Ronald Lauder on Hungary as the most anti-Semitic country in Europe — A collection of fascist memorabilia

Ronald Lauder, an American billionaire, prominent Republican politician, former ambassador to Austria and head of the World Jewish Congresshas Hungarian ancestry; his grandmother was born in Sátoraljaújhely.  Recently, in an interview he named Hungary the most anti-Semitic country in Europe. (read here) .

Lauder specifically mentioned the statues of Hitler-supporter Regent Miklós Horthy, a self-proclaimed anti-Semite who declared war on the United States. Horthy’s policies resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Hungarians. Although he was arrested by the Americans at the end of WWII, Stalin intervened and Horthy escaped prosecution.

The Hungarian Government swiftly rejected Mr. Lauder’s accusations. Prime Minister Orbán’s PR staff claimed that Mr. Lauder is uninformed, gets bad advice and just doesn’t understand Hungary.

The Hungarian Government is skillfully misleading the international media. If you travel to the Hungarian countryside you will discover hundreds (yes, hundreds!) of recently-installed statues, plaques and memorials of fascists, racists, anti-Semites and convicted World War II criminals. It is truly bizarre but there is a Faustian logic behind the practice. Praising one-time Hungarian fascists, especially anti-Semites, bring votes to Fidesz, Hungary’s ruling political party. The statues are part of their political strategy and to fend off foreign criticism the Orbán government has hired lobbyists, journalists, historians and even Rabbis. Their job is to cover up the practice of installing Nazi statues.

Mr. Lauder is not uninformed, he is absolutely correct about the statues. We have compiled a partial list of recently-installed Horthy memorabilia and if you know about other ones, please let us know.

Budapest, in front of the Calvinist Church Hazatérés, Szabadság Square

Horthy bust in Szabadság tér, Budapest.

Horthy bust in Szabadság tér, Budapest.

Videos about the protests: click here and also here.

Hencida, Hajdú-Bihar County

Horthy bust in Hencida, Hajdú-Bihar County.

Horthy bust in Hencida, Hajdú-Bihar County.

Kenderes. JászNagykun-Szolnok county 

Horthy bust in Kenderes. Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county.

Horthy bust in Kenderes. Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok county.

Horthy bust in CsókakőFejér county

József Nyirő bust in Csókakő.

Horthy bust in Csókakő.

Watch the related neo-Nazi rally at Csókakő click here.

Debrecen, wall of Reformed College

Plaque to Horthy on the wall of the Reformed College in Debrecen.

Plaque to Horthy on the wall of the Reformed College in Debrecen.

KerekiSomogy county

Horthy Square

Horthy Square

Budapest, XVII district

Budapest, XVII district.

Budapest, XVII district.

Budapest, XVI district  (Veres Péter út 79.)

Budapest, XVI district  (Veres Péter út 79.)

Budapest, XVI district (Veres Péter út 79.)

Kunhegyes JászNagykun-Szolnok county

Horthy Miklós Street

Horthy Miklós Street

The Hungarian government’s continued support of the Cult of Miklós Horthy is anachronistic and distasteful.  The fact that Horthy’s family is revered by Hungarian military officials is appalling.  It is a slap in the face of every American who fought against fascism and it is especially hurtful to Hungarian-American families whose loved ones served in the US army during World War II.

Wider media exposure is needed in North America to publicize Hungary’s Nazi statues.   How about a “tourist guide” to show the location of each statue to show the world that Hungary’s elected government is trying to re-create Horthyism – the Hungarian fascism of the 1930s? 

These statues are both anti-Hungarian and anti-American.  We better do something about them. 

György Lázár



  1. Yes, these street names should be changed immediately to György Lázár or some other well-deserving unsereiner. And the fact that MAZSIHISZ refused the silly accusation ba Lauder (that real estate peddler whose Sukoro business flopped so spectacularly) need no be mentioned here, right? After all, how could a Jewish organization within Hungary consider the state of anti-semitism in Hungary which Lauder seems to be so adept at…. pathetic, really.

  2. Recent surveys indicate that about 25% of the population is anti-semita.
    During the past 6 years coinciding with the Orban regime the percentage doubled. Lazar is absolutely right!

  3. I don’t know which place the Orban regime has earned on the list, but I know that these statues are only the tip of the iceberg.
    One has just look at the small local media and web to witness the various local actions in this spirit and see the verbal wave of prejudice, racism, hatred, down to vicious Nazi outpours.

