Viktor Orbán visits Pope Francis — And Fidesz supporters attack the Pontiff and George Soros

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán appears to have had an audience with Pope Francis  and the Hungarian leader–whose government has explicitly gone against the message of compassion that the Catholic pontiff has shared in regards to the refugee crisis–was quick to post a photo of his reported visit to Facebook. Fidesz does, after all, govern together with the Christian Democratic People’s Party (Kereszténydemokrata Néppárt – KDNP)–a party with deep roots in the Catholic Church of Hungary. Mr. Orbán and the Hungarian right in general likes to identify itself as “Christian Conservative” and frequently accuses opponents of the government as being “anti-Christian.” Hungarian society, however, is not especially religious. According to the 2011 census, only 37% of Hungarians identified as Roman Catholic, 12% as Christian Reformed (Calvinist) and 2% as Lutheran. Only 54% of Hungarians identified as Christian altogether.

Viktor Orbán with Pope Francis. Photo: Facebook.

Viktor Orbán with Pope Francis. Photo: Facebook.

In Hungary, references to Christianity are merely cultural ones, closely tied with how conservative Hungarians like to imagine their nation and their national identity. It is also worth noting that in interwar Hungary, where the regime of Regent Miklós Horthy called itself “Christian Conservative,” being “Christian” in the political context was usually tantamount to being antisemitic and legislating Jews (and liberal opponents of the regime) out of public life and positions of significance in the community.

But more recently, Mr. Orbán’s supporters and Fidesz columnists have taken to attacking Pope Francis with vehemence for what they perceive as his liberalism on issues of migration, the poor, the marginalized and social justice. Referring to the regime as “Christian” and liberal critics as being “anti-Christian” is beginning to sound awkward. Zsolt Bayer, for instance, called Pope Francis “a demented old man” and a “crook.”

Mr. Orbán’s visit with Pope Francis and his decision to post a photo to Facebook was perhaps intended to re-affirm his regime’s connection to Christianity. But Mr. Orbán’s Facebook fans thought otherwise and could not stop attacking the Pope. The photo was shared almost five hundred times and was “liked” by 9,000 on the social media site.

“On the photo, we see one of the most Christian Europeans, who is defending Europe from the Muslims. And next to him is Pope Francis”–writes Dezső.

“This pope is the new Judas,” commented László.

When it was suggested by one user that Pope Francis was simply following the teachings of Jesus by welcoming the marginalized, one of Mr. Orbán’s supporters was quick to respond:

“In today’s world, fuck the teachings of Jesus.”

Mr. Orbán’s Facebook page is also followed by many non-Hungarians, including a user called Stefano, who wrote: “In this pic the real Pope is Orbán …the other is a Soros Puppet…”

“If I had a horn, I would hit the old idiot in the head,” added Lehel Pál, in his reference to Pope Francis.

“We need to be careful with this guy who is currently in the status of Pope. He was lifted to this position by Papa Soros and his network,” opined Miklós.

So why should one spend time reading and translating the vicious comments posted by Mr. Orbán’s supporters? I would suggest that this provides the most concrete evidence of how incredibly effective the recent hate campaign waged by popular publicists close to the government has been in terms of fomenting a vile and  truly visceral hatred of the current Catholic pontiff among ordinary Fidesz supporters.


  1. Avatar Dr. Habil. András Fodor says:

    Dearest Christian, many thanks for your invaluable and surprisingly objective post. But I have a question and I would be glad if you gaebe me a honour to answer. The question is: could you tell us the SOURCE of your following sentences: “”Mr. Orbán’s supporters was quick to respond:
    “In today’s world, fuck the teachings of Jesus.””.
    Could you tell me how was this diguisting “supoporter of Mr. Orban?”
    If it were not a secrete, pleas, be so kind and share this information with us, our enthusiastic readers.
    If you happened not to do so – an option what I should exclude, being convinced that You are honest guy – I would be forced to conclude that I am mistaken, because You are not a reliable journalist but simply a – sorry – primitive liar.
    Please, do not disappoint me.
    Yours faithfully, Andras Fodor

    • Dr. Debil,

      I can confirm from Hungary that not only the vile Bayer’s “a demented old man” and a “crook”, but “socialist Pope””, “foolish”, etc. can be heard every day from the Orban sect faithful.

      Just watching/reading the fidesz media clearly shows what those people there are: duplicitous, hypocrite, hateful, aggressive, fools perhaps, but definitely not Christians.

      (The conclusion of whether all those constantly praising Orban are “his supporters” or not I leave to the sane readers).

  2. Fodor the fool cannot simply look at the pigs facebook page to see for himself?

  3. Actually Orban visited the annual conference of the International Catholic Legislators Network that was held in Frascati and not directly the pope. His meeting with the pope was only an opportunity that many other visitors of the event had. He mostly focused on his negotiation with catholic lawmakers and Mideast Christian leaders. I didn’t hear or read anything about what he managed to achieve.

    Anyhow, it’s very nice that the pope and the Vatican tries to apply Christ teaching of love and compassion by opening the door to the Muslims but I certainly understand all those Christians who try to defend the teaching of Christ by applying them properly defending the Christians and their own religion from Muslims who consider Christians an enemy and by abiding their holy Koran they kill as many as they can. Possibly he asked the Mideast Christian leaders to do something to save their lives.

    The compassion and love that Christ taught was not discriminating and the Christian populace of Europe is also entitled to that compassion.

