Hungary’s foreign minister furious after demand for country’s expulsion from European Union

Hungary’s Foreign Minister, Péter Szijjártó, was visiting Moldova Tuesday morning, when he commented on statements made by Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister, Jean Asselborn, who suggested that Hungary should be expelled or at least suspended from the European Union, for its rule of law violations and the poor treatment of refugees and migrants. Interestingly, Mr. Szijjártó used a line of attack just introduced by Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in a speech to Fidesz politicians and pro-government thinkers less than 48 hours earlier, when he referred to Luxembourg’s foreign minister as a left-wing “nihilist” hellbent on destroying European culture. Mr. Orbán threw around the term “nihilist” in a speech this past weekend, when remarking:

“The nihilists represent a minority within society, but they have long occupied the European elite. The nihilist viewpoint has settled, in a clandestine manner, on the institutions of the European Union and the world. These are the ones who, hiding behind the mendacious discourse of political correctness, reject all debates based on values.”

Viktor Orbán on Sunday. Photo: MTI.

Viktor Orbán on Sunday. Photo: MTI.

Mr. Orbán also added, speaking at the same weekend event, that “the communists are like Terminator. They can come back to life even from a few broken, scattered pieces.”

The 37 year old Mr. Szijjártó is widely regarded by those close to the governing Fidesz party  as having been appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs because of his unwavering loyalty to the prime minister and for being a good, close study of Mr. Orbán. His rhetoric, intonation and even gestures bear a close resemblance to those of the prime minister. When Mr. Asselborn stated in an interview with Germany’s Die Welt that Hungary was in “massive violation” of fundamental European values and that the EU could no longer turn a blind eye to “such inappropriate behaviour,” adding that due to the Orbán government, Hungary “should be excluded temporarily, or if necessary for ever, from the EU”, Mr. Szijjártó provided the following response:

“We’ve known even before that Jean Asselborn is not a serious character. It really shows that he only lives a few kilometers away from Brussels. He wants to exclude Hungary from the EU, but he has already long excluded himself from the circle of politicians who can be taken seriously. Being the good nihilist that he is, he is working tirelessly on destroying European security and culture.”

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. Photo: MTI / György Varga

Foreign Minister Péter Szijjártó. Photo: MTI / György Varga

Then referring to Hungary’s ill treatment of migrants and the upcoming anti-migrant referendum on October 2nd (Mr. Asselborn had said that “Hungary is not far away from issuing orders to open fire on refugees”), Foreign Minister Szijjártó said:

“Hungarians have a right to express an opinion. Only they have the right to decide with whom they wish to live, and with whom they do not want to live side-by-side. This right cannot be taken away by Brussels, nor by the Foreign Minister of Luxembourg.”

Mr. Szijjátó then offered a “diagnosis” of Mr. Asselborn, remarking that the foreign minister of Luxembourg is a “frustrated and conceited” man.

Meanwhile Mr. Orbán has fired up his referendum rhetoric even further. Whether he will be able to convince at least 50% of the electorate to cast a ballot on October 2nd, thus rendering the anti-migrant plebiscite valid, is now the biggest question surrounding the vote. In Parliament on Monday, Mr. Orbán accused the left-wing mayors of some Hungarian cities and districts in Budapest of wanting to grant asylum to refugees and settle them in these urban centres, against the will of their local populations. Obviously, the mayors of Hungarian municipalities have no such power–they cannot grant asylum to anyone above the head of the national government. Mr. Orbán knows this, but his rhetoric plays into his longstanding narrative of the left and liberals being in the service of unpatriotic forces.

Mr. Orbán does, however, have a solution for the migrants, namely to sink their boats. “Like the Romans did, we too must sink the empty and illicit ships in the Mediterranean.” The migrants would be saved, according to Mr. Orbán, before the boats are destroyed, and they would be sent to Libya, where a camp capable of holding three million asylum-seekers could be established.


  1. Avatar Dr. Habil Fodor András says:

    Dear Christopher,

    See the other side of the coin and share it with your reader. Some of them may read Hungarian:
    Sorra állnak ki Magyarország mellett az uniós államok

    Oláh Gellért

    Oláh Gellért
    2016. szeptember 13. 20:58

    Az osztrák és a német külügyminiszter után a lett és a litván diplomácia vezetője, valamint a cseh miniszterelnök és az államfő is visszautasította Jean Asselborn luxemburgi külügyminiszter felvetését, miszerint Magyarországot ideiglenesen vagy véglegesen ki kellene zárni az EU-ból.
    Az osztrák és a német külügyminiszter után a lett és a litván diplomácia vezetője, valamint a cseh miniszterelnök és az államfő is visszautasította Jean Asselborn luxemburgi külügyminiszter felvetését, miszerint Magyarországot ideiglenesen vagy véglegesen ki kellene zárni az EU-ból.