    Orban is playing on the Trianon frustration, older complexes and negative national psyche, pouring the venom generously in an already poisoned national socio-political environment.
    This is how the degradation, if not the death of the nation is stoked.

  4. Austrian bound politicians always try to prove that Hungarians are anti-semitic, well that is a huge lie: Hungarians and other central European nations do not anything to do with the austrian horror antisemitic and racist history that resulted in the worst wars and tragedies in the world history, including the suffering and tragedy of tens of millions of non-Austrian ethnics of the former Austrian “empire”.

  5. This article is incompetent, irrelelvant and immaterial, and yes, it is hate-filled.

    • Give it a rest you troll, only the idiots of your genre, will see things through your hate filled spectacles.

      • Avatar G.M.S.Lauder-Frost says:

        I have just noticed tha György Lázár was the author of this ridiculous article which smears Horthy and the Hungarians and simply gives credence to Ronald Lauder’s smears. Just an all round disgrace. It is irrelevant that Lázár has a PhD. I have one as do many others. PhD’s are on specialist subjects and doubtless Lázár’s is on one totally unrelated to his “subject”. Citing a PhD after an author’s name is irrelevant if it has nothing whatsoever to the subject. It is a false way of trying to say the writer has credibility on the subject which 9 times out of 10 is untrue. (And very Aemrican).

  6. It’s wonderful to see at least one country that is proud of their heritage and will not surrender to hatred. If this kind of national consciousness does not spread to the rest of Europe then the desire to wipe the European peoples out will most likely be complete in 50 years. I’m sure György Lázár would rather see statues to Gábor Péter, Revai, Fárkas, Rákosi, et al., but hopefully Hungarians and other Europeans can prevent these racist murderers from destroying Hungary and Europe.

  7. Avatar Andrew Ludanyi says:

    Love Affair of ‘Self-Hating Hungarian Jews” and the ‘Hungarian Free Press’

    György Lázár’s recent post on the Hungarian Free Press about Ronald Lauder is a distasteful example of a whole series of Lázár’s writings.
    In this piece of anti-Hungarian propaganda he manifests the traits of all those whom I would call “Self-Hating Hungarian Jews.” He fits this category because he hates Hungarians and he is a Jewish Hungarian in his background. Every opportunity that he has he denigrates not only the current government in power in Hungary (Viktor Orbán administration) but also Hungary and the Hungarian people.
    In this instance he uses Ronald Lauder’s (head of the World Jewish Congress) outrageous and slanderous statement that “Hungary is the most anti-Semitic country in Europe.”
    This statement received a well-deserved rebuke from all the significant Jewish leaders in Hungary. It was also rejected by the Orbán government as well as all responsible observers of the Hungarian scene.
    My concern in responding to György Lázár’s “essay,” is that he again repeats distortions and outright lies about the Hungarian past to support the Lauder charge. In one brief paragraph he sums up the “anti-Semitism” smear by stating that “Hitler-supporting Regent Miklós Horthy, a self-proclaimed anti-Semite who declared war on the United States” and whose policies resulted in the death of hundreds of thousands of Hungarians….and who “was arrested by the Americans at the end of World War II,” but escaped prosecution because “Stalin intervened” on his behalf. For these reasons he deserves no memorials.
    But none of these statements is historically accurate! None! First, the most serious smear is that he was a Hitler-supporter and a Hungarian fascist. These are both outright lies. I suggest Mr. Lázár read the analyses of Carlyle A. Macartney, Bryan Cartledge, and Thomas Sakmyster about Horthy’s role during World War II (none of whom are ethnic Hungarian historians) whose studies were written before the Orbán government came to power. Better yet, have him consult the testimony of FDR’s Ambassador to Hungary, Flountroy Montgomery’s Hungary the Unwilling Satellite. Furthermore, Horthy was not a self-declared anti-Semite, how could he be when he invited Ferenc Chorin and other prominent Jews to his card parties. In addition, he helped these and other Jews to escape the Nazi sponsored Holocaust when the Third Reich occupied Hungary on April 19, 1944. In fact, until that date Hungary was the “safe-haven for Jews” on the European continent! Bárdossy’s administration declared war on the USSR and indirectly its allies, but not Miklós Horthy. And it was not the intervention of Joseph Stalin that kept Horthy from being tried as a war criminal, but his record and the intervention of prominent Hungarian Jews as well as American foreign policy specialists. Furthermore his “capture” by Americans was his family’s and his personal “liberation” from Nazi house arrest!
    Regarding the statues that Lázár presents as documentation, again the distortions are rife and sometimes totally inaccurate. To label these statues as Nazi and fascist memorabilia is simply a continuation of the historical blindness of Lauder as well as Lázár.
    These distortions and falsifications have a very negative consequence for a common Hungarian-Jewish future. I did not use the designation “Self-Hating Hungarian Jews” lightly. I chose it because it reflects a syndrome that prevails in the articles that predominate in the Hungarian Free Press. It perpetuates self-loathing and at the same time sows the seeds for anti-Semitism even among those who would otherwise not be blighted by this virus.
    Andrew Ludanyi
    Emeritus Professor of Political Science
    Ohio Northern University

