Oh, no! Tom Hanks is promoting Orbán’s xenophobe message?

Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks is in Budapest for the shooting of his new movie “Inferno”, a sequel to the blockbuster “The Da Vinci Code.” He loves Budapest and says Mexican food is fabulous in the Hungarian capital.

I know his favorite Mexican restaurant, but I cannot tell you. Hanks values his privacy and I swore to the owner that I would keep the secret.

Recently, Hanks gave a video interview to Ms. Anikó Návai, a well-known Hungarian entertainment journalist: “It is one of the most beautiful city in the world. I am from San Francisco, and San Francisco is the most beautiful city, but Budapest isn’t far behind with that. The mountains on the Buda side, the plain on the Pest side, and the River Danube between the two parts are amazing, especially by night when the whole city is in floodlight. However, the most amazing thing I experienced in Budapest when we were driving back to our hotel early morning from shooting and I saw girls biking on the street, walking hand-in-hand, snigging and giggling. They were talking in the middle of the night out, on the streets. I had the feeling, it is a totally safe city. You cannot experience this in American cites..“

Sounds like innocent chit-chat, isn’t it? Not to pro-Orbán propagandists. They immediately saw the value in the star’s statements and posters appeared – “Tom Hanks has sent a message to Brussels”

Tom Hanks, with the Budapest Chain Bridge in the background, featured on a pro-government propaganda poster.

Tom Hanks, with the Budapest Chain Bridge in the background, featured on a pro-government propaganda poster.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claims that Budapest is safe because he refuses to let migrants stay or pass though his country. He is protecting pristine Budapest from the Muslim hordes! Migrants would destroy Hungary’s beauty, girls would be attacked and Christianity would diminish – “Every single migrant poses a public security and terror risk” – Orbán thundered.

The posters quote Hanks with his photo. One poster reads on the top: “Tom Hanks said NO to Brussels.” The other poster has the logo of Fidelitas, the youth organization of Fidesz, Mr. Orbán’s ruling party. Pro-Orbán daily, Magyar Idők even published a photo essay from the Hanks interview! (read here)

Tom Hanks featured on a pro-government propaganda poster produced Fidesz's youth wing, Fidelitas.

Tom Hanks featured on a pro-government propaganda poster produced Fidesz’s youth wing, Fidelitas.

“Inferno,” is about the race to stop a madman from unleashing a virus that could wipe out half of the world’s population. It seems that the Hungarian Government has already unleashed the virus of hate and intolerance and Tom Hanks shouldn’t be part of it.

György Lázár


  1. Avatar Charlie London says:

    I’m hoping Tom Hanks will refute the use of his innocent observations in this way. Or his publicists issue a rebuke.

    Tom has recently ridiculed Trump and warns about him becoming President.

    He probably doesn’t realise the despotic political situation and the poverty in Hungary.

    (Or… The lizards of ezrathamian have gained control of Tom Hank’s mind and Rothschild and Soros are pulling his strings – our resident conspiracy theorist has just returned from planet ezrathamia (I think!) so we await his report.)

  2. Stunning:( We can only guess, what triggered this in his mind? I think of him as a smart man, assume to have a smart entourage and other smart people around him not to fall for a nonsense, like this propaganda. I hope he will revoke his stand on this.

  3. Tom Hanks is right; Hungary shouldn’t be like the rest of Europe and preserve their culture. Enough is enough with these bunch of liberals, Socialist who drove me out of France 50 years ago. Are European culture has nothing to do with the Muslims people, no assimilation whats so ever. Budapest, the “Petit Paris” of Europe should stay with a clear identity. Soros, born in Hungary left to study for England at an early age. A privileged young man who became a Liberal. Socialist, Communist to the dislike of many people, but his luck with money gave him a tremendous amount of power, and people shouldn’t share his beliefs. Viktor Orban is quite right, and I support him 100% with many of my Hungarian friends living in Budapest. I have gone to visit Hungary must every year since 1975. So I know the culture and his long history very well.

    • Ma chere Monique,

      Don’t mix up Budapest with Bucharest – the latter was called le petite Paris.

      Hanks didn’t say that “Hungary shouldn’t be like the rest of Europe and preserve their culture.” although it is true that Hungary is not like Europe, it is ruled by a quasi fascist regime. It is also true that Orban doesn’t care about Hungarian (or any) culture if it doesn’t fit his propaganda purposes.

      It is your right to “support 100%” the fascists, but we in Hungary can not freely support our democratic parties.

