Hungarians return national awards to protest racist Zsolt Bayer’s medal

The Orbán government’s decision to award one of its own with a state medal–Fidesz founder and rabidly racist columnist Zsolt Bayer–has convinced a growing number of prominent Hungarians to return their state distinctions in protest. The message is clear and simple: if the singularly foul-mouthed Mr. Bayer can be recognized by the Orbán regime with the Hungarian Middle Cross–a publicist who referred to the Roma as “animals who are unfit for coexistence” from whose “animal skull only inarticulate sounds come out and the only thing he understands is brute force”–then the country’s third highest national award has been irreparably tainted. Mr. Bayer has gone further in recent years than almost anyone else, in terms of his racist and genocidal vitriol. Other than Mr. Bayer, no other serious Hungarian publicist or politician ever suggested exterminating entire demographic groups, which is essentially what was implied when the columnist remarked, in connection to the Roma: “There shouldn’t be animals. No way. This must be solved, immediately and in any way.”

Zsolt Bayer (left) receiving his award from János Lázár. Photo: MTI.

Zsolt Bayer (left) receiving his award from János Lázár. Photo: MTI.

Prominent and well-respected Hungarians are returning their state medals in droves, as a poignant protest against the government’s decision to award Mr. Bayer. Those recipients of the state’s third highest distinction who now want nothing to do with the Hungarian Middle Cross include:

  • László Bruszt (sociologist)
  • Ágnes Darvas (sociologist)
  • László Dióssy (former mayor of Veszprém)
  • Ágnes Erdélyi (philosopher)
  • Catherine Feidt (former honorary consul)
  • Péter Felcsúti (banker)
  • Nikosz Fokasz (sociologist)
  • Gábor Hegyesi (sociologist)
  • András Heisler (President of the Federation of Hungarian Jewish Communities – MAZSIHISZ)
  • Balázs Galkó (actor)
  • Gábor Kertesi (economist)
  • János Köllő (economist)
  • Tamás Krausz (historian)
  • Éva Kuti (researcher)
  • Jenő Lőcsei (sociologist)
  • Alíz Mosonyi (children’s author)
  • András Polgár (businessman)
  • István Polonyi (education specialist and researcher)
  • Péter Somlai (sociologist)
  • Mária Székely (sociologist)
  • Imre Takács (art historian)
  • Katalin Tausz (sociologist)
  • Júlia Varga (economist)
  • Kálmán Varga (museologist)

In the words of businessman András Polgár, who has returned his own state distinction in protest: “The state feels it is appropriate to lift racist criminals onto a pedestal…it is impossible to tolerate this with a sober, decent conscience.”

Tamás Krausz historian, who has also returned his distinction, added: “This is unacceptable for all people who are committed to the principles of humanism.”

Sociologist László Bruszt wrote a letter to Hungary’s President János Áder, who is also affiliated with Fidesz. In this he asked Mr. Áder: “How can you reconcile with your own conscience that you signed off on Zsolt Bayer’s award–a man who has constantly trampled upon minorities and who has called for the murder of our compatriots?”

András Heisler, leader of Hungary’s main Jewish community organization, also expressed deep disappointment and has returned his national medal in protest. Mr. Heisler noted that Mr. Bayer, who is also a rabid anti-Semite, “harbors burning anti-Gypsy sentiment” and that he “pollutes Hungary with ideas that are fit to destroy the nation.”

Despite the growing scandal around Mr. Bayer’s award, the Hungarian government has no intention to rescind it. Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office János Lázár remarked that Mr. Bayer has earned his medal. “There is much more that is worthy of recognition in Zsolt Bayer’s career than that which are mistakes,” said Mr. Lázár.

As we have written about before in HFP, Mr. Bayer’s writing career as of late has been almost exclusively built on espousing the most violent and genocidal forms of racism. In addition to his comments on the Roma, he recently suggested that Muslims were garbage and should be disposed of. The columnist also claimed that Jews and left-wingers were conspiring to eliminate the white race.


  1. Maybe I shouldn’t use the method of mr Bayer to expose the liberal left and mohammedan ideology, but in it’s roots he is telling the truth. Ofcourse those listed in this article will not like this. These are exactly those who try to silence us for decades with political correctness and liberal lies. They want to except our own destruction without saying a word or without a fight.