    • Ohio N. Uni should consider the interestingly claim that the Horthy regime did not support Hitler, ie Nazi Germany. I thought they had formal documents signed, wars declared, 200 000 strong Hungarian army fighting alongside, occupying Yugoslavia, supplying Germany, etc.
      I thought the Horthy regime passed series of anti Semitic laws and sent hundreds of thousands of Jews from the countryside to their extermination.
      Ah, but he played bridge with the richest Jewish Hungarian, and the above doesn’t count?
      I rest my case, let the readers judge how much the racist/anti Semitic and fascist ideas are spread among the Hungarians, incl those who fled at the end of the war and their descendants.

      • Avatar G.M.S.Lauder-Frost says:

        “The Horthy regime” demonstrates your immediate bias. Admiral Horthy, a most admirable man, had been Commander-in-Chief of the Austro-Hungarian Navy and before that Aide-de-Campe to the Emperor Franz Josef.
        British ambassadors to Hungary describe him as charming, well-mannered, balanced, and exceptionally reasonable. His “regime” as you smearingly call it, was the democratically elected Hungarian government. In fact Hungary was fairly generous in its treatment of Jews, notwithstanding the fact that Jews across eastern Europe were loathed. Poland, for instance, had serious anti-Jewish legislation even before the Nazis. Following the latter parties across eastern Europe took their cue to enact anti-Jewish legislation. However, Hungary was one of the last places in Europe to move against Jewry and Jewish businesses continued in their operations well into WWII. Horthy may personally have disliked Jews or felt that they were over-represented in certain sectors to the exclusion of indigenous Hungarians but that hardly makes him unique; and all Hungary’s laws eminated from parliament. It would have been a serious constitutional issue if Horthy had vetoed legislation although he is on record as protesting to the Prime Ministers of the day about anti-Jewish measures. You can find this even in books published during the communist regimes. Populist left-wing lies will never be able to replace facts.

      • @GSM Lauder

        So, Horthy was “a most admirable man,..” even with the bloody “white terror”of the 1919-20, the repressions thereafter, the war, extermination of Jewish citizens. etc. I guess he is admirable for the budding fascists, not for the rest though.

        Re. “the democratically elected Hungarian government… ” it’s worth mentioning that the Horthy regime repressed all and any other political forces to prevent any challenge. As a result the Unity Party + a coalition partner (of similar coloring) invariably won 70-90% of the seats in Parliament for more than 20 years.

        I will not even comment on the suggestion that Hungary was one of the best countries for it’s Jewish population, most of these myths, lies and nonsense have been debunked times over.

        Again, I’ll leave it to the readers to judge how anti/Semitic, racist and reactionary Hungary was/is.

        • Avatar G.M.S.Lauder-Frost says:

          More far-left moronic unsourced statements against Horthy who defeated Communism in Hungary and forced the Romanian army to withdraw. You should consult “Documents on British Foreign Policy 1919-1939”, 1st series, vol.xii (et al) which record everything happening in Hungary in the minutest details.

        • Avatar G.M.S.Lauder-Frost says:

          The British Embassy (Mr Hohler) said in a telegram on February 1st, 1920: “Admiral Horthy is not a chauvinist and is as modest and moderate in his conversation as in his general behaviour, and though an Admiral in command of the army, he appears to be very devoid of militarist tendencies. This also appears to be the view of virtually everyone I speak to, even by Jewish bankers, who might be expected to hold different views.”!

        • Avatar G.M.S.Lauder-Frost says:

          On the 4th February 1920 the Archduke Josef informed his supporters that he would “on no account accept the office” of Head of State in Hungary in view of the Allies opposition to the Habsburgs. The British Embassy in Buda-Pest telegraphed London: “popular favour is all centring on Horthy, with second favourite being Apponyi although the latter is considered too old by many. However, choice of either would be I think entirely unobjectionable according to the Allied terms. Horthy would be eminently suitable as absolutely honest, reliable and vigorous.”

