Viktor Orbán: Without Hungary, Europe would have already fallen

Hungary’s largest free circulation print daily, Lokál, published an interview with Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, three days before the government’s anti-migrant referendum. Lokál is published by the Modern Media Group, a firm co-owned by the prime minister’s personal adviser, Árpád Habony. Earlier this year, without issuing any tender, the Centre for Budapest Transport (BKK) signed an agreement with the Modern Media Group to have Lokál distributed at all metro stations.

Perhaps it is not surprising that Lokál’s journalists did not ask Mr. Orbán any real questions when they interviewed the prime minister. Attila Leitner’s approach to his interviewee is decidedly servile. His first question was to inquire if Mr. Orbán has ever changed his newborn granddaughter’s diapers. “Not yet. The number of women per capita in our family is very high,” responded the prime minister. “But I wouldn’t shy away from the responsibility,” he added.

After asking more questions about how it feels like to be a grandfather (Mr. Orbán’s oldest daughter, Ráhel, recently gave birth), the interview turned to political issues.

“Has the birth of Alíz changed your perspective on the migrant crisis?”–asked the interviewer.

“No,” responded Prime Minister Orbán, adding: “We have five children, that is enough responsibility on its own, and it determines one’s place and duty in the world. My family is the most important to me–their safety, peace, good health and happiness. Hungary is the only place where we can truly be at home. This is what I have to protect. This is where we have to make life safe, bright and friendly.”

Lokál’s journalists continued to build the entire interview around Mr. Orbán’s newborn granddaughter:

“How do you think Europe will look like, once your grandchild is a high school student?”

And Mr. Orbán responded: “Anyone who claims to know how the world will look like even in a couple of years is mistaken. We see that everything can change from one day to the next, taboos are challenged and even self-evident things are questioned. (…) We never thought that Hungarian families would be worried to let their children travel to western Europe. Terror has settled in Europe, the safety of the everyday has been destabilized. We can’t know what the future holds, but which direction we take depends on us. We Hungarians usually detect danger early on and we had the courage to initiate change.”

Lokál then added that Mr. Orbán faced “incredible foreign pressure” for having gone against the West’s politically correct immigration policies. “I knew this would happen, but I was not sure that I could withstand the huge pressure. But we succeeded, I withstood and the winds have changed,” responded Mr. Orbán, implicitly referring to his border fence between Hungary and Serbia, erected to keep refugees and migrants out. “We did what sober countries in the world have already been doing, from the United States to Israel. We defended Hungary, as well as the boundaries of the European Union,” he added.

“Where would Europe be today, if Hungary did not block off the open gates?”–asked Lokál, clearly appealing with its questions to the prime minister.

“Had we not taken our responsibility seriously, Europe would have already fallen. The self-sacrifice and the submissiveness would have become unstoppable. There is a chance that Hungarians will be on the right side of history….We want to protect the Europe that we all love, where we feel at home and for which we have sacrificed so much,” Mr. Orbán remarked.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a helicopter, inspecting the border between Hungary and Serbia from above. Photo: Facebook.

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a helicopter, inspecting the border between Hungary and Serbia from above. Photo: Facebook.

The prime minister said that those who are considering boycotting the October 2nd referendum are risking the future of both Hungary and all of Europe, and he added that the problem in the West was that governments never asked their citizens about their immigration policies. “Many people now want to turn back the hands of time,” noted Mr. Orbán, adding “Let’s not make a mistake that can never be corrected. Let’s not risk the future of Hungary.”

Mr. Orbán was then asked about what specifc dangers migrants and refugees bring to Europe–the prime minister continued his main theme, on how he believes that it is impossible to truly integrate many of them.

“We Europeans respect women–we see them as equal partners. With them, things are different. In every European country, monogamy is law and polygamy is illegal. But for them, polygamy is natural. The European legal system is also irreconcilable with Islam. And sustaining the masses of migrants puts a burden on our economy. Their welfare and education will cost a great deal of money, while millions in Europe are unemployed,” responded Mr. Orbán.

But for many Hungarians, the most powerful imagery that Prime Minister Orbán used to illustrate the threat he believes that immigration and the migrant crisis poses is the Treaty of Trianon–the post World War I treaty, signed in 1920, which saw Hungary cede two thirds of its territory to neighbouring countries and more than half its population, including many ethnic Hungarians who found themselves in hostile successor states.

“We see in the case of Hungarian communities living in the Trianon successor states exactly what happens when a minority one day  turns into the majority. They can pull the rug out from under us,” remarked Prime Minister Orbán.

