Hungarian government opens a can of worms in Montreal

Leaders of the European Union have been scratching their heads for years about Hungarian strongman, Viktor Orbán’s civil rights abuses, and anti-liberal conduct. This past week, and on the eve of the Hungarian government’s biggest PR show in Montreal, EU leaders, along with some members of the Montreal Hungarian community, are tearing their hair out. Many are wondering, why the Hungarian leader, and his Ambassador in Canada, Bálint Ódor, can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.

The Orbán regime's largest and most expensive PR exercise in Canada to date.

The Orbán regime’s largest and most expensive PR exercise in Canada to date.

Parallel with the upcoming Hungarian Cultural Festival in Montreal – a million dollar extravaganza financed by the Orbán government – Orbán is holding a national plebiscite, to secure support for his anti-EU, anti-Muslim immigration policies. Orbán is a devoted supporter of Donald Trump’s harshest anti-Muslim propositions, and is the only European leader publicly cheering for Trump in the upcoming US elections. His senior representative in the European Parliament, George Schöpflin, put the icing on his government’s anti-Muslim hate campaign, by suggesting that pig heads should be placed on the fence built by the Orbán government, to keep the Muslim tide at bay.

As if this wasn’t enough of an embarrassment for those who are cooperating with Orbán’s Montreal PR show, the President of Hungary gave one of the nation’s highest cultural awards a few days ago, to the country’s most infamous hate-monger, and anti-Semitic writer, Zsolt Bayer. Bayer is one of the founders of Orbán’s Party, a personal friend of the Prime Minister. His hatred of Jews, Gypsies and Muslims is well documented. For Bayer, Hungary’s Roma, are „animals” Here are some direct quotations from his public writings: „A significant portion of the Gypsies are unfit for coexistence. Not fit to live among human beings. These people are animals and behave like animals. … The Gypsy voids where and when it occurs to him. … The Gypsies wants what he sees. If he doesn’t get it, he takes it and he kills…. From his animal skull only inarticulate sounds come out and the only thing he understands is brute force. Whatever it takes, this must be stopped….If you happen to run over a Gypsy child, step on the gas.”

Tell this to the gentle István Lakatos, a Hungarian born Gypsy living in Montreal, whose wonderful restaurant, the Budapest Roma, is one of the locations for Orbán’s Montreal show.

As for the Jews, Bayer laments that they they were not all buried up to their necks and left to die in the forest of Orgovány, like hundreds, who were massacred there in one of the bloodiest pogroms following the end of World War I.  According to Bayer, the Holocaust was caused by the Jews, anti-Semitism in Hungary is justified. To quote: “the mere existence of Jewish journalists in Budapest is grounds enough for our anti-Semitism”.

On hearing about the decoration given to Bayer by the Orbán government, the Simon Wiesenthal Institute issued the following declaration: “For the Hungarian government to take this step less than a year after chairing the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance gives credence to the claim that their chairmanship was just a cynical act of political manipulation, while the true face of the Orbán government is revealed in its continued efforts to honor racist and antisemitic figures of Hungary’s past.”

As the curtain rises on Orbán’s Montreal extravaganza, the number of people in Hungary who have returned their state decorations to the regime, in protest against its duplicitous behavior, has topped one hundred. In the Montreal Hungarian community, many are rightly asking – why can’t the Hungarian government practice at home, what it preaches in Canada?

András B. Göllner


  1. Based on the quotes included by the author, Bayer should be awaiting trial or sitting in prison for the public incitement of hatred–a criminal offence. In Québec and Canada, here is what this man could expect:

    “Every one who, by communicating statements in any public place, incites hatred against any identifiable group where such incitement is likely to lead to a breach of the peace is guilty of

    (a) an indictable offence and is liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years; or

    (b) an offence punishable on summary conviction.”

    • Moreover, such incitement of hatred should be considered in the light of the serial attacks and killings of 6, incl. a child, and the grievous injury of 5 in 2008/9.
      All the victims were randomly chosen peaceful Roma, easy targets who did not pose the challenges of fighting Roma criminals.

      In a more civilized place BZs’s place should be at least in intellectual quarantine, if not a psychiatric ward or a jail.

  2. Avatar Dr. Habil. András Fodor says:

    András Göllner is not a reliable writer.

    • Dr. Debil AF is a reliable fidesznik,
      i.e. you can trust that he will write, twist, lie whatever is the party line.