        • @ G.M.S.Lauder-Frost

          I wonder if you guys can ever make a statement without any lies or misleading (csusztatás).

          Horthy in command of some military and militia unit crushed a communist regime of B. Kun killing thousands. Notably, B.Kun was appointed minister of foreign affairs, but led a step by step bolshevik putsch to assume power in a soviet republic (like Orban in the illiberal democracy).

          Horthy did not force any army out of Hungary (whatever its territory might have at the time). It was the Kun’s Red Army that pushed back Romanian and Czech troops.

          The Brits confirm that Horthy in 1920 was an anti communist and gentlemen officer (they loved both). OK, he stands out in comparison with the half baked country bumpkin Orban and co. not to mention the latter’s corruption of historical proportions.

          So ? How does that change the facts of his and his governments’ deeds – Gömbos, Imrédy, Bárdossy.
          Moreover by 1940 Horthy had falled behind times even in naval affairs.

  8. Ok just going to throw this out there & please don’t shoot the messenger , they revere there war time leader for many reasons not the least of his policies were the will of the people , the antisemitism real or imagined by the writer is easy to understand if you research the 56′ uprising Jewish influence & the predominance of Jews in the ruling communist party . And what does this have to do with Americans that fought in ww2 ? They were no were near Hungary ! As a previous comment has suggested may be they should change the statues to mr Lazar or mr Lauder or another worthy Jew

  9. Hungary is far not the worst.

    “REUTERS – The number of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain rose by 11 percent in the first six months of the year reflecting a worrying trend of intolerance across the country, a Jewish advisory body said on Thursday.

    The Community Security Trust, which advises Britain’s estimated 260,000 Jews on security matters, recorded 557 incidents from January until June, the second highest number for the first period of a year since it started collecting figures in 1984. ”

  10. Just one more, and I haven’t even mentioned other East and West European countries where antisemitism is much worse than in Hungary.

    “Speaking at a conference in Jerusalem on Sunday, Danny Cohen said the past year had been the most difficult for him as a Jew living in the United Kingdom.

    “I’ve never felt so uncomfortable being a Jew in the UK as I’ve felt in the last 12 months. And it’s made me think about, you know, is it our long-term home, actually. Because you feel it. I’ve felt it in a way I’ve never felt before actually,”

    Now, we should decide whether we are criticizing Hungary in order to bring down the government or for the protection of the Jews against antisemitism?

    Hopefully the latter in which case we should talk about something like first things firs. Shouldn’t we?

    Hungary is far not the most antisemitic country in Europe. Let’s stay factual.

    • Richard,

      Your comparison with the UK is misleading.
      At present Hungary is much more “street safe” for their Jewish citizens, with mainly verbal and only a few physical assaults, not life threatening.

      The main difference is that in the UK, France the threats, real and grave, come almost exclusively from the Muslim extremists, while the public and the government are fighting it.

      In Hungary it’s almost the other way round, there are no Muslims extremists, but the threats, overt or thinly disguised and more so grave, come from members of the society and political establishment and are stoked by government propaganda and acts. In this respect Hungary is the most.

    • Sorry

      ” ..thinly disguised and NOT so grave ..

      • Avatar G.M.S.Lauder-Frost says:

        If Mr Cohen is unhappy living in Great Britain he is not obliged to remain here but could instead relocate to the Zionist State of Israel which was established for the world’s Jews, was it not?

      • @G.M.S.Lauder-Frost

        So, you are suggesting that if someone is harassed, threatened or assaulted he should just leave for somewhere else (before he’s murdered, that is) and everything would be OK.

        Are blinded by bigotry and hatred or this is your IQ level?

  11. Avatar G.M.S.Lauder-Frost says:

    It is a severe embarrassment to the Lauder family worldwide that this evil man carries our surname. His mother is the Hungarian Jewess Estée Metzner who married Mr Joseph Lauder, a Presbyterian. Her children are, of course, by virtue of their mother, Jews and were brought up in that faith.

  12. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear G.M.S.Lauder-Frost,

    Joseph Lauder has never been a Presbyterian. He was born Joseph Lauter (with a “t”) to Lillian and William Lauter, Jewish immigrants from Galicia (Austro-Hungarian Empire). The name was changed to Lauder.

