Viktor Orbán is not welcome in the US on the 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution

A small Hungarian-American group has started a letter-writing campaign to convince President Obama to receive Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, at the White House when he comes to Washington in October to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Mr. Orbán has never received an official invitation to the Oval Office and President Obama has voiced serious concerns about the current direction of Hungary’s leadership. Orbán’s policies are considered racist and anti-Semitic; he declared that he doesn’t want to see Muslim immigrants in his country. His corrupt cronyism has also raised eyebrows in the US.

Although a NATO member, Hungary is a small country and insignificant to US foreign policy. Lately Orbán’s bombastic statements and policies have made headlines worldwide… and not in a good way! The majority of Hungarian-Americans are increasingly uncomfortable with Mr. Orbán and don’t want to see him in Washington. An invitation to the White House would be seen as an acknowledgement of his xenophobic ideas and undoubtedly Orbán would advertise a handshake with President Obama as a seal of approval. Many of us feel that Orbán’s leadership and Hungary’s new Constitution are direct violations of the spirit of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Orbán is trying to destroy the very ideals Hungarians fought so hard for in 1956.

Yet, Mr. Béla Lipták and his small circle of friends think differently. Lipták is 80 years old and he administers an email service called the Hungarian Lobby. As a supporter of the Budapest government, he provides form-letters and encourages Hungarian-Americans to sign and email them to various US politicians. Now he is lobbying on behalf of Mr. Orbán.

Béla Lipták

Béla Lipták

In the past, I considered Lipták’s activities pretty harmless. In fact, I thought how wonderful it is that a 56-er and 80-year-old grandfather can find something to be passionate about.

But lately Mr. Lipták has crossed the line. He has started to claim that he is the voice of 1.5 million Hungarian-Americans in the United States and recently he wrote a lengthy piece about the „Jewish question” in Hungary. This was so strange that I don’t even want to discuss it.

He is a frequent name-dropper and in his form-letter to President Obama he mentions his own son, Adam Lipták, a talented legal correspondent to the New York Times who has published extensively on the legal saga of same-sex marriage legislation in the US.

Mr. Lipták might want to send a copy of his son’s book to homophobic Mr. Orbán who supported the constitutional ban of same-sex unions in Hungary.

I wish Mr. Béla Lipták good health yet say that he is on the wrong track. The majority of Hungarian-Americans would not be honored if Mr. Orbán were to be invited to the White House on the 60th Anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Mr. Orbán should stay at home in Budapest; he would feel more comfortable there.

György Lázár

Dear Mr. President!

Much before you were born, in 1956, I was a student in Budapest and fought against the occupation of Hungary by the brutal Red Empire of the Soviets. We fought for the American ideals of freedom, independence, democracy and self-determination. Several of my friends died and Hungary lost some 3% of her population because of the causalities and because of the people who escaped. They were all well-educated and young. That is like if we lost 10 million well educated young Americans. A terrible loss, terrible sacrifice!

Many of us came to the United States and during the last 60 years made major contributions (the freedom fighter George Oláh got the Nobel Prize, I wrote 22 technical books, – one with the introduction of Edward Teller -, you know my son Ádám, the Chief Legal Correspondent to the Supreme Court of the New York Times and Pulitzer finalist and many, many others).

I would like to respectfully ask that you to receive the prime minister of Hungary, when he comes to Washington to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. I ask this not because you necessarily agree with all his politics, but to honor the memory and to remind our fellow Americans of the brave freedom fighters who died for our ideals and who showed what Communism really was and thereby mortally wounded it.

The 1.5 million Hungarian-Americans would be honored, if you did that.

Respectfully yours,

Béla Lipták


  1. Pls offer a form letter for those willing to dissuade the US administration from receiving the Hungarian dictator, who is likely the most corrupt PM in Europe.

  2. Mr Liptak seems to have forgotten that his “fellow Americans of the brave freedom fighters who died for our ideals” did so a war against fascism, the same evil that the Organ regime is implicitly promoting.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      The Hungarians also fought the Allies in WWII killing many US soldiers.

      The city of Győr made many Messerschmidt 109 planes that killed many US and British soldiers.

      Hungary has never ever expressed contrition like, for example, Germany or South Africa in it’s conflicts.

      And I won’t mention the 400,000 Hungarians sent to extermination camps.

      Orban has to join the human race- together with his supporters and fellow corrupt politicians – before he contaminates the hand of Obama.

      He won’t be allowed to come anywhere near the threshold of the White House.

      Orban, in endorsing Trump, is Persona Non Grata.

      And will be for his lifetime.

  3. Since Orban was the first (and only) European head of state to ENDORSE
    Trump they should beg Trump for an audience.

  4. Wonder how much is Soros paying for this article and the comments above?


    • Talking about payments.

      1. The foundations and NGOs mentioned file financial statements which are public.

      But who paid/pays the millions of dollars spent by Peace March, the 888, Friends of America, etc. ?
      By exclusion there is no other source of such, illegal BTW, financing but from the hundreds of millions embezzled by the orban regime.