  4. Avatar Child of survivors says:

    He is a privileged American megastar – looking at a European capital just like that : stunning lights, good food – why Mexican and not Hungarian while in Budapest? At least I will always agree with their cuisine – (omitting veal would be so much kinder, -and seeing pigs slaughtered in the street drains of Cluj -now that would traumatize any child) eh? – unless ISIS kiddies come to Hungary’s shores…
    but, how anyone of Hungarian Jewish origin can be mesmerized by the “Blood soaked red Danube” escapes me….a cold old city with ugly secrets-

  5. I guess if someone admires the Parliament building this is to be interpreted that he admires Orban who is inside.

    Cretinous spins for cretinous faithfuls.

  6. Mr Lázár,
    Who published the poster with the “Hanks also said NO to Brussels.. “?

    I can’t imagine Hanks consented to such message and if my hunch is right his lawyers will collect a significant settlement.
    Who will pay ? (we shall at the end of the line)

  7. What’s all the fuss about ? Budapest is a wonderful and safe city at night. So was Johannesburg at the height of apartheid, Lisbon under Salazar, Rome under Mussolini, or Berlin, under Hitler’s rule. We should be upset with Hanks if he declares Orbán a great democrat, or declares his hate campaign against refugees, as praiseworthy. He didn’t do any of that – yet.

    Laughing and giggling along the Budapest “Korzó” in the early hours of the morning was something that I engaged in myself many times. It’s Orbán’s political regime, and his mafia state, that upset my stomach, and forced me to seek a different path to happiness.

  8. I wonder who makes the streets of San Francisco unsafe? What kind of people I mean. What ethnicity or race more precisely. Because here where I live a disproportionate number of infractors are of Roma ethnicity and I know that in Budapest there are many Roma people too.
    Are there Roma people also in San Francisco? Or rather the “Roma” people of the USA are nastier. But who are the “Roma” of the USA? Hanks, taking into consideration his political views, has definitely made a gaffe. I think that the “Roma” of the USA would think that he was referring to them as the cause of the insecurity on the streets of San Francisco. And that is called “racism” in the USA. A very very serious blunder there. But maybe the Tokay was to blame… I like it myself very much. 😀

  9. People need to defend themselves and it’s clear how they package this as “racism”, “Islamophobia”, “xenophobia” and “fascism”. But isn’t this self defense simply a response to their actions? Someone must stand up to guarantee the safety of the Hungarian people including those immigrants who came before this event and already assimilated.

    But the real refugees the poor unfortunate families cannot come. They are lined up and shot dead thousands of them in Aleppo by the Islamic extremists day by they when they try to leave the city. They use civilians as living protective shield. Iraqi troops torture even little kids with hammer in Mosul to get information about the escaping Islamic extremist. The real refugee families don’t rape. They just want to live but they never make it to Europe. It’s the Islamic extremists who come aiming Europe now and will be more. Of course they have no place in Hungary. There are many migrants in Hungary from Islamic countries already living in Hungary in peace. Is that xenophobia?

    Those who come have terrorized west Europe and the U.K. was quick to exit the EU.

    It’s about the safety of humanity from an oncoming global conflict that might be an armed conflict of which this engineered migrant crisis is just one of the well financed and well prepared destabilizing elements and now is going up on global scale. They are pulling the world into an irreversible direction to the point of no return.

    Hanks was right. Although just a polite message to the host country but was right.

    Hungary is without “Taharrus the Arab rape game”. Type it in Youtube and look it up for yourself.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:


      How did the ezrathamian trip go? Did you meet with the lizards?

      Did the ‘place!!!’ password work?

      As chief Assistant Research Superintendent Investigative Overseas Technician I’m hoping for a successful report about the hidden conspirators who are trying to take over the world – did you meet David Icke?

      So many questions! I do hope you’ll report back soon.

      • Avatar Charlie London says:

        Oh yes! Try and keep it short please? Those lizards take a long time to warm up.

        Ezrathamia is a long way from the sun and their attention span’s a bit short (and so is mine actually when reading what you put up on here!)

        Good luck!

  10. It seems that the Hungarian Government has already unleashed the virus of hate and intolerance

    You idiot.

    • You are right, it is pretty stupid to say “It seems ..”

      It is a glaring history that Orban has been peddling hatred and intolerance for at least 15 years – just like with the hard line communists, it is always a struggle against someone/something (a nemzetközi helyzet egyre fókozodik).
      The targets have been changing and over the years include everyone, e.g. communists, Russians, left, Kisgazda Party, MSZP, Gyurcsány, MDF, IMF, Jews, civic organizations, intellectuals, USA, Austria, EU, Merkel, refugees/migrants, etc.

      If it was not for the lying, cheating and stealing, I would say hatred is his nature.