    What is destroying every nationstate and it’s native people is the liberal left ideology and the ones who implemented it into the Europian countries.

    The ones who are in charge of the EU project are very clear about what they want with Europe’s nationstates and it’s native people. Many examples can be given in their own words. The EU from it’s beginnings was a federal project. Multiculturalism was on the same political agenda from the 20-ties. Read Coudenhove Kalergi’s own works and the Pan Europian movement, which awarded Juncker, Merkel, van Rumpay an others for their “good work”.

    So yes the left and others have a agenda of destruction of the homogenous white nations of Europe. These are facts. Read some remarks by mr. Frans Timmermans. He is very clear about this subject.

    Secondly, everyone who knows what is going on all over Europe with mohammedans know that is an explosion of violence, rape and crime. These are facts and have nothing to do with racism. The left tries to swep it under the carpet for decades and anyone informed knows this too.

    Many more can be said about this, but the writer of this article and every liberal who reads this knows these are facts or they belong to the blind naive masses who really don’t know what is said or written by the liberal left itself and their ilk. Everything can be found in their own words.

    Many call it conspiricy theories, sadly it is true. Like mr Soros his emails showed the world it was true what was said about him for many years. He wants the destruction of our nations as well as most of those in power in Europe.

  2. After the craziest mother… r mad dog in Hungary was decorated, what next?
    Orban already honoured a KGB, Communist party chief, later dictator H. Aliev.

    Perhaps Orban & co shall decorate Mr. Adolf Hitler, for … his heart warming, if mediocre paintings.

  3. Geza,
    The “Mohammedan idelogy” term may be original, but quite embarrassing . And never mind how many times you repeat “these are facts”, the latter remain articles of the orban propaganda, i. e. largely lies.
    And since you can read, it seems, check out the leaked OSF / Soros emails – there’s nothing of the kind you wrote.
    I’m concerned that you sound like a fool.

  4. It seems like Uncle Soros paid another set of rent-a-writers for articles against Hungary and/or prominent journalists. Zsolt Bayer is not a racists as Islam is NOT A RACE. As for the gypsies he is absolutely right. He is not politically correct, but he is right. The gypsies did not integrate in the last 600 years and most of them are criminals and living parasitic life on welfare.
    Here is an article from Zsolt Bayer translated to English so you can judge yourself his style from

    Let’s see if this comment will be censored…

    • You white supremacists are all the same, you read nothing but white supremacy blogs and call them “alternative news” sites. There is nothing reputable about and any of their articles. Zsolt Bayer is nothing short of a racist Xenophobic bigot, and his opinions are simply disgusting. He likes the fact that Hungarian society has had such success marginalizing and segregating the Roma by exclusionist practices, otherwise, he would have no excuses as to why things are so shitty in Hungary, now would he?! What a perfect plan……call Roma down, exclude them from work, schooling and opportunities, then when they separate themselves from Hungarian society because they have no choice in the matter, then blame them when they lie, cheat and steal to get by and feed their families, or they rely heavily on welfare. BTW, claiming that Islam is not a race, doesn’t absolve Bayer for his discriminatory hate speech against them. Also, it wouldn’t matter to someone like him if the brown skinned person was Christian, Jew or Muslim, a Roma or from the outback in Australia. If he is brown, Bayer would find a reason to hate him.

      • First of all why do you assume my skin color? Are you a RACIST who assumes, that critical article can only come from a white person? Are the other races not intellectually sophisticated enough to write an opinion?
        I think you have zero knowledge about Hungary and just burping up half digested propaganda! Are you aware that the Orban government introduced rules so Roma population only receive welfare if they work and they get financial support after kids if they go to school? Gypsies are excluding themselves from work (a great percentage) and including themselves in crime (also great percentage). To solve this problem is identifying it correctly and remove the criminal elements from their population while helping the next generation to get educated. The previous socialist-liberal government done nothing as such and just like the black population in the USA under democrats their community was devastated by it.
        Try to educate yourself and be a bit less racist if you can help yourself (probably not).