      2. The mentioned foundations and NGOs’ projects, listed and clearly defined, are charitable or such promoting economic development and democracy.
      What are the “projects” financed with Fidesz money?
      – Spreading deception (“We shall not be a colony of Brussels””Hungary performs better”),
      – Promoting hate (Bayer & co),
      – Division (establishing their own puppet Hungarian parties in the neighboring countries) and
      – Dictatorship/fascism (One camp one banner, celebrating Horthy, Wass, Nyiro and other assorted fascists).

      I would take Soros and like any day.

  5. Orban is an inspirational leader…… and he’s a genuine leader as opposed to corporate puppets Obama and Merkel. US citizens with Hungarian roots, Hungary is a nation state. If you have any interest in Hungary remaining a country as such, you need to support Orban and oppose the Hungarian Nazi collaborator of Jewish ethnicity who participated in the persecution of Jews and who is now financing BLM, open borders activists, and numerous other destructive projects, including HRC, George Soros.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      You arsiot! Hungary collaborated with the Nazis and sent 400,000 to the gas chambers.

      George Soros is just a citizen with the same powers as other citizens with the right to hold his own views.

      He is wealthy too – and has given his wealth to fund a university in Hungary known as the CEU.


  6. Ha igy haladunk nagyon hamar az illegalisok a munkakerulok es a buzik fogjak vezetni a vilagot.Azt hiszem ezzel mindent elmondtam.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      And this is an English language site, Erika.

    • Avatar Charlie London says:

      However I doubt it’s even worth translating……

    • Erika’s is a pretty cretinous speculation about the future.

      The painful present, however, is here upon us in Hungary: we are being “lead” down the path of poverty, social and intellectual degradation, while being robbed of our existing wealth and rights, speeding the destruction of the nation.

      For all the primitive propaganda, “nemzeti” grandstanding and smoke screens, Hungary has never been in a worse position in the region or in Europe for the last 40+ years.

  7. Avatar Gyorgy dr. Pintye says:

    I suggesting to Mr.Bela Liptak invite Mr. Donald Trump to Washington to the celebration of the 60th Anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution. Orban is an inspirational leader, he’s a genuine leader as opposed to corporate puppets Obama and Merkel. Since Orban was the first (and only) European head of state to ENDORSE Mr. Donald Trump, Mr Trump will be happy to meat with Mr. Orban. This is the only leaders on the world working against the radical Islam terrorists and build the wall to defend the country against illegals.

  8. In 1944 Soros was 14 years old and using false ID to survive in Budapest. His father saved many by providing false ID-s and hiding places.

    For “Erika & dr Pinty” you probably know the Hungarian saying: God’s zoo is enormous…….

  9. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ György Lázár

    “In the past, I considered Lipták’s activities pretty harmless. In fact, I thought how wonderful it is that a 56-er and 80-year-old grandfather can find something to be passionate about.”

    That, my dear Lázár Gyuri, was a serious mistake. Lipták has been an energetic and aggressive supporter of Orbán’s affinity fraud for well over a decade. Those who are suffering the injustices of Orbán’s rule of law violations, corrupt practices, those who have to witness the devaluation of Hungary’s reputation within the community of democratic nations, have a lot to thank Mr Lipták and his friends for, within the American-Hungarian diaspora. Orbán is not the torch-carrier of ’56 but of Vladimir Putin, the ex-KGB kingpin. Everyone who has a spare moment and a conscience for the victims of ’56, should look up the address of the White House on the internet, grab a pen, and write a brief note on a piece of paper, to the American President, and ask him not to honor the man who stole the spirit of 1956, and is now busy honoring racist hate mongers like Bayer, with the country’s Medal of Honor.

  10. obvious commie bolshevik site

  11. @tom pintye & co

    There are no migrants or refugeed in Hungary, NONE, ZERO. All leave ASAP for W. Europe.
    This hoolabaloo is a smoke screen to cover up the grand orgy of corruption and to distract society from their being subjugated by the emerging fascist regime.
    While the regime wages war against mirages in the background more billions are being embezzled every week.
    The first priority is to get rid of the real and present danger, every patriot should fight the orban Mafia which is bleeding the country dry while managing to bungle almost every attempt to lead the country anywhere .

  12. What a sad site. So much leftist nonsense. Charlie London are you a proxy for the site’s creator because you haven’t had an original thought since you started posting. Maybe you should consider gardening instead. –A place to bury your hostilities…

  13. So what’s so “Free” about a “Press” that conscripts a word like “moderation” when it really means “censorship” Moderate that!

  14. Avatar Second generation Transylvania. says:

    “1944” was the best year of my life, claimed the renegade..
    While my grandparents, my father and his first wife and child were tricked into getting on MAV trains with their goons, Nyillas and murderers stealing the Hungarian Jewish citizens belongings, and then shoved into cattle trains, this short, an ugly renegade made his future with telling the highest Nazis of the Jews addresses… We know the rest. Even the human rights ( a corrupt, anti semitic entity in Strassbourg, of course, where else?!) is turning the left cheek ( paid off) against crimes against humanity towards traitors of their own people. Hell has a special place.
    The old, Alzheimer’s suffering Liptak belongs only in Hungary!

  15. If all the mindless fideszniks’ did have their heads so deep up Orban’s, they would have seen that they are being badly screwed behind the garish and noisy “nemzeti” stage.

    I wouldn’t mind them pursuing satisfaction this way, but we also have to walk in the brown muck there.

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