  3. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Riverin

    Thank you for that. I’m sad to say, that in Quebec and Canada, local Hungarians are either warmly applauding the wisdom of the Hungarian President bestowing high awards to people, who preach hatred towards Jews, Roma and Muslims, or are keeping their public mouths tightly sealed on the subject. Different strokes for different folks ? Yes. Indeed.

    Some of the best known, and so-called liberal members of the Canadian-Hungarian establishment in Ottawa, Montreal and Toronto are actively promoting the good work of Hungary’s ambassador in Canada, the man, who spent all of last year executing a perfectly designed affinity fraud on Canada’s Jewry. I do not know of a single Canadian-Hungarian who spoke up publicly against this fraudulent activity, other than my associates in the Canadian Hungarian Democratic Charter and the good people at the Simon Wiesenthal Institute. I do know, however, of a number of good, law abiding Canadian-Hungarian opinion leaders in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal, who drop everything, whenever Ambassador Ódor beckons them to attend a cocktail party at the embassy, and who spend considerable time and energy maligning our refusal to shut up in the face of the Hungarian government’s rule of law violations, its affront to human decency, and to the values, this country stands for.

    The widespread cover up of Hungary’s transition from democracy to autocracy under the leadership of Viktor Orbán, must end ! Those who are actively working to have Prime Minister Trudeau issue an official invitation to Viktor Orbán to visit Canada, and to address Canada’s Parliament should be shamed. We welcome anyone who has the guts to join us, and take a public stand. Please use your real names, do not be afraid, write to your MPs and local papers, stand up, and be counted among those who say – enough is enough !!!

    • Many people are doing their best, but it is not an easy task.
      As you are fully aware the older generations of Hungarian emigres were mainly from the midst of the Horthy regime establishment, sprinkled with some straight fascists, all anti Communist, some rabidly so.
      These people occupied the leading positions in all emigre organizations and in the cold war were often supported by local governments.

      After a period of waning support and influence the Orban government/s saw in these groups an agent of support in their cover up/propaganda actions and took to significant spending in propping up and taking over these organizations. Billions of Forints were/are being spent for the purpose (recent conservative estimate of over HUF 33 billion/ USD 120 million, since 2010), but they came/come together with regime’s people.

      Last but important factor is the “national” (nemzeti) syndrome , “One can till the Hungarian’s back, as long as the plough is national” is how the beau mot sums this up, i.e. the Hungarians are absolute suckers for this.

  4. “Based on the quotes included by the author, Bayer should be awaiting trial or sitting in prison for the public incitement of hatred–a criminal offence.”

    At first I’d like to express my thoughts on BZS and say I don’t approve the language he used especially the “If you happen to run over a Gypsy child, step on the gas.” really made me sick.

    But let’s take the next step. It’s very hard to properly explain what I think about it, hopefully I will not be misunderstood.

    A Pinter Jolan didn’t even read BZS’s publication before proposing him for the award. 🙂

    B Yes, BZS can be dragged to the court but if I were the judge I would ask him what made him to speak like that. Did he have areal reason?
    And if I were BZS I would drag those gypsies to the court who did things that made me using such word and I would sue them for antisocial behavior, for stealing, for using brutal force and I would sue the government for aiding gypsy’s who are proven unwilling to assimilate yet they receive all the benefits that is provided at the expense of more productive individuals. Let it be voluntary.

    Excuse me, but can we sue an ethnic minority, a whole ethnic group?

    We live in our highly civilized societies where all criminals, antisocial individuals, even they are ethnic groups enjoy all full human rights, which is very good and absolutely right until they start abusing all the benefits of the civilized societies and turn our social achievements against us. Same stands for individual criminals. Do we have to become criminals and offenders and abuse human rights and all the benefits of our civilizations to be able to walk away unhurt?

    Let me quote from a Hungarian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002.

    “It always ends the same way: civilization reaches a stage of maturation where it is not only unable to defend itself, but where it in a seemingly incomprehensible manner worships its own enemy.”

    BZS raised his words against the gypsies and the Islam migrants.
    His voice is unacceptable, yes, but what about the gypsy problem that Europe is unable to solve for hundreds of years despite all attempts and what about the migrant crisis where they destroy Europe with the much perfected Gene Sharp method. Which will bring us down, BZS publications or the problems he speaking about.

    I just wanted to see the other side of the coin. Both sides. Is it wrong?

    I sincerely hope I will not be misunderstood.

  5. FYI The vicious “if you run over a gypsy child step on the accelerator” came after a small gypsy girl ran onto the road and was swept by a car (causing nothing more than a scratch). The driver, a quiet teacher, pulled over to attend, but was surrounded beaten to death.