        • First of all, nowhere did I say you were white, I said you were a “white supremacist”, as I am well aware there are many who follow the ideology being in total denial about there origins. Secondly, I am well aware of the situation in Hungary where potential employers refuse employment to many Roma and they tend to be forced to work for slave labor wage and are forced to send their kids to school in the basement of the regular school in segregated classrooms taught by teachers who hate them, principles who hate them and the rest of the school hates them, all for the little bit of income to their households. Yet you wonder why they pull their kids from school, or the kids do not want to attend. And you wonder why they steal. Only a true village idiot would believe that anyone would exclude themselves or their family from real opportunity, if in fact it was present. Only a true village idiot would believe that only Roma don’t care about their families well being, compared to other non-Roma. This is how stupid people become white supremacists, just like you. At least you acknowledge that education is the key for any minority, but you must acknowledge also that racial biased must end with regards to the barriers put up by racist entities in society in order for any of them to be strong contributors to their society and communities. Quit denying them education and good work opportunities so they have a chance. However, I do not believe for one second that you are truly interested in solving this problem as it would ruin the enjoyment you get from being able to look down on someone and you would not be able to blame them for the ills in society.

          • First of all let’s bring you some light about yourself. You believe you are some kind of online hero fighting for to right the wrong. But in reality you are just an SJW who is the cyber version of an SA stormtrooper
            and you bullying anybody gets in your way. Well today I attempt the impossible to teach you some stuff so get ready, you will be triggered with FACTS so hold on to your keyboard in your safe space!
            Let’s start with race: Well newsflash for you, Darwin was right, evolution exists. It is apply to everything from bears to birds and include humans too. Races are adaptions to different environments. Also this environmental difference had an effect on the IQ too. While you calling me white supremacist, this is incorrect because whites are not the first on the list. Based on statistics the Jewish people are on the top with average 105, second Asians 103, third Whites 101 and followed by blacks 85, Arabs 80, Australian natives: 75
            Gypsies are on the same level as blacks and Arabs.
            Worth nothing that scientific fact people with the IQ of 80-85 range (any race) are very prone to violence.
            So here is your white supremacy theory goes out the window.

            I am not sure what you do, but if you work on places like engineering or medical field you have to have some knowledge to do your job. If you are good what you do, you go up, if not you get fired. It is called meritocracy. You can’t just hand over well paying jobs based on race! (If you think so then I hope you will get a heart surgery done on you by some privileged minority!)
            Telling people they do not get a job because of the color of their skin, instead of their lack of skills will stagnate them in that place because they not even try to change their circumstances (they could learn of course but nobody can change their skin color). So you actually condemn this people to live in poverty by closing the escape route from them!

            As for schools: I am pretty sure you have no kids but you might see someone who does around you… So imagine you have a kid a little girl, pretty smart she can even learn to write some letter before school. Very bright. Then you send her to school and you find a half year later than she still does not know the alphabet and when anybody tries to play with her she just try to pick a fight. You go to the school and then being told her class has 10,20 gypsies and the class speed is only the speed they can do. What will you do? You let your smart little girl life ruined because well we all have to do stuff together, or you take her out and put her into a class where she can maximize her abilities?

            Well I could continue but I really doubt I could reach you. You closed your mind long ago and become a closet racists and calling others a village idiot. Well I have to tell you I think it is you who is that idiot. You think the world just a simplified black and white picture and you picked the right side and everybody else is wrong. That is a thinking of a 6 year old!

            I will finish your education here, it is up to you if try to change or research any of the things I mentioned or you just come back with more insult. I do not care because I have a life to live and it is your responsibility to live yours. I will give another comment below about your incredible lack of knowledge about Islam and I am out of this site…

      • @Cross Ware

        It seems you have to catch up with some basic reading re race, religion, society, history.
        So, if you are not a race I am absolved if I call you dick..d mother…r, pig etc etc. , to borrow from BZs.

        I live in Hungary and have perfect knowledge of the place and can confirm that BZs a dirty mouthed psychopath of steadfast fascist persuasion.
        The award from the Orban “government” says that this is what they want, what they are, i.e. an ethical/moral pigsty.

        Although the stealing/robbing is the main activity of this mafia.

        • Of course you live there… Tovaris. It shows your mental level you can only curse instead of using arguments… How is your beloved comrade Gyurcsány? Are you both still busy selling your country and lie day and night? And how is your dear uncle Soros, the Nazi collaborator who gives you money? You just a simple traitor SJW. There is a news flash for you! The cursing does not working anymore! As for what is a race and what is a religion (you thinking Islam?) You should go into an elementary school again because you were busy stealing from the others in the first time around!