    Elsőként az osztrák külügyminiszter utasította vissza Asselborn felvetését. Sebastian Kurz elfogadhatatlannak nevezte a luxemburgi külügyminiszter szavait. Úgy vélte: lehetséges, hogy az unióban komolyabb szóváltásra is sor kerül, azonban a médián keresztüli üzengetés nem járul hozzá a közös munkához. “Magyarország európai állam, uniós tagország és Ausztria szomszédja” – szögezte le Kurz, és aláhúzta: “tiszteletre van szükség, hogy ne kerüljön veszélybe az európai béke”.

    Nem osztja luxemburgi kollégája véleményét a német külügyminiszter sem. A Rigában tartózkodó Frank-Walter Steinmeier azt mondta, hogy egy uniós tagállamot sem kellene kitessékelni a közösség ajtaján.

  2. Christpher Adam is an unflinching supporter of the EU even when the latter, or its representatives, take unfair or false swipes at Hungary and its government. Hungary has built a fence to keep out unregistered migrants, but it provides access for all refugees willing to go through the registration process once they have formerly requested asylum. This involves fingerprinting, photographs and a check of papers. Nothing more nor less than what Canada or the USA requires from those who want to legally settle in the country. When will you learn to comment without constantly twisting the facts?

  3. Nobody wants to eject Hungary, they want to eject Orban at any price even by destroying real values. Nothing can be expensive enough.
    They want the barbed wire but not this way. They want a prison Hungary to be prison zone.

    “It is absolutely incorrect to think that they do not support Mr. Orbán’s barbed wire fence on the southern borders of Hungary, as well as the criminalization of migration and the imprisonment of refugees. In fact, Europe is very much pleased with all of this. They think that a port of entry has finally been closed, through which refugees have been arriving into the Europe Union in waves, all summer long. The reality is that the European Union needs a prison zone, which will deter or detain the crowds of migrants. And Mr. Orbán readily meets these European expectations. Our one piece of good fortune in all of this, is that Hungarian authorities are unable to cope with such masses of humanity on the doorstep. Hungary effectively remains open, the wave of migrants refugees keep coming, who must themselves locate the erected refugee camps, which are decidedly overcrowded and inhumane. ”

    But as I wrote in my earlier post, the big question is “who” and the EU that was incomprehensibly apologetic all the time when Orban looted the EU money, built a regime, a mafia state which all coincided with their interests, now some of the high level slaves of the EU become furious at the first moment when Orban does the right thing and shows a sign of a moral character.

    What was that? Just a little bug in the system. He made one step in the right direction. The fences and the barbed wire is OK, saving the EU t their command is OK but saving Hungary is definitely not.

  4. Orban Victor is the best! He talks straight and stands up for his Country what ever it takes. He has guts and lots of support to do it.

  5. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    After the three samples from Orbán’s basket of deplorable apologists – sorry, couldn’t resist the pun – I’d like to offer a more sober assessment. Mr Szijjártó is upset, because he and his boss, Viktor Orbán do not wish to entertain the prospects of having to do without the billions of subsidies given to Hungary by EU taxpayers. His angry pushback, is due to three reasons. First: over 90% of Hungary’s national economic development budget is paid for by European taxpayers – without this subsidy the Hungarian economy would grind to a halt, and Mr Orbán, along with his fast-footed young ball carrier, would be chased out of their mansions, by pitch-fork carrying irate Hungarians. Secondly: all of the EU money is laundered through the Hungarian Prime Minister’s Office, and given to companies and decision-makers who are cronies of the Prime Minister. The EU subsidies are the principle levers, Orbán uses to keep his vassals happy and supportive. Thirdly: at least 25% of the EU subsidies are skimmed off, by Orbán’s vassals, to fatten the electoral coffers of Fidesz and to line the pockets of the oligarchs who support Mr. Orbán.

    Mr Asselborn has obviously touched a raw nerve. Unfortunately, I have to agree with the first deplorable commentator, Dr Habil whatever his name is: it is highly unlikely Europe will take a united stand and impose meaningful sanctions against a regime that makes a mockery of the sacred trust, this Union was created to uphold and defend.

