thought about it.

    My last point. I always have had great respect to the intellectual layer of the society including of course Mr. Ungváry and I sweep aside my personal feeling whether I like them or not and I expect them to teach the Hungarians democracy.

    What the present intellectuals do including Mr. Ungváry is not teaching it is exactly what Liladiadal characterized. I certainly don’t want any of them being insulted and what he and many others do is totally useless .

    They say they can teach parallel with their actions like asking for trouble in a mass gathering but I say, no. It is stupid and useless. Also I don’t understand what he wanted to express with wearing a casual Hungarian folk jacket or whatever it is when everybody else is wearing everyday clothes. What does he want to express with that and the whistle blowing. Nationalism, patriotism? If he was a Jobbik in that clothing there he would be called fascist. It’s not my opinion it’s just a question.

  9. I promised I will have only three more posts but Charlie idiotic Icke mania, and when he posted an off topic Icke interview video URL about Christopher Knight’s bestselling book “Who Built The Moon” on the Hanks thread I got curious and visited Icke’s site.

    For my surprise I saw that Icke regularly reports about Hungary, dozens of article and I found the latest one about “Violence in Budapest on sixtieth anniversary of 1956” shoving the photos of the brawl and titled “slaves fighting slaves” by Icke.

    It printed out more photo about the violence and I find it worthy of posting the URL. You might click the “read more” link for more photos. It was unnecessary, really bad and shameful.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      Richard – you are a liar.

      You posted David Icke links on here long before I started to ridicule you.

      You are conspiracy-theory central.

      Lacking in integrity.

      Why don’t you start your own stupid web site and stop contaminating Christopher’s blog?

      No one reads your ectoplasmic belches – your English is so bad you can’t articulate anything – find a blog in your mother tongue.

      Isn’t it time you gave it a rest?

      Just go.

      Think of others on here who have to trawl through your rubbish.

      Just go.

      And remember this? It’s better to write one single well observed sentence – than the continuous ectoplasmic diarrhoea stream that you knock out – that no one reads.

      I promise you they don’t.

      Just go.

      Christopher should ban you – just to maintain the dignity of his blog.

      Just go

      I will no longer respond to you – just scroll down your crap to read others.

      Just go. Just go. Just go.

  10. Hungarians famous for their gentle, soft and polite approach to matters national and Orban himself the very champion of reason and calm disposition, never given to populist hype and intolerant rants – egy fene !!

  11. Typical Hungarian calm, gentle disposition when dealing with matters national and Orban the vey champion of reasonable, tolerant, well balance rhetoric – egy fene !!

  12. Charlie

    I am not a liar, I posted videos of Icke but I found them on Youtube when searching for different topics and not on Icke’s site. You don’t have to visit Icke’s site for that and I didn’t chose his videos because it was Icke but for it was speaking about a topic in a good way. And from a neutral site, Youtube. I postedmany other videos from Youtube .

    After your video as I said I specifically visited his site and found news about Hungary.

    Intelligence is the ability to make difference between things before jumping to false conclusion. That’s what you don’t have.

    The rest of your post also an evidence of your dramatically low IQ, and your terribly primitive, hostile, and malicious character that you display not only toward me but toward every commenters without any specific reason.

    And also your sly tactic insulting me and then hiding behind Chris and pushing him against me, “hey Chris look his destroying his site, do something” or in one another post you of yours you suggest I have no respect for readers. You attack and hide behind the readers or Chris. Did they ask you for false your protection? You’re a foul player a flagitious coward maggot.

    • Correctly: “hey Chris look he is destroying your site, do something”

      Sorry, me making spelling and grammar mistakes is a force of habit. 😀 😀 😀

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