Hungary wins gold, breaks record on Olympics Day 1, but why did public television censor the coverage?

Hungary has good reason to be proud after the first full day of the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro. Twenty-seven year old swimmer Katinka Hosszú not only won the gold medal in the 400 metre individual medley, but also beat the world record with her time of 4:26.36. This distinction was previously held by Ye Shiwen, a Chinese swimmer. Ms. Hosszú is often referred to as Hungary’s “Iron Lady.” Her coach, Shane Tusup, is an American swimmer, who has twice been nominated as Hungary’s top swimming coach. Ms. Hosszú and Mr. Tusup are married.

Katinka Hosszú wins gold and breaks world record. Photo: MTI.

Katinka Hosszú wins gold and breaks world record. Photo: MTI.

On Saturday, Hungary won a second gold medal as well. Emese Szász took home the gold for fencing, in the women’s epee. Ms. Szász beat two-time world champion Rossella Fiamingo of Italy. “I believed in myself and my fencing, and I did it,” remarked Ms. Szász.

Hungarians noted that on Day 1 of the Olympics this small country of just slightly under ten million people finished second worldwide in terms of the medal count, just behind Australia. The liberal website hailed it as a “miraculous start.”

Emese Szász, with her coach, after winning gold. Photo: MTI.

Emese Szász, with her coach, after winning gold. Photo: MTI.

Unfortunately, some of the celebration was overshadowed by a completely unnecessary “omission” or outright censorship by Hungary’s public broadcaster. Refugee athletes are participating in the Rio Summer Games. Yusra Mardini, originally from Syria, is one of them and she has garnered a great deal of media attention, including in the Toronto Star.

In the water, Yusra Mardini feels alive. In the water, Yusra Mardini swam for her life. In the water, Yusra Mardini helped to save the lives of many others”–writes Rosie Dimanno in The Star. The 18 year old ended up winning in the one hundred metre butterfly heat on Saturday. Not too long ago, Ms. Mardini had to swim to safety, fleeing her war-torn homeland, through Turkey and then across the waters in Greece. She and her sister swam for over three hours straight and, incredibly, made it to Europe safely. She trained for the Olympics in Germany. 

Disappointingly, during the Hungarian public broadcaster M4’s coverage of the one hundred metre butterfly, they completely and seemingly deliberately neglected to mention Ms. Mardini. Jenő Knézy Jr., who is reporting live from Rio on behalf of the public broadcaster, mentioned four out of the five females competing–the only one he did not utter at all was the name of the Syrian refugee. It was as though she did not even exist– even though viewers could see her on their television screens. Mr. Knézy managed to avoid mentioning her, even after she won.

The news site wondered aloud after the incident: “Is it forbidden to even utter the name of a refugee on Hungarian public television?”

Mr. Knézy claims to have made an innocent mistake, when he forgot to mention the name of the winner of the competition.




  1. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    Mr Knézy’s father would be in shame, If he was still alive…
    It is quite disgusting… This covered up innocence bs…
    Also, I could not believe that during the Opening ceremony, when the Hugarian athletes marched in, half the time János Áder was shown with his wife in the audience on TV. No other country had similar coverage. Why??

  2. Within the Orban regime everything is infused with politics and propaganda, Goebbels would be proud.

  3. Congrats for Hosszu and Szasz!!!!! 🙂

    “In the water, Yusra Mardini feels alive. In the water, Yusra Mardini swam for her life. In the water, Yusra Mardini helped to save the lives of many others”–writes Rosie Dimanno in The Star.”

    It’s a different issue, I find disgusting mentioning it in context with the Olympic games, an ugly propaganda at the price of the other competitors’ and and athletes’ success serving and supporting this deadly and well financed populace replacement and destruction of Europe. Also, they are using Madrini for the same ugly purpose just another way.

    The refuge crises should be mentioned and discussed at a different place in a different way revealing the truth i.e. if we speak about heroes like Madrini, I say the other athletes worked hard and came from countries where Muslims rape and knife and kill them as daily routine, where they have to live and prep for the Olympic games in once free countries now under state of emergency. Wait a minute, who are the heroes and the losers here?

    But what the R&R owned deafeningly loud mass media manipulation does is not political propaganda, but the silence of Knezi and the Orban regime i.e not joining the R&R mass manipulating mind control, is political propaganda. Mixing politics into the Olympic games is not political propaganda, but not mixing it is political propaganda. I’d better find something else before I got poisoned to the point of puking.