    I also think that the best way of practicing love and compassion would be to help the Muslims in their own homeland so that they could enjoy their lives there where they belong to and where they should live.

    They can migrate to Europe but where can the European go when their homeland is invaded by Muslims?

    Little wonder Orban is getting popular in west Europe.

    • P.S. please play attention to the masonic handshake that can be seen in the photo picture.

      • Yes, more conspiracies, this secret masonic handshake resembles a normal handshake, but only those wearing tinfoil hats can see that it is in fact a masonic secret handshake taking place there. Thank goodness you wear one of those tinfoil hats Richard, otherwise we all would have been fooled.

  4. There is a great danger in the fact the “Fidesz supporters [would] attack [even] the Pontiff..” if so told.

    Just as in other dictatorships, the Orban’s hateful negative, aggressive, divisive drive has turned them into a pack of blindly faithful (politically and often otherwise) mad dogs ready to jump on anyone.

    The “faith” attitude and the total political corruption precludes normal factual/logical debate, i.e. normal political competition, which becomes oppression and leads by default to upheaval, repression and revolutions, hardly the way civilized people would like to go.
    Unless they can get rich quickly in such a system.

    The other two group of supporters are the ignorant fools and the complex burdened who want to live out their frustrations.

  5. Liz Aucoin on August 30, 2016 at 7:09 pm

    Thank you for your reply, I only wanted to post one comment, an objective harmless one but it would be very impolite not to answer yours addressing me.

    A./ There are many books from trusted writers about the freemasonic symbol system and their secret body language signs, you can visit any bookstores and find them. In case you cannot read only write, please open Google, Duckduck, or Yahoo, type “masonic handshake” click images.

    >>Liz, the fool cannot simply look at the internet or other sources to see for himself?<< Straight from the horse's mouth.

    Be sure many readers who don't believe me will take the trouble of a few minutes and will do that.

    Now my other point. As i said my heart goes out for people in need, for refugees who fight for their life either from the Mideast or from Europe under Islam invasion.

    Orban was right, Christians deserve protection of their lives therefore he asked the Mideast Christian leaders to do something to save their lives.

    Here one real heartbreaking video where a little girl is fighting for her life not to be killed by her Muslim father for wearing a cross.

    "Muslim Parents Want To KILL CHRISTIAN DAUGHTER! (Rifqa Bary)"

  6. Dear Richard, I am fully aware of the masonic handshake and their meanings and variations, however, as I pointed out in my previous post… is also just a handshake and resembles a handshake any of us would engage in. Also, if you look again at the picture, Orban is embracing with both hands which makes it obvious he is NOT engaging in a masonic handshake with the pope. As the remainder of your reply to me, and your ramble about Muslim invasions and how this poor girl is afraid of her father for her life because she wears a cross. I’ll just say that there are bad people in all faiths, all races and all walks of life. There are extremist people in all religions, the religions of the world have often been hijacked by people who misinterpret, create their own version of religious rules and do evil things in the name of religion. This reflects badly on others who practice their faith and put forth love, acceptance and good will. There are many Christian extremist groups, christian cults that harm their children, and even commit genocide and claim they do it in the name of God. You simply refuse to see the truth, as you allow your hatred of the race to cloud your judgement. You just do not like a culture that you see as so different than what you perceive western culture to be. Or rather what you wish for it to be.

    • Your ignorance and unpreparedness is shining through especially in your own created childish explanation i.e. the both hand nonsense. Occasionally the pope does it while maintaining the masonic handshake. Do you know why? In this video you will see. And more. If you think this vid is not reliable you can find hundreds of others. >>…the fool cannot simply look the internet to see for himself?<<< Before opening her mouth?

  7. Avatar Dr. Habil. András Fodor says:

    Thank you for the unambiguous and sincere reply, Dear Christoher.

  8. Liz Aucoin on August 31, 2016 at 4:37 pm

    I feel somewhat uncomfortable replying your post where you address me, as after many exchange of messages you call me a troll who post too many comments only to dominate the discussion board while I only reply and I’m still one behind you, not mentioning that you are the first to address me and when I stop posting you will post two or more lecturing insulting message about how I want to dominate with the number of my posts and what a troll I am. Let alone your portable word-counter that you always keep into of reach. 😀 😀 😀
    But It’s OK, it’s not the only case when you contradict yourself without even noticing.
    “I am fully aware of the masonic handshake”
    No you are not, if you were you would have given a different explanation. That picture carries another message too, an important thing that you would be the first to use against Orban if only you could understand and had noticed it.
    You know nothing about the Moslem and Islam. Islam is a system of beliefs and such as it is lifestyle and world order. That is why they want Islam to dominate the world. Of course there are extremist among them but the video I gave were not the extremist it’s they still follow the primordial teaching.

    That adorable girl hid from his father for 4 years saved her life and grew into attractive woman, became a writer and published her book “Hiding in the Light”. She tells many thing about Islam that you don’t have the remotest idea about, otherwise you would think twice before posting you empty cliche comments. I lived in Moslem countries for years and the horror is unspeakable. Can The European Christian population and culture ever handle this?

    Killing for Islam is not extremism its honor killing and common among them, and they give honor killing to everyone who presents disgrace or their religion, and they continue to do this even after they found refuge in our modern civilized Christian societies instead of assimilating. Do we need this horror?

    I only post a very mild video as I don’t want to create a stir here. There are much worse of course.

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