    You are not misunderstood, you’re mistaken.

    A. The ridiculous Jolan Pintér story is just another inept lie. It reminds me of the Stalinist times, when a simple worker would denounce a top Communist leader at some congress, Stalin would “concede to the will of the people” and the top leader would be charged, sentenced and executed within months.
    Communism, fascism poisonous fruits of the same root.

    B 1. Don’t substitute, the issue here is why the gov decorates this psychopath.
    2. The reasons don’t absolve BZs of the crime.
    The way things are going (e.g. new administrative court) maybe the law shall be amended by a caveat stating that if a crime is perpetrated by an outraged fidesznik the defendant shall be exonerated.

    Comparing the little, local BZs issue with the global problems and asking the silly question of “Which will bring us down…” is just muddling. By that logic shall we suspend or exonerate all individual cases until we resolve the global issue?
    The whole global problem manifests itself in the multitude of individual cases, and now we have the BZs one on the table.

    As I wrote elsewhere, the gypsy or migration problems are very real, huge problems, but vicious hate mongering doesn’t offer any resolution, to the contrary, it displaces professionalism with emotions, to say the least.

    Suma sumarum: BZs and his accomplice, the Orban regime, are the defendants on the charges presented. The readers are the jury.

  6. “Don’t substitute, the issue here is why the gov decorates this psychopath.”

    Why? Orban gave the answer before. Let’s step aside from BZS it’s about more.

    We have magic words like phobia, conspiracy theory, you racist, you fascist, etc…..
    What are these words? Stun guns!! To silence people and throw them into dumb hypnosis by mocking and taunting those who are capable using their common sense. Common sense is now politically incorrect and it is forbidden by law to even openly and sincerely talk about any serious issues. Let alone clear thinking and logic. What do we have? “Hey, be civilized, react in a civilized matter, be politically correct.” I.e. shut up!!

    Why???? The power elite wants to gain back their control over the masses who they want to throw into slavery. They cannot allow democracy where the middle class can gain control over their puppet politicians, the economy and the banking system.

    What do they need? Their consent sending them to the slaughterhouse.
    How??? Through words!!! Words are weapon!!!

    WORDS and SWORD.

    Coincidence? No!! Like LISTEN. What do you do when you listen? You are SILENT. Did you catch it? The same letters. Hey, listen to me — be silent i.e. shut up.

    More and more brave people and politicians open their mind and mouth and disposes political correctness together with the power elite’s other weapons where it belongs to — the garbage bin.

    Orban in his public speech mentioned this complaining that it is prohibited to speak about the harm and the dark side of the migrant issue or about the gypsy problems. BZS did it, although crossed the red line he took a big step ahead. That is rewarded. That’s why he was rewarded.

    Why do the power elite need people’s consent? Because it’s easy? Once they gave their consent in their manipulated state of mind they will accept anything?

    It’s about more. The Holy Bible gives the answer. God never gave permission to the Satan to touch His creation, the man. But if can convince man to follow him and man gives their consent, God will respect the free will of His creation and will allow man to go through this soul snatching annihilating experience of dancing with the evil who will then easily consume him and even can touch him until possesses man consent.

    What is the evil’s weapon?? WORDS to throw millions into hypnosis and deceive them until they cannot tell right from wrong, until they forget that they have an ultimate power over the evil, an ultimate power with uses the same weapon and starts with a single word NO .

    That’s what BZS practically did even if in his own foulmouthed way, but he did what Orban wanted. Was not politically correct. He was awarded consequently.

  7. My suggestion to you Richard is to go start your own blog, because to most of us you seem to be spamming this blog with your own garbage, that overwhelms the conversation with a lot of nonsense. Most of your individual comments are longer than the articles themselves and really don’t make much sense. I suggest you take your racist buddies with you and enjoy being politically incorrect somewhere else.

  8. Liz, Obsy,

    O.K. thanks for keeping me commenting. Now, I continue as I have one more important thing to point out.
    Many award winner giving back their awards as a protest I believe is plain wrong. That’s the classic way of protest of ostentatiously displaying their disagreement meanwhile depriving themselves from a great award that they worked hard to deserve and what they truly deserved. Or what? Pride? Then try knees. Their returning their awards will change nothing only they lost something valuable they had.

    If you ill and find a good doctor who can cure you, would you dispose him when you find out he treats BZS too? Weird? I know specific cases when similar things happened (not with BZS of course). BZS’s being foulmouthed has nothing to do with their outstanding human achievements. They only share the award not their human values and their achievements. Their human achievements has nothing to do with BZS being foulmouthed.