Hungarians are less than 48 hours away from voting in Sunday’s referendum.


  1. Avatar Charlie London says:

    Without Europe, Hungary would have fallen….

    Without Orban 1,000,000 jobs wouldn’t have been created!

    Er……but they haven’t been!

    Without Orban Hungary wouldn’t have been the engine that drove Europe out of recession!

    Er…….but it wasn’t.

    Without Orban such blatant lies wouldn’t issue forth…..

  2. It doesn’t matter if you like Orbán or not, but he is right about the Trianon example though. Demography is destiny! This is a histortical fact all around the globe.

    Not one Europain country can survive third world mass immigration without loosing it’s first world identity (ethnically and culturally).


    “It doesn’t matter if you like Orbán or not”

    — But it sure matters if he doesn’t like you.

    “but he is right about the Trianon example though”

    — Perhaps Hungary should have been rewarded for its record of oppression over its ethnic minorities with the opportunity to do it yet again?

    “Demography is destiny! This is a historical fact all around the globe.”

    — And the latest manifestation of this ineluctable (divine?) destiny is Hungary’s growing pariah status in Europe. (Some destiny! Some history!)

    “Not one European country can survive third world mass immigration without losing it’s first world identity (ethnically and culturally).”

    — Maybe Hungarians would be better off “losing” their xenophobic, ethnocentric “identity.” The rest of the world sure would be.

    • Kudos!
      I enjoyed the fine dishing to Geza, though he seems to be used to boiled turnip.

      • Well pc warrior, nothing better to do then licking the shoes of your blind companion and showing by your reaction that you are even more uneducated as he is.

        I try to wake up people like you, although it is almost impossible, but the positive person that I am, I will not give up on you.

    • By your reply on the facts, you only showed you are one of those indoctrinated, bad educated liberal left victims. Next to being anti Hungarian and anti white as most of your kin.

  4. The correct statement sounds as the following: With Orban, Hungary and Europe disgracefully fall…

  5. When the whole migrant crisis begun I wrote that Orban who is smart and cunning enough to loot Hungary, to build his toys like stadiums, little railways, to beat Simicska, to troll the EU, will fall when he is trying to do something good, fair, and decent. He is smart enough for bad things but is he smart enough to do good things?

    Is he smart enough to cheat death? That is here to kill off the Europeans? When a few wrinkled up old men decided to finance and assist the hordes of murderous barbarians brought up and fanaticized into stoning others to death, into mutilating fellow humans for minor offenses, into keeping women as sex slaves and raping them, into the honor killing of their very own children and mother to flood the prosperous and wealthy Europe that will not open fire on unarmed people who are coming millions of them to tear them apart with their bare hand.

    Yes, he can cheat death but to do this he must cheat the EU and must destroy the death machine. How? It doesn’t matter who finances and who engineered this incredibly evil plan, it can be some billionaires with super computers of artificial intelligence that are capable of over-exceeding the human brain and project the future, it can be real time traveling or alien assistance with 1000+ IQ, it all doesn’t matter they all fall under the almighty law of the material world — nothing is perfect.
    Not here in the material world and even the devil and his best plans have a flaw a bug.

    Explore it and you will win, you can cheat death. Can you hear me boastful, uppish Orban?

    What is that flaw? I certainly don’t publish it, it’s not my game and I don’t work for those evil men to help them patch it up, the security vulnerability, but I can say one thing. It’s so obvious that even a child can see. Maybe that’s it, only a mind of a child can see, you just have to see and the more you think about it the less you will see.

    Explore it and you can survive this game, you can cheat death, you’ll be in the history books, and then do another good thing and pay back the looted billions to the treasury. 🙂 Go on big boy what’s keeping you? Time is not on your side any more, you gotta be really fast.

  6. Do you think there is free speech in Western Europe? Deviate from Cultural Marxist thoughtspeak and you will find that out pretty quickly. Orban is the greatest statesman in Europe, maybe the only one. He showed courage and principle and foresight when all others withered.

  7. Richard is off medication again.

  8. Observer, good one now eat this.

  9. Sorry, why am i awaiting moderation when others post after me, free press?

    • Sean,

      HFP only checks when commenters post for the first time, possibly to verify email address. After your first comment they all go through in real time fashion. The other instance is when you post more than one URL. But the same stands for many other sites, I think it’s normal, many other sites even use CAPTCHA.

      I have very different views on the refugee crisis and none of my comments was moderated or deleted.

  10. Cheers FreePress! I know your views are different from mine, but I love your country – I have been all around Bukk mountains twice. Lovely people!

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