Urge Israeli Ambassador Ilan Mor to return his medal to Hungary!

Shame on you, Ilan Mor!

The Israeli Ambassador to Hungary, Ilan Mor, accepted a Hungarian government award this week–An award which was renounced and returned by Elie Wiesel and Randolph Braham due to the whitewashing of Nazi history.

“It has become increasingly clear that Hungarian authorities are encouraging the whitewashing of tragic and criminal episodes in Hungary’s past, namely the wartime Hungarian governments’ involvement in the deportation and murder of hundreds of thousands of its Jewish citizens,” Mr. Wiesel wrote in his letter.

The photographer of the Israel in Hungary Facebook page prepared the perfect album of the shameful ambassador and of all leaders of the Hungarian Jewish community who are collaborating with the antisemitic Fidesz government. Congratulations.

Please share it and urge the Israeli Foreign Ministry to make him return this medal!

Anna Bayer

Ilan Mor accepting the Middle Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit from Hungary's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó. Photo: Israel in Hungary.

Ilan Mor accepting the Middle Cross of the Hungarian Order of Merit from Hungary’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Péter Szijjártó. Photo: Israel in Hungary.


  1. Poor Anna Bayer, screaming her head off, and yet, Mr. Mor believes his own eyes rather than Anna’s hysterical screams.

  2. Avatar remembereliewiesel says:


    Maybe Ambassador Mor noticed with “his own eyes” how the Hungarian government handled Elie Wiesel’s death some weeks ago.
    Reminder: Silence Speaks Volumes http://hungarianspectrum.org/2016/07/09/gabor-horvath-silence-speaks-volumes/

    Or Ambassador Mor noticed with “his own eyes” how the German Occupation Memorial is celebrated by the Jewish community day by day.

    Congratulations, hope that PM/ Foreign Minister Natanyahu prefers the opinions of Elie Wiesel, Ron Lauder and Holocaust historians.

  3. During his tenure Mor has been ineffectual, he enjoyed being a VIP and never said anything of value. He lacked the intellect for the job and became an empty headed puppet.

  4. Avatar György Lázár says:

    Ilan Mor is not the first crooked Ambassador of Israel in Budapest. David Admon a decade ago was investigated for corruption, he quietly disappeared…

    Mor’s suspected cover-up of Hungary’s institutionalized anti-Semitism is distasteful. In a way, I’m delighted that he got (and accepted!) the award from the Orbán government… It shows the clear difference between Likud and the Obama administration. Likud is willing to go to bed with right-wingers, even if they are anti-Semites….. Obama remained critical of Orbán & Co and Hillary will be too… As I recall, US Ambassador Eleni Kounalakis didn’t get an award from Orbán & Co. when she left… I’m proud of that! Colleen Bell won’t get one either…)))

  5. Avatar Child of survivors says:

    I hope ambassador David Admon “stole, corrupted” back all the Jewish stolen properties that the Hungarians stole from my Jewish people!

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  7. Avatar Eszter Garai-Édler says:

    Shame on you, Ilan Mor! It’s mad, man, absolutely mad!

  8. Avatar Eszter Garai-Édler says:

    She worked hard, and she had talent.

  9. rememberelieweasel: throw another hissy fit, dear.

  10. Avatar remembereliewiesel says:

    למה? למה? למה? – תחזיר את הפרס – מייד.
    איזה בושה למדינת ישראל. אילן מור שגריר ישראל מקבל פרס הונגרי.
    אותו הפרס שחתן פרס נובל אלי ויזל ז”ל החזיר לממשלת הונגריה בשעט נפש.
    אותו הפרס שההיסטוריון וחוקר השואה פרופסור רנדולף ברהם החזיר לממשלת ההונגרית.
    אילן מור וממשלת ישראל לוקחים חלק בשכתוב ההיסטוריה.
    הונגריה אחראית על שואת יהודי הונגריה ולא יעזור הקמת מוזיאונים, הקמת אנדרטאות לתומכי נאצים, שינוי ספרי היסטוריה ומתן תמיכה לחלק מארגוני היהודים בבודפשט.