  5. Those “well respected” people are liberals, post communists who sold their country to the highest bidder and stole the money for themselves. Servants of the failed socialist government. Most of them received their award at that time as thank you for their cooperation.

  6. Observer on August 23, 2016 at 12:07 am

    Look who’s talking here. The chief pharmacist, how nice of you to have arrived. 🙂

    He is not a fool and not the first one to refer to the hacked Soros emails. He did not do it to fight Soros he did it to fight for life, for the survival of Hungary and Europe. Everybody has the right to do so and it’s you who try to defend Soros without knowing anything and it seems your only weapon is to call others a fool.

    Sorry little boy it is not enough in our age when we have the plethora of open information, where the system of secrecy is broken beyond repair.
    And it’s just the beginning. You don’t need to defend Soros but if you wanna do so, learn about him. Or choose side.

    Now, be a good boy and get back to your pharmacy to run your pill business, the only thing understand and don’t think for a minute you can do anything against the truth and the facts.

    FoxNews specifically 1:10

    • Richard, for an old man that has lived through the cold war and knows (or should know how propaganda works) you sure do not have a clue do you? This plethora of “information” as you call it, is in fact not “information” at all, one must learn to fact check with all of the bullshit that is spread on the internet. Unless of course you wish NOT to know the truth. The sources you generally quote from have been debunked in the case of thousands of their articles. How can any intelligent person with the capabilities and as you put it a “plethora” of information the internet offers, who can research and find the truth, ever take someone like you seriously. You are in fact embarrassing yourself, and the fact there are people out there just as stupid as you is no proof of anything other than there are a lot of stupid people in this world. Maybe like I said before, if you don’t know how to use the internet properly, then maybe you should get off of it for awhile. Or take some courses on internet research. How to use it effectively without making a fool out of yourself.

  7. Liz,


  8. Liz,

    Wait until the pills take effect and bring Richard out of the to reality.
    I looked up some of the sited these creatures feed on, you’re right it’s either complete BS or some twisted logic, e.g. Faux News says Soros wants more equal distribution of wealth, so he is a Communist, and Obama is, and etc etc.
    They haven’t hear Warren Buffet, Picketty and many others, and of course have no clue of how the economy works.

    Don’t take them seriously, we are not doctors after all.

  9. Sorry for the typos, being careless.

  10. Observer on August 24, 2016 at 6:08 am,

    didn’t want but you asked for this.

    “The trouble is that a significant proportion of gypsies have failed to integrate despite being welcomed as refugees from Indian oppression…

    The EU has funded numerous job fairs for gypsies…. Three months ago the city of Oradea, Romania, organized a job fair for gypsies and had 400 jobs on offer. Only 45 people showed, most of them non-gypsies who did not know that the fair, although funded by the taxpayers, was not for them.

    Common sense would tell us that gypsies don’t really want to work. But common sense is now politically incorrect and it is forbidden by law to even talk about any gypsy problem in Romania….

    Gypsies were undoubtedly beneficiaries of Communism in the Eastern Block since Communism forced them all to go to school, gave them clean housing, forced them to maintain it, provided them with jobs. These benefits were provided at the expense of more productive individuals due to the Communist obsession with absolute equality.

    Are all or most gypsies bad people? Certainly not. But a significant proportion of them have a higher propensity towards antisocial and criminal behavior. It’s not a racial (since there are white gypsies as well) or a class issue – as these tendencies are similar even among very wealthy gypsies. It’s a cultural issue…..”

    P.s. On the vid I gave the speaking creature is Soros himself. 😀 😀

    What a great Observer you are 😀 Now, “place” go back to your pharmacy 😀

    • Richard,

      The gypsy issue is OT here.

      The fact that Bayer addressed valid issues doesn’t in anyway absolve him from the rules of civilized society where his language is unacceptable (nem szalon képes). I challenge anyone to find such load of expletives, curses and nasty expressions in any public media outside the Hungarian Fidesz/Jobbik one.

      The next issues is the radical extremism of this fascist and his hate/incitement narrative: “It’s a pity they didn’t bury them t their necks in the Orgoványi Forrest”, referring to pianist András Schiff and to the event where a white terror gang tortured and killed dozens, many of them Jews, there in 1919.
      In the Bayer media one often encounters images of the opposition individuals “hanging from the lamp posts” “hanging naked bodies with only Colombian ties” etc.