    They were socially respected award winning sociologists etc. and today they are only sulky kids who proved to be unworthy to the award as they abandoned it at the first case of disagreement instead of joining their forces of all respected award winners to reform the process of award winning to make it sure that unworthy people (or unworthy according to them) will never get it in the future.

    They are history, no one will remember them tomorrow meanwhile BZS’s award will not be faded by a few returned awards from other winners.

    They have no awards now, they are not the same exalted ones who used to be and who as distinguished active award holders once had the chance to make positive changes in this award winning decision making. They could have done it as active award holders but not like ex award holders. A missed chance.

    Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.

  9. You can comment all you like, make them as lengthy as you like as no one is going to bother reading it after awhile. Maybe then Chris will see you for your true colors, as what you are proving is that you are simply trolling. Purposely trying to ruin this blog. I always thought you were just an old fuddy duddy that just wanted people to look up to your opinions and intelligence, and simply enjoy seeing your name up on the screen with the most comments, but now all you do is ramble with lengthy posts about lies and conspiracy theories and hail your racist friends over here to join you. This is the exact definition of what a troll does.

  10. ” Many are wondering, why the Hungarian leader, and his Ambassador in Canada, Bálint Ódor, can’t walk and chew gum at the same time.”

    So says a liberal with sick perverted ideas and agendas. All liberals stand up for what’s bad for their own country and people. Always putting outsiders first. Example: If you love muslims, please take a stand and move to a muslims country, don’t lobby, march and cry to move the muslim country here. Europeans gain nothing but misery from this and the muslims gain Europe.

    Viktor Orban is a great leader for loving and standing up for his people and country by putting Europeans first not last. A country is and always will be a reflection of it’s people, with that being said what will Europe be when it’s full of non Europeans? The gypsies came from India long ago and their way of life has never changed. What has Europe gained from the gypsies?

    More of our countries need leaders like this.

    Orban’s historic speech

  11. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Liz Aucuin

    The concerted efforts of Ambassador Bálint Ódor’s trolls to flood the comment sections of every publication where his pay-master is criticized has not been able to ruin a single publication. People read these blogs not for the trolls but in spite of them. The support of these trolls for the affinity fraud being perpetuated on Jews, Roma, Muslims and people of decency, merely accentuates the repulsive odor of Orbán’s Ódor, and illustrates our point. Theirs are the comments one flushes our municipal drainage systems. with. They provide gainful employment for the folks in the deodorant, and household cleansers industry. They perform a useful function in enhancing our immune system, and in generating the antibodies that keep us alive.

    • András B. Göllner

      Nice rant indirectly offending me and others by replying to Liz insulting post in which she practically addressed me.

      Your article is the fourth one in line one BZS, and you said nothing new, your piece was boring and empty.

      I made three points at least;

      1. /the reality behind BZS’s foulmouthed speech,
      2. /a guessing why Orban appreciates him for neglecting PC
      3. /a contemplation whether it was a good idea to return their awards or is there any more effective resolution.

      If you don’t like it and what others say, don’t hide cowardly behind someone else back, live behind your arrogantly eloquent personal remarks and speak about the points I raised.

      If you think it’s beneath your dignity to reply my points because they are so provocatively trolling or stupid (they are not) how comes it’s not beyond your dignity to deliver cheap personal remarks?

      • Correctly: on BZS, is there any other more effective, leave behind

        Sorry for the misspellings, force of habit 🙂

  12. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Angus

    Where’s the beef ?

  13. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Richard

    You can’t cut mustard

  14. Avatar András B. Göllner says:

    @ Everyone with a brain larger than a wall-nut

    It’s no use arguing with or reading trolls, like Richard or Angus, because they are just pea-bodies. One can’t find the beef, the other can’t cut mustard. The way to keep a socially conscious, politically responsible blog, like the HFP alive, is to ignore the writing on the toilet door, don’t add to it, don’t engage it, just contribute smart, thoughtful responses. Just pinch the nose, and step around the doggy poo. Everyone knows, that Hungary’s Ódor is making a big political stink in Montreal. What we need is smart, lucid and critical comments to the articles that are posted here, and Chris Adam’s brave little blog will fly like the wind. Tell all your friends to write in, say hello and tell the trollies that their burger is made of saw-dust.

  15. Was this article supposed to be written for a Canadian audience???
    – We all understand that this website is not about Hungarians or Hungarian interests.
    However, the words honour and behaviour are both written with an u unless you are writing it like they do in the States. (which is not a compliment)

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