Thank you, Hungary! Migration Aid issues statement as Orbán’s referendum defeated

Hungary’s Migration Aid, an NGO, which played a critical role in providing food, support and medical care to refugees in Budapest last year, issued the following English-language statement, after polls closed and it becomes increasingly clear that Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s  xenophobic anti-migrant referendum is invalid, falling well below the minimum 50% plus 1 participation threshold. 

This evening at 19 o’clock another dark era of Hungarian history has come to an end. The government had spent billions (of HUF) to fund a campaign in order to fire up hatred in the country. A campaign that turned two groups of people short of the ability of self-defence into victims. Firstly, a number of roughly forty thousand fellow countrymen with Muslim religion living in peace and in symbiosis with the majority, and people who are seeking refuge in Europe escaping the chaos at Middle East.

From a legal view the atrocity campaign has ended in failure since more than half of those registered to vote did not fall for the tricks of the government’s campaign–including psychological tricks and overwhelming propaganda. The power elite that urged the referendum will surely struggle in the upcoming days to interpret the result of invalid voting as a success. We, however, have to look ahead and immediately start our work to repair the damage caused by the Hungarian government’s hatred-propaganda in our heart and head.

It was our deliberate decision not to take part in the debate going on in the past few months, as our main goal is helping people. However it has become obvious that we still have plenty to work to do, in explaining the nature and motive of migration and to initiate a social debate based on rational and realistic information on how this country can settle the humanitarian and security problems caused by migration.


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  2. seriously your claiming 95% of voters in which 43.5 % turned out, who voted no as a win because at most 25-30% didnt vote?even if they had voted yes all of them no would have still had more support? you think it being just shy of 50% makes it any less valid too the 3.5 million who voted no?oh and btw only 30% of the entire migrant population taken in are syrians, by germanys own statistics , therfore your arguement is invalid

  3. you profess to being Free press yet ignore the vote of 3.5 million people, the highest ever turnout for any election in Europe is 75% minus 42.5% of no gives 32.5% in favour if theyd all voted yes that didnt vote No would have still won, on which planet does this equal rejection by the population?

  4. LOL this is complete BS, does the people who wrote this thing know that last elections FIDESZ+Jobbik had something like 65% of the vote ?

    So the claim that 60% of hungarians are in favor of immigration is stupid at best, because almost half of non voters are jobbik/Fidesz followers and logically when more than 90% of voters voted against something it’s not possible that the rest of voters would have another opinion…

    Deal with it, if hungarians were in favor of immigration they would have voted in favor of these quotas yet they voted against by a very wide margin.

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