  11. Pretty shameful affair for the Israeli government, whatever the reasons for this acceptance. It is not only the anti Semitism, but the racism, intolerance, hate mongering and whole fascistoid system that Mor publicly recognized.
    Unfortunately, there have been also distasteful compromises by the Jewish organizations/officers here although I don’t see their benefits from those, not to speak about their failure to uphold democratic values.

  12. Elie Wiesel and Randolph Braham are private person and not active diplomats, they don’t need to coordinate with the MOFA of Israel, neither do they officially represent Israel. Ilan Mor is Israel. Being a Jew and being Israel is not the same. We have no Intel what coordination between the Hungarian and Israeli MOFAs took place before awarding him. He might renounce the award after coordinating with his superiors or will bear the consequences of the possible diplomatic stir he might create.

    About Israel and her role of our today’s everyday life.

    “..to take the world is a third world war which they wish to involve Europe, the United states, and Canada North America , and Russia, and China.

    The third world war would be triggered out of the Middle East involving Israel as the trigger and would bring about the final global conflict which would lead to them being able to offer the solution to stop this ever happening again which would be a world government and a single world army.

    There’s much more at stake than whitewashing history.

  13. Avatar Eliezer Rabinovich says:

    I will definitely congratulate the Ambassador with the new honor. Nobody during the war saved so many Jews as Horthy did – about a quarter million in Budapest, that is, may be, a million with their today’s descendants. Horthy has been slandered by the left for his stanch anti-Communism that I completely share.

    I am an author of 170-page book titled “Rescue of the Budapest Jews: Miklós Horthy, March 17 to October 16, 1944; Diplomats, 1942-1945 г.
    And Many Other Righteous Hungarians” published this year in Russian with a 30-pages’ summary in English. A shorter version may be found in my live journal:
    Part 1: http://emr37.livejournal.com/1767.html
    Part 2: http://emr37.livejournal.com/1807.html)

    and in several other English and Hungarian sites.

  14. Avatar remembereliewiesel says:

    @Eliezer Rabinovich

    That is a myth. A dangerous myth. Favorite story of the present Hungarian administration and the family of Col. Koszorus who tries to claim that he stopped the Arrow Cross near the ghetto for the order of Horthy.
    Fact checking and historians proved that it is not true. Yad Vashem refused to acknowledge Col. Koszorus based on historical facts. Check the USHMM, and other historians first.

  15. Avatar Eliezer Rabinovich says:

    >That is a myth. A dangerous myth. Favorite story of the present >Hungarian administration and the family of Col. Koszorus who tries to >claim that he stopped the Arrow Cross near the ghetto for the order of >Horthy.

    The author of this comment simply does not know the facts and confuses the dates. There is no reputable historian who deny that the deportations were stopped on July 4-6. There was no ghetto at that time and was no the Arrow Cross at power at that time – it took power on Oct. 16 when it overthrew Horthy who attempted to capitulate to the Russians.

  16. Avatar György Lázár says:

    The late Ferenc Koszorus myth is distributed only in Budapest and only in Hungarian. His son, Mr. Koszorus is running a tiny pro-Horthy lobby organization in Washington DC called American Hungarian Federation and the story was cooked up a couple of years ago. Csaba Hende, ex-minister and right wing activist even supported the statue of Koszorus in Buda, yet no reputable US historian would stand for the gross falsification of history. Kudos to Katalin Kadar Lynn for publishing the book, it is a great proof how far the Orbán-regime is willing to go in falsifying WWII history….

  17. Avatar remembereliewiesel says:

    @Eliezer Rabinovich
    Are you joking? There was no ghetto…
    Anyone who is from Budapest knows someone who was in the ghetto in the 7th district.
    Actually the Red Army liberated the ghetto…

    • Avatar Eliezer Rabinovich says:

      It is sad that people who do not know the facts, allow themselves to comment. Horthy stopped the deportations on July 4-6, when there was no ghetto. The ghetto was formed by the Arrow Cross government when they took power on Oct. 15. If not the actions by Horthy in July, there were no Jews remained in Budapest by Oct. 15th.

      Yes, the ghetto was liberated by the Red Army.

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