    • You Richard are far more pathetic than I ever thought you could be. This is not about the refugee crisis, politics, or Muslims. This is the Olympics, where amateur athletes get to compete in the events they worked so hard to achieve in. What kind of better story of accomplishment and overcoming of adversity, than the story of Mardini. What makes me want to puke is how YOU, decide it is about politics. It is you that makes this about Muslims, and it is YOU that cannot put aside your racist attitude to acknowledge a young lady that is in fact a hero, is in fact a star swimmer and is also a young lady that despite the fact she is a muslim refugee, has not only overcome the bombs dropping on Syria, despite that she is a girl and despite the deadly seas, managed to make it to the olympic games and won! You have a lot of nerve accusing others of propaganda, when it is people like you that just have to make it about something else, that you cannot watch an olympic sport without mentioning your feelings about Muslims. It is you that is pushing propaganda. Get over yourself, you make me sick!

  4. May be better be silent like Knezy than making sexist remarks about a Hungarian gold medal winner swimmer hosszu, as Bill hicks of NBC did.

    “NBC commentator apologizes over ‘sexist’ comments about Katinka Hosszu’s incredible performance in 400-meter IM ”

    “NBC sportscaster Bill Hicks said:

    ”There’s the guy responsible for turning Katinka Hosszu, his wife, into a whole different swimmer’

    Critics said Hicks failed to acknowledge Hosszu’s role in achievement”

  5. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    Katinka just won her second gold few minutes ago. Let’s decide who is responsible for it Orban or Shane:) She, herself was very cool about it:) Go Katinka, go!

  6. Liz Aucoin on August 9, 2016 at 11:06 pm

    No, what I am just saying that the refugee thing has nothing to do with the Olympics and let’s not mix it in it. Let’s live it out from the Olympics.
    But if you say it’s not a political propaganda and it is O.K. then let me carry on and discuss the Muslim “refugee” issue in context with the Olympic games. So, as you say that’s the right place to do it.

    “What kind of better story of accomplishment and overcoming of adversity, than the story of Mardini.”

    What??? The story of Katinka Hosszu. You know for the Hungarians she is the hero. Who could make this miracle after so many yeas of hard struggle? IS THAT NOT OVERCOMING?????????? Doesn’t she or the others have their own pain, don’t we all have our own adversities?

    Or what about overcoming their adversity for the athletes of the Paralympic. They went through terrible experiences accidents, diseases etc. their bodies are mutilated, yet they managed to overcome and achieve and no one mentioned their adversity. Is Yusra Mardini’s body so badly mutilated?

    But let’s get back to the refugee issue as you say we cannot find better place for that. And we should speak about the army of German ad Swedish and French refugees who had to flee their countries because of this.

    They found shelter among others in Hungary, mostly German families, and in their cities they feel alive. In the cities and in the country they run for their life. In the cities in the countries they helped to save the lives of young women from the Muslim rapefugees and many others.

    They have lost their democracy and have state of emergency, terror, Martial Law, armed military in the streets, explosions, machete and knife attacks, and rapes and rapes endlessly. Yet, these families and friends help their children to be able to train for the Olympics, they work hard to get the gold and no one ever mentioned the hardships, the sacrifice, the pain, THEY take to do what they came for, instead of garnering sympathy for their hardship in their private life.

    • You are a total and utter idiot! First of all, Katinka Hosszu is talked about day and night in regards to her accomplishments. The fact that others also have great stories is also talked about, obviously, you only have a problem with talking about a refugee who is accomplishing a lot. Not once did anyone say that everything should be about this young lady, but it is the fact that some believe she doesn’t deserve the same recognition others have at all! You are the only idiot making this about the refugee crisis itself. When talking about Mardini, it is a part of her story, but it is not the only thing people are talking about. It is about her and her sisters bravery, their determination and their ability to bounce back. Not the refugee crisis. It is you that mentions terrorism, it is you that mentions invasions in Europe, and it is you that considers her less worthy because she is a refugee and in particular a murdering, raping muslim. So keep making this about muslims invading Europe.

      • Yes, but when the headline speaks about a gold winner Hungarian athlete to attract those who are interested in sport it should not use her to obtrude the refuge issue on the targeted readers, for due to European people’s suffering from the Muslim invasion it might trigger opposite feelings in many readers.

        That’s my point. I repeated it just to block your derailing attempt.

        ohh and a little bonus;

        “The Hungarian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002, now directs sharp criticism of the Western establishment’s decision to allow Europe to change its population through mass immigration from Third World countries.”

  7. I sincerely hope I get more posts calling me racist so that I would have a chance to prove I am not, and have sympathy for all refuges including the West European natives who many of them became refugees now or are killed, exploded, beaten and raped in their own homeland by the millions of Muslim refugees.

