Zsolt Bayer: Throw all Muslims into the garbage

Many in the West still fail to understand that Fidesz is a significantly more extremist party than Jobbik. Some of the founders of Fidesz, most notably Zsolt Bayer, one of the country’s most popular columnists and a close friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán, publishes the type of explicit hate speech and vitriol that almost nobody else dares to express, including most Jobbik politicians. The Orbán government has never distanced itself from Mr. Bayer. This week, in response to the recent attacks in Europe (including the shooting in Munich, which was carried out by 18 year old Ali David Sonboly, born in Germany, with a history of mental illness and with no known ties to any Islamist group), Mr. Bayer wrote the following in the Magyar Hírlap daily, in the form of an open letter to Chancellor Angela Merkel:

“Today, in Lower Saxony, the birthrate stands at 0.3%. In other words: white women are no longer giving birth. Only we have lost the instinct of self-sustainability and racial maintenance. And your type responds to this by suggesting that we accept millions of wildly foreign people who are impossible to integrate, who are ready to reproduce, and then let them loose on our own aging societies, which are showing signs of unsustainability. And it does not matter that amongst the millions are terrorists, because all you are able to keep squealing is that not all migrants are terrorists. If I send you a nice big bowl of chocolates, and I inform you that I only poisoned ten of them, what would you do? Would you sit in your armchair and while watching on television who happened to die today because of you, take a big handful of the chocolates and start eating them, or would you throw the whole lot into the garbage?”

Zsolt Bayer is one of the most vile, openly racist publicists in Hungary. And he is not associated with Jobbik. Mr. Bayer is not only a founder of the ruling Fidesz party, but also a close friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Zsolt Bayer is one of the most vile, openly racist publicists in Hungary. And he is not associated with Jobbik. Mr. Bayer is not only a founder of the ruling Fidesz party, but also a close friend of Prime Minister Viktor Orbán.

Then Mr. Bayer added:

“Why do you think that we, European citizens, must tolerate your migrant insanity with a glassy stare and with stupidity? We will not tolerate it. We will not tolerate it, even if your press is precisely as free as back in the days of the Third Reich. And if you still have a little bit of a conscience, you should apologize to all victims in Munich, including to the relatives of the 15 year old Hungarian boy.”

The publicist is referring to a boy presented in the media only as “Robertó R.,” a Hungarian citizen, who was killed by the shooter at the McDonald’s in Munich.

The more moderate, conservative Mandiner website re-published excerpts of Mr. Bayer’s piece. but when one of the site’s young journalists, András Stumpf, shared the section, where Muslims are compared to a bowl of poisoned chocolates that must be thrown into the garbage, a number of readers on Facebook were outraged. One, by the name of Amália Orosz, wrote: “It’s astounding to compares masses of humans to a box of chocolates that can be thrown into the garbage. Can someone really consider himself to be a Christian for whom human life equals a box of sweets? When it comes to human life, we do all that we can to separate the guilty from the innocent. We have done this basically since the Middle Ages.”

Another Facebook user, János Szabó, implored Mr. Stumpf “not to disappoint us, who read your writings with pleasure, and do not disappoint yourself: Do not associate yourself with this style!”

András Stumpf

András Stumpf

Mr. Stumpf responded, with an answer that is increasingly common in Hungary’s morally repugnant public discourse: “I did not write this. Zsolt Bayer did. I do not only share writings with which I fully agree. But his comparison is not bad and I do not believe that it is inhumane.  When millions of people from a different culture, religion and language suddenly head towards Europe, the one and only healthy and intelligent answer is:  ‘sorry, but for you, we are closed.”

This is the voice of Hungary’s moderate right, and an example of how they embrace, explain and justify the most extreme views.


  1. BZs is “one of the most vile” end products (to use his own words) that should be flushed down to clean the air, but there is substantial demand for such products in Hungary, hence the brownish environment and stench (political).
    And, yes, Fidesz is the far right – practically fascist party, which has in fact implemented most of the “extreme” earlier program points of the Jobbik.

    However, Amália O. and co are thinking too literally here, there is nothing wrong with the example (we say “few rotten apples”, don’t we),
    The answer is wrong – we separate the rotten apples and poisoned chocolates and use the rest, particularly if we are hungry (for manpower, specialists. etc.)

  2. Before anybody jumps up, I have always been decisively against mass migration.
    What’s worth discussing is the ways and means of relief for the refugees, reducing the flow, the resolution of problems at source, the integration, etc.

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  4. Avatar Reece Krespy says:

    To a layman such as myself, Zsolt sounds a very level headed type of chap really.

    • Then you haven’t heard read anything from him. He’s notorious … mad dog (is the right expression).

  5. Zsolt is right on. Liberal assanine fools
    apparently do not understand genetics
    is the most important thing. Hungarian
    and European life is all based on it. I hope those liberal morons do some excercises and bend over backwards so they kiss their asses goodbye.

    • Another one trying to use words from science.
      So “Hungarian and European life is based on” genetics. Wow! What about the rest of the world?

      And which genes are the best, making the Übermensch? The Nazis thought Hungarians primitive eastern tribe, so these genes are out.

      If the Hungarians are to be eliminated, what shall we disseminate in their place? German, Scandinavian, French or Italian genes? (We are not so keen on the Brit, Scottish looks).

      It is hard to chose, but thinking about it, how come they look so different? Where is the true European gene?

      There is something called culture, but let’s not strain the fideszniks. It’s OT there.

  6. This title is a total falsification of the original text. Typical leftlibbie slander and lie, worthy of this propaganda site.

  7. I think Observer is a shill here for Adam or Ada himself using a moniker so he can respond to any negative comment for him.

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