  6. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Joe

    Please don’t be offended – I didn’t intentionally leave you out of Orbán’s basket of deplorable helpers – you came out of the woodwork before I had the opportunity to compose myself. I’ve added you to the basket.

  7. All of this because Hungary blocked the Islamic invasion. Jean Asselborn, Angela Merkel and a few others in top EU positions are on the take. The oil rich countries of the middle east have paid the EU leaders to turn their back on Europe and her people.

    Before the EU is through with Europe they will have done more damage than any previous war. Wake up Europe and take your countries back for the future of your children and your children’s children.

  8. “basket of deplorable”

    Hillary Clinton tested this offense on Trump’s supporters but it didn’t work out for her the way she hoped as she failed to realize that with this remark of her she has offended millions of others too who don’t even support Trump, including her very own supporters. Something that has questioned her IQ?

    HFP flag counter has climbed up nearly to 2000 from a few hundred and we only get; say, 20 comments. What do the other 2000 think?

    They may think their objection to the Islam invasion of their homeland and their approval of Orban’s present handling of the crisis doesn’t necessarily make them Orban’s supporters, yet now they got lumped together in the same basket of deplorable with Orban’s supporters. That was really offensive. Will this arrogant and hostile shortsightedness bring about the desired effect or just the opposite effect? That did it and it questions your common sense and the credibility of the rest of your evaluation on the government’s actions. After all even that might seem to be biased.

    Is this that in order to remove Orban even an Islam invasion is acceptable or a kind of irresponsible unconscionable behavior of supporting the total destruction of Europe by the Islam invasion even now when terror, rape, explosions, state of emergency, and blood, and fear rules the life of the Europeans and when actually all Europe is already awakened and can see clearly what is happening here.

    Are they all, including Sebastian Kurz and all the other EU leaders who disapproved Luxembourg’s Foreign Minister Jean Asselborn, in Orbán’s basket of deplorable helpers ?

    Hillary Clinton has tried the impossible and apologized only to make everything worse and managed that she herself got called Pepe now.
    What’s next here?

  9. I support Hungary n Viktor Orban. Europe must stop the Islamic invasion before all the Christian churches are forever destroyed n replaced by the crescent.

  10. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    Deplorable lack of beef, Angus. Good thing, HFP does not depend on you as a supplier of news. 🙂 I think it’s time to turn the page. Thank you Mr Adam, for keeping us informed and doing a good job at it. Looking forward to the next post.

  11. BTW Migrants. Do you want this to happen in Hungary?

    Hungarians don’t want, but if you wish so much let it happen in Canada.
    I thought the migrants should be tolerant but I was wrong. So ladies and gentleman in Canada please prove your superiority, be tolerant and fight for democracy and and tolerance in Canada at first and wear hijab and “Enjoy difference – start tolerance” right now.

    And in your fight for democracy please start it with real tolerance and in the name of democracy please let the Hungarians and other nations decide what they want for themselves.

  12. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Richard

    Hungary is part of the auro-Atlantic community, and must uphold community standards on her territory. It is the business of Canadians to speak up when a community member breaks the rules of membership. If there is a time to speak up, it’s now.

  13. I don’t know why Orban is so much hated by some Hungarians. Maybe he is corrupt, maybe he is authoritarian, maybe he is the leader of the party you don’t vote (not your corrupt and authoritarian politician ;-), maybe he does business with Jews, I don’t know. But on the issue of the Muslim migrants he is spot on. Hungarians should congratulate themselves with such a leader. Contrast him with Mutti…

  14. András B. Göllner on September 17, 2016 at 2:43 pm

    “Hungary is part of the auro-Atlantic community, and must uphold community standards on her territory.”

    And if Hungary doesn’t do that there will be consequences and in this case Hungary has the right to consider the consequences and decide which one causes greater damage – upholding the standards or resisting and which consequences she can handle better; resisting or submitting herself to the Islam invasion. is Hungary the only one with this dilemma?

    Mr. Göllner if you had the chance to choose between two bad things, which one would you choose, the big or the small one? Everybody would choose the small one. I would choose what I can handle. Even if there’s obligation people can choose to take it or not. It’s their choice, their responsibility, they bear the consequences.

    BTW, There are many Moslems already living in Hungary, immigrated or were born there, they run their restaurants and their other businesses and they also the oppose the mass immigration and support Orban simply because they clearly know that it would destroy even them.

    Some lecturing to your academic mind before you lose your common sense and your abilities to make sound judgement. No charge. 🙂

    “It is the business of Canadians…”

    It’s the business of the Hungarians. (i.e. who live in Hungary) See the logic? 🙂

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