    I thought the refugee issue should have been kept far away from sport and Olympic and from the Hungarian gold medals, for once they are coupled then people may start to speak about the horrors of the refugee crises instead of the Olympics.

    And I am here to say that as I find it really too much that evaluating the political and social situation in Hungary we cannot read a piece paying respect to the nice, the good, the honest and hard working, the gold winning Hungarians and they cannot be appreciated even in these great moments without kicking one big in between the eyes of them Hungarians.

    Knezy’s silence might as well be unpreparedness yet was welcomed as a reason to kick in the Hungarians in general meanwhile, foreign nations pay more respect to us and Hosszu and pay fairer game as you’ll see below.

    And the HVG as quoted in the article, yes “wondered aloud after the incident: “Is it forbidden to even utter the name of a refugee on Hungarian public television?” — but then correctly informed about more serious offenses :

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  9. Lot of socialists on this site (like the author) contradicting themselves without the sense to notice. Yes, there is a lot of censorship, mainly by the left media promoting mass illegal immigration & distorting the truth ad infinitum to achieve their commissar master’s agenda.

    BTW, despite Orban’s faults he absolutely defecates over the previous feral communist govt that almost bankrupted & sold out Hungary to the IMF etc, but Hungary was saved by Orban, & the economy is booming thx to him. Of course, loony socialists who never achieve anything in life by defination will always find something to complain about.

    Liz, u r a hypocrite. You judge others prematurely & on emotive not factual grounds. What she achieved is admirable but if the TV doesnt want to show it thats their right. Live with it.. You r an example of why Nth europe is being swamped by illiterate masses who do NOT want to assimilate no matter how much you fantasize is the opposite case. Do some research b4 you attack anyone. BTW, your emotions & idealism doesnt count as fact in any way shape or form.

  10. Congratulations to Hungary and the country’s athletes !!!

  11. Avatar Miklos Banfi says:

    Liz, I just like you:) Eloquent, concise and true as always.

  12. Liz,

    thank you for you polite intelligent reply and Miklós for agreeing with liz.

    thank you for giving me a chance to continue to express my sympathy for refugees. I am always on their side.

    • You are quite laughable at times Richard. I cannot take you seriously because of your constant links to your “proof”, you believe all the bs you hear on the internet, your “trusty” links are a joke. Maybe read this one about your beloved “gatesoneinstitute” and the beautiful example of hate mongers disguised as conservatives. And the web they weave. As the Mr. Smartypants around here, I thought you would know better. You are either truly ignorant or one of them masquerading as a conservative.

      • Hello Liz, anybody at home??? Try to use your brain.

        I didn’t quote from “gatesoneinstitute”as you stated, I never mentioned it as my beloved. I quoted from “gatesofvienna”. They are not hatemongers it’s not what they say, they quoted Kertész.

        “The Hungarian Jewish writer and Holocaust survivor Imre Kertész, who won the Nobel Prize in Literature in 2002, now directs sharp criticism of the Western establishment’s decision to allow Europe to change its population through mass immigration from Third World countries.”……“I should say a few words about politics too… Then I would talk about how Muslims are flooding, occupying, in no uncertain terms, destroying Europe; about how Europe relates to this, about the suicidal liberalism and the stupid democracy… It always ends the same way: civilization reaches a stage of maturation where it is not only unable to defend itself, but where it in a seemingly incomprehensible manner worships its own enemy.”

        So, dear Liz when you run out of argument you start vilifying the source as a last attempt. Can’t even read the name of the source? Confuse even that?

        And one more thing for your ailing brain. It’s not what “gatesofvienna” says, its what the Hungarian Jewish writer Holocaust survivor and Nobel Prize winner Imre Kertész says in his book
        The Last Refuge (ISBN: 9789187347948)

        It’s all written there in that piece. Did you read that the piece I referred to at all? Can you read at all or only can write? And you call others idiot? 😀 😀

        Poor Liz, how many times do you want to make a fool of yourself here?

        • P.S. for Liz a respected CUA staff.

          The other link I gave and you you directly replied was “infowars” but it took from “HUNGARY TODAY” you can find the link in it. The other references came from “via: br de; dailynewshungary; mandiner; bayerishe rundfunk, heute de” If you could ever be bothered to read the piece and find the sources.

          I am still with Christian general the German refugees who have to flee from Muslim violence regardless of whether those can swim or not.