      Obviously the Orban regime liked/likes these and awards the perpetrators.

  11. Richard,

    Your link is a typical BS site/piece:
    To start with the “Soros”-comes-from-Esperanto crap, you at least know Hungarian and know it is local name.
    The piece is the usual jumble of all sorts of events nonsensically linked/arranged and spruced with some lies to build a pre conception. Adjectives and free wheeling conclusions abound, logic doesn’t. E.g. while other such BS sites call him a commie, this one accuses him of being the ultimate capitalist using the financial markets to make profits !!! Shorting !! OMG !!
    Than the piece quotes our little fascist Orban, who’s propaganda quotes such sites and they have a nice Merry go round in this silly circle.

    Please give me a break, I am not a cretin, nor wish to become one feeding on such ……

  12. Observer,

    O.K., this piece says:

    “As we have written about before in HFP, Mr. Bayer’s writing career as of late has been almost exclusively built on espousing the most violent and genocidal forms of racism. In addition to his comments on the Roma, he recently suggested that Muslims were garbage and should be disposed of.”

    Let’s see the language the Islam (Muslims) uses.

    • How does Mulslims extreme narrative justifies Bayer’s ravings?

      Shall we start cutting throats here too?
      The Hejjas gang, mentioned by Bayer, did just that in Orgovány against fellow Hungarians.
      Bayer is sorry we can’t revive the “tradition”?
      What an animal!

      • I think you are an idiot. I hope you will enjoy Shari’ah.

        • Only the village idiot would think that Sharia would apply to non muslims. Told to him by his white supremacist buddies I’m sure.

          • You again with the village idiot… you know if you can’t point it him/her out it must be you!
            Ok I think your knowledge about Islam came from Cosmopolitan magazine…
            Islam is a violent supremacist political ideology bent on world domination.
            I have read the Quran, Haddith and Sunna books (yes there is more than one!) Did you???
            One of the holy task of Muslims to wage Jihad where take the infidels or dirty kaffir’s (that is you or me) land and force them to conversion, take them to slavery or if they resist, kill them.
            Read more about this here or watch the video from an ex-muslima.

  13. Observer,

    B.ZS. is really foul-mouthed but it is not an excuse or reason to focus solely on a single person intensively enough to neglect, not even mentioning the cause of his language and the potential danger that the topic he was speaking about represents.

    Obviously the problem he mentioned is more harmful and presents bigger danger than his language.

    Should his foul language have been mentioned an analyzed objectively together with the serious problem he was speaking about (that could have made sense) I probably would have reacted differently.

    Now, I volunteered a few videos and links that might be interesting for some readers or inspiring for many to start their own search, and I think I don’t need to post more, therefore I thank your rich cooperation, — you’re a pillionair 😀 — giving me a chance to post more and I don’t need you any more here in this thread.

    See you another time. 🙂

  14. The responses of Richard are straight out of the Fidesz book:
    – He substitutes the issue of Bayer with the issues of gypsies, immigration and Islamists, which are huge issues on their own.
    – He half admits the atrocious vulgarity and foulness of Bayer’s language, but laments it has not been analyzed. It has, ad naseum.
    – Juxtapositions Bayer’s brutishness, racism, aggression etc with some global issues and concludes the global ones are bigger danger. No sh..?
    – He buy passes the brutal, but inconvenient facts as if nonexistent (some other issues is usually thrown in instead).
    – Notably Richard did tick the standard box “brazen lying”. (actually the Islamofobia vid is pretty good, but OT).

    This is the set routine + vicious attacks ad hominen.

  15. Storm in a teacup, the usual liberal hysteria. It will pass, as inconsequential as a fly’s fart.

  16. CrossWare on August 23, 2016 at 11:54 pm

    one reason for she is calling you a “white supremacist” might be because she never denied her gypsy heritage here in this site and on others, and she often uses the “white” term in despising tone like she did in other occasions when the “white” was never mentioned and was out of context.
    She is just a frustrated, clumsy, outraged worldtwister, nothing more.

    Meanwhile, I also feel that she made a racist remark calling you “white supremacist” as it certainly applies to others posting similar massages like you.

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