  13. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Dear G.M.S.Lauder-Frost,

    Yes, I do. The late Lee Israel published interviews in 1985 and other sources. By the way her name was Estée Mentzer (not Metzner) … her official English name was Estella. Her mother called her in Hungarian Eszti which is the nickname of the Hungarian name Eszter. Later she named herself Estée which sounded like the Hungarian Eszti… Now you know the story.

  14. Observer on August 5, 2016 at 10:12 am, 10:14 am

    “Parties like France’s National Front and the Party for Freedom in the Netherlands aren’t merely Euroskeptics — they are Euro-enemies that oppose the very ideals that undergird a unified Europe. Ranging from nationalist to openly fascist, these parties receive relatively little public support. But in countries like Hungary and Greece, they have exploited economic distress and anti-immigrant animus to become influential, and not only at the national level. In elections in May, 59 far-right candidates from 14 countries won seats in the European Parliament. Ruling parties in many of these countries have been negligent at best in opposing extremists. At worst, they have indulged and empowered them.”

    Again, not just Hungary and Hungary is not the worst from any aspect.
    It’s only the others disguise their fascism and antisemitism better.

    I never deny antisemitism in Hungary neither deny the double faced ugly work of Orban in this issue. What I say that Hungary is far not the worst from any aspect.

    • Very good quotation, which highlights the much larger problem.

      The act of disguising means the ideas are still not generally acceptable in those countries. In Hungary they have gained acceptance by the majority of the voters (Fidesz + Jobbik) and have been adopted, without label, as gov policies.
      These are the significant differences, otherwise we are not so far apart in our opinions.

      • Then why say repeatedly “..Hungary as the most anti-Semitic country in Europe”?

        Why not say as a country where antisemitism is adopted as government policies which makes it the worst in Europe.

        The headline so clearly goes for effect. People do have eyes for that. They see it through. This sensationalist style simply won’t pay off, meanwhile fair play would be helpful to reconcile many differences between the different parties and the readers of different opinions. Supposing that it would be the goal and not the deepening of the differences which only creates more hostility.

      • @Richard,
        Re Hungary the worst. Perhaps I was not clear enough:
        It is in political sense – because of not only gov policies, but the Fidesz + Jobbik vote, i.e. feelings behind it, press and public discourse.
        In sense of safety/security Hungary definitely is not the worst.

  15. G.M.S.Lauder-Frost on August 5, 2016 at 10:58 am

    “If Mr Cohen is unhappy living in Great Britain he is not obliged to remain here but could instead relocate to the Zionist State of Israel which was established for the world’s Jews, was it not?”

    Where? To Israel where the Jews are at the verge of civil war and waiting for the alliance to liberate the real Jews from the Netanyahu regime to which the Orban regime is a little toddler? They don’t really want to go home. Why?

    “Some voices, among them Israel’s leader Benjamin Netanyahu, have called on Europe’s Jews to emigrate to Israel for security. Fear can be understandable, but that kind of message is not what is needed………. Netanyahu, who has made Israel a very unsafe place for years, has a nerve to call on Jews to leave Europe because it’s unsafe – that’s pure manipulation.”

    Again, and again, who’s the worst for the Jews?

  16. @Observer “I thought the Horthy regime passed series of anti Semitic laws and sent hundreds of thousands of Jews from the countryside to their extermination.” Is that what you thought? Do you also think he helped the Germans in their new endeavor to take world leadership in the lampshade and soap industries?

    I wonder if Horthy or Hitler were aware that wealthy Jews paid Winston Churchill to attack Germany and kill Germans?