          Liz you need a slim-diet. 😀 😀

          • Correctly:
            The other link I gave you and you directly replied was…

            I am still with the Christians in general and with the German refugees …

        • Don’t be rediculous Richard, down below this reply, on Aug. 12 @ 11:07 you provided a link to “migrant rape” gatesoneinstitute. Pathetic really.

          • That is “gatestoneinstitute” and not “gatesoneinstitute” your little illiterate CUA agent. Learn to read and write. Little wonder I didn’t find it. Pathetic really.

            One more thing. If you think they are hatemongers then type “Germany’s Migrant Rape Crisis Spirals out of Control” Google or DuckDuck it and you will find a hundred of other sources and you can choose which one you believe.

            Liz, get a slim-diet quickly, you’re so ridiculous really. 😀 😀

  13. Liz Aucoin on August 12, 2016 at 5:56 pm

    you wanted to say something big but looks like you got confused in your own infinite wisdom and started going is circles 😀 therefore I give you a little help.

    “You are a total and utter idiot!”
    Look who’s talking here. Watch your language Ms. Filthymouth if you want to be taken seriously. You are talking to me not to your friends.

    “First of all, Katinka Hosszu is talked about day and night in regards to her accomplishments. The fact that others also have great stories..”

    Yes, I like other great stories of Olympic sport related too but don’t like her gold medal is mentioned together in one piece with politics i.e. the Muslim refugee crisis which was created to pit Muslims and Christians against each other and to destroy Europe. I wrote this here many times, one day you will understand, too.

    But why I don’t like?

    And the caveman(woman) is scratching her head and is saying — but why, it’s so great, and writes “and it is you that considers her less worthy because she is a refugee and in particular a murdering, raping muslim.”

    You little tricky wordtwister I didn’t say I consider her less worthy, I said that the refuge problem should be kept separately from Hosszu’s gold medal.

    Nice try Ms. Wordtwister 😀 didn’t work again! 😀 hehehe Liz you’re fantastic.

    And yes, Knezy was silent about Mardini meanwhile the writer of this piece is still silent about NBC sportscaster Bill Hicks’s insulting sexist remark about Hosszu. Equal.

    Please reply. I’ve got more news and vids. You know my heart goes out for the Cristian refugees too not only for the Muslims and I only discuss it when the issue is mentioned.

  14. And I don’t want that athletes in the Olympic games to be mentioned as heroes for being a Muslim migrant, it’s a manipulation that people see through. Olympics has nothing to do with politics and religion. I don’t want the Olympics to become like this. Yet it has already happened.

  15. And this. What the hell is this? This is a sport event and not a cultural exchange or religious event. Look ate the athletes, little wonder I don’t hail mentioning someone Muslim refugee status instead of their sport achievement at Olympic games.

  16. We should behave nicely toward Muslim refugees meanwhile, they exhibit the worst unsportsmanlike behavior, even they reserve the right to censor their publications and simply blur out the opponent athlete?

    Even her face not only her body?

    “An unexpected development has been the story of leafless world photograph of a beach volleyball match between Germany and Egypt. On behalf of the representatives of the Islamic world was published his version of the picture”

  17. Liz Aucoin
    on August 16, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    yes let’s speak about hatred.

    “Jewish Olympic Team Faces Hostility From Muslim Nations
    “Isn’t this contrary to what the Olympics stand for?”

    Anti-Jewish sentiment apparently has invaded the Rio Olympic Games, which is intended to be place of peaceful co-existence and good sportsmanship.

    Last Friday, the coach of Lebanese team barred the Israeli team from entering a bus that was intended to take them both to the opening ceremony.”

  18. Liz Aucoin
    on August 16, 2016 at 7:01 pm

    Is telegraph better?

    “Egyptian judoka sent home from Rio after refusing to shake Israeli opponent’s hand”

    Imagine if Orban did this, fascist, antisemite.
    Muslims can be as hostile they can? And you?

    Hurry with your reply I have more.

  19. Now, on more time For LIZ.

    My only point, that the Olympics is about one and only one thing, the sport achievements of the athletes in the Olympic games. Although, other human achievements like refugees migrating to Europe are also admirable, it is a different human achievement that should be mentioned and discussed apart from the Olympics.

    Mixing some athletes’ politically related human achievements that has nothing to do with Olympic sport performance in the same piece only to unfairly popularize and exalt some selected athletes and the Islam at the expense of other athletes’ great sport achievements is detrimental to others and is highly manipulative. It only leads to the complete derailment of the discussion instead of the well deserved hailing of the gold winner champion. It’s not fair to bring these different kind of human achievements together.

    Deflection and derailment attempts are blocked, original point restored, all fields cleared up.

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