  11. “I saw girls biking on the street, walking hand-in-hand, snigging and giggling. They were talking in the middle of the night out, on the streets. I had the feeling, it is a totally safe city. ”
    That’s the world I grew up in, but my descendants will not get to live like that. Multiculturalism has stolen the safety of people of European blood no matter where they are. Europeans are no longer safe in their ancestral homelands. Europe must wake up and see what is being lost. Wake up now so your descendants will not be refugees from their home land because of multiculturalism.

  12. If a European country don’t let the hordes flood their land they are called “far right” “racist” “Nazis” and “xenophobic”. If they let them in, their country, their lives, their descendants lives will be torn apart. Which one is easier to live with? Which one does the most damage? Which choice is beneficial to the European country and it’s people? Hint: A name will not destroy a country and it’s people. Europe, wake up and take a stand before it’s too late and you lose everything.

  13. Diversity is a problem for the Europe, we gain nothing from this. This is a lose lose for the European and a win win for the ones who get to “diversify” us. The white man builds a business, a school, a town, a city, a country and the races who can’t build anything equal or better feel they’re entitled to it. The other races come because it’s better than any thing their people can build. For the most part the other races are very destructive, invasive like human parasites.

    Every country the white man has built is in high demand by the dark races. They want the white mans world but they don’t want the white man in it. Europe and children of Europe, you must wake up.

  14. “I saw girls biking on the street, walking hand-in-hand, snigging and giggling. They were talking in the middle of the night out, on the streets. I had the feeling, it is a totally safe city. ”

    A homogeneous society is stronger than a multicultural society, a homogeneous society is and always will be a safer society. A multicultural society is a fragmented society and therefor is an unnecessary burden on the host country.

  15. Weak writing with fake photoshopped pictures. (metadata anyone?). Comrade Lazar latest product like many others, a visible evidence of a desperate Postcommunist/Liberal-Marxists trying to smear the world so he can feel better about himself. Even in the USA or Canada less and less people falling for their BS! They just have to watch the news, see the videos on the internet and see the waves of violence, intolerance, murder, rape, mutilation and fanaticism, the collapse of western civilization aided by these progressives by betraying their countries to the Muslims. People see what is happening, they getting know the real Islam and they realize what you and your comrades did!

  16. Charlie London on October 23, 2016 at 11:30 am

    poor guy, I wrote about a sad thing how those unfortunate families are killed in Syria and don’t you have better thing to do than making joke about it with lizards mocking David Icke for that and everybody?

    You are marginalizing yourself. What a disgusting pathetic poor guy you are. Shame on you, there’s nobody on this site being such an evil like you.


  17. Charlie London on October 23, 2016 at 11:30 am and

    what so funny about it and Icke, you really disgust me I believe every other sentient beings.

    Please refrain from making jokes about this human disaster, shame on you, I only thought you are an idiot and sometimes played with you, but what you have done today is pure evil.


    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      Hello Richard!

      I know I told you to stay discreet and in disguise – but everyone knows about the lizards of ezrathamian now – and you can discuss them openly – they all know the password.

      David Icke gives you permission too.

      Did you bring back a lizard? Apparently you can animate them by putting them in the microwave for 30secs. Or you can whisper ‘Rothschild’ or ‘Soros’ and they go berserk!

      Did you get the ‘I’ve been to ezrathamia and all I got was this bloody T-shirt’? There’s a beautiful picture of one of the chief lizards – he’s called David!

      Now what about that report?

    • Avatar Charlie London says:


      Who built the moon?

      Well you and I know it was the ezrathamian lizards of course – the moon is linked with ezrathamia and Saturn.

      Listen to chief ezrathamian lizard David – he explains all.

      And he’s still waiting for your report too. Don’t take too long – Armageddon might happen when those lizards warm up?


      Chief lizard David will tell us soon that the refugees are actually the battalion of lizards taking over the globe. What amazes me is he’ll also tell us the Beatles didn’t exist! Eh? Well knock me down with a feather.

      But I bet you didn’t guess about the refugees eh?

      Did you get an answer to my question from the lizards of ezrathamia? You know ‘Does Szijjártó really exist – or is he a Senior Lizard’?

      We really need to know, Richard.

      I can’t wait for your report. We all can’t!

  18. Charlie,

    you are really sick. Stay on topic.

    But as always I try to get you back to the topic. Looks like you don’t like to personally post messages that are opposing or criticizing the pieces or the writers, you’d rather challenge and provoke others to do it while you are eulogizing the writers. Really flagitious.

    Well, as you wish. There is no xenophobia in Hungary. It’s reality. The responsibility is on Germany.

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