  17. Interesting exchanges. The commenters express deeply held opinions, which are often very revealing of their biases and even agendas. We all have our own. Some, however, are blatant…
    “I wonder if you guys can ever make a statement without any lies or misleading,” says Observer, plunging into blatant projection. This statement comes from the commenter who presents Kun as some sort of Hungarian patriot, no less! To be “objective” he then compares him to Orban insofar as dictatorial inclinations are concerned…Yeah, let’s muddy the waters, shall we?
    Let’s pretend, while we are at it, that our hate of all non-Jews is in fact the world’s hate against us…
    The failure of most Jews and philo-semites to understand that “anti-semitism” is a reaction to hostile and destructive Jewish tribal behaviors is rooted in the unique Judaic lack of capacity for introspection, its judeocentric and anhistoric worldview. World history in the Jewish view is the history of the eternal Jewish suffering, which has no context and no explanation other than the “virus” (per ADL) of hate that Goyim harbor in themselves, and it is a closed circle that iterates ad infinitum until the “chosen” will get their red heifer… Any opposition to their power is proof of the “virus” and must be crushed. The tried and true methods are atomizing the nation of the host country, its culture, its majority religion, its ethos by sowing hatred among artificially created marginal identities (“gays,” “feminists,” etc), creating chaos (the much vaunted Jewish “revolutionary spirit” and “iconoclasm”) and then picking up the pieces.
    The condition of “Jewish identity” is not inescapable. Many intelligent Jews whose universal human values (empathy, honesty, humanism) obstinately survived their judaic indoctrination from the cradle on have arrived at these conclusions: Shahak, Shamir, Atzmon, Eisen, et al. These are the true “emancipated Jews.”
    Orban and many other Hungarians want to protect their country from the depredations of the international banksters and from the lethal assault of the “multiculturalism” and “tolerance” shoved down Europe’s throat by the likes of Deborah Specter. Jews will be at the frorefornt”– she promised. The nationalism, i.e., patriotism of Orban and other Hungarians is anathema to “un-emancipated” Jews.
    He waxes indignant that someone suggests that Jews who are unhappy should leave. All of a sudden they are “nationals”… although Peres (and many others) clearly stated there are no “French Jews,” “English Jews,” etc–there are only JEWS. So then, why not leave? No “ties that bind,” no?

    • @ariadnatheo

      “you guys can ever make a statement without any lies or misleading,” is not a projection, it’s past experience to date. Look at the erroneous statements/lies I was aiming at.

      ” .. presents Kun as some sort of Hungarian patriot ..”
      Where did you get this impression from? Take the prejudice glasses off and read again (this factual note for those who don’t know much about Hungary then).

      “The condition of “Jewish identity” is not inescapable…” Well said, but the rest smells of the ubiquitous anti anti Semitism.

  18. Correction:
    Barbara Specter

  19. Excellent comment ariadnatheo. Now, if only they could get over the introspection problem then they might think about what you wrote.

  20. COULD there be something to Hungary’s endemic (and persistent) anti-Semitism? HOW does it keep going like it does?

    • There is something of course, in Hungarian Spectrum you can find several posts + many comments re the national psyche.

      Hungarians are a small nation, cut to undersize not so long ago, losers in geopolitics in the period.

      The Hungarian character (statistically) is
      – pretty dishonest, e.g. proud of cheating (overtake in the revolving door), blaming all on others and never admitting wrong (“fair enough” doesn’t exist here),
      – it’s also intolerant, impulsive and aggressive against weaker sides,
      – pretty negative, even about own affairs, let alone others’, pugnacious, selfish, grandstanding, but in practice without sense of duty.
      All these produce a high internal tension/complexes resulting in (top stats of) alcoholism, suicide and unhappiness. The tensions/complexes are often lived out in verbal aggression and hatred, which must be channeled against someone. Jews are the top seller target, but by far not the only ones.

      I feel they are the most unhappy and frustrated society in Europe (don’t know about Bulgarians or Macedonians). Even Transylvanian Hungarians don’t come/resettle here anymore.

  21. “Now, if only they could get over the introspection problem then they might think about what you wrote.”

    Obviously Jett can’t get over it.

  22. Peter, my (and your) comments about introspection deficiency and reflex projection — unique problems of the Jewish identity are nicely illstrated by the hasbaRAT who whines about “anti-semitism” (i.e., ascribing less than flattering traits to the whole ethno-religious group) and then blithely proceeds to give a wholesale “description”of the Hungarians alleged traits.
    Even funnier, the hasbaRat makes them sound eminently Jewish:
    “The Hungarian character (statistically) is
    – pretty dishonest, e.g. proud of cheating (overtake in the revolving door), blaming all on others and never admitting wrong (“fair enough” doesn’t exist here),
    – it’s also intolerant, impulsive and aggressive against weaker sides,
    – pretty negative, even about own affairs, let alone others’, pugnacious, selfish, grandstanding, but in practice without sense of duty.”
    Thigh-slapping, sides-splitting, roll-on-the floor material.

  23. @ariadnatheo Amazing. Everything ascribed to the Jews (vicious anti-Semitism, LOL) he projects onto Hungarians. Probably Germans, Russians and everyone else too. Meanwhile, the world continues to detest them.

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